What’s the truth behind the Carroll transfer?

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Andy Carroll, Newcastle
Newcastle United have sold Andy Carroll to Liverpool but questions remain as to exactly what happened.

So what do we actually know about the Andy Carroll situation?

We know that Alan Pardew repeatedly said that Carroll was not for sale. We also know that Mike Ashley turned down at least two offers from Liverpool for the striker and possibly offers from Spurs too.

We know that, finally, Andy Carroll handed in a transfer request, reported thusly on the Newcastle United site:

A transfer request from striker Andy Carroll has been accepted by Newcastle United.

The 22-year-old England international has this afternoon handed in a transfer request, which has reluctantly been accepted by the club, and Carroll is currently in talks with Liverpool over a move to Anfield.

And we have the following official announcement from Liverpool:

Liverpool FC confirmed this afternoon that Newcastle United had accepted a Club record offer for the transfer of Andy Carroll.

The Club have been given permission by Newcastle to discuss personal terms with the player, who will now travel to Liverpool for a medical.

We can also fairly safely assume that the transfer fee is in excess of £30m, possibly even £35m or more.

One thing we don’t yet know is why Andy Carroll put in a transfer request. The most likely reason would seem to be because he wanted to move, either because he prefers the idea of playing his football for Liverpool or he was enticed by the money on offer. However, some people have suggested that his hand might have been somehow forced by Mike Ashley.

I suppose that’s possible, although I have my doubts. I know that if I were in a similar situation and I didn’t want to leave the club, then nothing short of holding a gun to my head would persuade me to hand in a transfer request, and for all Ashley’s faults I don’t think he did that.

The main point, though, is that it’s still not completely clear and hopefully more details will emerge over the coming days.

The most important thing – moving forward – is finding someone to replace Carroll, preferably before 11PM tonight!

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289 Responses

  1. Very few options left there with so limited time.

    Crouch or Heskey? I would rather have Saha.

  2. You will get as many details as you got about Xisco’s situation, Zamberela’s situation and why Ch was get go.

  3. We can do without a replacement until the summer, who knows, Maybe Ranger will be out next £30m man?

  4. 6 months in the number 9 shirt and he hands in a transfer request. Unbelievable.

    “This is my home, what I want to be doing, the club I want to play for,the shirt I want to wear.That’s it, 100 per cent. I’ve just signed a five-year contract and as it stands, I want to be here forever.”

    Andy Carroll 27th November.

  5. “This is my home, what I want to be doing, the club I want to play for, the shirt I want to wear..That’s it 100%. I’ve just signed a five year contract and as it stands, I want to be here forever.” – Andy Carroll, November 2010.

    “Show me the money!!!” – Andy Carroll, January 2011, allegedly.

  6. Anelka is now surplus to requirements at Chelsea,it wouldn’t suprise me if he finished up at StJames’s

  7. Neither Torres or Carroll are worth their fees, and both have left their respective clubs down. There is simply no loyalty any more.

    It will be interesting to see if Ashley, firstly gets someone in before 11pm and secondly whether he will reinvest the £35m.

    Oh, and I would add that Nile Ranger I think has huge potential.

  8. Too late to bring in an adequate replacement, but don`t panic buy. Nothing much available that`s better than what we already have. Forget Crouch, Cole etc just wasting money. Carroll has left us in the s-it I have never been an Ashley fan but I think he did his best to keep Carroll.

  9. Anelka is on his way to scousers apparently.

    Clint been banging on for ages about Wickham. Him, Trabant from QPR and Charlie Adam. Unfortunately I think Adam will end up at scouse land.

  10. Ashley played the same trick with Milner to Villa. Here’s my take on what could have happened.
    He sends Carroll on his way to Liverpool, rejects Liverpool’s bid of £35M and at the same time tells Carroll’s agent that the deal is on;ly on if Carroll submits a TR.
    Brinkmanship: crafty move by Ashley to squeeze Carroll’s 10% of the deal he would have got without asking for a TR.

    Money and ego runs football. Tis no longer a sport with a level playing field.

  11. Can I laugh my ass off for a second at the NUFC fans who assured me there was no way Carroll was leaving because he is a local boy and loves the Toon more than anything?

    I was shouted down from my point that maybe Spurs wouldn’t offer enough to get him, but if enough money gets thrown around, Carroll would move.

    Clearly, my point was ridiculous. ;)

  12. Being objective here, if I was an outsider looking in I would say good business, he’s unlikely to be worth more in the future and if they came knocking 2 years ago would probably have got their man for less than £5m. Won’t be saying this if we go down tho :)

  13. Micky,
    me too mate, ever since i saw him in the ccc last season.
    Top propect, big lad but with plenty skill.

  14. Iv been a Newcastle fan for 16 years and have had enough .. pardew: “not for sale”
    mike ashley: “not for sale”
    andy carroll: “I hope i’m still here after the window closes” (speaking to a newspaper which got published ready for 2m!)

    It wasn’t so long ago that carrol was saying that he wanted to become a legend like alan and wear the no.9 shirt with pride

    all i can say is that he will never wear it again and this is the legacy he is leaving behind him .. handing in a transfer request from his so called “boyhood club”!?

    and another well thought out move .. seeing as our striking options for the season now are ameobi,best,lovenkrands,ranger …. well just brilliant.

    Yes £35 million is a great deal .. but relegation is a worse one ashley.. idiot

  15. I think what happened was Carroll was tapped up BEFORE permission was given for Liverpool to talk to the player by Newcastle, Reports were already being publicised of 80K wages being offered to the man before the news that neither Newcastle nor Liverpool had come to an agreement.

    It’s another example of money talking here, I think he will be missed and I’m a firm believer of keeping hold of your best players makes fiscal sense but if Carroll was on 20-30K then I’m not surprised he put in the transfer request, BUT I do think the FA should do something about players being tapped up, the rule of needing permission off a club to talk to a player seems like a joke in modern times. It’s firmly a buyer’s market. Just hope we don’t panic buy and waste it on over priced crap.

  16. Carrol isn’t worth 35M and without Nolan to keep him on the straight and narrow he’ll end up in a scouse nick before xmas. Bottom line is Carrol is no longer a Geordie and no class. Already forgotten.

    Oh and before the Ashley conspiracies start taking off again, this is Carrols doing no-one elses, greedy b@st@rd.

  17. via twatter – Andy Carroll press conference: “I’ve worshipped King Kenny since he paid £2m for Des Hamilton”

  18. carroll is a traitor and money grabber,am so frustrated think i will do a carroll and give the mrs a slap,by the way carroll is a makum

    ps.for once i applaud ashley for trying to keep him,nowt you can do once he hands in transfer request,as i say the makum

  19. I never enjoyed watching Carroll in the championship, thought his ball control was poor and that he was very average to say the least, but he has developed amazingly and stepped up to the premiership very well. But to not take 35 million for him would be stupid! I think what bothers the fans is that we know the money will reduce Ashley’s debts incurred by buying the club in the first place and not be spent on the team.

