A story about a hypothetical football club owner

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A Stonefish
A Stonefish
A fictional story about a man who bought a football club.

Let’s assume you own a football club that you bought rashly, taking on more debt than you anticipated. Let’s also assume that you have some financial acumen and do a half reasonable job of bringing the wayward finances under control, although you make the mistake of thinking you know something about football too and make a few howlers of decisions in that respect during the first few years of club ownership.

Let’s also assume for the sake of agument that you have employed a managing director who seems to have no obvious uses.

Now, let’s assume that you’ve bank-rolled your club a fair bit more than excepected, particularly on the back of a season in the Championship. And let’s finally assume that you have a striker who’s a hot prospect and may just offer you a way to get your money back. The thing is, though, there are a few problems with getting rid of him.

First of all, you have a manager who has some integrity and would not be party to telling blatant lies about wanting to keep players when he knows you actually want to get rid of them. Secondly, the player himself is a local lad – a bit daft, but keen to play for his own club and already becoming something of an icon with the fans (possibly even wearing a revered shirt number of some sort).

Now you need to deal with these problems.

The first thing to do is to get rid of your principled manager in advance of the transfer window, so you sack him and bring in someone who’ll do as he’s told and has no scruples about saying things that aren’t true (such as, just for example, insisting the player in question is most definitely not for sale).

Now you need to make some plans but you also need to preserve your asset who would be better off out of the way anyway. So your send him off to the Middle East or the Arctic or somesuch under the pretence of some injury to keep him out of the picture while you put a few gentle feelers out to see what the market’s like for your asset.

You do have another problem too though – the fans. They don’t trust you and, even though you’re not keen on them, you need to at least make a cursory effort to look as if you’re appeasing them as they do, after all, contribute to your club’s finances on a regular basis.

So what you do is you make it look like you don’t want to sell the player, insisting he’s not for sale and rejecting the initial offers. By a happy coincidence this pushes the price of the player up too. At this point you adjust the gusset of your trousers quite actively in excitement.

Now it’s crunch time though. You get a great offer and you know you’re going to sell, but you still have to try and save a bit of face. The player – as has previously been mentioned – is a bit of a daft lad, so between you and his agent you manage to persuade him to hand in a transfer request, perhaps twisting his arm a bit here and there. You know you can’t actually make the player sign the transfer request but by dangling an extremely good weekly wage in front of him you can appeal to his greed.

Hmm,” the player thinks. “I don’t want to go on principle but that is an awful lot of money and, well, I’m a bit daft so I’ll put in a transfer request like the boss says. I can always say I was forced, which is a bit true anyway.”

So your player hands in a transfer request and you ‘reluctantly sell’. Couldn’t have gone smoother, but you need to finish with a flourish.

You have of course left this all very late in the transfer window so that there’s little time to get anyone else in. That excuse has served you well with the fans before, so you use it again. However, just for a laugh you bid for a player who wouldn’t come to your club, from a club that’s owned by a man who hates your guts and wouldn’t sell to you anyway. Naturally your offer is turned down but, hey, you tried eh?

Pure fiction of course.

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151 Responses

  1. Redknapps comments are quite strange.

    “Every time these clubs sell a player they seem to have to get the player to put in a transfer request to make it look like they did not want to sell him.”

    Is he referring to both us and Sunderland. In my opinion, both incidents are almost identical. A club receives a great offer and a player is faced with a great opportunity, but the move is very controversial. That’s why the club and player work together publicly to ensure the deal goes through with both saving a little bit of face. However, Carroll’s texts going public clearly wasn’t part of the plan. It must be taken into account that the recipient of those texts was a Newcastle fan, so Carroll was always going to portray the situation in a certain light. Overall, there are three parties, two winners and one SHORT TERM loser. I will leave it up to you guys to who is who…

    Also, apparently Carroll wanted to renew his contract after hearing of interest from Liverpool, but the club weren’t willing so he decided it best to leave.

    This, to me, is total bo**ocks from the club. The player and the club have clearly engineered this move, but Carroll has not held his end of the bargain by keeping his trap shut. So now the club has been forced to retaliate. This could get quite ugly me thinks…

  2. Pardew now saying he has MA’s assurances all of the 35m will go on strengthening in the summer…what’s he got…? MA’s word on it?

    …with Carroll, if that’s the loyalty then he can do one. He didn’t have to sign. I know I wouldn’t have left if i had been lucky enough to be in his ( previous ) position.

  3. Could`nt have put it better myself. Whilst the smokescreen of Carroll was going on it took the pressure off what this window was all about strengthening the squad. An already depleted squad was weakened further in numbers with the departures of Routledge, Xisco, and now Carroll. Pardew has been very quiet, what is his take on it? Has he the courage of his convictions? I suggest not this lot are a set of tossers who are not worthy of representing our great club.

  4. I think that is all rubbish Hugh. When in the past has Mike Ashley ever tried to save face with us? He couldnt care less what we think so why would he persuade Andy Carroll to put in a transfer request. Do you not think if he had told him to put in a request he wouldve forseen it ‘getting out’.
    You’re all looking at this through rose tinted glasses, Carroll abandoned us, simple as that, Rooney did the same to Everton so why couldnt it happen here? We thought we had a new Shearer and we were wrong.

    Am i the only one who’s respect for Ashley has actually improved because of this, he stuck to his guns all along and kept rejecting obscene bids. We didnt get a replacement, but we only had a few hours, so i’m glad we didnt end panic and buy cole/crouch/nzog.

