Pardew: Routledge not good enough for Newcastle.

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Routledge: Not good enough says Pardew
Routledge: Not good enough says Pardew
Speaking in an interview for BBC North East’s radio sports programme, ‘Total Sport’, current manager, Alan Pardew, has spoken on the reasons why he let Newcastle United winger, Wayne Routledge, move back to his old club, Queen’s Park Rangers.

Routledge’s return to the club seems to have been a success so far, with the player scoring a goal on his debut, and Rangers also flying high at the top of the Championship table. But Pardew declared that Routledge simply wasn’t good enough for Newcastle United, which would certinly suggest an eventual permanent move for the player. However there was no suggestion on who might be brought in to replace him, with the right side of midfield being a potential problem should something happen to Joey Barton in the near future.

Pardew said on Routledge’s move:

“Well I think theres opportunities for players that come along and you have to weigh it up.

“I mean, was Wayne gonna be a long term first team player for us? and I don’t think he was.”

“QPR offered him that position, and I felt that is best for him and best for the club that we took that opportunity.

“You know, when you bring players in I think it’s important that they affect your first team.

“There are occaisions, and there will be, when I bring in a player to full up the squad [sic], so to speak.

“But you know, I just felt that the Wayne one was a deal that was right for him, more importantly, and right for us.

“Because You have to sort of move on players to grow, and, you know, we have to get better than Wayne and that’s what we’re gonna aim to do.”

Well Mr. Pardew certainly seems to be burning his bridges with the player there!

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72 Responses

  1. Completely agree with Pardew. He isn’t good enough to get in our first team at the moment, nevermind if we are looking to push on and improve either now or in the summer. Great Championship player. Poor Premier League player.

  2. If it was about getting rid of bad players then fair enough, that’s what AP is paid to do – make big decisions. However, unless we move on the likes of perch, raylor, xisco and best I find the move of WR suspect. I mean, sure I can understand wanting to so right by the player, but why now when we clearly do not have a better replacement ready to sign? It almost immediately cost us when due lack of depth perch was played in midfield. At the very least WR was a decent squad player, so I just don’t understand the need to move him on ao readily.

  3. hes had a few goes a other epl teams and didnt seem to cut the mustard was it right to move him on at this point,well i think some deal fell on its ass,which happens,and maybe left a little egg on toon faces imo

  4. Agreed. Had him in my fantasy team at start of the season but binned him after two games. Infuriating how many pacey wingers cannot cross a ball and how many wingers that can, lack pace! What do these footballers do in training?

  5. I agree Routledge wasn’t good enough to start every game, but as a back up player we could do worse. What I mean is, if he’s replaced with better fair enough, but if he isn’t then we may miss him if Barton gets a ban or injured.

  6. Pardew did not rate Wayne, just simple like that. it’s true that it’s right for player, If you don’t want to use him let him go. It will be better for their career but our squad are thin, you know ? why let Wayne go without any replacement ?

    However, I agree that Routledge still not good enough but he can improve. What will happen if he show the real skill at QPR ? It closed door for player to come back already. Absolutely no need to talk in public like this. Nothing gain for us at all. Wrong man-management for me.

  7. Totally agree with AP routledge is a championship player at best and is useless in the prem why do you think so many clubs have sold him.
    As long as AP gets in a RW i will be happy

  8. should have been tried as a striker with his pace, something we desperately lack. Why do we always turn fast, skilful players in to wingers to put in hit and hope crosses to big target men. the best teams don’t play that way.

  9. It’s a moot point now, really, as he has gone. I think he did have a question mark over him, but also only a decent run in the 1st team, a bit more experience , and a bit more confidence, and who knows…he’s only mid 20’s.

    I just hope we aren’t leaving ourselves short if the two bodies Pardew was saying we were definately bringing in don’t materialise. He seems to have set the bar as well, for me as to the quality of ‘alleged’ incoming player in one of the sentences above:

    “You know, when you bring players in I think it’s important that they affect your first team.

    Well, time will tell.

  10. Well I think it’s a decision that will come back to bite him in the b*llocks.
    He has been here 3 minutes and is saying that about a player he has hardly seen in 1st team action and who also thinks Smith is a class act.
    I for one am going to find it hard to believe he knows owt about football with some of his actions, lots of convincing needed IMO.

