Sol Campbell not thinking about West Ham move says agent.

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Campbell: Not thinking of moving.
Campbell: Not thinking of moving.
Some recent rumours in the media have been linking Newcastle United’s vintage centre back, Sol Campbell, with a move to West Ham. However the player’s agant, Sky Andrew, has come out and said that the player has only been thinking about getting fit and playing for Newcastle.

Campbell is known to have been very upset about the recent sacking of previous manager, Chris Hughton, and has also been linked with a potential move to Arsenal recently. Although he has featured only once so far under latest manager, Alan Pardew, he has been recovering from a recent virus which has seen him unavailable for selection in the last few games.

Andrew pooh-poohed the speculation while giving an interview to the radio show “Hawksbee & Jacobs” on Talk Sport, saying of the rumours:

“Sol’s very black and white and I don’t even think he’s thinking about anything other than getting 100% fit and playing for Newcastle.

“I think that the speculation may be because he hasn’t played in one or two games but he’s just not thinking along those lines.

“He’s just thinking about playing to be honest.”

Campbell should have recovered from his recent illness in time to be available for selection in Sunday’s game against Sunderland.

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43 Responses

  1. @worky
    Is that really you worky on the other blog suggesting you’ve lifted the ban on hitman and stardust?

  2. pedro says:
    January 13, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    “ziani in toon?peeps on twitter saying hes at benton”

    Pedro, They say that he’s been leading a rebellion against Steve McClaren at his current club, Wolfsburg.

    Wolfsburg’s general manager, Dieter Hoeness, also confirmed that he will be dropped to the reserves for causing problems in the dressing room. Could be a handful.

  3. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    January 13, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Is that really you worky on the other blog suggesting you’ve lifted the ban on hitman and stardust?”

    No. Not interested.

  4. eastcoastmag says:
    January 13, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    “what exactly is a “vintage” center back? trying to find a nice way of calling him old?”

    ecm, I suppose so. I have a few years on him though, unfortunately.

  5. Anyone hear the rumour that Wright-Philips could be on his way on loan to us. Some rumours he has been in Newcastle today…

    What you think good or bad signing if it happens?

  6. SWP is just a better version of routledge, pace to burn, skills to pay the bills, but simply cannot cross the ball.

    Id love Ziani and Newcastle, cant see it happening though, fingers crossed it happens. We need to sign another striker and right winger this window then I would be happy, Ziani plays through the middle and that would be a great addition also

  7. I would be extremely surprised if we sign anyone the way things have been going! None of our targets have come off so far, how long is this shortlist?

  8. @Moreno, glad we didnt sign Larsson, greedy, not alot of talent, not very versatile either like was mentioned, he is a right sided midfielder, covered full back only a few times and a few years ago.

    Bentley I would have taken, Robbie Keane is too greedy.

  9. 3 names getn named now kranjcar , swp and ziani!! now is there any proof we are talking 2 these players or do people keep making rumours up? the last i heard was shaun wright phillips was in newcastle!! any1 here with any real news????

  10. If we have a major talent spotter in Carr and a business plan for the next five years with a paid sap in place as manager WTF are we having meetings on the 12th January to discuss transfer targets ?

    Surely if we’re running a sound business with an equally sound business plan then targets would have been identified beforehand and we’d be putting the new signings to bed by now.

    Shite comes out of the mouths of Bastads and Snides.

  11. Charlie Adam, Connor Wickham and that gadgie from QPR, can’t remember his name, begins with a T. Trabant or something. :D

    Now that would be a good transfer window. None of these over paid, over hyped ex-man city players or some bloke from the german league who no one has ever seen play, but they get dead excited because he sounds exotic with a Z in his name. :o

  12. Adel Taarabt – no chance
    Charlie Adam – no chance
    Connor Wickham – Guess what ?

    If we have an owner who wont pay over inflated fees then we have to look abroad for those special talents or risk buying from the Npower.

    Having said that Blackpool have unearthed some real diamonds from the lower leagues so its possible providing you have the talent spotters to spot the talent ?

  13. totaly agree with andymac , discussing transfers half way thru the window isnt very professional , we should always be on the look out 2 improve the squad!! has any1 got any more newcastle transfer news?????

  14. AndyMac says:
    January 13, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    “If we have a major talent spotter in Carr”

    Andy, he’s a very decent scout just like other clubs have. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. Oh yea, the press have certainly got the goods on what goes on at SJP like.
    MA flies in, so it must mean xyz. Giz a break lads.
    & the dumb-assed notion that they have known who we’ve had our eye on is, well, er, dumb-assed. Doesn’t anyone have a phucking memory?
    When in the last few transfer windows have the press got any wind, whatsoever of NUFC signings before they happened.
    Get some therapy!
    it’s all MA’s fault, or AP’s or Blair’s or thatch.

  16. Worky…Aye cheers, I’d seen it then started to reply but the fone went so by the time I’d finished the call and replied all the other “related” posts had been put up so knew it wasn’t you. :roll:

  17. Yea!
    We’re buying Krancjar for £6m.

    Oh! Hang on, it was in the press.
    They just read blogs & see who some of us would like & hey presto, story/fable.
    Or worse still, they dredge up any old ex ‘story’ on a player they ‘deemed’ we wanted for the last couple of windows, either cos one of our players played with them once or one of our staff know their pet budgie’s uncle.
    kicks heels, picks scabs, whistles.

  18. Just had word from source, Pardew has been told there will be no more players arriving during this window unless on loan and for the right wages.

  19. army69
    you must really like your transfers haven’t heard anything but who is coming in :D

  20. I think Bruce did himself no favours acting like a big girls blouse after the last derby game and to bring it up again is pathetic.
    Didnt hear him complain about the verbal abuse Shearer got for years from the mancs when he played.
    Also, after the disgraceful actions of their fans the last time we were there, hoying coins, spitting on players, pitch invasions, does he really need to go public with his feelings and throw petrol on a blaze?

  21. aparently they have a “secret” song ready to play at fulltime in the event the manage to beat us, very mature from the great unwashed eh