  20. JimHowell says:
    January 31, 2011 at 7:53 pm
    Iv been a Newcastle fan for 16 years and have had enough ..

    Lighten up man. Players get sold. Happended dozens of times in the last month.

    @19- a little bothered that you didn’t get him? ‘Arry offered the same fee today and Carroll chose LPool. Must be tough thinking you are big 4 when no one else does

  21. He could have been a legend and one of SJP’s true greats instead he is now one of the most hated players ever to walk out of the Toon.

  22. I’ll leave it to Jezza to give some of you lot food for thought on whether AC is a traitor or whether we have an owner who, as I’ve said so many times before, knows the cost of everyting but the value of nothing.

    Jezza says:
    January 31, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Ashley was always going to cash in on Carroll. Ashley waited till the last possible minute to sell Carroll so that he could get away with not investing a single penny of the fee on new players. Carroll is not injured, Ashley was just keeping him out of the team to protect his asset to guarantee him millions at the end of the window. I guarantee Carroll will be in the starrting eleven for Liverpool’s next match. It’s just like Beardsley all over again when he missed a run of games with a suposed injury before joining Liverpool then immediately ran rings round the Brazillian national team three days later.

    Newcastle United have not got £35 million for Carroll, Ashley has got £35 million for Carroll. In real terms Newcastle Utd have got NOTHING for Andy Carroll because that’s how much of the fee will be re-invested on new players.

    Another thing, this supposed “transfer request” is a total crock. Ashley has persuaded Carroll to go to Liverpool with something on the lines of “£100,000 a week, it’s all yours and all you have to do is not deny it when we announce you asked for a transfer”.

    This is one of my darkest ever days in 40 years of supporting Newcastle United. RIP NUFC destroyed by a fat parasite cockney b*****d”

    I agree Jezza but how many of the rest of you will ?

  23. K-toon, dont think we have time to waste money on overpriced crap, who we going to get in the 6/7 hours left of the transfer window? Anyway you expecting Ashley to part with any of that money, cause I’m not.

    Still dont believe that AC put in a transfer request, will only believe it if he comes out publicly and says it himself.

  24. Haven’t posted for a while, but even though i don’t like ashley, its all carrol, if he was forced to hand in a transfer request, he would not agree to personal terms with liverpool. He was quick to drive down there, and if they had rejected the request, he would be rotting at newcastle with no motivation, fans on his back, atleast now we have got 35 million for him.

  25. That’s exactly it, cosy@34, regarding the fee. Once bitten twice shy for most of us. We’ll be lucky to see 10m of it.

  26. Just saw the pictures of “Andy Carroll” arriving at Liverpool. Now it could be my eyes, but I’m sure it was actually Xisco wearing a wig.

  27. As a reds fan of over 40 years you have my sympathies lads. What this last week has proven is that players in general couldn’t give a toss about the clubs supporters. How many kids can no longer wear their club shirts because their idol has followed the cash? Football the sport of the working man my arse.

  28. AndyMac, so who is Jezza when he’s at home? What gives his rantings more credibility over anyone elses? The only “Jezza” I know is the tall bloke with pubes for hair on Top Gear.

  29. Spurs let Keane go today and STILL can’t get someone new in,, I doubt they will let crouch go too. I’d like to see us bring in 2 or 3 players tonight.

  30. elmander would do better in a team that creates chances unlike bolton who defend for half the game

  31. as a liverpool fan i do feel for u geordies, what has happened to you is what torres did to us – stating 3 weeks ago liverpool was his english club and he wud never want to play for another prem league club. soz 4 nickin carroll but lookin forward to seein him for us, hope yr given the 35mil to spend on replacements!

  32. Agents decide on player movements, not players. Ashley could have refused but didn’t. I am reserving judgement on Carroll but think this astep back.

    Llambias stated in 2009 the cost of relegation was 100 million. Let’s hope this sale isn,t another example of Ashley ineptitude.

  33. Hucking Fell – I’m having a bit of a George Bush Junior moment here…

    Honestly, it’s like banging your head against a freshly starched bedsheet with some of you cockney-conspiracy theorists.

  34. With you there Jezza and Andy Mac, 45 years I have supported the Toon, I dont think I can take anymore.

    Its not just NUFC, its the whole culture of football these days. The players just dont give a shit about the clubs or the fans and as for loyalty, dont make me laugh.

    The whole Sky league stinks, its just money, money, money.

  35. Apparently Elmander is having a medical at Newcastle as we speak.

    Otherwise I’d like to see

    Llorente (perfect Carroll replacement) but will never happen
    Lukaku – again, not gonna happen
    Bendtner – £10-15m? inconsistent but has potential
    Connor Wickham???

  36. Posted this elsewhere but just wanting to put this in some sort of perspective….

    Great piece of business to be honest. A fricking ridiculous fee!  The transfer request has completely knocked me sideways though. 

    I am going to try and put things in perspective without leaning on some of the hearsay or negativity:

    – the club has a small fortune to spend on improving the squad
    – does selling one star player make the club a selling club?
    – Manchester United sold Ronaldo and Beckham. Are they a ‘selling club’?
    – until we are a top 6/7 club again we are going to face the big clubs backed by an enthusiastic Sky Sports (protecting their investment) unsettling our clubs
    – the sale of Bent, Torres and now Carroll highlight the scummy role of agents in our game
    – this also highlights the moral bankruptcy of footballers that none of us should be surprised at as it ain’t anything new
    – lastly (ish) where does this money come from? Liverpool are in terrible debt and do not look like improving revenues in the next year (ie Champions League)
    – where did Villa find 18 -24 million?
    – Chelsea despite losing 74 million last year after winning the league and playing in the Champions League have forked out 50m for one player and 22 million for another
    – UEFA need to step in now as these clubs are destroying the game in my opinion. I have stopped believing the hype. International football has went to the wall and the greed in the game is killing the passion. 

    To summarise, I am more disgusted with the state of football than I am with the sale of my favourite player. 

  37. Reports that he only handed in a request after he was told that they would sell when bids reached £35m don’t make sense. When a player hands in a request they forgo their percentage. Got to love people who just make stuff up to fit their agenda.

  38. As a Liverpool fan i do really understand how disapointed in andy carol you all must be as we are with torres and I go along with what one of your lads on here who says there both not worth the money but i do hope that you get a replacement of equal quality and you stay in the premier which i believe you will do .We had the simalar saying you had from carol from torres that he wanted to see out his contract with liverpool that he loved the club and the supporters but lads what ever we think money talks good luck for the rest of the season from a disapointed and now relieved liverpool fan

  39. Albey,

    Thanks for your sincere wishes.

    Its sad news. But honestly, I think even in today’s market 35mil is about 20mil more than Carroll is worth.
    So in all honesty… I’m one Toon fan thats not disappointed.