  11. GRUMPY,its just not his decision that gets up my nose,you dont talk about players like that in pubic domain its his view and should be kept to himself,there will be a lot of managers in all clubs who dont rate certains players,they move them out not rubbish them in public imo

  12. Wayne wasnt good enough to start for us, he was ok as back up, its a tough one really because we have nobody else thats a right winger, but, would you pay wages and turn money down for someone who, although they are a bonafide right winger, 99% of the time will not affect or even come into the game. Id rather him go and if we need to, we have ample midfielders, Nolan, Barton, Guthrie, Gosling, Tiote, Lovenkrands can play left side, Ben Arfa due to come back, Gutierrez. Smiths out for season but we should be covered really.

    Two new signings would be great, but I think without we will get by, must sign 5 players in the Summer as we should really get out some deadwood, talking about Alan Smith, Xisco, Shola Ameobi. – Sign a decent Right Winger, Fast Striker, another back up back up striker as we only have Carroll who is quality, cover for left and right back area’s. I have faith in AP he comes across knowledgable about the game and where he wants us to go.

  13. IceDog – Whats he said thats so bad? He wasnt going to be long-term for us as he didnt have the ability to change a game? Its true.

  14. icedog says:
    January 28, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    “GRUMPY,its just not his decision that gets up my nose,you dont talk about players like that in pubic domain its his view and should be kept to himself,”

    Exactly, Icedog, because it’s bad leadership. Besides, it’s only recently that Pardew said that he wouldn’t criticise players in the media ever.

  15. icedog says:
    January 28, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    “hes had a few goes a other epl teams and didnt seem to cut the mustard”

    Did you mean Routledge? or Pardew? Ice. :-)

  16. Personally I disagree with Pardew although he (routledge) would not have been a permanent fixture in the team, he would have made a good squad player he worked hard and undoubtably has pace & skill (great game for QPR last week) I remember the Routledge who tore us apart last season at St James’s.Is this simply about cutting the wage bill further ? If not why put routledge out on loan without a replacement being already lined up ? before the current spate of injuries Pardew was talking two signings now with Smith,Taylor,Gosling,Ben Arfa and Carroll all injured and Kadar and Routledge out on loan Pardew has been quoted as saying he is happy with the transfer window as he has not lost any players. Pathetic, any injuries to key players Nolan or Barton will see us plummett down the league.
    Ashleys Puppett both full of s***e

  17. I dont think its bad man management, would you rather he lie to Routledge? At least the players know where they stand.

  18. icedog says:
    January 28, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    “WORKY BOTH mate”

    Ice, I’m not so sure about Routledge, but I’m absolutely certain about Pardew.

  19. Worky – I agree Pardew tells us what we want to hear etc, but I like his style of football, its attacking, he’s tied down some key players and wants to tie down more. Im giving him a chance because he aint going nowhere for a little while.

  20. Mark says:
    January 28, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    “I dont think its bad man management, would you rather he lie to Routledge?”

    Not necessarily, Mark. It’s just that putting it in the public domain lacks class, and shows poor leadership skills.

  21. Fair point Worky, but its not as bad as coming out and bluntly saying “Hes piss poor” like he is lol.

  22. icedog says:
    January 28, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    “WORKY ime off to malta in morning for 7days,its like work release from “pardon”

    Ice, I divven’t knaa about up there, but it’s chuffing freezing down here in London. I wish was off to the middle of the Med.

    Hope ye have a great time!

  23. workyticket says:

    “Not necessarily, Mark. It’s just that putting it in the public domain lacks class, and shows poor leadership skills”

    Coming from Pardwho thats not really a surprise. He lacks class and has clearly lied about his relationship with Laurel and Hardy and I see Vela has been loaned to the Baggies so Pardwho’s obviously hanging on for Suarez then :)

  24. hmmm – sort of agree with pardew but he should have kept it to himself – routledge did a great job last season in championship and could def do a job in prem as a squad player at least
    fair enough I don’t see what goes on day to day but he’s only on loan – it doesn’t bode well if he comes back to toon at end of loan spell

  25. icedog says:
    January 28, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    “WORKY lol,aye 2deg in durham,nee hols like,house hunting for son “again”:(”

    I thought that he was set on France, Ice.

