Enrique likely to move on in the summer

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Jose Enrique - like to move from Newcastle in the summer?
Wants to play Champion's League football
Newcastle United left back Jose Enrique gives a strong indication that he could be looking to transfer elsewhere in the summer.

Gossip and speculation can sometimes whip people up into a storm without anything of substance to back it up. Reading between the lines can often be a dangerous game too as, whilst the facts might be objective, what an individual reads into them is always subjective.

However, sometimes statements come out from players that leave little room for doubt as to their intentions, even if they do still require a subjective interpretation.

One such statement is from Jose Enrique as follows:

It is flattering that Liverpool are interested.

I’ve also heard that Manchester United and Aston Villa have asked about me.

They are both big teams and I’m not closing the door on anyone. I’m ambitious and want to play in the Champions League.

I want to win things. I’m OK at Newcastle but I aspire to more.

To me that says Jose will be on his way this summer. You can accuse me of being a pessimist and a doom-monger all you like but I’m afraid I will stand by my interpretation of that statement as a strong indicator that Jose is preparing to move on.

I guess many people will have been expecting it anyway and losing a player or two is not the end of the world, just so long as it doesn’t turn into an exodus of every good or experienced player in the squad.

At the risk of jumping the gun and already considering him gone, what will this mean for us?

I think it means quite a lot actually. A hell of a lot of our forward progress on the pitch comes courtesy of the Jonas-Jose partnership up the left and good left backs seem to be notoriously difficult to find, so I think the hunt for a good left back will be one of our priorities this summer.

I have no idea who else we will lose – if anyone – but I’ll stick my neck out and say Jose is on his way and the club needs to deal with it. No doubt I’ll cop some flack if it turns out not to be true!

Speaking of necks and sticking them out, if you do stick your neck out then make sure it’s not to put your head in a crocodile’s mouth. But you do accidentally do such a thing then poke its eyes out as described by this helpful article from the BBC.

I mention this to prove that not only is NUFCBlog.org a fount of football knowledge but it is also a source of more general wisdom, possibly to the point of saving your life.

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105 Responses

  1. If True his Attitude is getting worse by the day.

    I read on Sky sports Guillem balague saying that we were interested in JOSE Angel of Sporting Gijon and who he thinks will be a better left back than Enrique.

    Personally i hope we keep him but if not as that old cliche goes. “everybody has got a price”

  2. Exodus.
    I expect a whole host of our better players will move on in the summer,It seems clear to me that the players themselves know they can earn much more cash elsewhere and that the board has no ambition to push towards europe in the forseeable future.
    Dissapointed with Jose’s comments but you can hardly blame him when he had seen our Star player sold mid season.

  3. I agree with sirjason – what is nufc’s wages cap – cos if its £40k(ish) several will move on.
    It’s wishful thinking to assume otherwise – I mean if you were offered a 50% pay rise wouldn’t you move?

  4. find it hard to believe if true that some of our players want to move on Newcastle are on the way up for bigger and brighter things in the future how they cant see that is beyond me

  5. bob says:
    February 17, 2011 at 11:07 am

    “can anyone get a big fat new contract if they’re already on or above the pay limit?”

    What pay limit, Bob? Stephen Ireland is on around £70,000 per week, Ben Arfa gets quite alot too and they are both very recent signings by the club.

  6. If Jose want to go, I think we should try to sign Van Anholt from Chelsea. He’s good potential to be PRM star, no doubt.

  7. really dissapointing, if i`m honest. Didn`t both Carroll and Enrique say that they wanted to play for Newcastle until they retired as footballers? Are loyalty worth nothing anymore?

    Well, i`m a loyal Newcastle fan, and i don`t think Man utd can buy us – the fans – the f***ing heart of this club!

    Do as you want, Jose, but don`t expect any warm welcome when you arrives at St.jms playing in a filthy man utd shirt!

  8. I said it earlier and might as well repeat it that:

    Small clubs and/or unsuccessful clubs (any club outside the top 4/5) are going to lose good/exceptional players to the clubs who always win trophies and/or have money to burn because players want trophies, to be at the ‘top table’ and play in European competitions whilst at the same time getting a huge pay rise.

