Would Sebastian Larsson be a good signing for Newcastle? [poll and videos].

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Larsson: A good move for Newcastle United?
Larsson: A good move for Newcastle United?
Birmingham City manager, Alex McLeish, has confirmed that Newcastle have been given permission to enter into talks with Sebastian Larsson, saying:

“We gave his advisor permission to speak to Newcastle,”

On the possible reason for this he added:

“We came to a kind of impasse [over a new contract]. I know Seb would like to stay so we’ll just have to see.”

It has been reported that the midfielder is currently receiving around £10,000 per week at Birmingham.

The 25 year old Swedish international is a versatile right winger who has also covered both full back positions in the past. If successful, it has also been reported that Birmingham City would be looking at a fee of around £1 million for the player. However, it has also been reported that the player is also looking at other options for a move, with reported interest from Steve Bruce at Sunderland, and possibly others. In his Birmingham career, he has scored a total of 22 goals in 154 appearances.

Meanwhile, McLeish has been pursuing a loan replacement in the shape of ‘Spurs winger, David Bentley, who was also once the subject of Newcastle transfer speculation. Bentley is undergoing a medical at Birmingham today and if successful, it is expected that he will sign a 6 month loan deal for the Midlands club.

In the light of confirmed interest in the midfielder, do you think that Larsson would be a good addition to the Newcastle squad?

As mentioned earlier, he is a versatile player who can fill on either side at full back, and is well known as a free kick specialist and superb striker of the ball, having scored several goals in this manner in the past.

What do you think? If you think that Larsson would be a useful addition to our squad, or not as the case may be, please let us know via the comments and vote in our poll at the bottom of this piece.

To help you decide, below are some videos of the Scandinavian maestro in action.

A superb solo effort against Sheffield Wednesday.

A real screamer against Tottenham.

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153 Responses

  1. Hope we sign him! He is cheap and has skills:) He can score many goals on freekick and he is can do assists like a top player! Would be great that Gutierrez get some fight to play at the right when Ben Arfa is back:)!

  2. He would improve the squad and give us the option to move Joey inside where he can dictate the play.
    Good value for the money and at an age where he has a lot of experience at the highest level. Go for it.

  3. Can play both full back positions and take a free kick . Thats exactly what Wigan told us when we signed R Taylor , got a feeling that Seb is a better player though .

  4. No doubt he is quite a talent, but lets not ahead of ourseles here. He had quite a successlull stint at the bluenoses under Steve Bruce and knowing that 5under1and are chasing him as well might just sway him in their favour.

  5. Axel…Raylor can, he just can’t run or defend tho ;-)

    As batty says, he’s better than some we have, therefore must improve the squad. :-)

  6. I think he’s a great signing even though I don’t think he will get into our starting 11 when everyone is fit, if everyone was fit I think we would struggle to improve our starting midfield on a limited budget.

    The problem we’ve got now is once Barton is out (and lets be honest he’s been injury prone since he’s been here) we don’t have anyone in the team that is capable of the crosses and dead balls that our strikers rely on.

    Larsson will fill that gap for not a lot of money.

  7. mossa says:
    January 10, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    “As an aside interesting how Pardew has slagged Krul off.”

    He shouldn’t really have done that in public IMO, mossa. He should have given him a bollocking in the dressing room and kept it behind closed doors.

  8. Looks like Routledge will move further down the pecking order, if Larsson is a right winger.

    Was a story recently linking Wayne with a move to Liverpool. Wonder if there’s anything to that ?

  9. At his age Worky it will do Krul`s confidence no good. He is bound to make mistakes at his age and i think he has`nt let us down on the whole when he has played. Could do with some kicking practise.

  10. worky @9… I don’t think he should get bollocked fullstop, it’s a part of his game that is weak and should be worked on in training and defo not mentioned in public. The next game Krul plays now,the opposition will chase every back pass down to put him under pressure. :-(

  11. I’m not sure about Larsson. He works hard and delivers great set pieces but he has not got the pace for the premiership and is not a true winger in terms of beating men and getting into the box or to the by line. This is why wegner let him go from arsenal and I suspect why mcleish is not working too hard to re-sign him at birmingham.

