Tiote F.A. appeal rejected. Just what we need!

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Tiote: Out for Mackems, 'Spurs and Fulham.
Tiote: Out for Mackems, 'Spurs and Fulham.
The F.A. anouunced today that Newcastle’s United’s appeal on behalf of the club’s defensive midfielder, Cheik Tiote, has been rejected, and that a ban for Newcastle’s next three games stands.

This means that the Ivory Coast player, who has rapidly become part of the essential fabric of the club’s first team as defensive cover for the back four will miss fixtures against the Mackems, Tottenham and Fulham.

The player was shown the red card in United’s defeat in the F.A. Cup against Stevenage on Saturday, 8 January. It was for what the referee, Andre Marriner, saw as a wreckless tackle on Stevenage’s John Ashton, where he felt that Tiote was out of control and had his studs showing, though he never really touched the player.

A short announcement from the F/A. on their website read as follows:

Tiote claim rejected

“Newcastle midfielder’s three match suspension remains.

“At a Regulatory Commission hearing today, a claim for wrongful dismissal from Newcastle United midfielder Cheik Tiote was rejected.

“As a result, Tiote’s three match suspension will remain in place.

“Tiote was shown a red card during Newcastle’s FA Cup Third Round tie against Stevenage on Saturday 8 January.”

Of course, this will be a big blow for the Magpies, especially with the (always) must win clash with the primitive Unwashed in the hostile environment of the Stadium of Blight, with what should be a very tough home clash against Champion’s League Tottenham following the week after.

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39 Responses

  1. No surprise there then. I suppose that means Smith will be playing, rather see Kadar in, oh we don’t have him at present. :(

  2. apparently Mottm forest sometimes used Perch in midfield. Seriously – he couldnt be worse than Smith

  3. Not surprising, but very depressing. The rules may be a bit nanny state, but dem’s da rules and Tiote should know them.

    Seriously worried about keeping the unwashed out now; Smith, bless ‘im, has been pretty poor recently and I suspect he’ll end up with a red too just out of frustration. Tiote may cause me heart-failure sometimes with his faffing, and he’s far to keen to pass backwards, but the difference in composure of our back four when he’s in front of them is clear to see.

  4. @ 2 lmfao

    HBA has his leg broke… no card and no action after complaint, Tiote wins the ball, albeit a bit of a tough tackle and is sent off… f***ing useless FA (unts. disgust me they really do

  5. I always thought that one of the advantges of Barton is that he had developed two sides to his game, an attacking one and also a possibility to cover in a more defensive role if necessary.

  6. I know he isn’t flavour of the month but I think Perch (I know I know but hear me out) should be given the chance as DM. He is quick and gave arguably his best performance in that role earlier this season I think in a Carling Cup game. Smith I’m afraid has lost it with the only other possibility Collo with Saylor and Willo at CM. It’s too early for Gosling without more games under his belt. A game such as this would just pass him by I’m afraid.

    PS Anyone fancy a bet on Strolla being fit and scoring the winner? He just loves the Mackems.

  7. Tony Toon, thats a good call actually, with the 3 CM defenders in. Problem with it, is if he keeps Smith as well, it’d be asking for The Mackems to just keep piling into us. They have a fair bit of mobility in their midfield.
    I can’t see us getting another big win, a draw would be a good result imo.

  8. Mackem nemesis-Shola is supposed to be fit for Sunday! Alreet worky did you get fed last night, sorry I didn’t reply but I had to knock out some zzzz’s. Up at 05.00 for graft, my boss never thinks I am tired!

  9. tom tomb says:
    January 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    “Alreet worky did you get fed last night”

    Aye Tom, I did eventually. Blog is taking it’s toll on top of proper work though!

  10. No good that worky!

    Can’t imagine how you would get the time to do everything!

    Wonder what Pardew would make of it!

  11. Just thinking- I bet Norman Hunter and Peter Storey, would get sent off in the tunnel line up pre match with this FA.

  12. areet chaps – im new here, been reading for a while but never commented before.

    i agree with grumpy old toon – a draw will be a very good result.

    hopefully the lads will be fired up and ready to prove a point after the stevenage display. hopefully they wont be too ‘tired’ on sunday

  13. tom tomb says:
    January 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    “Can’t imagine how you would get the time to do everything!”

    I’ll manage Tom, just! Lots of ‘blogs to hammer out ATM like!

  14. dancing_andy says:
    January 11, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    “areet chaps – im new here, been reading for a while but never commented before.”

    Welcome dancing_andy. Good to see you commenting on here!

  15. I would rather see Guthrie being given another chance in centre midfield, shame about Tiote but he will learn from it, he will be a big miss but the way he tackles he would be a risk in the derby atmosphere with Howard Webb as referee.
    Maybe the board will get their finger out and sign Larsson in time for the game now.
    Please, no Smith, he has had enough chances and slows the whole team down contributing nothing more than a snarling face and stupid challenges in nothing areas.

