Should Alan Pardew stick or twist?

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What should Pardew do?
What should Pardew do?
Should Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew bring in some new Players now? Or wait until the Summer?

As it’s now just a week or so before the transfer window closes again until the end of the season, and getting new players in has seemed as difficult as herding cats for Alan Pardew.

Would it be prudent to splash the cash and risk buying for the sake of it, possibly paying over the odds? Or should he wait until the summer and apply a more thought out approach?

After all, Alan Pardew has only been in the job a few short weeks and is still getting to know the players at his disposal, as well as his new assistant, John Carver, and his staff in general. In amongst all the bedding in, is it wise to spend money that could be better spent with more time taken over the thought process behind who/what we need?

Obviously, with new assisant and NUFC old hand, John Carver, coming in, it must have changed the dynamic to some extent. In Carver, Pardew also has the opportunity to pick the brains of someone that has grown up at NUFC, working under legends like Sir Bobby Robson et al, and he is steeped in the attitude, style & substance of not only the club, but the fans too. Surely that’s a rich seam of knowledge worth mining?

So, do we need Left Back cover? Or can players like young Shane Ferguson make the step up? Do we need a striker to compliment Andy Carroll with pace? Or will Lovenkrands, Ameobi, Best and Ranger hold the fort? Do we need anyone in midfield while Hatem Ben Arfa & Dan Gosling recover from their respective long term injuries?

We’ve done pretty well so far in recent weeks, in tough games.

Even without the likes of Carroll, Tiote, Steven Taylor and the longer term injured players. Will anyone bought now just be a stop gap & therefore represent a rash attempt to keep fans onside? Can there ever be real value found in the January window?

So, with all that in mind: Stick or twist?

What do you think?

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93 Responses

  1. Like it Clint…good Casino pun in there an’ all…ye’d get a job on the dailies, mate.


  2. I’m not sure about permanent signings, unless they fill a gap, for example strong cover for Jose. But what sort of good LB is going to want to come to warm the bench?
    In terms of loanees, not keen on Ireland. He’s mad as a snake and could disrupt the dressing room – plus we have Gosling, HBA, Vuckic etc anyway.
    I wouldn’t have minded seeing SWP at SJP on loan as I think he is much better than Wayne and the option of a bit of pace on the wing would be useful – but would he expect to be an option or play all the time?
    If “stick” includes tying JE and JB down to new contracts – then I’d rather stick than waste money. After all, it’s not as though we are (at the moment) performing badly or at the foot of the table when desperate measures could be called for in a January window (such as Keane for £6 million – heaven forbid!)

  3. Dunno mate. We’re pretty thin and there’s plenty more time to pick up more injuries/suspensions. I’d like to see Shane Ferguson get a taste if anything happens to Enrique, but I can’t help Perch’s utility defender label will place him ahead in the pecking order, despite his being awful so far (he could yet improve).

    If we get a replacement for Routledge we should be fine, thopugh Barton’s crosses from the right have been superb. HBA will be back to make Jonas up his game soon.

    Honest answer mate, I really don’t know if we need more just yet. It wuold help, but I think we’ll manage anyway.

  4. If the one we sign is the right one for us, I think it’s worth to wait. But for this windows, 1-2 loanee are fine for me.

    Wait for Ben Arfa, Carroll, Saylor, Raylor, Gosling, come back, I think we have enough quality in backbone squad.

  5. Thanx lads!
    The casino thing seems to have been ‘ah, twist uh luck’.
    Rather fortunate, even though i say so myself.
    Maybe MA & the gambling buddies should consider taking me with, for luck?

  6. My thoughts are this, we can definately survive and we have enough about us to finish top half come the end of the season and as others have said previously its about the good players we’ve got being secured. That said I think someone who could slot in on the wings with either a bit of useful pace or a great cross on them could lead us to a european spot if things go our way, which would pay for any outlay we’ve had (add to that the 20k wages saved from shipping out routledge).
    So in summary not a real need for much but I’d still like to see a signing or possibly 2, no more needed than that.

  7. Fully fit present squad is more than capable of staying up but have the goal posts been moved and should we now be aiming for a top 7 and maybe europe.

    Personally I say stick for the rest of the season and mount the effort for quality additions in the summer.

  8. Aye davies. I think we should have got a new right winger in before letting Routledge go unless Pardew thought Gosling was going to cover? If Barton gets injured we could be in trouble til Gosling and Ben Arfa are back n match fit.

  9. Here’s a question. On most Dungeon and Dragon management sims, you can pull any of your out on loans back at a days notice…er, so I hear. ;0) Is this the case in reality or once loaned out,could we not recall any of them if injuries worsened?