  12. I think he will be decent. 1m is not a lot, he’s only on 10k at brum so say 15k with us. Low fee and wages, better than the hopeless Wayne Routledge, good squad player. When Ben Arfa is back I’d expect us to play him, Gutierrez, Tiote and Barton so can see him being a squad player next season, but will do for now. Need a striker in next, Keane?

  13. He’s a decent player. His set pieces will help Carroll score more goals. But let’s not get too carried away. He only scored 2 goals 24 games last season. I don’t think he’ll improve us as much as someone like Bentley or Zaini would have.

  14. Lads and lasses, I have just updated this blog a little bit with some further information, ie a quote from McLeish revealing why he probably wants a move in the first place (can’t agree new contract terms) and I’ve looked up his scoring record for Birmingham.

  15. Blues fan here.
    Seb used to be a fan’s favourite. Always put in 100%.
    He seems to have lost his way over the last 3 years.

    Very defensive minded for a winger (but that may have been McLeish or Bruce’s influence).

    Fantastic delivery from a standing cross / freekick.

    But I don’t think he’s got past a defender since that goal above v Sheff Wed about 4 years ago.

    No pace for a winger, not really a full back (OK as backup).

    He will run all day and give great support to the fullback behind.

    Put it this way, if we get Bentley in as a replacement I will be very pleased.

    However, we have no pace in our team apart from Jerome.

    Seb may suit a team with pace elsewhere on the pitch. He would put in some awesome crosses for the likes of Carrol. Just dont expexct him to get to the byeline first.

  16. While I like Seb, I’m really mystified about what has happened to Guthrie. He went from a composed midfielder with pin point passing to a loose cannon kicking the ball anywhere but on target. Has he been intimidated by an in form Barton, or is he hurt and not telling anyone? Or is he suddenly over his head in this squad?

  17. He’ only on £10k with Birmingham as he never agreed a new contract. He’s had much imprved offers on the table for quite a few years. I’m sure he would be on far more than that on new terms.

    The 2 goals above are almost the only 2 you could find from open play apart from quite a number of great free kicks from years gone by – not too many recently.

  18. Bluenose says:
    January 10, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Thanks alot for that, bluenose, a very good breakdown.

    Good luck to B.C. too (unless it’s against us of course!)

  19. I’ve heard he might still agree a new contract with Brum so let’s not get too carried away. We know what Ashley is like with regards to wages.

  20. Cheers Bluenose…we have a winger who has pace and gets past people but can’t put a decent ball in, unless it’s against a league 2 side in which case he can’t do any of the above. ;-)

  21. Bluenose, I read in a couple of places that he’s currently on around £10,000 per week, but you have inspired me to include that in the story as well. Thanks once again for that.

  22. Good to see some fans of other clubs with some valid points & without the usual bravado. Ta lads, All the best.
    But not v us.

  23. Offers of new contracts have been on the table for Seb for years. I don’t see why he would sign now.

    tbh I think a change would do him good.

    When the inevitable happens and he scores a 30 yard free kick against us, I would expect him not to celebrate (too much). He seems like a really good guy.

  24. Good to see you back on here, Clint!

    I’m definitely in the undecided camp re Larsson. He does have a hell of a shot and has produced some great set pieces. But I think that the Blues fans are right about his pace.

  25. blues fan here. ill be glad to see him go for 3 years now ive not seen him at his best OK at set pieces for Carrol to get on the end off. but he has no pace no skill does not get to the buy line to whip crosses in. he will run all day to help the defence out. but if you are after a exciting midfield player with skill and pace he is not it. but you never no a new club might do him good and show the form when he first joined us

  26. dare says:
    January 10, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    “blues fan here. ill be glad to see him go for 3 years now ive not seen him at his best OK at set pieces for Carrol to get on the end off. but he has no pace no skill”

    Sounds a bit like you’re describing Ryan Taylor from our lot, dare.

  27. (I obviously don’t actually know that he’s on £10k per week. I took your figure, but I beleive that its around that, and certainly lower than you would expect for a prem player with his experience.)

  28. Nobby didnt have any pace but put crosses in for Shearer, If we get seb and he does the same for caroll with the same frequency, we will do ok.