  40. We have got Ireland in on loan.

    @52 Llorente would be great but never going to happen.

    Pogrebnyak for me

  41. Look it goes like this:
    Every player has their price. Mike Ashley, Alan Pardew et al agreed that £35m was a damn good price, and they could do better than Andy Carroll for that money.
    So Liverpool make their offer and it is enougfh so they are given permission to talk to AC.
    AC finds out how much they are offering in wages. It has to be £90 or £100k to go with that transfer fee.
    AC says to Ashley, “hey I am happy here. Just match the wages, cos that’s what I am clearly worth, and I’ll happily stay”.
    And Mike Ashley says “see you later kid. No way we are paying wages like that”.
    And AC signs for Liverpool.

    Enormously disappointing, but it is the difference between a club with ambition and a club that wants to balance the books. It is not wrong, just hugely disappointing.

  42. People, calm down seriously. David Villa was cheaper for Barcelona to buy! 35 mill is really serious money for the club, even if Ashley wasnt owner this offer could not be rejected. With proper investment, you can get at least 3 players of Carrolls level. And the deal could work as a pure investment: imagine Carroll is shitty for L’pool all spring long and we buy him back for less than 10 mill…

  43. Carrols head was turned oncve he had been called up for his 1st cap, mixing with the gerrads and johnsons, he must have begun to think he was bigger than the club.

  44. so money does finally show its head carroll leaves what could of been a legendary(well almost) career filled era with Newcastle,the only way is forward pick up the pieces and regroup

  45. IOWP, um ye, you’re spot on… NOT

    It goes more like than

    Liverpool make an offer of 30mil, Ashley rejects it, but Carroll’s agent gets word.
    Carroll’s agent sees a 4mil pound pay day and tells Carroll he can treble his wages (ie. make 60k a week more)
    Carroll’s head start to think about what cars and bling he can get with that kind of money (he knows Newcastle don’t need to offer him another contract for five years).
    His agent phones up Liverpool and says if they go higher, and promise good wages, his player will hand in a transfer request.
    They do, and he does, and Newcastle realise, the player wants to go.
    They think, oh well, no backlash from fans if he hands in a formal request, so they reluctantly accept a ridiculous off.
    Carroll and his agent are delighted with the big pay day.
    He is off…

    Upsetting, but retards need someone to blame so they make up ludicrous suggestions that somehow Ashley forced Carrolls hand by not offering wages he doesn’t deserve…

    Give me a break.

  46. The biggest problem in all of this might be Barton & Ben Arfa, if there’s no investment the team might fall to pieces…..

  47. – Brettoon

    Though this is very far fetched, but maybe he is doing what is best for the club – getting loads of money in, then plays shitty on purpose in during the spring so that the club can buy him back cheaply. this is very speculative though – maybe wishful thinking

  48. That won’t happen HUNmag , it could destroy his career if he did that!

    Nope he’s gone after the money! after all with the current government 30k per week obviously isn’t enough to live on, the poor bairn must have been nearly on the breadline!!

  49. He left us… I don’t want him back.

    I want Barton and Enrique to sign a contract and Barton to break to bastard’s leg on the 30th April!

  50. Hope Ireland works out for you as he was a superb player for City two years ago, however he’s been simply awful for us since signing in the summer. Talent not in question, heart and desire missing though. Not sure you geordies will tolerate that!
    My view….£35m is great business for you however don’t waste it tonight

  51. HUNmag – that is the funniest thing I’ve read all night. You aren’t serious, obviously. No one can really think that would happen.

  52. Hunmag – it will be a long time before Carroll will be showing his face again in the north east.

  53. A hunmag that is not as far fetched as you think we at liverpool have had that done to us by torres he only started playing when the transfer window opened and he has got his transfer so you may not be that far from the truth as a red I hope your wrong but nothing would surprise me in football any more

  54. HUNmag,

    Ye, he’s gona screw Liverpool, get us cash, and then come to us and in doing so cut his salary by 60k a week.
    He could buy a Mercedes every week for that!!!

  55. As I see it,if Ashley splashes out some cash on a decent replacement/s then he is attempting to do the right thing, even if he waits until the Summer as long as we stay up. If he don’t then he is a money grabbing loser.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

    I think Elmander would be a good signing by the way.

    Is 11pm the deadline?

  56. torres to be blamed for all this mess! if he didnt force his way to chelsea, liverfool will not make a move for carroll, for they already bought suarez. if carroll didnt go to pool, newcastle wouldnt go for elmander. and!! if newcastle didnt go for elamender, bolton wont be pursuing carlton cole!

    damn it torres!

  57. Grumpy Old-Toon says:

    “As I see it,if Ashley splashes out some cash on a decent replacement/s then he is attempting to do the right thing, even if he waits until the Summer as long as we stay up”

    GO-T all I will say is remember James Milner and KK saying “James is a Newcastle player”

  58. In: Taarabt 10mil; Wickham 8-10mil; Lee 9mil.

    Get on it Carr and co. and we’ll have a smashing team again.

  59. just over 2 hours left guys n weve signed no one!! i hope ranger finds his shooting boots!!

  60. Andy Mac,

    Both players handed in transfer requests.

    I wouldn’t want Milner back now, and I’m sure I’ll feel the same about Carroll.

  61. CLiNT, looks risky but, he could be another Joey type signing. Not the bad bits though. ;)

  62. @84 You mean Lee from Bolton?

    That is a good shout.

    El Hadji Diouf to Rangers is a bizarre one!!!

  63. I believe the loan window extends for some time after the main window so there could still be shedloads of incomings.

  64. Like banging your head against a brick wall this.

    Yes jj both bplayers may have asked for a transfer but the manager (in both cases) was over ruled by ?????

    as for CF Milner may (In your opinion) be nondescript but thats not what this is about. Its about a manager, in place at the time, believing he has the player safely in his squad and yet the Chairman deciding Money Talks.

    Arguably if we’d kept hold of Milner that season we’d have stayed up. Let’s hope we dont have the same issue this season.

  65. Grumpy,
    he probably even knows Joey mate from his citeh daze.
    Minimal risk, i suppose, only a loan deal & he has stuff to prove.
    Not keen personally, but hey, he plays for the Toon now, so he’ll get a chance with me.

  66. I’m pissed off finally we have a youth product doing well in the 1st team and he is sold. However for the fee it is a good deal, does this mean he is better than Robinho, Teves, Villa? If he wanted to go then I congratulate NUFC PLC for getting such a fee if he was pushed its a disgrace. I do think however if Ranger could turn his good play into goals id be crying with happiness at the fee. Just hope this doesn’t happen with Ranger, vukic etc in the future

  67. Have just been lookin at the scenes of Carroll getting mobbed at Liverpool…

    …aye, I get it. So wanted to believe it wasn’t down to him, and I needed to look at things from all possible angles before making judgements, but you don’t put in a transfer request unless you want away.