  10. anyone else feel push up jose and bring in young fergi jonas as not been at is best the few times jose as got forward the last few games cut out some good chances, lets give nile and best a run togther sholas had is chances and keeps blowing them

  11. CLINT you seem to have a knack for this game m8 well done ;)
    we all know (think) we are in need of a nippy little fellow with guile,but is this the window, to find good one would cost a arm and leg unless on loan of course if we can get a couple of bodys in on loan to beef up a bit fine,we should go with what we have,thing is can we trust ashley to stump in the summer is another

  12. Nice one Clint,
    I think it,s a fine line we tread at the moment in that , should we manage to get the ten or so points we need to survive sooner than later, it gives a fantastic opportunity to blood the younguns in whatever games there are left. The situation is looking very good at the moment but it can also change so quickly. One or two injuries or suspensions and it,s deep doodoo.
    Yes, the youngsters should have been blooded before now , but with it being such a critical season,maybe now is not the right time. Or is it? perhaps it is the perfect time to sling em in at the deep end and find out if they drown or swim. whichever way we go , it,s not going to be an easy decision and I,m glad it,s not me making it.

  13. icedog says:
    January 24, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    “CLINT you seem to have a knack for this game m8 well done”

    Aye Ice. He picked a good topic for his first run out.

  14. I voted keep the cash til Summer, but I would still get in a loan player, possibly Ireland, but struggle to see where he would fit unless we are going 4-4-1-1.

    Shola has to go. End of, hes a disgrace.

  15. wonder who does the transfers while the snides away,hope its not monkey heed we will nee chance :(

  16. Mark(18)
    A little bit harsh on Shola there old son. To say he,s a disgrace is not fair at all when the lad has given his all for a long time now. Scored some vital goals and certainly given me a lot of enjoyment. However, that said, I do agree that I think he is no more than a very good Championship striker and has probably reached the end of his leash.

  17. In this scenario, the stick could bust us if we do nowt, so mebbe a twist anyway, as insurance, in case of more injuries,suspensions, or bad run.

    Short term, maybe a couple of loans would see us through, or one of the recently mentioned wingers if available at right price…( not SWP… )

    Long term, more detailed surgery, but the nucleus of a good squad there for all to see. Good that they’re tying new contracts up an’ all, lately…

  18. @18/19 both got points there but to me hes had 10yrs wages with a poor return,we tryed a couple of times to move him on but nobody wanted him, in there is a storey imo

  19. ice/porciestreet,
    cheers lads.
    Bit encouragement is always welcome like.

    I’m with most on this.
    It’s a tough call, as it’s more about who you can get at what price? But as some have said, can we afford to wait?
    Then there’s the old, get taken for a ride cos it’s January & other teams think you’re desperate. Look at bent to villa, eeek!
    Then, do y’buy someone you don’t have room for atm, just cos the deal is good & risk alienating them?
    But, that said, we should be covering our out goings, i.e. Routledge, who has started well at qpr & could become a returning hero for them & help them up for next season. They owe us one.

  20. Porciestreet…agreed Re: Shola. He can frustrate, that’s for sure…remember how long it took him to master the offside rule ;0) But he’s a loyal lad, and has popped up with some timely goals in the past…and present( Chelsea 4-3 ).

    Also, I dunno if it’s just me, and for all I was gutted he missed the chances he did in the last two games, I think he’s led the line since Carroll’s injury well. He seems to have added a bit more aggression to his game, a la AC as well, getting right stuck in and winning a lot of headers. He’s also the only front player other than AC who can hold the ball up. Most of the time !


  21. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that we NEED to bring in reinforcements, but why when we have at least two junior internationals as cover for Enrique alone and a host of other first class youngsters who would all do a job if required. This is going to take a bit of bottle , but personally, I would risk putting the kids (20 or 21 year olds) in.They are all scratching at the gate and I,m sure we wouldnt be let downwith either skill or endeavour.

  22. ant/porciestreet,
    i think they are fair assessments of Shola there lads.
    Ball to feet, up front, he finds a way & upsets defenders.

  23. Nice one CLint. :-)

    I voted wait until summer, but what i really mean is that I would like to see us get in a couple of decent “squad” players, tie down Barton and then wait until the summer to do the real business.
    People are clamouring for Smith and the Xisco kid to be kicked into touch now. We need these guys as emergency cover. Get rid permanently in the summer when more clubs are looking to change too.
    The real deals are always done then anyway as clubs know where they are, ie Promoted, relegated, out of cup competitions, out of europe or just won the lot.

    Still waiting for Holloway to blow up Keegan style on sky. I’d love it. Love it if it did that. :-)

  24. Just heard on, er Newsround ( the only MSN I trust ;0)that Gray and Keys have deffo been ‘banned’ for tonight. Nowt more said, re how long.

    Sh*te. That means no Last Word !!