    Everton are probably the best example but others like Spurs and Villa have seen their best players enticed away. In days gone by we used to snatch players from lesser clubs by waving wods of (loaned) cash. Once a poacher but now the poached.

    Unless we win trophies regularly (history says not) and/or spend lavishly/foolishly (owner says not) then we can expect to lose our best players, sad but true.

  9. Hope Ahsley will give him a decent contract offer, the best payed player of our squad maybe. If we loose him, we will go down next season, and thats for sure. Enrique is everything for the club, both when we are defending and attacking. Please give this lad a proved contract and give him a promise that we will fight for Europe and buys some new players that will fit into the team!

  10. We’re doomed!

    I read Kevin Nolan said: “If we were going to do what we wanted, it was going to be a team effort.”

    Obviously that means the whole squad is going to leave in the summer.

    Your article is bollocks, Ed, er, sorry, Hugh

  11. Brisvegas says:
    February 17, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Your article is bollocks, Ed, er, sorry, Hugh


    Could be. We’ll see in the summer and I’ll take the flack if I’m needlessly scaremongering about Enrique leaving.

  12. “What pay limit, Bob? Stephen Ireland is on around £70,000 per week, Ben Arfa gets quite alot too”

    I would love to know if thats true… You need to back that up. I can’t see MA paying Irelands full wage… surely Newcastle are just paying a percentage. Ireland has done nothing good on the pitch in 2 years and Villa were keen to offload.

  13. Hugh, naughty boy. You forgot the ? At the end of your headline.;-)
    I can live with comments about leaving to manu, arsenal, barca, real Madrid, but bloody villa? VIlla? WTF? Are things so bad at the club where players would want to leave for them?
    The board need to show ambition or we aren’t going to have anyone left.

  14. Hugh de Payen says:
    February 17, 2011 at 11:21 am

    “I’ll take the flack if I’m needlessly scaremongering about Enrique leaving.”

    Why, Hugh? There’s nothing wrong with the story at all. Enrique hinself is quoted as saying that he want’s Champion’s League football and aspires to more than Newcastle United. So it isn’t like one of those guff stories from “sources close to the player” etc.

  15. Micky Toon Micky Toon says:
    February 17, 2011 at 11:34 am (Edit)

    Hugh, naughty boy. You forgot the ? At the end of your headline.;-)


    Ah yes, but I got off the fence for this one (and I usually like to remain safely on fences). I reckon he’s going to go.



  16. the fat controller will sell anyone because all he wants from this club is the money he lent them he dose not give a toss about us supporters and why dose he not care? easy he knows that as long as he gets 42000 in hes happy

  17. This is such bad press for sure and it stinks. But like i have said for a little while now i think we are nothing more than a selling club and have been since ashley came in. Pards put enrique in the shop window on purpose last week by announcing how great jose is andthen within a day saying that if right money comes in we would sell. we as fans may have huge passion and ambition for our club but the problem is our owner does not and he is very happy to let us flirt with relegation every season, taking a gamble on selling off assets to line his pocket. We are nothing more than another high stakes bet for ashely, a balancing act. Enrique is as good as gone, christ he has even said he is flattered by villa interest!!! wtf!! he will go and jonas will be gone for sure, so when he goes colo will go. Barton will know whats going on too and is now also stalling on contract as by his own admission, all was in place and ready to be signed even before carroll was sold. Barton goes so then does Nolan. These five will be gone in summer… then what do we have left??? an owner who is plenty richer for sure and notihng more than a huge season long relegation battle. Ashely will invest perhaps 10 million tops in the summer. If you read in between the line, no one from the club has saidthe money will be spent on player investment. Owl face has said it will ‘all be re-invested in the club, every penny’. Well, we all know hwat that means … it will mean he will next season after the window has closed be trying to fob us off saying thta all the carroll money went into operating costs and overheads blah blah. What a load of crap. I can see it all now, we all can. Ashley has taken out nearly 40 million quid morethan he has invested in players since he has came in. Can you imagine that?? How many years now – 2 or 4 years and not a single reed cent invested in players? It baffles me really it does.