  68. I was gutted, now having learned AC put in a transfer request its turned to a combo of gutted and anger. If its true he,s shown his true colours… a lying , money grabbing piece of shite with no class whatsoever. Wear Shearers No 9? not fit to lace his boots….come on Nile et al.
    Yours in rage.

  69. Busy for next few hours, so it will be interesting to see if owt happens by the time I log on again.

    I predict nowt by the way.

  70. Torres has to take some blame for starting this chain of events as domino effect says but it was just a mater of mike ashley saying no to liverpool he is not for sale but like the two yanks we used to have he is not at your club because he loves newcastle united he is there for the money and he has a shed load of money now so lets see if he spends it back in to your club me thinks alot wont be spent on players hope i am wrong and yes that torres has turned out to be shit house .

  71. @91 I do aye – lee from Bolton. He’s made em tick this season and we still have the right winger issue. Splash the cash noo on a bit of silk.

  72. If Carrol wanted to stay but on higher wages surely he could have waited to the summer to put in a transfer request and at least give the club time to give him a new contract. I blame him for the move and no-one else. I don’t blame his agent either, he still has to agree to the move and if he can break Saylors jaw for saying the wrong thing he sure as hell isn’t scared of his agent

  73. Harry Redknapp quoted on R5

    “Anyone who knows the game…. Newcastle didnt have to sell him……… but they got a lot of money for him in the end”

    He said he was laughing at the Sky reporter at SJP who claimed that Liverpool finally managed to get Newcastle to let Carroll go. HR inferred they were happy to sell him all along but were just looking for the best price.

    Come on people, remember who runs this club. You can fool some of the people all of the time…but surely not everybody all of the time ?

  74. AndyMac,

    All you are doing is twisting information to enhance your arguement, but infact making yourself look a fool, by enhancing the argument against you…

    But stubborness rules over fact, in some I guess…

  75. @goater

    Mate I know the football world has gone mad but 10 million+ for championship players? Give it a rest!!

    I can’t put into words how gutted I am about this whole situation! Not just because Carroll has gone and that I think MA and AP have probably been pulling the wool over our eyes all window but because the only people who lose out in this whole saga are NUFC and the fans!

    Carroll gets his dollar, LUFC get a cracking talent, MA fills his fat fookin pockets but Newcastle are left with a League 1 strikeforce and 4 hours to do somethin about it!

    In a way i hope we dont spend any money tonight, I think we desperately need to bring someone in but if we try and do business now we’ll end up with some overpriced useless lump and will again be the laughing stock of the prem!

    Oh and don’t believe the soundbytes coming from the club for one minute. If we really, truly wanted to keep Carroll and build a team around him we would. Transfer request or not, which i don’t believe for a second he handed one in, it doesn’t have to be accepted!

    Just another case of all the grubby little bastards in football making a shit load of cash off the club we love!

  76. AndyMac – If you’d kept your receipt you would have been able to get your money back for your longsdale trackies. It’s not Ashleys fault the spotty shop assistant in sports direct won’t give you your money back. Let it go. ;-)

  77. CF Its not about AC its about that lying, crooked bastad who runs this club.

    Not to be confused with the previous lying cheating crooked basted that used to run this club :(

    Why do we suffer these people ?????????????

  78. we are still a selling club, we’ll never compete with the top 5 again, should have kept AC but if he wanted to go… then go. wouldnt be suprised to see Lambert frm Sthptn, JO frm Mn cty or bloody heskey here b4 the end of window..roll on oblivion again…

  79. Wait until the 30th April when Barton and S Taylor break Carroll’s legs.

    Can’t wait…

  80. typical mike ashley this sorry caper,well keegan himself said he would never understand messrs ashley and llambias,i have to concur with him.
    i will never understand why ashley wants to own a football club,he continually pulls the rug away,just as the club looks like getting it’s self together,sorry but this doesn’t look like the actions of a supposed five year plan.any players who have been assets at this club have been sold during the scarlet pimpernels reign.
    brettoon get a replacement in?there are three hopes of that happening,BOB HOPE ,WESTERHOPE AND NEE HOPE.

  81. Yep gc and all the others who recognise whats just happened

    RichWalker sums it up.

    “Oh and don’t believe the soundbytes coming from the club for one minute. If we really, truly wanted to keep Carroll and build a team around him we would”

    OK I know there’s still a lot people out there who have bought into the clubs propaganda but maybe in time they’ll see it for what it is.

    Hopefully there’ll still be a club to support by then :(

  82. Andy,
    cos we support NUFC, not ashley, FFS, john hall, or any of the other divs that have ‘owned’ this club mate.
    It’s the club mate, we’re Geordies…

  83. AndyMac says:
    January 31, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    “Harry Redknapp quoted on R5

    “Anyone who knows the game…. Newcastle didnt have to sell him……… but they got a lot of money for him in the end”

    He said he was laughing at the Sky reporter at SJP who claimed that Liverpool finally managed to get Newcastle to let Carroll go. HR inferred they were happy to sell him all along but were just looking for the best price.”

    Droopy’s right. The whole thing has been a shadow play.

  84. Rumour going round that we want either Gary Hooper or Kenwyne Jones. Don’t believe any of them although Jones (despite being an ex mackem) would be a great replacement for Carroll.

  85. Jones is a good player, but he’s inconsistent. When he was playing for Sunderland, even Shearer was waxing lyrical about him.
    However, he seems to have gone off the boil in the last year or so.
    Loan please, with option to buy, just to make sure.

  86. Was hoping NUFC would win at Fulham Wed., but now I wondering how bad the defeat will be, 3, 4 or 5 – nil?

    Next year at this time it will be Ranger or whoever else is looking good.

  87. TBH,
    i’m sick of being linked with big lumps.
    Can’t we have a quick LCG striker for a change?

  88. Anyway, we are going to be linked with every striker under the sun now. We have £35m burning a hole in our pocket and a load of agents pushing for us to spend it.

    I need to stop commenting and write a blog. Not sure what about though.
    Errr, Leon Best looking forward to starting against Fulham?

  89. The more I think about it, the more the whole thing stinks to high heaven. Yes it’s a bit of a conspiracy theory, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if fatty knew Carroll was going in this window all along.

    It was plain to see that Hughton had a row over a disagreement with Ashley, and was promptly ‘sacked’.

    I wonder what that disagreement could’ve been, hhmmm……….

    Anyway, enough of that, he’s gone now, 35m is a fkn steal, I just hope (but doubt) fatty spends it on decent replacements.

  90. carroll landed at Lpool airport on bbc nws @9;00pm…was he using Owens chopper, he was a waste aswell. we do suffer the fools . but not one of our own bloody hell..its sinking in, but not any easier..what about pards saying he was assured AC would be here for the 5 yrs he was..wouldnt be suprised to see pards walk out 2mrw!!!has he a spine to stand up to MA..club run totally the wrong way, MA out ASAP!!