  25. Well what`s most important right now ?
    It`s survival in the EPL.
    Day before yesterday we were 7th. to day we are 8 points from a relegation spot, with about 15 games to go.
    If in fact the scouts have identified the player/s needed, why wait until summer.
    Face it at this time during the year we were relegated, no one really expected we would go down.
    We are all aware that a few key injuries can cause havoc with a team, especially if they have little quality in depth.
    People mention Ferguson, which is a case in point, look the kid`s just not ready yet and Perch would be the obvious replacement if we loose El Toro.
    There are a few other scenarios where our depth could be a problem.
    I dont understand this afinity for youth, there are a number of decent experienced veterans available who could fill in untill the seasons end.
    I watched Paul Scharner this weekend who could have done a good job for us either in defense or midfield, guys playing great, but guess he did`nt tick the age box here.
    But getting back to the point, if we have any intention of signing either Ireland (on loan) or Kranjcar, hell do it now, why wait?
    On acquiring guys like those two, the question arises who gets displaced ?
    Look in to days game no one gets replaced, it`s seldom that a club fields the same side two weeks in a row, there are always minor injuries, horses for courses, etc.
    And it`s essential to have depth in a side.
    That is if you want to play in this league and be somewhat competitive.

  26. A few good points there Chuck.

    The depth of our squad alone should nudge the decision in favour of short term bodies in to bolster it, and see out any crises. Unless of course, as Chuck says, if the right player’s available now…why wait?

    The beady eye who found HBA and Tiote have got my vote to find the latter…problies someone we’ve never heard of…;0)

  27. The thing is though,
    teams are, like us, in the middle of their season fighting for survival/glory. Therefore, even if a player wants to leave & come to a club like us & their club doesn’t wanna sell, it superannuates the price, causes havoc within both teams & can become a distraction from the football.
    It can also burn bridges & leave a nasty taste for when you wanna deal with that club again.

  28. Agree with what your saying chuck but at 20 or 21, these kids are not really youths per say , nearly half of their career is finished.

  29. Porcie…aye…Stevie Watson-1st team at 16. Gazza, Waddle…some of these young uns aren’t getting enough Premier exp but things are so tight in this league, there’s only really the upping of reserves quality opposition for them to gain a little more. It’s Catch 22.

  30. Anyone else ecstatic about Fulham playing twice within the space of 5 days in the lead up to our game next week, whilst our lads are out in sunny Portugal recharging their batteries? :mrgreen:

  31. icedog says:
    January 24, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    “wonder who does the transfers while the snides away,hope its not monkey heed we will nee chance”

    Who’s “monkey heed”, Ice? I always thought that was Peter Reid.

  32. antmanbee says:
    January 24, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    “The beady eye who found HBA and Tiote have got my vote to find the latter”

    The beady eye who found Tiote and Ben Arfa has been sacked, ant.

  33. Porciestreet
    Looking at Ferguson he has the face and build of a twelve year old, nice little player, but not who`s needed to replace an injured El Toro, sorry !

  34. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    January 24, 2011 at 7:39 pm


    What proof have you that it was definitely Hughton that found those two players?”

    El Toro, I’ve done that several times before and posted them. I’m not wasting my time hunting them all down again.

    Tiote was on the radar of Newcastle quite some time ago. Scouts were aware of him when Keegan was here, so Keegan sent Hughton over to assess him while he was playing for Roda in the Netherlands and he was very impressed, eventually signing him when he was manager, as he also did with Ben Arfa.

    When Ashley makes unpopular sackings, smear stories mysteriously start to appear in the media. With Keegan it was the one about “The Madness of King Kev” where he wanted to sign Henry, Lampard et al and had gone as mad as a hatter. With the unpopular sacking of Hughton, it was the one, in the same publication I seem to recall, though I may be wrong, about Hughton not having anything to do with the signing of players. However, like the Keegan one, it was complete and utter shite.

  35. Worky

    So basically, two contrasting articles came out and you have chosen to believe the Hughton side. That is well within your rights of course, but I do wish you would stop saying it as if it were set in stone.

  36. El Toro
    Who do you think it was Llambias, Wise, the other geezer with the Spanish name or our recently appointed head scout ?

  37. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    January 24, 2011 at 8:07 pm
    I have no idea who sanctions or suggests anything at our club any more.

    Frank Pingle

  38. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    January 24, 2011 at 8:01 pm


    So basically, two contrasting articles came out and you have chosen to believe the Hughton side. That is well within your rights of course, but I do wish you would stop saying it as if it were set in stone.”

    El Toro, I prefer to believe named sources like Chris Hughton and Steve McClaren over “unnamed sources” in the News of the World. Don’t you? :-)

  39. icedog says:
    January 24, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    “WORKY ime with you on that m8,,not sick of ganning round this circle, jobe comes to mind”

    The gadgie oot the Bible, Ice?