  29. worky.
    cheers mate, just been up to me neck with hospital apps. & stuff. I noticed you asking if i’d sloped off the other day, na mate, not for me, this is the place for good craic mate.
    & after the debacle at the w/end, i had nowt to say really, embearressing, wasn’t it?
    Brum fans seem a decent bunch, nice one lads/lasses.
    I’m of the same opinion of you & the brummies. Seems like a good, & hard working player, but lacks pace. Solid squad player though.

  30. Solano had skills & tricks to burn though.
    & he did have a bit pace early on in his time here.
    Inca/Geordie legend.

  31. You can’t compare Larsson with Solano. Larsson will never have the kind of guile, technique and vision Solano had.

  32. richietoon says:
    January 10, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    “worky @9… I don’t think he should get bollocked fullstop, it’s a part of his game that is weak and should be worked on in training and defo not mentioned in public.”

    It could also be bad for his confidence, considering he’s a very young goalkeeper who’s at a sensitive stage in his career, ie just breaking through into the first team. It’s a bit odd for a manager who likes to pride himself on being a psychological “Mr. Motivator” like Jose Mourinho to trash his own players in public like that.

  33. dare says:

    “blues fan here. ill be glad to see him go for 3 years now ive not seen him at his best OK at set pieces for Carrol to get on the end off. but he has no pace no skill”

    workyticket says:

    “Sounds a bit like you’re describing Ryan Taylor from our lot, dare”

    Funnily enough that’s what I thought when I heard about Larsson. IMO he’s Ryan Taylor Mark 2. Scored a couple of decent goals in his time but fails to deliver in his role as a wide man on a a regular basis and has no pace ???? Just what we’re not looking for :(

    Thanks Brum but keep him and we’ll take Johnson on loan for the rest of the season

  34. I reckon AP is just ‘saying’, Harper is our no.1.
    Bit of a ham-fisted way of doing it though.
    He’s right for me like.
    Krul has done well really, but Harper breeds more confidence & lets fewer in.
    Krul will have learned a lot. He’ll be better when he gets his next chance.

  35. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 10, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    “Solano had skills & tricks to burn though.”

    Even Maradona called him “The Little Maestro” when they played together. No prizes for guessing who Maradona thought of as “The Big Maestro” though. :-)

  36. Ar,nt we always putting just a bit too much preasure on our centre forwards at Newcastle. We have always had this iconic CF at the toon and he,s always under so much of a strain to produce. It,s good that we have had a No 9 capable of doing the biz and it,s great to watch. My point is though, cast your minds back to Milburn, Wyn the Leap, Supermac Ferdinand, and Shearer and apart from perhaps John Tudor, whenever the No 9 is either out of form or injured, we have struggled to keep the engine running. Yes it would be good to have more better crossers of the ball, but I think it,s time we got a more rounded team ethic instead of always trying to build around one player. Most of the better teams have a squad of players who are all capable of providing this. As far as I can see, and it,s always been a beef of mine, that we should get away fro this one man team mentality. Love to hear any comments.HWTL.

  37. workyticket i agree mate we tried to sign Ryan Taylor some time back. i just hope he joins you like he did us he was more of a threat then. and i heard he was only on about 10 k but have now offered him about 25k but i think Carrol will defo get goals from is crosses i just think he needs a new challenge

  38. Poiriestreet,
    aye mate, i agree fully.
    That’s why we need a ‘front stick’ attacker.
    Small, nippy, bit skill, a foil if you will.

  39. I disagree with some of you guys in part. I can’t say I would be “happy” to see him go. (But I would be glad to see Bentley replace him).

    Yes, he has no pace, but he has a knack for getting his crosses in from deep, and dropping them in the middle of the area, similar to Beckham.

    You wont find a better crosser of the ball from a standing start than Seb.

    If we had someone like Carrol who attacks the ball in the air, Seb would have had loads of assists to his name.

    If the Toon fans are patient, he could do well. If they are expecting “early” Nobby Solano, they will be disapointed.

  40. CLINT@44 agree 100%,a younger r.keane type,but where do we get one with toon budget?owr the water somewhere hopfully

  41. Bluenose,
    na mate, seb is nowt like Solano is the point i was making, not the other way round.

  42. ice,
    alreet marra.
    Aye, across the watta, there’s a dearth of top players to buy in this league atm, imv.
    It’s just a recycling exercise really.
    Like one of the brummies said, maybe some players will be ‘freshened up’ with a move. bentley & larsson for eg.