  91. Micky,
    so long as it’s not about ‘you know who’.
    I reckon we should have a ‘blackout’ on ‘you know who’.

  92. God i am pissed off , i feel like a gorilla has just grabbed hold of my balls and ripped them off . You would think after 40 years of supporting the Toon you would become immune to these sort of set backs but this one hurts , a local lad destined to become a great and he fcuks off . This one is even worse than when pedro went in the same direction or even when gazza walked . Our season has just took a very nasty nosedive and the question now is will Joey , Enrique and the rest want too stay now .

  93. have to think this deals been on the cards for ages. hes not played in january after what looked like a minor knock in the tottenham match and remember pardew saying he wouldnt have to sign a striker after the sunderland match cause he was impressed by best/ameobi. then nolan said it would be hard for carroll to get back in the team.

  94. batty says:
    January 31, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    “aye worky ya right”

    I had a funny feeling that something was up with all the guff in the media about the ‘Spurs bids supposedly flying in, when none actually existed. Ashley is a very slippery customer.

  95. The biggest thing that disappoints me is now Ameobi will probably put in even less effort because he feels we have less competition. I’d rather start Best and Ranger.

  96. LATEST…the whole transfer is in jeapordy as torres wife does not agree personal terms with Terrys wife!! i need a drink……….andy c… you have upset the geordie nation, god help you when we visit ie: barton, nolan,tayls..you dont shit on your own doorstep…..

  97. ashley may or may not have planneds this who cares, he got good price. What ever his intentions fact is carroll turned his back on his boyhood club, and jumped ship at the first opportunity. lying judas c*nt.
    cant wait for stevie to clatter him when we go to anfield.
    andy carroll is a scouser.

  98. gc says:
    January 31, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    “what about pards saying he was assured AC would be here for the 5 yrs he was..wouldnt be suprised to see pards walk out 2mrw!!!has he a spine to stand up to MA..club run totally the wrong way, MA out ASAP!!”

    gc, why do you think that Ashley and Llambias sacked Chris Hughton and got Alan Pardew in instead?

  99. w-tckt, yes agree pards is their latest puppet, but he was assured, so let see 2mrws pre-match conference. or has it already been canclld?…

  100. Worky, my gut feeling is this stinks of Ashley all over, but surely if Carroll didn’t want to go, he didn’t have to ?

  101. Excellent article on NUFC.com


    Regardless of what MA and DL manipulated, the fact is, Carroll would not have left if he didn’t want to…

    Liverpool made the offer, its near 40mil!!! And not many clubs outside of the top three would have rejected that.

    Furthermore, would you really want to keep a player that is that happy to leave.

    Personally, I think its bad timing, but an EXCELLENT deal for Newcastle.

  102. near 40 million is a ridiculous amount of money. Im gutted he left and wish he hadn’t but other fans think liverpool are out of their minds paying that sort of money for a player with half a season top flight football under his belt and who wasnt even top scorer in the championship last season. zidane, figo, vieri, torres, rooney, ronaldo, carroll. spot the difference.

  103. Andy Mac 106… Well, you can say allot about Arry, and most of it would serve him right. But he knows a thing or two about transfer games… Heck he practically invented them.

  104. Everyone I’ve spoken to who aren’t NUFC fans have all said I must be happy with the money we got and Liverpool are nuts/desperate to pay that.
    I guess only time will tell on who comes out better. They are gambling on his potential.

  105. JJ says:
    January 31, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    “Personally, I think its bad timing, but an EXCELLENT deal for Newcastle.”

    Yes, JJ, it is a crazy price for someone who has only been in the Premiership a few months and hasn’t scored many more than a dozen goals in it.

    Of course, the big question is will Ashley’s Arse model really be follewed? ie will the money be wisely invested in several more highly talented players who have great potential which can be developed further?

  106. Just before the start of the season I seen andy carol in liverpool in a pub with Ian nolan I wonder if they were setting up this deal then they seem to be celebrating something this is true not winding you nufc fans up

  107. Well if Carroll is worth 35mil, then Enrique is worth about 25mil, Barton worth about 30mil, Nolan about 20mil, Colo about 20mil, Tiote about 24mil, and Ben Arfa about 28mil… so I mean we have one hell of a valuable team here ;)
    Even old Stroller must be worth about 10mil!

  108. Well done Carroll well done Ashley, every1 has a price and carrolls was met. Not judas but the price was met

  109. If Ashley didnt want him to go he could hold him to the contact he just signed, maybe show that he wanted him to stay, but he wont, another transfer window disaster on their cv but was it?
    Repeat behaviour in play here, tomorrow morning via David Craig it will be, ” It was too late to replace etc etc, blah,blah, frigging blah” heard it all before, in fact make that every window they hae been involved in, they never have any intention of signing players so why con the fans?

  110. I’d be surprised if any of this money ends up being spent on reinforcements. It’s all going in Fat Ashleys back pocket. I’m REALLY waiting to hear what Pardew can spin out of this….puppet for the whole bunch of lying cheating crooks. They are destroying the backbone of my…our club.

  111. workyticket says:
    January 31, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    “Of course, the big question is will Ashley’s Arse model really be follewed? ie will the money be wisely invested in several more highly talented players who have great potential which can be developed further?”

    I guess only time will tell. Certainly not this season, and I doubt all of it. But I do think Ranger has got the potential to be better than Carroll.
    Hopefully he develops quickly now he’ll get more opportunity.

    I also think Vuckic might get more of a look in, in his natural position…

    Even Airey… Who knows… the fact is very few though Carroll would even cut it in the Championship or Prem this year, and he only got his chance in the Championship because Ameobi got injured…

  112. I’ve mentioned them a few times, but would love to see Ayew and Gervinho brought in.

    Both are young and exceptionally talented African players.

  113. I would be REALLY surprised if Enrique doesn’t get sold on. Man Utd are probably putting the spade work in as we speak, he’s the next one out of here. Sorry, but I cannot get anything positive out of this. The money won’t be spent..he’s pulling back the money that Fat Freddy and John Hall laughingly ripped him off him…

  114. If we had any other owners than Ashley I would be feeling a little bit better now.

    No one player makes the team. We’ve been doing ok without Carroll so far this year.
    Look at the Spuds, sold Berbatov for £5m less and used the money to finance buys across the team. They now have a very decent team playing well.
    If we can replicate I would be happy.

    However, we have Mr Unpredictable in charge and I wouldn’t bet on us spending the money on a giant Liam O’Brien statue to stand in front of Shearer’s bar.

  115. well said Richard.
    Everyone has a price. At the end of the day money talks, and there’s not one on here wouldn’t do the same as AC for the daft money he will be getting.
    Good luck to the lad, but now he is going to have to earn it or be found out. Whatever.

    What irks tho is we all know the cash wont be invested back into the club, well maybe fifty quid or something lol.
    Jucking Foke.