  5. Good job it is just fiction eh?

    We’ve been totally railroaded and we still turn on our club, makes me laugh that you all bash on about loyalty….

  6. I am glad they didnt offer him a new contract, I agree with Pardew, you cant renew contracts at will otherwise we’ll have no financial stability.

  7. Nice article Hugh. I’m sure the anti-conspiracy theorists will be on your back, but you speak a lot of sense.

    I just hope Ashley’s ‘assurances’ of ALL the money being re-invested in the Summer come true, but I doubt it.

    I soiled myself when the N’Zogbia news came in. Unbelievable.

  8. Pardew’s statement’s make sense to me! If Carroll wanted a new contract matching what liverpool were offereing what would the likes of nolan, barton, jose, collo etc say about that?

    No one player is bigger than the team. It’s our team spirit which has gotten us where we are this season; not just andy carroll.

    Remember we are four games unbeaten without him at present and we have played very well against sunderland and tottenham during this period; as well as putting 5 past west ham!!!!

    If we can get two or three quality additions in the summer and Ranger keeps progressing then we may have another star on our hands.

    Losing one player for such a vast sum may end up meaning that we keep the likes of jose, tiote, barton, ranger etc…let’s be fair; every team in the PL is a selling club when the right offer comes in.

    Keep the faith lads and lasses; we would have been playing against Fulham without Andy anyway. Our lads always seem to perform when they have their backs against the wall nowadays so let’s look for a big result tomorrow night.

    I’m not A big Ashley fan; but he has done a lot of good for our club (ridding us of a lot of debt, the dead weight, reducing the wage bill, re-signing some of our best players on new deals)…I don’t think nthe finger of blame should be pointed at him here. I think our Andy and his agent have followed the dollar straight out the door!

  9. Agreed antmanbee I think both the club and Carroll have came out of this looking very shady. Carroll says he wants to stay at the club for the rest of his career before hand and then hands in the request because he can get a bigger wage elsewhere. And the club did not have to accept the bid considdering Carroll was on a 5 year contract. We should have ensured we had a replacement before selling as we were under no pressure to sell doing relatively well in the league. This whole situation stinks and the only victim here is the fans again !!!!

  10. I like that the $35 will be put in “over the Summer and then on” that could be 5 or 10 years time. MA needs to recover all of his investment and realize a profit before he invests or sells out. So plan on the departure of any and all upcoming talent and established men with a market. Once MA is on sound financial ground, THEN you will find out what his ambitions are for the club. For now, keep the crying towels handy.

  11. Steve

    Exactly! People need to stop looking at it as either Carroll or MA in the wrong. Both were in the wrong, but both were also in the right. Look at this logically and it’s not hard to see that this COULD POTENTIALLY be a very smart long term move. We will survive this season and spend in the summer, I am very confident of that. Can anybody name me a chairman outside the top 4 that would decline such an offer for an academy player? Of course you can’t. It would have been ludicrous not to accept. However, I do wish Carroll and the club would stop trying to sugar coat their decisions with lies. They should have just been honest and stated that the move was right for both parties for a number of reasons.

  12. Cheers, Steve. Couldn’t get my head round it at first…I suppose I’m gullible in terms of believing AC at all, but don’t believe a word MA says, or any of his stooges anyway. All turned out to be liars?

    As usual, we get the sh*t end of the stick. This has split the fans, everyone turning on each other, some saying it’s good business when no-one knows if we’ll see a penny of that sale reinvested until summer. A lot can happen before then…

  13. Also, those claiming this move makes a mockery of our plan to bring quality through the academy are well off the mark. We have just made 100% profit from a player that cost us zilch and that money will be reinvested if they stay true to their plan. That is basically the same as how Arsenal do things.

  14. This conspiracy theory is all well and good, but what it fails to mention is that everything hinged on Chelsea buying Torres for £50m on the last day of the transfer window.

  15. Steve @ 15 – I have thought all morning about writing a big comment on this, but you have saved me time.
    Brilliant comment mate

  16. tc i think you might find it being the other way round ,we sell carrol too them they sell torres too chelski

  17. The proof of this “tale” Hugo will be how quickly AC plays for the BD’s. Although quite mysteriously the Swedish consultant had been quoted as saying “AC can resume training” with immediate effect.

  18. Aye batty but Chelsea bid for Torres before Liverpuke bid for the lanky streak ‘o piss.

    Unless Ashley had been in cahoots with Liverpool since the beginning of January – holding back “Wor Andy” (wait while I throw up) until someone made a decent offer for Torres???

  19. when it is newcastle..media papers who ever make a big issue out of us..rooney tevez ronaldo bent..put in transfer requests and said didnt wont to play for the club…they are a joke but nobdy said crap…what a great touch rooney has got..what a great pass he has made..end all he doesnt score goals..

  20. SolanosTrumpet is right, Caroll abandoned us for the money.

    Steve Wraith for all intentions were good, Carroll has made a right mug of him. He knew the fans would be upset and he used steveW as a peace advisor.

    Carroll is a c**k, end of..