  43. richie,
    Aye Imre & his brother ‘Olly’.
    Did some great work for this club, & scored some great goals. Bit of a forgotten hero really.

    Imre Varadi, we salute you.

  44. Cant remember where i read it but a Birmingham fan had said he has one good game every six matches and is very money driven. Although from what ive seen of him he looks like a good player.

  45. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 10, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    “I see S Clarke went to liverpoo then.”

    As a no2, when he said he didn’t take the Newcastle position because he was looking for a full management post.

  46. Clint…..think I’ve mentioned before but my uncle was in Portugal watching some youth tournament and had his toon top on and Imre was there and came over to talk to him, he was involved wi one of the teams there.

    10 chances one goal but he always was in the reet place for the chance to happen :-)

  47. richie,
    he scored a ton of goals one year. & back in the day, it was always his name on the score sheet, old div 2.
    Wasn’t he of Magyar extraction?

  48. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 10, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    aye mate, that’s what i was thinking.”

    Clint, I remember thinking at the time that the correct interpretation of that should have been “I’m not touching Ashley and Llambias with a bargepole, especially for £6 an hour!”

  49. Clint…aye, he was almost a goal every 2 games lad….most of the time playing in a p!ss poor team, remember reading at the time that he was in tears when they sold him.Aye he was a southerner but wi Hungarian family I think.

  50. worky,
    you’re probably right there mate.

    That sucks!
    Why did we sell him? I remember thinking: ‘Eh?’ He was our best striker at the time.
    Well we remember him fondly mate.
    Great attitude on the lad & honorary Geordie in my mind.

  51. Birmingham city fan here. Would be good signing for newcastle. but he has no pace at all. i dont think the stat of 23 goals is correct either as he has got about 2 this season and didnt score for 12 months before that! he can whip in a great ball at times but its all about the consistancey with Seb which is why he has never been a £10m man. He has been good for us since he signed but dont think that he will single handedly be the answer for newcastle. he might be 20% better than your current crop at best so dot expect mirracles. happy we are getting Bently to replace him and wish him the best if he does sign for you guys, Keep right on & shit on the villa!!

  52. laters Clint, I’m away myself for a bout of fitness, excesses of Madrid to get rid of :-(

  53. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    “Why did we sell him? I remember thinking: ‘Eh?’ He was our best striker at the time.”

    Clint, are you old enough to remember when we sold Supermac, and his sideburns, to Arsenal? Probably not.

    Reet, I’m definitely getting some scran now!

  54. worky,
    aye, just about. My first game was 3-2 v leeds as a bairn.
    Later mate, enjoy!

  55. Would he be a good signing ?
    Compared to who ? Would rather have a young Nobby or a Messi, even a Seamus Coleman, but yeah, the guy gets his goals, can track back and has a pretty educated right foot and is versatile.
    Better than what we have and a side cant have enough quality players.
    For one million, a steal !

  56. Andrew says:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    “i dont think the stat of 23 goals is correct either”

    Andrew, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I double checked very closely, and it WAS one out. It was 22 in 154 apppearences including his time on loan there and including cup appearences.

  57. Brum get Bentley because they can guarantee 1st team position then we will sign their squad player who can add more option for us. Fair enough.

    I still think we should go for Connor Whickham on this transfer windows before he get more attraction from elsewhere. He’s hot prospect but maybe I’m wrong to judge him now. U21Eng striker who we interested last season then he went to Wigan ? I can’t remember even his name.

    However hopefully we can appeal about Cheik red card.

  58. We’ve been linked with Youssef El-Arabi from Caen today as well. I think he’d be an excellent signing. He plays on the right wing and is top scorer in League 1 in france this season.

    He’s really skillful. Here’s a clip;

  59. Think there`s more to the Steve Clark move than meets the eye.
    I have often reccomended him as an good coach and possible manager, believing that those who have learned their trade as coaches have a better understanding of the tacticle side of the game.
    The rest is getting the players heads straight, often not an easy task.
    Perhaps Dalglish feels he`s been out of the game too long and needs someone to do the tactical stuff, then again perhaps he will give Clark his big opportunity and make him the manager, either way not a bad move IMO.
    It had to have been more than just an offer of a coaching job.
    Unless of course the owners are looking for a “big name”
    manager, like Ashley was, hmmm !