  116. If Liverpool won’t let Torres go UNTIL they have a replacement, why do our useless owners let Carrol go and then hope to get someone at the last minuite (but probably not get anyone!)? Sad day

  117. wonder how he will pass the medical when he is injured ? or was the injury a lie so he would not pick up an injury in the games prior to the transfer deadline ? he was not going to be ready for our next 2 games but i bet he plays in Liverpools next game .

  118. Jack – As we haven’t had Carroll this year, they probably think we can hold on until the end of the season.

  119. well gone of days of putting your favourite players name on the back of your replica t-shirt just no loyalty what so ever and to think was going to put that judas on the back of mine :(

  120. I’m off to read a book or something, this whole episode has made my head spin.
    I’ve got to tear myself away, don’t want to be still commenting at midnight.
    See you all later.

  121. From the GUardian’s transfer blog:

    This from our man in Jorvik, Marti Ost. “At the Hotel du Vin in York, have just spotted Elmander with a few suits meeting another couple of suits. My guess is officials from NUFC but what do I know?” Perhaps he’s been to the railway museum as well.

  122. What Ashley is trying to do… Make the club a successfull business, makes allot of sense. Trouble is that all the other clubs dont follow suit, so we cannot help but be left behind and we will as long as he is in charge. Im not having an anti MA moment here, we just wont ever chalenge the top 4 while he owns us.

  123. Just one more thing, contracts these days may as well be written on toilet paper in invisible ink it’s all they are good for.

  124. BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter Ian Dennis says the club (NUFC) are “still working hard on trying to secure a late deal”.

  125. @richwalker – It wasn’t that long ago Carroll was starting to find his feet in the fizzy pop league. I’d prefer to force QPR, etc. hands on bright young things like Taarabt than go for lumbering, aging premier target men like elmander, and Cole who average 1 in 7 at this level.

  126. nearly every other club in the league would sell him for that amount. 40 million pounds, im suspicous of ashley but im not going whine on about ashley for months, there is no evidence at all he has pocketed anything out of nufc, and this sale wasnt planned real long term, nobody would have predicted someone bidding 40 million pounds even 4 weeks ago.
    Proof will only come when they come to bring players in the summer so no use crying about it until then.
    p.s hope judas gets injured again and never plays again the lying c8nt

  127. Hey Valle – Thought I was talking bullshit about seeing Carroll on Saturday? Surprised you arent calling this bullshit you little twat.

  128. no one has stopped Ranger from getting goals this season, he’s had the chances, but putting him at the deep end doesn’t help him, it could destroy him. Senior reinforcements needed asap.

  129. Toon Talk Magazine
    Andy Carroll contacted editor Steve Wraith today via text to say, “I’m gutted to be leaving my home town club, i was told to go. I didn’t want to leave that’s why I signed a 5 year deal. I was pushed out of the door.” Andy asked us to make this public to all fans.
    4 minutes ago

  130. What is the point insomnia? He will whinge his tits off as soon as he gets here. Arsenal want me , Chelsea want me—-we don’t now f-off!!

  131. Valle – I dont care how big you are, your a goon. I saw Carroll and you and Andy Spack were coming over giving it the big one saying its impossible. Whos right now?

    N’Zogiba rejected.

  132. I’d have n’zog back. As we learnt today loyalty means nowt, get the class players in and get on with it. JFK was a big tit, not sure I’d want to play for him.

  133. “N’Zogbia well loved”, “Peter Lovenkrats”, “Alan Cardew” – quality reporting from SSN…

  134. these are complete c unts running this club ,rejected lololol 1 judas oot and they try too get another in for 3 and a half more than we sold him

  135. Bang goes that team spirit then… Carroll forced out (according to Wraith) and bringing back one of the worst shit stirrers we’ve had for years… perfect sense

  136. Zog is a good player, but this is all a bit nuts if you ask me.

    I hate being a Toon fan sometimes!! Most of the time actually.

  137. Sky Sports have went bonkers. N’Zogbia is good but not needed and not liked. Striker urgent surely we have been bidding all day?

  138. Surely we can reley on Best, Lovenkrands and Ameobi for the rest of the season we neeeeeed a striker!! Not Insommina

  139. Mark… So we are supposed to eat the sweet nectar of truth up that spills from your lips, no questions asked? get a hold of ya self.

  140. One good thing might come of this: The Idiots will finally see and realise Ameobi is not good enough and stop their daft supporting of this donkey

  141. FSOTC… Sure mate, here you gohttp://www.facebook.com/toontalk.magazine/posts/131886353545949

    Dunno if these guys are to be taken serious, perhaps some of you other bloggers have more insigt into that.

  142. valle says:
    January 31, 2011 at 10:27 pm (Edit)

    Toon Talk Magazine
    Andy Carroll contacted editor Steve Wraith today via text to say, “I’m gutted to be leaving my home town club, i was told to go. I didn’t want to leave that’s why I signed a 5 year deal. I was pushed out of the door.”


    Hmm, and yet he handed in a transfer request?

  143. Valle – I say he is a dick as he ignored me and my mates requests for a photo and just general banter in Aspers, and get called an outright liar, you couldnt make it up. Surely just jealousy you didnt see him, probably that important to you.

  144. Hugh de Payen says:

    “BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter Ian Dennis says the club (NUFC) are “still working hard on trying to secure a late deal”

    Part of the propaganda fed to the media by the Management.
    Funnily enough I believe Steve Wraith more than I am prepared to believe Laurel and Hardy.

  145. This guy has also been in the know in the past, and twits with Caulkin from times among others…


    They all say he was pushed, and so the plot thickens and we the fans are left to figure out the puzzle.

  146. This is a heap of crap, David Craig with insomnia bid 3 minutes later it’s rejected!! He’s an Ash puppet, could not even wait for the no from Wigan. Coronation Street is more beleivable than this!

  147. Hugh… Dunno if he did, dunno if he didnt hand in that transfer request. I thought it sounded unreal with those conspiracy plots earlier. But allot of people in the know claim that he didnt ask for a transfer and was pushed… My guess is as good as yours


    For crying out loud. He wasn’t pushed at all.

    What a load of crap.


    You saw the smiles going into LFC!!

    Damn it.. He’s a w4nker

  149. I can’t concentrate on owt at the minute. Zog is obviously bollox. Desperate reporting from sky. Wigan want shot of him and would snap our hands off for £10m.

    As for ac, why hand in a transfer request if he wanted to stay?

  150. Either way, time will tell. That late “bid” for N’zogbia, was pantomime. they’re just having a laugh !

  151. Rodzilla… Thx mate, even tho i didnt think there was more to it than him handing in a request, i have to say that the more i think about it, it does strike me as odd that he dont force a move the champions league playing spurs to go and play with the most exciting attacking team around. But when liverpool comes with a mega cash offer, he suddenly wanna go to a club no better off than we are.