  26. get rid of ameobi – errrr agree he’s frustrating but he’s our 2nd best striker so unless we’re gonna splash 10 mill on a chancer we should keep him
    ameobi is doing a decent job, he isn’t a 20 goal a season striker but how many strikers are
    people need to get off his back, he’s a perfect backup striker IMO

  27. I know that we seem to have done ok under pardew so far, but he worries me a bit. He never shuts his mouth either!

  28. batty says:
    January 28, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    “mr pardew has it spot on with routledge when he sed hes seen bigger dwarfs than him”

    He’s a fair bit bigger than Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright Phillips, Jermain Defoe and Ronnie Corbett though.

    Have you heard back from Ed about the Ladyboys, batty?

  29. WORKY back on his first choice,found france nice,but travel back to uk,from up here to france is a nightmare except in summer,3hrs to malta good price at all times of year that swung it imo

  30. Ice, Worky total agree with your sentiments. If he slags off players without really given them a chance to prove themselves then how are the other players going to feel about him. I believe that Wayne was not only very popular with the rest of the squad but they also rated him. If some of the people on this blog couldn’t see it then I aint going to try and explain it.

    I reckon Warnock knows potential when he sees it and will get a d*mn sight more from Wayne than we have seen so far. Our loss and QPR’s gain imo.

    Ice have a good holiday, bet you are looking forward to some sunshine. It’s been like being in a Zombie movie the depressing dark days we have been getting lately, almost been scared of going to supermarkets. :)

  31. Can’t believe Vela has gone out on loan and we haven’t even gone in for him?! He could have played up front or on either wing. His arrival could have really benefited us, but he has ended up at West Brom. Definitely missed a trick there.

  32. Went to Marabinis restaurant in Morpeth tonight, it’s Italian. There was a 30 stone woman at the door and I could’nt get pasta.

  33. It’s all about opinions I respect that, and this is a great blog for that!

    My take on Routledge is that after the Stevenage game, he should never ever pull on our shirt again. Along with Smith and Perch! There were other performances that were terrible but those 3 absolutely blew it for me!
    Don’t want to fall out with people but it’s what I felt after the match and now. I have supported the toon for 35 years home and away and like you lads seen some proper sh–e. Those 3 were on a par that day with the worst of them attitude wise.

  34. tom tomb says:
    January 28, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    “I have supported the toon for 35 years home and away and like you lads seen some proper sh–e. ”

    Tom, were you at that Leyton Orient game? I was and that one took a bit of beating for me, though I did see some right old shite way back.

    Colo, Enrique, Barton etc were in that one, but we wouldn’t do without ’em now!

  35. Worky-No mate I was fortunate enough to be on holiday (though I did not think so at the time). I suppose McGarry era etc though, the one thing I always remember was no expectation. Also a feeling that the board had well lined trouser pockets!

  36. Worky what was all that ladyboy crap on Eds last night? See batty was pulled into it as well!
    So credible it seemed—– well maybe not!

  37. What people need to take into account with Pardew is: Under CH, he gave nowt to the press, even if the question was as innocuous as ‘what colour socks you wearing Chris?’..I loved that about him. With AP, he’s far more ‘old school’ in that dept. In as far as, when he does interviews/press conferences, he tries his best to answer, but is no where near as stoic or suspicious as CH.
    AP could say less, but i think what he does say, we can take a lot of with a pinch of salt. It seems to me he’s trying to invent something ‘passable’ to say, on the hoof/spot. He’s in a difficult position right now stepping into CH’s boots, with everyone from press/fans/chair/owner. It shows.
    Maybe he’ll grow into the position, as he gets a bit more of his own stamp on it, maybe not?..Time will tell.
    But, that said: AP, if y’reading mate…’If in doubt, say nowt’.
    ‘Cos if y’gonna ‘wing it’, you might trip y’self up later.

  38. I’ve just heard that six ex-Toon players have been involved in a drug scandal……………apparently Shearer Cort Dyer Given Bellamy Speed :lol:

  39. What big names are going to come and play for Padrew? Unless they throw money at them.Which we have none of.The lad was young and had a good future ahead of him.