  18. workyticket says:
    February 17, 2011 at 11:38 am

    Why, Hugh? There’s nothing wrong with the story at all. Enrique hinself is quoted as saying that he want’s Champion’s League football and aspires to more than Newcastle United. So it isn’t like one of those guff stories from “sources close to the player” etc.


    True, but you know me – I tend to word things carefully and (as MT said above) add question marks when I’m doubtful.

    I decided to be more definite on this one, but I accept I could be wrong.

    Although as I keep telling people that hasn’t happened since 1976!

  19. jose is gone, simple as. we have said we will sell and he has said he wants to go.. even to villa. its a done deal.

  20. Listen… The guy talks up Villa and Liverpool, which means that he is after a fat paycheck and unfortunately money is the name of the game. He speaks of champions league in the same sentence and how are any of those going to play champions league?

    Im happy we dont pay insane money anymore and i just hope the rest of the league will follow that blueprint in the not to distant future.

  21. let’s get him sold & get the millions safely tucked into mike’s ever-increasing bank balance – then we can give jose a reet good slagging off – just like we do with millner/carroll & the likes.

    if it makes you’s feel better – then get on with it..

    jose is a w@nker!

    the truth is – the hippo must be slobbering at the gob with the thought of getting his little fat pinkies on even more millions come the summer.

  22. 27………its true mate, liverwank and ville will never get champ league. If manure come in i guess we have to hold our hands in the air though. He aint no shearer and will be gone in a flash. Why did Carroll go?? for money of course as gone are the days of liverpool being ambitious. I would put liverpool in same bracket as us, no more at this present juncture.

  23. ime sure there is some sort of wage cap at the toon,but we the fans dont know the true fig,there can also be all sorts of “add”ons in contracts that we are not privy too,of coarse i want the best players to stay of course i want C.L.footy at the toon,but also lets take stock of the hole we were in not to long ago,the scum fig have just came out there over 26mil in dept and 82%of turnover is payed out in wages,do we really need to go that way,but ashley does need to spend at least the 35mil we got plus a bit more imo

  24. Valle, quite right about Champions League. There are no quarantees but the clubs most likely to qualify are ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea. But as we are seeing this year even Chelsea might not qualify. Man City are more likely but this has not been the case in the last few years. Spurs or Liverpool are the next contenders but each have to have exceptionally good seasons to get the fourth spot and for most of this season Liverpool looked more like relegation contenders than champions league contenders. Does ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea or Man City need a left back?

  25. In terms of wage caps, I’ve never been sure if there’s an actual upper limit. I’ve always thought it’s more of a general intent not to pay over the odds for players who are past their best, constantly injured or simply not worth the money.

  26. You have short memories or lives. NUFC have always been a selling club apart from a few short years. But, the limit on spending that will be introduced should help there as the big clubs in europe must live within their means and that includes the big wages and fees.

  27. He’s been tapped up. His head has been turned and he was out of sorts against Brum. He’s being watched game after game by scouts. Even Fergie was at the Wigan game to watch ‘Cleverley’. He is as good as gone. Probably to Liverpool for £7M plus Konchesky. We have no ambition, Im certainly not going to anymore matches.

  28. @34……the new ruling will have zero effect on any of the main clubs. Chelski run at huge loss every year and have er..just paid 50 million for a 29 year old with zero resale value. it is notihng morethan a load of squiff that will have several loop holes as with every law and rule.

  29. steve Rutherford says:
    February 17, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    “You have short memories or lives. NUFC have always been a selling club”

    Super Mac’s gannin’ to Arsenal. The bastads!

  30. The whole ‘wage cap’ thing needs clearing up. As I understand it the wage cap was put in place for this season at around 40K just in case we slipped back into the CCC (or NPC?!?!?!), this is then set to rise by 10-15% dependant on operational profits. So in theory you will be looking at like more closer to a 50k wage cap for next season which should keep our players with us. Jose wont be going anywhere as the three teams menioned only 1 of them will be in the Champions League next season and thats Scum Utd. Patrice Evra will stay at UTD purely because nobody else will pay him the 95K hes on at the mo and I doubt it Enrique will wantto be sat on the bench while a champs league game is played!