  21. this football club will never go anywhere under mike ashley,the sale of andy carroll yesterday is not a new phenomona,he has been selling players of any note,since he took over.the thing is whenever a player has been sold,there is always dodgy circumstances behind the sale,that normally culminates with the club blaming it on the player in question.this club is now a feeder club,i mean even if carroll was to be sold,why would we sell to a rival club?.this club is now similar to the situation that we had in the 80’s under mckeag.the club pleads poverty,then sells all players who can move the club forward.we now seem to be nursery for the top four,then again we even sold n’zogbia to wigan,for him to knock a few goals past us.
    mike ashley is a degenerate gambler,who is only in football for days like yesterday,the man lives for games of brinkmanship and thrill seeking.he would have loved that yesterday,liverpool coming back to him with increased bids,sadly in ashleys warped head,this is his idea of success in football,he is only interested in bringing cheap kids through the academy,with the intention of playing them into the shop window.
    18 months later he will sell for the best price he can get.imo this is the only reason he is involved in football,it combines his two loves of gambling and retailing at the same time.this football club is peoples lives,but to this bloke it is a roulette wheel,to get his rocks off.
    makes me wonder whether chris hughton was sacked,and pardew brought in to see this sale go through,as chris wouldn’t of had anything to do with it.pardew has been a**e crawling from day one to the fans,and trying way too hard to ingratiate himself,he now has no credibility whatsoever,i dont see how he will ever come back from that,no one will ever believe a word this bloke says from no one.

  22. Quotes from Carroll on SSN saying he was pushed, he didn’t want to go and the club made it clear they didn’t want him and that they wanted the money. he said they didn’t want him so he went.

    I believe Carroll over Mike and Owl heed after the constant lies they have told since they took over the club.

  23. TROJAN: he has been selling players of any note,since he took over

    he could of sold Barton, Colo, Spiderman, Taylor, last season but didnt, and he also pruchased Simpson, Arfa and tiote so I dont think he’s trying to be the bad man. Not that I argee with MA’s style. I think Carroll wanted out and when a player wants out, youre f**ked…

  24. First of all: humble pie eating going on here. I never thought that deal was more than a PR exercise by two clubs needing to make a point to their fans (“we’ll spend big to be successful” and “we’ll stick to our word and not sell AC” respectively.)

    There’s only one lot who’ve done well with all this AC/Torres malarkey, and that’s the agents. I think both club and player have been very stupid and easily led by some bottom-feeding scumbag agent who’s just made over £5m in an evening.

    I don’t know who to believe, but this is going to go legal. If AC’s texts are true, then it’s constructive dismissal case against NUFC, possible reversal of the deal by the FA, and a libel case against AP. If AP is right, then there’s a libel case the other way.

    Either way, it’s a lose-lose deal all round. Liverpool are unlikely to get £35m worth out of AC. AC has probably worken up and thought, “what have I done?” realising what he’s walked away from. He’ll never be the same player in any other shirt than ours. And the club? Relegation makes £35 look like small change, and we’re only 8 points above. Keep scraping draws like we have, and that’ll disappear pretty quickly.

    I’m sick of all this bullshit and hope it all blows up huge in some way so the truth comes out. Some hope.

  25. For what it’s worth, my best guess is the agent taken advantage of a naive and egostical owner known for making daft on-the-spot decisions, and a rather gullible young player.

    He stoked up the money idea in AC’s head, and made sure it came across as unreasonable to the club, who were already having trouble ignoring the huge bid on the table.

    Stupid bastards all round. I hope the FA investigate, but they’re all sharks, so why bother?

  26. we can dress it up anyway we like,that fat toss pot will not reinvest that money on the playing staff.
    we are a selling club,with no future under ashley,pardew can talk his crap till he’s blue in the face.
    every manager we have had has been lied to,stabbed in the back,now we are supposed to take the word of a known stooge of the so called “COCKNEY MAFIA” total bollox.
    we have had nearly four year of this conmans bull,it’s time we started staying away from st james’,and not give this toerag any money.if we turn up in our droves,he’s only ever going to carry on with what he’s doing.

  27. “Whumpie says:
    February 1, 2011 at 12:13 pm
    For what it’s worth, my best guess is the agent taken advantage of a naive and egostical owner known for making daft on-the-spot decisions, and a rather gullible young player.

    He stoked up the money idea in AC’s head, and made sure it came across as unreasonable to the club, who were already having trouble ignoring the huge bid on the table.

    Stupid bastards all round. I hope the FA investigate, but they’re all sharks, so why bother?”

    My view is something very similar. It’s all very shady. Both parties should have just been honest and said it was the right deal for both parties in the long term.

  28. Don’t mean to be disrespectful to you Hugh De Payen, but I seriously dread reading your articles. They always seem to be extremely biased against Fat Ashley. Sure, even I dislike the guy but you take that into writting your articles. Sorry to say but it clouds the articles and makes reading it like reading some UFO nut write about the US government covering up the aliens.

    Get a grip man. It’s getting tiring reading your dribble and anti Ashley rubbish. Will only stick to articles by Worky, Fernando and others from now on.


  29. AC’s interview on Chronicle

    ANDY Carroll told the Chronicle how he felt he was pushed out of Newcastle United.

    Following his £35m move to Liverpool, the Gateshead-born forward said he wanted to stay on Tyneside.

    Today the striker poured his heart out as the club explained why they “reluctantly” allowed their prized asset to leave when he submitted a written transfer request after they initially rejected bids from Liverpool.

    Carroll said: “I was in talks about a new contract and talking to the gaffer about that.

    “He told me that they are now not going to give me a contract. That was as soon as the offer of £30m came in.