  152. Who do you think David Craig will say we have bid for next? Dr Who is the only one than can get here on time.

  153. Brettoon

    Some people will only hear what they want to…

    They ignore obvious fact and find fact in distant rumours floating around to suit their argument.

    For the sound of mind. It was Carrolls decision. Hes gone. Oh well, lets move on.

  154. I have no trouble believing in duplicity by Ashley but I’m still puzzled by Carroll handing in a transfer request unless he actually wanted to go.

    I don’t fully buy his sob story about being forced into it. He *always* had the option to simply not put in a transfer request.

    I’ve got my suspicions that, whilst Ashley may well have been plotting Carroll’s transfer for some time, Carroll is complicit in it too.

  155. Brettoon… Hey i was saying the same thing earlier, but you have to agree as i write in my last post, that its all a bit odd… something dosnt add up if you look closer at it.

    Well i guess you shouldnt look closer at it perhaps, wont change anything other than to complicate our feelings on the matter.

  156. I asked Hayley McQueen where she gets the info of N’Zogbia bid from – Shes claims its from the club and not the thin air it likely is from.

  157. Hugh… We only have the official’s words for him putting in a request… Dunno how it would all add up, and perhaps it is just that simple. We will never truly know i guess.

  158. Get that Swedish bloke over that looked at Carroll, he should be our signing! He sat Carroll in the chair stared at him and bang he was fixed!!
    He could fix the Taylors, Ben Arfa, Gosling and Smith (well maybe not)! We would have a squad again.
    The swedish miracle man.

  159. Newcastle frantically trying to bring in players in the last moments.

    My @rse. This has happened every transfer window for the last 4 years. Oh, we JUST missed out on signing some great players, but we DID try, honest. Pull the other one David Craig/Mike Ashley you muppets.

  160. Rodzilla… True mate, we will be screwed time and time again by the “astute businiessman” im afraid.

  161. Well, well, well…….. What a bunch of arse today has turned out to be. Suppose I’ll stomp my feet for a while and make noises about giving up on the club for good, but what would be the point? Unfortunately I’m black and White till I die (unlike some), and although sometimes I wish I could just go and support some other club, I know in my heart that it could never be. Sick as the proverbial parrot.

  162. Will we ever get a Jack Walker? or a we stuck with owners who feck us over… We get rid of one, only for an even worse to take over.

  163. Think we’ve all become accustomed to it now Valle, once bitten twice shy and all that. I’ve said before, I used to look forward to transfer deadline day – I dread it now.

    Ahh well. We still have Enrique, Barton, Nolan, Tiote and have Ireland in on loan. It could’ve been a lot worse!

    Roll on Fulham!!


  164. Well, that’s that then and it seems that Charlie Adam’s dream club, Liverpool, might have moved to White Hart Lane! Marvellous!!

  165. Makes me laugh all of this.

    1. Dave Whelan hates fat ash- would he sell a player to us- emm no.

    2. Insomnia- hates us all- would he come to us-emmm no.

    3. Propaganda the fat ash way- this time a safe roll of the dice! That one was never going to happen. The three gamblers will be pissed in the boardroom howling laughing!

  166. ‘Carroll will wear the number 9 shirt for Liverpool’

    No shit!!! What a crap day. I’m sure I’ll get over it but just keep thinking about the Bobby days when we had the likes of Laurent Robert and were beating Juventus in the European Cup =(

  167. “Steve Wraith got a text from Carroll”

    Ye right, thats the first thing Carroll is gona do, text Steve Wraith and not anybody else. FFS, people believe anything…

    “I was pushed out the door, I was gutted to leave, so I slapped in a transfer request and arrived at Liverpool with a fat smile on my face…” – more likely.

  168. I contacted a friend who works at the training ground on hearing Andy Carroll was allegedly going ti be sold to Liverpool. I was told that ashley had agreed to sell Carroll with pardew and lambs. My guy told me the team knew when they turned up at training that Andy Carroll would most likely not be a Newcastle united player by the end of the day. I was told ashley was going to reject the offer to increase the bid from Liverpool. I called my guy at the training ground at 4pm with the club and the team and everyone at the club knowing he was going to Liverpool. I was told the players were upset at the news and some were close to tears all day. I was told that Kevin nolan took Andy Carroll to a landing strip where mike ashley was sending his personal helicopter to take Carroll to Liverpool. One hour later Carroll allegedly hands in a transfer request. One hour later Carroll lands in Liverpool in what looks like mike ashleys’ personal helicopter. So make your own minds up. I know mine is.

  169. Rodzilla says:

    “Ahh well. We still have Enrique, Barton, Nolan, Tiote and have Ireland in on loan.”

    Yes but for how long ????

    Signed contracts are an irrelevance to the FatMan. Watch them all use the “I’ll be here forever” routine while contacting their agents to get them on the first plane out of here.

    Its history repeating itself. Now the players know that Laurel and Hardy shafted Carroll and Pardwho was helpless to prevent it, whats the chances of any one of them staying put for long ????

  170. Can’t believe we now ain’t got a number 9 like. Well, actually I can. Nothing is impossible for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.

    And yeah Andy Mac, I know they could still be off in the Summer, but at least we have them until then eh.

    Jeeziz, what’s this club coming to.

    Right, I’m off to dream about us playing Champions League football. neet neet.

  171. JJ says:


    All you are doing is twisting information to enhance your arguement, but infact making yourself look a fool, by enhancing the argument against you…But stubborness rules over fact, in some I guess…”

    JJ says:

    “Excellent article on NUFC.com


    Regardless of what MA and DL manipulated, the fact is, Carroll would not have left if he didn’t want to…”

    The excellent article you quote on NUFC.com that you quote jj includes the following

    “Inevitably it proved impossible to acquire a replacement – after deadline day dealing last year brought us Leon Best maybe that’s a blessing – but the prospect of that full £35m going on players in the next transfer window doesn’t strike us as very likely.

    Could we be under new ownership by then? Would we still be in the Premier League? Gambling on the latter seems like a big fat punt but that’s par for the course now round these parts.

    The departure of James Milner to Aston Villa in August 2008 for £12m was deemed to have been good business, but as we pointed out at the time, you can’t play a bag of money on the wing. For January 2011, read “up front”.

    In theory, £35m would buy you three or four perfectly serviceable players that would boost our squad – or ten Cheick Tiote’s. But not within a few hours….

    Aware of a desire from both Liverpool and Spurs to sign a striker with just hours of the transfer window remaining, why couldn’t Newcastle have stonewalled Carroll bids, in the knowledge that the same clubs will have the same funds in the summer – and the same vacancy.

    Carroll by then could have scored the goals that kept United in the league, before departing to wherever he pleased, leaving Alan Pardew to invest at his leisure.

    So why couldn’t they wait? Because this is a dash for cash perhaps? Flogging the club’s number one asset before high-tailing it out of town. We can but hope.

