Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United video highlights and post match interviews.

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A very exciting encounter for a 0-0 draw with Newcastle United dominating the game attack wise, especially in the second half. Alas, the winning goal just didn’t come but there were some exciting moments on the way, with a particularly good performance from the usually excellent Jose Enrique.

Highlights now updated with more extended ones.

Post match interviews.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew expresses his disappointment that the Magpies didn’t manage to win the game despite having Blackburn on the back foot for long periods of the game.

Blackburn Rovers manager, Steve Kean expresses that his first priority was to keep a clean sheet, and admits that his team has seen more opportunities in front of goal on previous occaisions.


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23 Responses

  1. Seems to me that blackburn were afraid of us, judging by kean’s interview.
    They were just trying to contain us, & more than happy that they managed it.
    That’s a good sign.

  2. Today we had everything but goals, and unfortunately goals win games….
    Really was a performance that deserved 3pts today.

    Does anyone have any links for extended highlights of the Newcastle – Arsenal game? My friend was away watching a Barca game last weekend and is dying to see the game!

  3. It might still be up

    I had a crappy stream in Aus so I missed a lot of the excitment. Not a bad game though from what I saw and a clean sheet is always good. Birmingham should be a game where we have plenty of chances to score

  4. Hey we gotta beat the Blackburns`s of this league, putting them on the back foot or praising our defenders, don`t get it !
    It`s becoming a struggle to score and the Finn geriatric, is not exactly what i would call the answer.
    But hey, we know how hard it is to squeeze a buck outta these guys, even after receiving a major fee for, what`s his name.
    Ashley and Sancho Panza are probably still celebrating their good luck with the deal, that they have forgotten we still have, (along with about ten other sides) to avoid the drop.
    Look Kuqi probably aint a bad guy, I know he cant believe where he is and remember him from a few years back, good in the air, big English style battering ram center forward, but c`mon folks ?
    This is the best we can do ?

  5. probably the best we could do under the circumstances. We’re just gonna have to make due with what we’ve got and build on that in the summer + our invalids, some of whom seem capable of adding a bit of quality to the side. We’re gonna be OK this season. No Europe, but no fizzy pop either.

  6. in the summer we need two buy two big players… A 10m pound right winger and a 15-20m striker. Then we need to buy a few back up positions around the park, possibly a left back as cover.

    Then we have a cracking team capable of a European place.

    _____20m Striker
    Guti__Ben Arfa__10m Winger


  7. Right wingers: (up to 15m)

    Marko Marin (Werder Bremen)
    SWP (Man City)
    Adam Johnson (Man City)
    David Bentley (Tottenham)
    Tranquillo Barnetta (Bayer Leverkusen)
    Christian Eriksen (Ajax)
    Chinedu Obasi (1899 Hoffenheim)
    Dimitri Payet (Saint-Étienne)
    Marek Hamsik (Napoli)

    and many more…. ;)

  8. connor wickham will be over priced just like judas was… because he’s english. Moussa Sow will be perfect and will work well with Hatem because they both french!

  9. We have dropped something like 6 to 8 points from late goals and the lack of same for ourselves in the last few matches . We should in reality be on around 38 points at present (more even).
    We needed a Sami Nazri and got Kuqi instead, Duhh!

    We don’t need Connor Wickham we have Nile Ranger who would be looking just as good if he were playing for Ipswich in the fizzy pop league. Thats not to say CW wouldn’t be a good signing by the way.
    What is needed is the bottle by AP to give Ranger a few full games, he will start scoring, no doubt in my mind.

    Unless we get some wins in the next few games I think there are going to be some sphinter tightening moments before the season ends, it could still be a damn close thing in the survival stakes.

  10. Tez131 says:
    February 12, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    “Does anyone have any links for extended highlights of the Newcastle – Arsenal game?”

    I’ve just put some 18 minute highlights up after the old ones were removed, Tez. You’ll have to go back a few ‘blogs.

  11. why need the highlights when can wait till the dvd has come out pre order and everything which by the way have totally missed out on the Newcastle 5underland game on dvd :(

  12. Worky, sorry mate wasn’t being rude, I was correcting a spelling mistake in my previous comment. :)

  13. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    February 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    “Worky, sorry mate wasn’t being rude”

    Didn’t think you were, Grumpy. Incidentally, did you know that we humans all have over 50 sphincters? Yet most of us only ever think of the one that’s at the end of the line.

  14. Worky, yeah I knew that. Incidently I have just had to find a chemist for my Missus who is having a Sphincter loosening situation due to Antibiotics for the flu that has just rampaged through my family. Thats why I have been off blog for past few weeks.
    Everybody recovering now though thankfully.