  60. pearceet says:


    Generously Newcastle has also granted him permission to appear for Town in the FA Cup and the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy during his stay :)

  61. what are footballers made of that you can,t say anything about them in public , the public pay there wages so they should grow up and try to better there selfs

  62. Chuck says:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    “Hey i can be whoever, if Chucles does it for you, no problem.”

    I was joking, welcome back “Chuck”.

    That last comment made you sound a bit like a call girl though, which is disturbing. :-)

  63. I´m Swedish and from Eskilstuna (Sebs home town)i know that Seb going to be first team player… top 3 in swedish fotboll.

  64. Evening all. I watched the Brum v wolves match a few weeks ago and SL was utter tripe, I’m sorry to say. Poor crossing and free kicks and crap on the ball. Didn’t impress me in the slightest.
    Of course Brum will say they still want him, you wouldn’t expect them to say he’s crap and glad to see him go would you.
    Maybe a change of club is what he needs to spark him off again.
    TBH i wouldn’t be very happy stuck at Birmingham either, would you?

  65. Comparing him with R Taylor is fair enough, what do you expect for a million quid in today’s age of scandalous prices?
    I would prefer someone with no pace who can provide an assist now and again rather than a little whippet who can chase the ball then pass it to the opposite flag!

  66. workyticket says:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:06 pm
    “Why did we sell him? I remember thinking: ‘Eh?’ He was our best striker at the time.”

    Remember there being rumours at the time that there was some bother wi Keegan maybe bollox tho.
    I know he refused to leave the first 1 or 2 times they tried to sell him but eventually went cos he knew they’d make life hard for him.

  67. If he can cross a ball he’s in. Just a shame that Hodgson got the bullet before he gifted us £8million for Routledge. Good pace, awful crossing!!!

    By the way…got a chant for the shite on sunday…to the tune of winter wonderland….

    You’re just a Sad Mackem Bastard,
    Sad Mackem Bastard.
    Walking along, Singing a song,
    Winning 5-1 over Sun-der-land!!!

  68. richietoon says:
    January 10, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    workyticket says:
    January 10, 2011 at 8:06 pm
    “Why did we sell him? I remember thinking: ‘Eh?’ He was our best striker at the time.”

    I think that one was Clint’s, Richie.

    Anyway, happy memories, Imre Varadi, Terry Mac et al…

  69. I think we can offer him better than 10gs a week and he will be the left handed player we need to challange Gutti when he is having an off day…which he has often. I can see him being a very good impact sub and I can see him bagging some goals if he is putting goals into Carroll.

  70. Worky was he not sold as a certain Peter Beardsley was signing?
    Bit sketchey now as time passes, but it is nagging away that was one of the reasons. I can also remember he did not want to leave!

  71. tom tomb says:
    January 10, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    “Bit sketchey now as time passes”

    Me too, tom! I’ll always remember the first time I saw Pedro though. I also remember that Varadi had more clubs than I’ve had hot dinners.

  72. I’ll always remember the first time I saw Pedro though

    When was that then worky?

  73. Beardsleys Boots says:
    January 10, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    “When was that then worky?”

    Man City at SJP, whay-aye 5-0, Pedro with a hat-trick I seem to recall. What an artist!

  74. worky,
    ta for that clip, i got sucked into watching Pedro clips for the last hour…What a player!

  75. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 10, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    ta for that clip”

    Clint, I’m just watching QPR 5 Newcastle United 5 ATM, Clint. Vintage Jackie Charlton. Hoof the ball to Waddle or Pedro.

  76. Dang those buggers at ESPN know how to pick a televised tie whereas ITV do the usual stuff and we get 90 minutes of nothing at OT :(

  77. worky :)
    I stopped at the 5-5 game, it still gets me goat.
    Are ya’ waiting for something to cook(incinerate) or what?
    Get y’dinner mate.
    Doesn’t Mrs Ticket deliver it on a silver platter?

  78. Worky@89…oops aye it was Clint

    Tom…aye it was probably just cos of Pedro coming in but cos it was so controverial at the time, a rumour had to be created ;-)

  79. Is that serious from villa?
    Barton for reo-coker?
    They must be having a giraffe.

  80. richie,
    the press have us down as Newcastle ‘controversy’ United.
    They will never see passed that.
    Even if we won the league 5 times straight.