    “So I asked why (I wasn’t getting a new contract) and he said his hands were tied.

    “He said it wasn’t up to him. Then a £35m bid got accepted.

    “And then I was allowed to talk to Liverpool. The owner then made it clear to me that I was not wanted at the club.

    “Saying that his own helicopter is waiting for me to go down to talk to them.

    “So being shown I’m not wanted I said OK I will talk to them. Then suddenly the bid was rejected.

    “And then Derek asked me to hand in a transfer request. So I was pushed into a corner and had no choice.

    “I wasn’t wanted by them and they made it clear they wanted the money.

    “Then I flew down in his (Ashley’s) helicopter. I didn’t want to leave.

    “I’m gutted that I wasn’t wanted at my home team after everything I’ve done and progress I’ve made.

    “I didn’t want to leave at all. Make sure they know I didn’t want to leave.

    “The players, staff and fans were fantastic.”

  30. MA in Shady deal???? What a shocker!!

    He’s been an underhand, opportunist chancer from the get go!!

    Not sure who to believe to be honest, I normally wouldn’t believe a word from the club…..however something doesn’t smell right about Carroll’s “texts” either!

  31. So Liverpool have paid well over the odds for a stupid bullsh1tter with a history of violence.

    Haha!!! Good luck scousers – yee’s are gonna fooking need it!!!

  32. The more I hear, the more I begin to believe Andy Carroll if I’m being honest. As Whumpie said, this stinks of an agent capitalising on the opportunism of our owner and the naivety of the player.

  33. Andy Carroll complaining he was pushed by Fat Ashley and asking the fans to understand????

    Seriously man…what a load of bollocks. Look…for 35mill I would have sold Carroll if I was boss. And used that money to strengthen the squad in the summer. Carroll wanted to go…if not he would still be a Newcastle player. That’s the bottom line. If he didn’t want to go he wouldn’t have. Just like how Bent moved when the club didnt want him to leave, Carroll could have stayed.

    Does anyone think Man Utd didnt make a bid for Shearer??? They made 2 bids if i got my history right. And Shepard Accepted the bids…..it was Shearer who turned them down. So it all comes down to what the player wants.

    We will never be able to keep our best players until we start to compete in the top 4 again. That’s all there is to it. Vicious cycle that is.

    Well….window is closed and circus is done for now. Time to get back to supporting my club tomorrow.

    Howay the lads (those still here anyway)

  34. I’d love to hear AC explain exactly how he was “forced” to leave.

    And how exactly he came to the conclusion he was “not wanted”.

    The fans certainly wanted him there, they players did too by all accounts, and so did the manager and the backroom staff.

    So what if Fat Ash wanted to cash in his chips?? Carroll had a full 5 year contract worth around £8m – what was fatty gonna dee – cancel it?

    Pull the other one you lanky streak o piss and divint bother showing your ugly mug around these parts again.

  35. Who gives a **** what Alan “yes boss” Pardew has got to say?

    He probably didn’t know any of this was happening because he was washing Mike’s car or taking rat face Dereks washing to the dry cleaners.

  36. Press send to quick……

    He probably didn’t know any of this was happening because he was washing Mike’s car or taking rat face Dereks washing to the dry cleaners.

    the end, done!

  37. Carroll said: “I was in talks about a new contract and talking to the gaffer about that.

    “He told me that they are now not going to give me a contract. That was as soon as the offer of £30m came in.

    “So I asked why (I wasn’t getting a new contract) and he said his hands were tied.”

    You weren’t getting a new contract because you just got one?! At least his story has overlap with Pardew’s. One of them is clearly lying, it’s just a matter of which.

  38. Lads,

    The only people who have lost out here is the fans. Football is consumed with greed, and everyone has got what they wanted, the player got a huge wage and sign on fee, the agent will have made a killing, and fatty has got a big bulge in his pants, and his wallet is in there somewhere a well.

    So that leaves us, screwed over as usual.

  39. We move on…AC wanted to go, fine feck off you spineless twat. The board wanted to sell..Fat bastard wanted to make a profit. Despite all this did the board have a contingincy plan? Who were are transfer targets? What was plan B and C? They were all aware there would be bids to test NUFC resolve to hold onto the player, seems to me there was no provision for life without AC. It was embarassing to see the reported knee jerk reaction desperate grab at any player.

    I am still surprised that we would sell arguable the best goal threat when saftey in the PL is not assured. How can we give up the ghost on chasing down the great unwashed and Liverpool for a place in europe?

    Fecking shocking way to run the club, 35 Million, how much will we see of that for a transfer kitty in the championship let alone in the PL? What quality European stars could be attracted to NUFC, especially with the current management and huge international draw that the current manager AP obviously doesn’t have.. It’s a world for mercenaries and agents and Judas is too good a word to be used on their like…Fuck the lot of them..HWTL

  40. can i just say that alan pardew is a lying cockney b@stard…..casino croney cnut….

    had to get it off me chest……

  41. Carroll and NUFC are all liars.
    The fans have been shafted yet again

    The only suprise is we are surprised we have been shafted

  42. Simple…AC tries to backmail club into offering him a much better contract based on LFC offer (how did he know what he was being offered given permission to talk to LFC hadn’t been granted at this point), club opts not to set a precedent & AC says ‘show me the money’…

  43. I also believe pardew and MA. Carroll wanted more money and MA stuck to his new wage structure. I kinda admire the Guy for that!!