  40. El Toro I think KK has to take the credit for Tiote mate,
    As for Ben Arfa he was allready found and it seems like the club just took a chance on him ;)

  41. icedog says:
    January 24, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    “hollaway is class,hope he does some quotes on ashley”

    Ice, I quite liked Keegan’s quote on Ashley and Llambias.

    “Mike Ashley knows absolutely nothing about football, and Llambias knows even less!”

    Keegan and Robson still take a bit of beating for daft football quotes.

  42. “El Toro I think KK has to take the credit for Tiote mate”

    Nah, I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe KK was responsible for Tiote. The guy had been out of football for ages and to be honest, I don’t credit any of our signings to him other than Guthrie.

  43. icedog says:
    January 24, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    “think we are all bloody daft going to our first game,heart ache for life”

    Ice, I think mine started with the one I DIDN’T go to, the ’74 Cup Final when I was a bairn. I think I told you all about that one in an e.mail once though.

    &*!%ing Keegan! :-(

  44. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    January 24, 2011 at 10:03 pm (Edit)

    “Nah, I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe KK was responsible for Tiote.”

    Keegan also didn’t sign him, El Toro. Hughton had to wait until he was manager, then for him to be available before he brought him to the club.

  45. Worky

    You seem to be missing something, mate. You say Hughton first spotted Tiote on a scouting mission, yes? If that is so, who sent him out there to scout him? I very much doubt KK knew anything about him. We clearly have someone/some people behind the scenes acting as a head scout/director of football. Therefore wouldn’t they be responsible for the acquisition of Tiote and Ben Arfa?

  46. richie,
    i’ll definitely take that as a compliment mate.
    Life left in the auld dog yet brother.

  47. El Toro KK might have been out of football as a Job but it dosn’t mean that he didn’t know of good players, I know that CH said himself that KK sent him to watch Tiote presumably because he was interested in him but sure,

  48. Before Tiote came, we were looking at someone in front of him…Fer? Per? dunno, but we should duplicate Tiote and he sounded like the same sort of player.

  49. Ice…Did you see us win the old first division as you were supping the first bottle of dog of the production line? ;-)

  50. Aye the good old “Pink”, when I was over in Germany my Grandad used to send me it over every week along with all the match programmes :-)

  51. Dunno, Clint, i was just reading that also…we’ll have to wait and see…usual cat and mouse last minute stuff, eh?

    BTW was trying to send a link for the JB Chronicle piece about renewing contract/ending career here, Spurs game and our strength in depth…pretty relevent to this blog topic mate. But i sent it twice, without success, so trying this without the link…mebbe’s what was fubaring it.

  52. Had to laugh…heard earlier that brum had made an offer for Shola. I just read the details…1.5 million !


  53. Clint

    Yea Pablo piatti is class. Great to watch and still very young…however, he’s tiny, as in he makes Wayne routledge look big! I doubt he could hack it over here, not through lack of skill, just his size.

    Although I suppose the likes of messi tore strips off arsenal and Chelsea so you never know, Im not saying he’s as good as messi!!!!

  54. We are looking for cover for Jose at left back when I feel given the chance Paul Dummet would be adequate cover. Supporters talk about Shane Ferguson but Dummet is a natural left back. I have watched him a few times and he is certainly one for the future. Why pay money to warm the bench give our youngsters the chance to progress. I`d rather give one of our own a chance rather than pay inflated wages to the likes of Ireland

  55. McToon,

    Why do people keep saying that.
    Look at Keegan, Beardsley, Modric, Zola, Defoe etc, etc.
    Thes guys have a low centre of gravity and a good turning circle.

    These people who say so and so is too small probably wouldn’t have given Maradona or Messi a chance either.

  56. McToon,
    thanx for the reply mate.
    I’m a believer of: ‘If you’re good enough, you’re big enough’ like.
    Juninho did alright, & half of the arse are small fry, nasri for eg.

    Thanx to Lesh, Roy & cacky pants.

  57. I believe if we can prize Ashley’s wallet open then spend the lot and win the league/ get into europe etc.
    Then sell to a rich arab who will need to compete with City and spend billions.

    Why do we care about their money….We want success and I dont care who pays for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. its been clear for all to see that we need at least a few more in numbers, we’ve lacked the strength in depth.

    a back-up left back, another striker (maybe) and a winger would do us right, not talking about the “marquee” signings – just good reliable squad players

  59. What makes anyone think we don’t need another quality striker? The one trick pony show with Andy is too easy to defend and the rest of our lot are lukewarm at best. That is, of course, if we’d like to settle for seventeenth. If Carroll goes down again, and either Nolan or Barton does as well, we’re toast.