  81. How different it might have been if we’d got that first one with kk back when?
    Maybe in a parallel universe, out there somewhere?

  82. worky,
    wow mate, amazing!

    No squad no.s back then hey?
    Bet those balls made a hole if they hit ya’?

  83. The link to the telegraph report won’t paste, but they reckon that tit who punched out the stevenage player has handed himself in.
    He’s from stevenage btw.
    So who does he ‘support’?

  84. look lads, we are never gonna get back to where our beloved club belongs (champions league) bull shiteing around like this. seb is a solid player but no better then who we have. the way jonas and enrique link up on the left flank (2 years playing together) you cant throw that away plus i think jonas is hands down a better player. can the lad even play on the right flank? if he can hes not gonna replace joey barton and joey isnt going back to the middle cuz of king kev nolan and “chief” tiote!! good squad player for a bargain buy but lets be real, hes not gonna be in the starting 11 and hes not gonna push us into a europa league spot. if a winger was a priority which it should be get serious and get a good young player like clint dempsey. great passer, great deliveries into the box, can score with either foot, versitile can play either wing, in the middle or as an out right striker who could be deadly with big andy drawing so much heat. i mean thats a good pick up right there, prob could get him for 5 mil and thats a bargain to cuz his best years are ahead of him and what about jozy altidore from villareal, didnt get many goals with hull cuz the team sucked but he always created havoc, with decent service would be great and only 20 years old with an international pedagree already proven on the world stage….shite i hate ashley!!!!

  85. altidore we could get for 5 mil as well. sale raylor, xisco, and cambell and you just covered the ten mil for dempsey and altidore. not to mention the millions if not hundreds of millions you would generate in fan support in yankland where im from (usa) i know yall think im biased by saying get these yanks but tell me you wouldnt want them if we had the loot, dempsey carried fulham last season and to the europa league final!!!!!!

  86. So Kadar has gone to Huddersfield on a months emergency loan. If thats why he didn’t play in the cup it makes sense. Huddersfield are away to either Leeds or Arsenal at the end of the month so that is some incentive for him to get in their squad and show what he can do. This is a smart move IMO he’s now 20 and not getting enough first-team games at wor place. He’s a full international and needs games to bring him on. Hopefully if he gets a good run at LB he will stop drifting inside too much and be better cover for us when he comes back.

  87. Howard Webb is reported to be the ref on Sunday, no tackles allowed and plenty of dodgy pens then

  88. a good squad player I’d say, plenty of experience considering he is only 25 and £1m fits into Fat Mike’s “spending” policy

  89. Marnin’ smegs. Feeling a bit underwhelmed about Larsson, but I was about lots of other players like Tiote, so who knows? Bit worried about the posts above saying he’s got no pace. If we need someone who’s good at crosses and dead balls but not that quick, we’ve already got Raylor – and he’s got a killer throw-in too.
    I’m just hoping that Larsson is one of those players that’s lost his way for some reason and will respond to things at NUFC and regain his form with us.

  90. Anyone know the timing regarding Tiote? If my understanding is correct, then if the appeal isn’t until next week, that means we can play him. Against the mackems I think he could be vital; hate to say it, but they’re no slouches this year and they’ll be out for blood. (And brains. And chicken nuggets.)

  91. Whumpie…no mate, the appeal has to be lodged within a couple of days and a decision is reached before the clubs next scheduled game.

  92. Is anyone else having trouble reaching the home page of this site since the server switch? I get a default page, and flushing the DNS as suggested doesn’t do the trick.

  93. On a brighter note, I see Gosling’s getting a run-out in a training game this week. Need reinforcements!

  94. Larsson sounds like he would improve our team, if he can deliver Beckham type crosses into the box from open play Carroll will absolutely feed of those all day long. Sounds like he could take our set pieces ect but could be good enough to play aswell unlike R Taylor. Sounds like he tracks backs and works hard and Simpson is about the crappiest defender I have ever seen for a RB so that would come in handy. We could have pace and flair on the left with Enrique and Benny so it wouldn’t matter so much if Larsson didn’t. Lets be honest Barton, Nolan, Gosling, Best, Carroll, Shola non of them have much pace. Only Routledge and he hasn’t the end product of Larsson.