  44. Maverick says:
    February 1, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    “Is this 1pm press conference on tv anywhere??”

    It will probably be on Sky Sports News, Maverick.

  45. just use twitter
    but it’s just same old from AP

    and we all know football these day is full of liars

  46. Just seen a few highlights of it , saying that the club had agreed with AC to re-negotiate his contract in the summer, but he wanted it doing straight away!

    When they refused to do it he said he wanted away so they asked him to confirm it in writing and that was that.

  47. Joe says:

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful to you Hugh De Payen, but I seriously dread reading your articles. They always seem to be extremely biased against Fat Ashley…….
    Get a grip man. It’s getting tiring reading your dribble and anti Ashley rubbish. Will only stick to articles by Worky, Fernando and others from now on.

    Toon Chicken says:

    “To be fair, Joe – worky aint much better with his anti-Pardew rhetoric”

    Simple answer boys – go find yourself a pro Fatman blog/fan site then you can “dribble” your way around it all day long :)

    But dont hold your breath while trying to find one.

  48. convenient for newcastle that carroll hands in a transfer request moments after they receive an offer of 35 million from liverpool…..and they have no option but to accept…

    cheers alan “i’ll represent the fans in the boardroom”…2 months in and an absolute disaster…casino croney brought in to help sell assets for max profit…

  49. batty says:
    February 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    “worky whats your thoughts on all this shite?”

    I don’t know for sure what happened with the Carroll negotiations, but I know that there has been alot of stuff coming out of the club since Hughton left which has been simply untrue, and I trust Ashley, Llambias and Pardew about as far as I can throw them!

  50. It just makes me laugh the blame mongering, the lad has just got a new contract, then demands an improved one! He could’ve said no to the move and got a new contract in the summer after getting to the 20 goal mark..Loyalty and honour..All in the past, Sir BR and Hoots always conducted themself with dignity,it seems that you need to have no morals to get ahead in football. Love of a club and the honour of wearing black and white doesn’t mean shit anymore. Couldn’t hack the mantel of the no9. Carlton Cole is not fit to clean mud Sir Les or Shearers boots… One thing did meake me laugh about the whole sorry episode..Check out this link..

  51. AndyMac – I’m stopping here thanks very much.

    Reading some of the stuff that dumb asses like you write is hilarious – you couldn’t make it up – oh, wait a minute, you just did! :lol:

  52. We must remember that Carroll is young only 22 and from his record in recent months, beating girls, alleged cocaine fueled orgies; we cannot take too much credence though of at least the latter but keep it in mind, we must keep open the possibility that he made an attempt to save face and make such accusations.

    A more professional footballer would not bother trying to justify anything e.g Darren bent. Pushed or not no one can force him to hand in a transfer request. The deal was sweet for him too but that does not make him a bad person.

    With such stupid money being brandished on offer by big clubs is there anyone of us here that would not move from your home town club where you are paid £40K per week to another rival club offering in excess of £100k per week plus a massive sign on fee?

    The question is hypothetical so no doubt we will have the mavericks in here claiming they would stay but you cannot truly simulate your feelings to such an offer. I will not lie I would go for that money. The human is an incredibly selfish creature we all are; we as fans want to deny Mike Ashley of a profit because of our own selfish needs to keep Carroll. Carroll is just human using what natural ability he has to enrich himself. We would all do it if we could.

    So stop witch hunting and get a grip.

  53. Micky Toon says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:07 am
    Pardew press conference at 1pm<<> things went so fast it was too late in the day too get a replacement ,andy handed in a transfer request and we got very good money for him ,there will be big investment on players in summer,and of course when summer comes tiote barton enrique will be of and cheap replacements in<<<< and this is what i sed this morning not far off what he sed worky

  54. It will be interesting to see Stephen Taylor marking him on the 30th. He might look for some revenge????

  55. Steve wraith has constantly had pops at ashley, granted many justified. But these copmments just seem to smack of desperation and using this whole scenario as a stick to beat him with. As pardew said if he wanted to stay he would have.

  56. ~ El Toro ~ says:

    “I would probably go along with this”

    I would as well apart from the fact that Fatman clearly had been hawking AC around last week (maybe even unknown to the player ?). So if he knew he was going to sell, the decent thing to do was to find someone to replace him. That would mean spending money and as we all know, from previous events, Fatman doesnt like doing that.

    Maybe Pardwho was asked if he could keep NUFC up this season without AC (as we hadnt lost in four games without him) and led Fatman to the conclusion that no replacement was required ?

  57. Whoever was right or wrong the main issue now is to survive, intact as a squad, for the rest of the season.

    Whatever the fans think, the players must surely know what really happened. Let’s hope it doesnt affect the morale although CH’s sacking and now AC’s transfer cant have helped much :(

  58. I like your story Hugh, particularly the bit about adjusting the gusset of his trousers, but when I sit and think quietly about this whole saga – and leave aside the bigger reality that football is utterly corrupted with a cancer called money – I have to think that had Andy Carroll truly not wanted to sign this contract he would have folded his arms and not picked up the pen, and perhaps even told Mr. Dalgleish and whoever else who was hovering over him at the time where they could stick it. The second thought that I am not shaking off is that however much one wants to loathe Mike Ashley, it seems that overall we’re not doing too badly. Alan Pardew has turned out way better than expected, good players have been signed in the last year at responsible fees and wages while others have been retained. The only shock is Andy Carroll, and like I say, he did not need to pick up that pen, pushed or not pushed. So, all in all, let’s just give this time and not rush to judgment thinking all is doomed. It may not be. Howay the lads.