    Also wasn’t this quote from the daily lame???? If so I would trust that Jose has said this!

  31. The list is long and venerated.

    Supermac being the first main one i remember. 333,000 pound a record at the time.

  32. John says:
    February 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    “The whole ‘wage cap’ thing needs clearing up. As I understand it the wage cap was put in place for this season at around 40K”

    Where do you understand that from, John?

  33. If Enrique cant get the wage he deserves here, why shouldnt he move on, the onus is on the club to show ambition or he will be off, i for one wouldnt blame the lad.

  34. bigbadbob… I agree… BUT… Call it as it is. If he said “listen, i realise i make more money in a week than the fans do in a year, but im a greedy b*stard and i want more, so im going to Liverpool, they might not play any better, but they pay crazy money” then we could just curse the way things is and get on with it. All this talk about champions league is bull (Oh wait, thats his nick aint it?)

  35. He want to win things, so I would suggest Man Utd head the list.
    If there is infact a wage cap of £40K per week at SJP isn’t that a good thing?
    Remember all the mercenaries we have signed in the past, Michael Bloody Owen springs to mind.
    We want players to play for the Toon, not just for appearance money, and remember £40K per week is £1.92m per year or £5.6m over a three years contract, isn’t that enough?

  36. Also the £40k wage cap cannot be true as Andy Carroll has stated openly thay was the amount he asked for to stay and was refused.

  37. worky @ 41…. my god, for once i agree with you. John @ 38…. i defy you to find a single real club person who has said that load of waffle what you have just said. Wage caps are all well and good but if you have them set low as ours is, we will oose all oru decent players and not be ableto replace them as we have nothing on offer. Mental owner, stupid board, guarenteed at least two managers every year, zero uero footy and a guarenteed talk of relegation every single year over your head. zero stability and no ambition. So, if we then only offer a lower scale prem wage what chance do we have?? We have zero chance but its a stupid game to play as if we go down we will still have a team of crap players on 25-40k per week which the ccc can not sustain anyway. Ashley needs to man the f@@k up and step up to the plate. talk is cheap and thats all we ever hear from our lot, talk and the only action being negative creating a backward step.

  38. Problem is, the top clubs are being bankrolled beyond their means, Chelsea and Man City have unlimited cash, Man U have a reckless amount of debt and Arsenal are the best run club but it has taken years to build.
    If any of them come in for our players, they will leave, we cannot and will not compete with them.
    Barton in his interview is not asking for Galacticos but a sensible investment in the squad, which at present is incapable of even going on a cup run.
    That is a sad indictment of our club but we all know that beyond the first eleven, we are struggling.
    Its not down to Enrique to show loyalty, hes done that, now its time for the club to give the players, fans and staff, the squad they deserve.

  39. If we had an owner with vision he would have invested in the January window and pushed for a European Spot….no we sold AC for a Huge fee cleverly done as the window closes as per usual and then we end up with a Crock from Villa who is out of sorts and has been for ages and a Jaded Cookie Monster Pensioner.

    It is really short sighted of the Board and I am sure the players have noticed this……Ambition,Vision and Momentum do not figure in Mike’s plans for NUFC.

  40. Hughie gallagher to chelsea, the bar stewards. I blame the selection committee for starting all this.

  41. @48… this is true. if we can work out that ashley has spent not a single penny on anyone ever since he has been at newcastle but has made over 37 million out of selling plus raised season tickets, raised tv money, reduded the wage bill by over 20% etc etc.. and still pleads povery but refuses to sell the club.. then i am sure that the players can also see what we see. and what we see is exactly what @48 said, a club with zero ambition…and i mean ZERO!! nothing. nada , zip. Leading a fotty club is no different to being a leader in any other capacity. You lead from the top, and others will floow your example. If ashley treats the club with distain and lack of interest, this attitude will fester through the ranks right down to the boot boy. His rot will soak in to the core and that core is the players themselves.