  95. I think sign him if he can cross a decent ball into the box – unlike routledge then imagine the damage carroll can do with his prowess in the air ! We need him agianst the great unwashed on Sunday !

  96. Tbh I think he maybe just needs a change of scenery. When he first went to Brum he was absolute class and they rated him really highly.

  97. DJG: A bit harsh on Simpson, I think. He’s not the finished article yet, but he’s put in some good shifts for us. Looks a bit 2nd-rate next to Jose, but then he cost a tenth as much, and he’s still improving.

  98. Anyone know if Larsson was ever quick? I was hoping we’d find someone with the pace and the crossing… but he’s going to Birmingham, the pillock.

  99. Who Bentley? He was never very quick either was he? Struck me as David Beckham mark 2. Right down to similar name and cockney.

  100. you might be right DJG; can’t claim to remember that much about him.

    Here’s a mad idea: get Routledge to “do a Beckham” and stay behind for an hour after every training session to practice crossing…

  101. “Against the mackems I think he could be vital; hate to say it, but they’re no slouches this year and they’ll be out for blood. (And brains. And chicken nuggets.)”

    they having a Gregg’s amnesty on derby day like? lol

  102. Don’t really matter what we think even if Pardue did read the blog/s.
    But for what it’s worth I’m on the doubters side. If Birmingham, who are currently in the drop zone, aren’t too fussed about keeping him then I can’t see why we would want him. Still you never know looks like he is coming anyway, so hopefully he can do a good job for us.
    Be nice to see Routledge getting some good supply and support on the right to show what he can do. I still expect him to make the doubters eat their words.
    Same as I said when AC was getting loads of dissing.

  103. ive got some brummie fan mates and they say hes excellent, much better than bentley might i add.

    id like to see him on the left for us and jonas put on the right, he might be able to cross with his right foot

  104. As for Pardew giving Krul a public roasting, it is poor management skills. Krul has been a little dissappointing though and Harper has been an improvement in goal. I reckon our best and future GK is Forster.

  105. Army69 says:
    January 11, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    “workyticket make something else up 2 talk about on the blog cos this is boring!!”

    I thought that Hugh would be writing one this morning while I got some real work done. One is on it’s way, Army 69.

  106. geordie deb says:
    January 10, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    “Worky (98) – I was at the match at Loftus Road Worky – what a game 5-5”

    Jackie Charlton’s “entertainers”, Deb! He went completely radged after that one.

  107. bigbadbob says:
    January 11, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    “Tiotes appeal has failed and his 3 match ban stands, bollocks.”

    I was just strting a ‘blog about that one, BBB. “Bollocks” indeed, and it’s you know who next so double bollocks!

  108. It’s funny how we’ve got X amount of central midfielders, Tiotes out and I can’t really think of one I would trust with the mackem game.

    It’s gonna have to be Barton and Nolan with two wingers and two upfront I think. Who the wingers and strikers will be depends on who can be fit in time but it’s not ideal. Not an ideal game for Gosling to make his debut and there’s no way I’d want Smith or Guthrie anywhere near.

  109. BBB@146 agree 100% i think smith might have gone this window,but with this tiote ban for three games as it doesnt give young gosling time to get a few games under his belt to cover,think guthrie might go on loan if smith stays imo

  110. He’s a very average player nothing special about him and has no pace at all!..You Gordies are getting a player than can potentually disrupt player harmony with his money grabbing antics..No loyalty whatsoever after we rescued his flagging career stuck in the reserves…good ridence to him thats what I say!!!!!!

  111. Typical Pardew signing. No better than we have. Don’t want.
    I’d rather sign no one than below average cloggers.

  112. The argument, from some sources, that says he’s better than others at the club is not a relevant nor logical answer to the question – Would Seb Larsson be a good signing for the club ?
    There must be 100’s of players better than Routledge or Ryan Taylor capable of playing wide right but whether all of them fit the bill of young, developing and cheap talent is doubtful.

    Larsson’s the wrong age for NUFC. Set in his ways, he’s probably lost his fearlessness to take a man on having played so long for Brum in the BPL where safety is the prime target and maybe he’s reached his playing peak ?

    Which is why he’s no use to NUFC going forward.