  59. Northern_Jedi Northern (14) – exellent view mate.

    I can fully believe what Pardew has said in his interview.

    But if Carroll didn’t want to leave he wouldn’t have left!

    It wasn’t so long ago, Mike Ashley told Joey Barton he didn’t want him.

    Barton said “I don’t want a new club, I want to thank the fans for the support they have given me and pay them back.”

    He then went on to become our star man, and when it came to contract negociations – HE WAS WILLING TO TAKE A PAY CUT TO STAY!!!

    Fast forward to Carroll – the second he hears about the transfer, he says, “I want to stay but only if you will pay me what they are offering.”

    See the difference there???

    Carroll can FO, and never come back…

    He is only saying what he is now because he doesn’t want to have the PR aura of being a “Judas” surrounding him.

  60. Great read Hugh … but I do believe Mr Pardews version.

    I do not believe a single word of that money grabbing, backstabbing b*stard who used to play for my hypothetical football club.

  61. How about a song for Andy “Sh1tbag” Carroll the next time we see his ugly mug?

    (To the tune of “Would You Like To Swing On A Star”)

    Would you like to be a Toon star
    Carry trophies home in your car
    And be better off than you are
    Or would you rather be a TOOL?

  62. TC – great idea. However there is a fatal flaw in your plan. The part about trophies? We need to talk.

  63. And head on down to Liverpool
    Cos that is what you’ve done
    You f#cking piece of scum
    You truley are a bloody FOOL

  64. Mickey – haha – aye that was me using my poetic license to think about what might have been! :)

  65. Right!! First off :- Did any of you happen to catch that interview yesterday on sky sports with some random agent guy?? In it the guy was pissing and moaning about how, in the current climate, some players seem to be content to be the big fish in a little pond blah blah, some don’t realise they have such a short career blah blah, and how they need to make as much money as they possibly can. It was quite startling to hear one of these sharks bemoaning his bad fortune of late. This was all before the days events turned nuts. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but in the aftermath, on reflection, I found it all rather sinister.
    The reason I bring this up is for my second point on AC. I know a lot of people on here want to castigate the lad and yes I think he has to shoulder some of the blame, but I think we should all bare this in mind : he is only 22 yrs old, clearly as mad as a fish, and by all accounts, as numb as a box of rocks. Add all of this together, then throw into the mix some poisonous, malicious little cnut of an agent whispering evil into his ear and promising him £80 grand a week – who among you at 22 would not have been remotely tempted at the prospect of that amount of cash??

    I am hugely disappointed with yesterdays events, but as someone else has already pointed out, the fingers of blame should be better off pointed in the directions of these agents who are systematically ruining the game.

  66. MtT76

    If I earning 30k a week already AND living out my boyhood dream with my hometown club – I would fire my agent and tell him to FO.

    At 30k a week, Carroll would only have to play two years to never have to work another day in his life.

  67. I’ve got to laugh at old sack face at spuds,castigating the Newcastle owners for dragging the Carroll transfer out to get more money,christ what did they do with Berbatov to manure?This comes from mr squeaky clean himself.Smacks of jealousy to me,because he missed out on Carroll and wasn’t part of the transfer deadline day party.

  68. JJ

    I agree with you. I would be of the same mind. However, I don’t think you can underestimate the influence these snakes have on very impressionable young minds. You’ve got to bear in mind as well that these young footballers a Molly coddled from such a young age that very few of them realise what life is like in the real world. Personally speaking, I would play for the toon for £300 a week, but then I haven’t had people snaking around me looking to make money off me for ages.

  69. Theses Scousers make me laugh, celebrating bringing in Andy Carroll for Fernando Torres. It’s like losing a tenner and finding a fiver……….Dalglish never was the smartest in the transfer market as we found out….Stephen Givarche, Andreas Andersson,Georgiardos. Andy is good but definitely no Torres

  70. I’m over Carroll already. It’s gone, done and dusted. He’s a red now, we’ve lost the england no.9 which is a shame sure, but from a footballing perspective it’s not the end of the world.

    I have a MASSIVE issue with the fact that despite assurances to the contrary, we failed in this transfer market to sign anyone apart from 2 injured players, one of which was practically driven here by his manager, so infuriated were his club by a complete lack of interest in training, competing or playing for anything resembling pride.

    Where are Routledge, xisco and Kadar’s replacements?

    Everyone else around us has been busily chipping away and strengthening for days and weeks, meaning that to stand still is to go backwards, well we actually managed to actually go backwards somehow. Amidst the supposed efforts to secure a much needed new winger, we got caught cold and lost our only reliable scoring striker. We replaced neither.. and no we haven’t got 35mil, it’s just been ingested by the ashley corporation. Some of which may be thrown at a relegated side for an aging striker who scores 1 in 6.

    The vision we may have of a new squad involving the likes of chamberlain, moses, wickam, taarabt, etc. is in no way shared by the owner.

  71. Monument Mal- In fairness, Dalglish didn’t do too badly with: shearer, sutton, batty, le saux, hendry, speed, solano, hamann, given, dabizas. Did he?

  72. i beleave carrol over pardew and ashley because all the lies in the past we need to do something to get ashley out b4 he srikes again

  73. You can just see him kissing the Liverpool badge during the interview can’t you. Typical new boy rubbish. If he really didn’t want to leave he should stfu. Who is he lying to us or the scousers?