  16. Heres An observation

    When Peter Beardsley Used a sliding Challenge to win the ball, he was never ever sent off for it.
    He used to win the ball cleanly, even though he would be showing studs . You cant not show studs in a sliding challenge because your Ankles will not articulate back over ..Agreed?.

    Physical impossibility

    Just like Tiotie’s challenge

    Won the Ball cleanly and Did not even touch the man

    It was a sliding challenge and you just cant not show studs doing what is indeed a legal way to win the ball because ankles don’t go back and articulate to a point where you cant show your feet to be on the front end of our bloody legs ! but the FA think Different..According to them the laws of Nature have changed when they make a decision

    There is no doubt about it Newcastle United Football club are A Target of the FA. Why ?

    Because we dared to question them with a letter Asking them to investigate De Jong’s Tackle on Hatem Ben Arfa.

    When the vice president of Fifa Said it was a disgrace

    When the president of Uefa said the tackle was a disgrace

    When the Dutch National Team Manager Said it was a disgrace and Banned De Jong from the Holland team

    When His own countrymen said the tackle was a criminal act

    And Cruyff Said it was a disgrace .

    What do the English FA do about it ?


    Now tell me Newcastle United are not victims of a vendetta at the FA .

  17. I hope I regret saying this but after watching Perch, Routledge and Smith over the past months,culminating with the Stevenage game. I would loan those 3 out, rather than the likes of Kadar. Furthermore I would still pay their wages!

  18. Welcome aboard Dancer, always room for another one. Anything but a 5under1and win will do me. It won,t be easy with everyone playing out of position to try and find a stable formation but I think with a little bit of guile and a bit more luck, we should manage a result. My only concearn is, now that I see Howard Webb has the game,we should be prepared for him to do his usual and give the team in red and white a penalty start. (or am I being ever so slightly cynical)

  19. Hi Batty, em er I don’t really know mate!!

    I could not sign on here for a little while as I had lost the password and was to lazy to do owt! However I have retrieved it from 1 of my library of emails!
    That ‘other’ blog is virtually full of tools, yes there are a few decent ones-a few!
    Honestly I find that this is mainly full of real fans! Not many on the other, I think the average age is 15.
    It used to be good, but hey mate not anymore. I will still have the odd ‘wind up’ on there, but the crack is real here mate.

  20. It was but it’s full of kids with no mates now with multiple user names talking to themselves! If you wind 1 up 4 come back and have a go, all with the same crack! The novelty of extracting the —- becomes a bit boring after a while!

    Anyway hows yer boy doing mate?

  21. Due to the lack of tiote, i think we should play a 451 to make it harder for them to play; Barton, Guthrie, and Nolan playing in a more attacking role.

    Obviously, upfront should be Shola “El magnifico” Ameobi a.k.a. the mackem assasin (although he might be too isolated).

    Hopefully we’ll have Larsson by then which would be a boost. Wouldnt mind seeing Gosling on the pitch either, although it might be asking too much at the minute.

  22. batty says:
    January 11, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    “aye tom you ,how come you still go on ed judases blog”

    I still divven’t knaa why you call him “Judas”, batty? Or I’ve forgotten.

  23. I really think the Toon should let all hell loose in the media about this.

    I understand that Tiote gets a red card because of the lack of control in the tackle, but the FA can’t have it both ways. Either Tiote and De Jong should get reds, or neither.

    Surely there was never an easier to illustrate case of the FA using one rule for some teams and another for the rest.

    When the FA say that they can’t do anything about the De Jong tackle because the referee didn’t report it, it is just a cop out. Who employs the referee? If he insists on persisting with an obviously wrong decision why wasn’t he suspended?

  24. tom tomb says:
    January 11, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    “Ha ha worky! Come on batty refresh!”

    Knowing batty, it was probably something to do with ‘Special K’, Tom. I’m not entirely sure any more though.

  25. Larsson has been named in the Brum side for tonight so doesn’t look like he’s signing for us any time soon.

  26. Stan -heard today that he wanted decent money, and really to stop at brum. Didn’t pay much attention when told, but sounds like it may have been correct!

  27. Tiote -banned 3 games for “dirty” tackle
    Barton- banned 3 games for pushing a puff in the chest
    Coloccini – banned 3 games because he wafted his curly collar length hair at a Bolton player
    Williamson – banned 3 games for commiting “filthy” foul similar to the “filthy” foul commited on himself by Bendtner in League Cup game v Arse-renal
    Bendtner however gets let off
    De Jong – snaps Newcastle player Ben Arfa’s leg in half – gets let off.

    Cheating biased c**ts…

  28. Tiote banned for 3 games is massive. But we need to move on, and we’ve done alright in league so far without Carroll and eveyone was saying that would be a massive loss aswell so who knows. Tiote getting sent off has been coming. I’d probably play the following on Sunday:


  29. Tiote’s three match ban. Will this be the beginning of the decline, hopefully ending in Pardwho’s demise ?