  40. But why didn’t Pardew keep Routledge until he had found his replacement? That is the bit that is not answered. No matter if he or anyone didn’t rate him he was far better than having no one.

  41. routledge might have wanted to leave when he knew qpr were after him. maybe he knows he’s to shite for the toon too

  42. Might be in the minority here but think that his poor form has been due to a lack of confidence more than anything else. To me it seems he does not believe in himself so instead of doing what he did in the Championship beating the man and putting crosses in he seems to be more hesitant. Because of this his whole game has went down the pan I think the same could happen to Ranger if he doesn’t get a goal soon.

  43. Just to clarify though I like Ranger and think he has so much potential but confidence can have a massive impact on a footballers game.

  44. Routledge is not a premiership player and therefore not a good squad player. Look at facts. The only attribute he really had was pace. He had a touch like a baby elephant most of the time running the ball out of play and when he did not run the ball out of play he couldnt cross it. What good is that to a team either as a regular or squad player. Better off blooding some youngsters if we dont replace him. As for Pardew’s comments, i appreciate the fact he has given his honest opinion. He can not be accused of bad management as routledge is not at nufc, he is on load to qpr so technically he is not managing him

  45. all i remember routledge being able to do was to run at the opposition like a headless end product no skill.he really is no more than championship think we gave him the no.10 we need a winger.barnetta would have been nice.but he’s injured.maybe we could get someone else to play on the right.i think pardew might make a move for shau wroght-phillips.

  46. routledge is one of footballs journeymen. probably frustrating to many managers asthey see something good but he never gives the end product. he will always be this way.
    Perhaps pardew should not have said he was pants in public though as now routledge will, i expect, say some sort of tit for tat scandal aimed back at pards..then here we go again, instability in the run in ffs!
    That all said, i think we play far better footy under pardew than we did under CH. I think everyone must agree on that score.

  47. If everyone who wasn’t good enough for Newcastle was got rid of ,then Pardew would be out of a job.

  48. Hatem Ben Arfa and Dan Gosling Gosling are both coming back, Shane Ferguson can provide a body to fill the bench if needed. Wayne Routledge is a poor player who did nothing when he came on. We don’t need him as a first teamer or as a bench warmer, so why keep him,?

  49. I think Pardews done the right thing by the player, hes been in his office saying he wants more pitch time. Pardews said it aint happening, then a loan move was arranged.

    I do agree though you dont mention a players lack of ability ( so to speak )when your talking about bring people in.. that isnt particularly classy

    I feel routledge is a decent player but seems to fail on the end product too much and he is more suited to the championship

  50. He has let Wayne go.

    Remember in the game against Spurs he brought on Perch into midfield and he just ran around like a headless chicken.

    I know who I would have rather brought on, Routledge.

    We have worse players than WR at Newcastle.

    I would have let him go only if we had a replacement..

  51. Should we have sold him ? No! at least not until we found someone better to replace him.
    It`s in the middle of the season, with the possiblity we could still be relegated, we have a fairly small squad, at least in quality.
    In which case what was the point of getting rid of him, his wages were not a big factor, hey! i just dont get it ?

  52. I agree with what most of you have said, Letting him go now without a replacement is unwise. Gosling, I guess, would feature on the right going forward but coming off injuries he will take some time, as will Ben Arfa when he returns. Routledge had many attributes but seemed to lack the grit and determination to impact games. If he could learn to tackle or defend he might make a half decent right back.
    Anyway, hopefully Pardew gets his players and they help us play more consistently for the back half of the season and beyond.

  53. WT or Hugh do one of your splendid articles on Padwho the Feckin Clueless :)

    Having previously said in January 2011 “I mean, was Wayne gonna be a long term first team player for us? and I don’t think he was.”

    Pardwho then told the Chronicle in July 2001: “Has Wayne a future here? Wayne is still a Newcastle United player and he is under contract. He comes back on Monday. After that we will just have to go from there.”

    Feckin Cockney terwatt hasnt got a cloooooooooooooooo whats going on at the club he’s supposed to manage !

    Welcome Pardwho to the world of call centres and other meaningless jobs – including yours !!! You have no say in who comes in or goes out but at least you get your own parking space at the Training Centre !!!

    Pardwho = Puppet. Is there any need to explore this further ?