  74. Its interesting to see a compilation of all the rumours and such, and you’d never put it past Ashley. Bottom line is I didn’t trust Ashley, still don’t trust Ashley, and never will trust Ashley. Whats new is that Carroll definitely could have stayed if he’d wanted to-and no matter what angle you take-upset over Hughton blah, the love for the club should have come first. Shearer went throuh plenty of managers but was always completely comitted, and Carroll could potentially have earned far more than Shearer did in his time with us, so its just not about the club. Lost any and all respect for the lad, he wanted out, so good riddance, take the cash. I guess we’ll geto ur answer in the summer on the whole transfer window.

  75. Ok lads….. how about a win against Fulham tomorrow and a goal from Ranger then. Everyone is saying we will now be in a relegation battle after selling Carroll. Time to prove them wrong. Howay the lads.

  76. i beleave he had to say the right things at liverpool he could not say any thing different with liverpool paying his wages , i dont think carrol will show the same form that he did for us ,

  77. Mick G says:
    February 1, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    “Smacks of jealousy to me,because he missed out on Carroll and wasn’t part of the transfer deadline day party.”

    Whether you like him or not, Mick G, Redknapp was actually right about how clubs often ask players to put in a transfer request. He didn’t “miss out” on Carroll either as ‘Spurs’ alleged “bids” for Carroll were a complete fabrication.

  78. Micky Toon says:

    “Seriously, Andy let it go”

    Dont ever assume you have the right, intellectually or otherwise, to tell me what to do again.

  79. Not that i think there is some conspiracy there as well… It just lacks class and timing and is an utter disgrace tbh.

  80. Valle, well he had to get something out of putting up with Carroll in his own house. I know I’d want serious compensation.

    AndyMac – Stop being so precious. And seriously, get over it. ;-)

  81. From a guy claiming to be in the know

    my info was that Ashley was trying to persuade Carroll to go, he wanted to accept Spurs money but couldn’t convince Carroll. When Liverpool came in with such a huge bid he was able to convince the lad it was to the club’s benefit that he left. That is my understanding of the situation. I am not sure I like that as a Liverpool fan, it is nice to think players are desperate to move to your club rather than have to be persuaded to join!

    However you turn this situation, you cant help for blame MA… Even if he does sell Carroll, why do so without a replacement. The guy just keep pissing on us and i have my doubt that we will see more than 15 million spent this summer… Oh and who knows what happens if we get big enough offers for Enrique and Tiote.

  82. Micky… I know i shouldnt get worked up and i wish i could take it with humor like you. I just cant help asking myself when this will end and we will stop being a circus and start climbing back towards the top again.

  83. I don’t know who to believe in sorry saga, I suspect Ashley was always looking to sell Carroll, I’m just surprised its now and not in the summer. Ashleys a stinking liar and Pardew after a fair start has lost all credability with me, can never believe another word that comes out of his mouth. Andy C could have stayed if he really wanted to, could have refused to talk to Liverpool but didnt, what price loyalty. Hope he turns into Robbie Keane II
    The question is now how will this affect the rest of our players, Nolan, Barton, Tiote, Collicini, Ben Arfa? I think some of the ‘old’ hands will put in transfer requests in the summer as they will be totally fed up with all this turmoil. If only it was so easy for the fans to put in transfer requests and go and support a nice stable sensible well run club (if you can find one).

    The formation of the Premier League has ruined footabll in this country, run by greed bastards both overseas and homegrown owners and the players are worse, mercenary shits the lot of them.

  84. valle says:
    February 1, 2011 at 8:00 pm
    From a guy claiming to be in the know

    “my info was that Ashley was trying to persuade Carroll to go, he wanted to accept Spurs money but couldn’t convince Carroll.”

    valle, ‘Spurs didn’t even put in a bid for Carroll. That was a definitely a false story.

  85. Toonie1949 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    “I don’t know who to believe in sorry saga, I suspect Ashley was always looking to sell Carroll”

    Toonie, he was for the right price. I don’t know for certain, but I beleive very strongly that Llambias probably DID ask him to put in a transfer request. It’s fairly normal when a huge bid comes in for a player. Pardew will say anything, that’s what I think Ashley and Llambias really meant about when they said that they wanted a manager with more “experience”.

  86. My opinion is that if the club meant as much to Carroll as he said then he would still be here. He didnt have to accept the contract Liverpool offered him, but the club HAD to accept that amount of money because it was at least £15 million too much IMHO.

    Am I gutted hes gone? Kinda. I am far more annoyed we are left in this situation with a pile of cash and no no9.

    You must not forget that Carroll was more than happy to sign a long term 5 year deal only 3 months ago. Why should we offer him a new deal just 3 months later to meet what another club would pay? What then for all the others? For me Bartons been far more important and he has taken a CUT in his pay to stay with us. Why shouldnt he then turn round and say ‘well I am providing the goals, crosses, freekicks, creativity for the side I want to have a new slice of this pie’? Where would it end? Enrique would then say I am the only LB and you would be FCUK’d without me and I will strike if you dont triple my wage.

    Nolan then turns round as club captain and demands to be top earner like JT at Chelski? WHERE WOULD IT END?!