    The farcical “turning down offers” looks to be nothing short of a pathetic, patronising pantomime and a deliberate drip-feeding of information – with the transfer request a poor attempt at a face-saving exercise”

    ……………or maybe once again I’m just twisting information to suit my argument :)

  172. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “Oh yea, & there’s the money back we lost being in the ccc last term”

    Funnily enuff I dont think thats too far away from the truth CF. Bearing in mind that I think the NUFC financial year goes from August to July so this window gives them the opportunity to make the books look more attractive to would be investors ?

    Then maybe the “dash for cash ” comment on .com appears more relevant ?

    Although, in one move, they’ve lost the support of the players (yet again) maybe they dont give a stuff if they’ve got someone waiting in the wings to buy at a price that Fatman is happy to sell ?

    Given the events of today and the pantomime surrounding them, maybe its a sacrifice worth making if L and H shuffle off into the sunset ?

  173. Andy,
    who knows mate.
    It’ll all come out in the wash.
    Footballers play football man, as we’ve seen today.
    They aren’t paid to think.

    We’ll still be here come what may.

    Right, who’s up top v fulham then.

    Another day in the crazy world of NUFC.
    Night mate.

  174. CLiNT, I went off at 8.59pm and predicted nowt would happen and guess what. :)

    We can still get loans in however so all is not totally lost.

    I’d love to have a hidden camera in the dressing room Wednesday, bet there are some discontented mutterings.
    Pardew is going to have his man management skills tested now. Although the team might just say sod it lets prove we don’t need him, AC that is, and get a win. With our number one striker scoring the winner (whoever that might be) :)

  175. Night all, early day tomorrow, over fifty years of dissapointment for me so I’ll sleep ok, nowt new.

  176. Ha ha ha ha u told us he was black and white.it’s worked out well 4 us,he’s over rated and over priced:-) yid army

  177. £35 million for Carroll and not a single penny spent on a replacement? Why am i not suprised?

    If nothing else it proves (once again) that we can believe nothing that comes out of anyone’s mouth at NUFC.

    Don’t get me wrong, the fee is obscene and un-refusable, but now we have to go five months with four “strikers” who couldn’t hit a pigs arse with a handful of rice. UNBELIEVABLE!

  178. i think blaming ashley is insane, i was watching sky and the manipulated the reports, David Craig said ‘andy carroll is heading to liverpool’ breaking news was displayed as bid accepted,

    bout 30min later David Craig Sed’ sorry newcastle actually rejected the bid’ sky started the media storm which unsettled our player,

    And kenny had his part to play telling the media on sunday ‘i wants carroll an will spare no expense’

    Andy handed in a transfer request which im disappointed in, 35m is a great coop.

    What enraged me is, why didnt liverpool go public last week dat why we wud have got a replacement..

    As for Ashley wont reinvest he bid 12m for N’Zogbia, he bid for C Cole, Elmander and Crouch that looks like a reinvestment to me im sorry,

    alot of people are reading to much in to Andys motives its simple he needs money to buy a new range rover after his got torched,

    i wonder if the club will prevent S Taylor pressing charges on Carroll for Assault now that he has been sold. Barton got an 8 match ban over the Dabo incident 2 years after it happened

  179. look wat everton done with the rest of their season after the sale of Rooney they broke the top for, lets hope our players can react in a similar light

  180. Pushed or not I do not care, the money is fantastic. We will be alright and I would like to thank Andy for the time he has spent at Newcastle united and joy he and pride brought us. I wish him well at Liverpool but not too well. :)

  181. yeah but where is that money really going to?? ashley blowing all of it at the pokes or for the next transfer window

  182. How predictable was that, stiffended again in the transfer window with that muppet David Craig being used as a mouthpiece spouting absolute bollocks and expecting us to be so naive enough to believe that we were making serious 12m bids for the Zog and Bendtner.

    So thats 3 players out, Carroll, Xisco and Routledge and 1 in, Ireland, a blinder for the board but an absolute disater for the fans, so much for strengthening the squad then, come on Pardew, explain that to us if you can.

  183. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS IS BUSINESS, Ashley will have released inside information on the Carroll move , and Carroll will have been told of the Liverpool interest , he will almost have been PUSHED by ashleys men to sign , he would have been told the press release will be that he asked for a transfer to save rebellion within the clubs support. Its all that happens within the average big club..

    What it does show that Chelsea are a HUGE club , Liverpool are a BIG club, and we as usual look like being run like a Coca Cola club again ! What a freakin joke we are ?

    Lucky to stay above 15th this season without AC…not looking forward to next few months…

  184. At most other clubs you would say, “he handed in a transfer request” and that would be it… But at our club, with our owner, who knows?

  185. Judgement will be reserved until August. If we invest the money and move the squad forward then great, if not I think its clear we’ll never move forward under Ashley.

    Something tells me we won’t see much of it!

    Having said that, you cannot say you weren’t warned…

  186. so really the moral to this story if a player comes out saying that they love the club and want to stay till the end of their career then it really means its a come and get me plea

  187. Ya muppets, ofcourse he was pushed and we wont see a penny of the money as usual. Carroll could have refused to go, Pardew could resign, Ashley could sell up but no nothing will happen and thousands will turn up every game to continue lining the fat man’s pockets.

  188. AndyMac

    Like I said, 35mil was an offer that couldn’t be refused by the club.
    But the transfer COULD hav been refused by Carroll…

    You have made it look like Carroll had no choice in the matter…

  189. Let’s take this son of a bitch down. Let Smith and Barton play and take this JUDAS out!!!

    Times like these, I can see why roughnecks are good to have in the team. I will always hate Carroll, and I mean it… From the bottom of my heart and soul.

    You f***er!!!

  190. You NUFC supporters are saying AC should not of put in a transfer request how do you no he did it is only the word of your club we were told torres had put in a writen request but it turns out it was a phone call as he was on his way back to spain so dont believe all you hear these people will do anything to deflect the blame away from them selves its all about the money end of !

  191. its pointless whinging .carrolls gone n ashleys lined his pockets .i went all over following the mags for 20yrs but now i watch blyth spartans coz they appreciate my 10qd entry more than nufc appreciate 25qd from the toon army .if 30000 stopped going then ashley might stop taking the piss out of yous .he gets f**k all off me .

  192. look at the end of the dat ANDY SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE ON HIS LIVERPOOL CONTRACT NOT ASHLEY so every 1 do use a favor an shut the f**k up about ur conspiracy theories and you blame game its getting old.

    if ur wanna point a finger, point ur finger at kenny daglish his late interest is the reason we got no replacement simple as.

  193. Food for thought.

    If Andy Carroll wasn’t pushed out, why did Newcastle fly him to Liverpool?


    Would you have flown him in your chopper if you wanted him to stay or would you have said, you wanna f*** off, then make your own way to Liverpool, sonny?