Will Gosling be a great player for Newcastle United? [poll].

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Dan Gosling: Ready for action at last!
Dan Gosling: Ready for action at last!
As most of you are no doubt aware, midfielder, Dan Gosling, was signed by prevous manager, Chris Hughton on a free when his contract lapsed at Everton. This was despite him carrying a fairly serious anterior cruciate injury, which he picked up after been flattened by Wolves goalkeeper, Marcus Hahnemann, in an Everton game with Wolves. This was always going to keep him out for several months, and he is still to make his Magpies debut. With the latest news coming in that the young star is finally ready for action, with current manager, Alan Pardew, arranging a special training game against Colin Calderwood’s Hibernian, I will take a look at Gosling, and what he brings to Newcastle United as a player.

Playing style.

I suppose that primarily, Gosling is what would usually be described nowadays as a classic “box to box” midfielder, ie a dynamic midfielder who can operate in many areas of the pitch, combining both attacking and defensive qualities as needs must, and not a million miles away from existing Newcastle players such as captain, Kevin Nolan, and Joey Barton. He is also what could be described as a “versatile” player too, who can play both on the right, in the centre, and also in defence at right back. He is also a player of some talent who has been sought by major clubs in the past, has played with England Under 21s and is still only twenty years old.

When he signed for Newcastle United, Chris Hughton described him thus:

“We are delighted to have signed Dan. He’s the right age and the profile that he has is what makes it such an appealing capture for us,”

“He’s young, but has Premier League experience and he’s someone who can continue to develop his game.

“We see him as a high-energy player and a player that can play from box to box, but he’s also a young player with experience, so he won’t be phased by what is ahead of him.”


Despite the recent serious injury which Gosling seems to have recovered from, he has little significant history in this department, with only one other, more minor injury in his career.

But what do you think? Do you think that Dan Gosling will be a great addition to the Newcastle United squad? Please vote in our poll and/or let us know what you think in the comments section.

Gosling’s most famous goal so far, scored almost at the end of extra time against Liverpool in an F.A. Cup Merseyside Derby.

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43 Responses

  1. of cause he wil , hes very talented! larsson has just made an assist then got kickd in the nuts! wots happening with him cumn 2 newc? r we stil talkn 2 his agent?? pardwho man get ya fekn finger out!

  2. Quick feet, young and has some pace. If he can pass the ball as well as he finishes I’ll be delighted. I haven’t seen much of this guy but he does look promising.

  3. Don’t think he will have a big impact tbh. Good to have in te squad however, hopefully will come good in the long term.

  4. WORKY saw v.little of him doesnt seem to have a lot of pace,but reading your thread, box to box ect,could we say maybe bit like scott parker?

  5. Shitzu says:
    January 11, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    “Ben Arfa, Gosling, Larsson all for around 6 million.

    That’s good business!”

    Ben Arfa, Gosling and Tiote for under 9 million certainly is. Not quite so sure about Larsson though, Shitzu. He’s a bit Ryan Taylor.

  6. He’s not the quickest, but he offers a lot more than Raylor. Tbh I’d rather someone who can deliver a ball from deep rather than a lightweight speedy lad with no product from byline.

  7. the formatting on the age has knacked up for me. anyone else having this problem or should i just bin my computer?

  8. Shitzu says:
    January 11, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    “He’s not the quickest, but he offers a lot more than Raylor.”

    Aye, I do agree, Shitzu, but the same sort of general idea. Good shot, good set pieces etc, but lacking in some other areas.

  9. icedog says:
    January 11, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    “WORKY saw v.little of him doesnt seem to have a lot of pace,but reading your thread, box to box ect,could we say maybe bit like scott parker?”

    I’ve seen him, and I’ve seen him do some nice stuff, but I’m no great expert on him. After all, he didn’t even play of Everton all that much because although Moyes likes his bairns, he develops them quite slowly.

  10. WORKY from last thread did i see 1902 footage,do you really think i would miss that.

    no=bloody way i troll the net looking for owt like that :)

  11. Hmmm I think hes a decent player, nothing special from waht I’ve seen.

    Guthrie is a decent player when he plays with Barton because he hasnt got to lead the teams passing, so as long as Gosling has a playmaker next to him then he’ll be decent for us.

    But hes 20, and was free so anything he gives is a bonus really.

  12. icedog says:
    January 11, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    “no=bloody way i troll the net looking for owt like that”

    I’d like to see some good footage of Shepherd in action (Albert, not Freddy!). He was a few years after that one though as you probably know.

  13. Dan Gosling can hopefully provide some quality to the front players. At present thats were the Toon lack the most.Given a little time he can be a very good player for the Toon.
    Here,s hoping anyway

  14. Me mate is a blue an he said he’s slow an shite. He’s not a bitter blue either. But sprinters get quicker don’t they an he only 20

  15. Stephen Ireland was in the cluny tonight watching a gig. Wonder if he’s talking to us or Sunderland or just there for the gig.

  16. bet someone on some other blog will make a deluded comment like gosling will be our next messi again ;)

  17. No way of knowing how he’ll turn out judging from recent signings. I’m sure Ashely is well aware of the need to do just enough business to keep us going until the new financial rules kick in and daft wages and fees are finally on their way out.
    Not sure how we. An sustain Gosling, Guthrie, Vukic, Barton and still have room for bairns coming through all for the same starting berth though.

  18. im sick of keep lukn on ssn for newcastle to buy sum1!! is pardue even lukn at any1?? 1minute we are speaking to larsson then hes playing for birmingham last nyt!! haway man lads wots gan on??

  19. calm down Army69 and others. You know how these things work and that if a good deal is there it’ll happen. But if, as will often be the case, the plaher (or agent, or seller) is taking the piss then Ashley will show them the door. Its a big part of why we have the right attitude in the dressing room now. Sort of an ‘arsehole filter’.

  20. Haven’t a clue, but I would suggest that we don’t get on his back if he aint performing like a Beckenbaur straight off. We have a few youngish players who will only show they are any good after a few full games, Guthrie? I thought he did ok the last time he got a proper run out.

    Army69 welcome to the world of the transfer season its always chaotic at the Toon, don’t be surprised if there is nowt definate till the last few minutes of the window.

  21. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 12, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    “We’ve already signed HBA like, doesn’t that count?”

    It’s “transfer window fever”, Clint. You know it always spreads like wildfire. ;-)

  22. batty says:
    January 11, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    “worky how come you let people use other peoples nicks ?”

    batty, I just can’t win at the moment.

  23. The kid is only 20, how is anyone to know how good he may turn out to be?

    At the moment, one could hope he could come in for the next three games and do half the job Tiote does.

  24. CLiNT, thats a yes and no to your question, we already had him at the Toon just a question of dotting the i’s in his case. Not a total new signing though.

    You could almost classify Gosling as a newby now we can play him.

  25. Any Queensland Toon fans on the blog, I can’t believe the sh!t you are getting at present. We thought we had some bad weather with the snow but it pales into significance compared to what you are getting.
    Good luck and lets hope the situation improves quickly.

  26. Grumpy,
    aye mate, i know what y’saying, but still, he’s wor’s now & he wasn’t ’til now, as he was still on loan.
    He’ll feel like a new signing when he gets back playing, won’t he.
    We ain’t seen the best of him yet, i, for one, can’t wait.