    The club is more important and far bigger than any player. We had to wait 6 months when we sold Cole but we got Big Al in and we moved forward and upwards. If we end up with Van Wolfswinkle and Wickham and a better RB and a better CB and a better LB backup for the price of selling Carroll, would we all be happier? I know I would and we must move on. We have Benny boy and Ireland and I really rate both of these lads. We can play them either side of Sholla/Ranger and we can do something still.

    Chin up man and stop with the conspiracy theories. The club didnt have to sell, but Carroll didnt have to sign his name on that pretty piece of paper worth 80k a week.

  87. Raffo says:
    February 1, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    “For me Bartons been far more important and he has taken a CUT in his pay to stay with us.”

    Did the club say that, Raffo? Or was it just gossip in the media? How much of a pay cut did he take?

  88. Worky – fair point they are unconfirmed media reports, but it has been widely reported that hebhas said that. The main point I was making remains. U can’t afford players to have a hold over you and make demands 3 months after signing a new deal

  89. Raffo says:
    February 1, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    “Worky – fair point they are unconfirmed media reports, but it has been widely reported that hebhas said that. The main point I was making remains. U can’t afford players to have a hold over you and make demands 3 months after signing a new deal”

    Raffo, Many things have been widely reported about Newcastle United which are completely untrue. I’m not saying that the Barton one is untrue, but I haven’t seen any real substantiation of it.

  90. looking at a replacement for our next striker think we should bring in gary hooper from celtic just scored his 11th goal of the season today doesnt have the height advantage as carroll but he is the same age(well only one year older than carroll) he fits into the age bracket,know be taking a gamble on him but could all work out in the end

  91. also adding may not be a popular thought as this time but carroll is most surely coming back to the club sometime in his career how other people will react to this could go either way but their is no doubt he will be coming back

  92. batty says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    “worky tottaly agree with every thing your saying over the transfer of carroll”

    Thanks batty.

    I don’t think that Carroll is totally innocent in all this. I think that both he and his agent did angle for a new, greatly improved deal in the wake of Liverpool interest. It’s just what happens nowadays at the top of football.

    However, I think that Llambias DID ask for that transfer request, and that he, Llambias and Pardew have been less than honest about many things recently. I also think that when Ashley and Lambias said thet they were looking for a manager with “more experience” than Hughton, they weren’t referring purely to football, but to the kind of underhand machinations which are their stock in trade. Hugh put it much better than I just have in parts of the story above though.

  93. So Mike sacked Chris in a grand scheme to sell Andy? Is he going to sack Alan in may then, to sell El Toro?

    Now Alans side of it is out, Andy has got all the possibilities in the world to say if its true or not. Have a feeling he won’t say much more. And I don’t think he is being forced to shut up.

    Twisting his arm… If that worked what’s Xisco been doing in our squad for so long? Anyone remember Marcelino? Luque? THOSE were UNWANTED, did we get them out?

    So… £70 000 a week, £3,5M sign-on, Liverpool jersey no. 9. “do I have to sign? DO I HAVE TO? NOOOOO, bu-hu…”

    Gutted anyways though, he was the icon of the new hope we had for this team. Feels like starting all over again now.

  94. nufc337 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    “also adding may not be a popular thought as this time but carroll is most surely coming back to the club sometime in his career how other people will react to this could go either way but their is no doubt he will be coming back”

    I wonder how he’ll react if he scores, nufc337.

  95. nufc337 says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    “also adding may not be a popular thought as this time but carroll is most surely coming back to the club sometime in his career how other people will react to this could go either way but their is no doubt he will be coming back”

    Probably when he’s old and past it.

  96. with liverpool- he better not do a cantona celebration do a stand pose type of thing

    with us(if at anytime returns)-all i care saylor could just knockout carroll now that would be a celebration a welcome back gesture shall we say ;)

  97. Whats the point of Pardew saying the money will be reinvested in the summer. We all know that it’s a lie so whats the point of saying it. Ashley is getting his money back for the relegation season losses, simple as that. I bet we don’t see more than £10-£15M of it in the summer, if that.

  98. DJG
    February 1, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    did hear one comment saying that carroll wouldnt fit in the scheme of things at liverpool like who would supply the crosses in for him which i could see the point he could be a major flop if next season arrives then would leave him high and dry and would probably wanting a move back to us

  99. nufc337

    There’s no way they’d make that much of a loss on him though they’d want at least most of it back and infact they probably see him as an investment and will make money on him like Torres. I don’t think he’ll flop tbh it’s just wishful thinking. If anything I think he will get better service there and get better and better. :(

  100. Everyone needs to calm down, that 35m will be used in the summer and we can survive off the goals of nile ranger hopefully. If not this man is ever reliable…….

  101. Fulham think they will beat us easily tonight. Show them what we can do even We have no Carroll anymore. 1 players cannot make the team, Team make them.


    Does anyone remember the following ;

    Malcolm Macdonald SOLD to Arse,
    Gazza SOLD to Spurs,
    Andy COLE SOLD to MANU,
    David Ginola SOLD to Spurs,


    We maybe a English Premier but we are run by busines men who run us like a Coca Cola Club ,

    ANYONE well connected with the club including Ashley and Pardew knew AC was definitely going.. and if PARDEW knew then he would have to have a readily available replacement , but NO , so I accuse PARDEW and ASHLEY of not giving a fech aboot TOON , and if Chrissy H was in place still would he have put up a better fight for keeping AC I thin so… IT STINKS PARDEW IS ASH’s YESMAN….