  42. @51……..its never a best time for ashley as he has proved. Plus your arguement is falwed for this window as the inflated january price is refected in the moen ywe got for carroll mate.. its all relevant.

  43. its been shown year in year out its only squad players move in jan,there is the odd one moves for daft money,but i want the best players for toon not stop gap players to get “by”

  44. Doug @ 44 – get real!
    Why would a spaniard, argentinian, frenchman, scouser etc. want to play for the toon if they can paid MORE elsewhere?
    Even Andy Carroll was happy to leave NUFC!

    THEY’RE ALL MERCENARIES! (just like the rest of us).

  45. LOL Aston Villa are interested in Enrique! They have about as much chance as getting him as Accrington Stanley does, although a few more seasons could see Villa in the same league.

    If he has/wants to go he has to go to ManU or abroad, at Manu he will achive his dreams in the shorter term more so than any other club at the moment.

    I would hate Liverpool to get him, a club that is no better than us at present, I wouldnt swap one of our first 11 for any of thiers. I dont want to be enforcing a club like liverpool with our players.

    But… Money talks and players walk. Alas.

  46. I would rather see Enrique if not for us but for another Club stitching up Liverpools strikers rather than supporting them that would make me happier.

  47. icedog says:
    February 17, 2011 at 1:29 pm
    SJT not a good time to buy the best players m8 in jan imo

    Yeah Liverpool proved that.

  48. I think this is all a concerted effort by the players to get their message across to Ashley etc. I’d be surprised if any of them were going anywhere this summer. Enrique is happy at the club!

  49. It seems like just yesterday the guy was waxing lyrically about the club and the erae and kissing the badge.
    The more things change the more they stay the same !
    We are and have always been a selling club.
    Sure we have had our days in the spotlight, early fifties and of course the KK sides.
    Sir Bobby had decent sides and Hughton appeared to be building a half way competitive bunch with no real dosh, remarkable !
    I sense the recent to-getherness is fading and those reaching their prime are looking for a side with more ambition and not to forget dosh !
    It could be a year of transition for the side , with commings and goings, we are all aware how quick Ashley & co. grabbed the thirty five big ones and so much for loyalty, our local guy could`nt wait to drive there took off in a feckin helicopter.
    Course both sides blamed each other, but does any one now doubt it`s all about the money?
    Hey it`s not the end of the world, players come and players go, the Ashleys policy has been made clear, buy cheap and sell high.
    As for ambition, mid table EPL, get used to it !

  50. Just read a headline where Joey states,

    New signings must have the right character”

    Hows that for Chutzpah ?

  51. Here we go again!
    Nothing has actually happened and we’re all slashing your wrists! If you must have a slash, don’t slash on me – I’ve had that in some football ground bogs already!

  52. Bottom line is if Fatman sells the rest of the crown jewels without bringing in like for like replacements then at least we’d get a few more “I’ll always support the club no matter what” fans up off their arses and into the front line.

    Until then we’ll just have to accept Fatman and Pardwho have done their best to hoodwink the vast majority.

    BTW Worky what we doing about …….


    I’ll happily write something if you’re stuck for time or maybe you dont want this site to get involved ??

  53. If Enrique goes its either the wage-cap or MA’s lack of ambition. either way the ‘bigwigs’ upstairs have caused it.

    Why doesnt MA stop pissing about and just run a club properly.

    THe team that played B’ham cost a little bit more than the 35mil we recieved for Carroll.

    Stop pleading poverty and lining your own pockets! we have a decent team, with a few additions we could be playing in Europe in 2yrs time.
    If Enrique goes expect the likes of Barton, Colo, Tiote to go too

  54. The Mail translation is crap, read the original marca article, he speaks about how the squad is thin and we need to buy players. Says he’s happy at Newcastle but wants to tell his kids he’s played champions league football and played for his country
    He’s basically saying the same as Barton and Nolan – we need to sign a couple of good players and also a couple of decent squad players
    If we don’t show any ambition in the summer he’ll be off along with anyone else who wants to play in Europe

  55. fourfouroneone says:

    “The Mail translation is crap………if we don’t show any ambition in the summer he’ll be off along with anyone else who wants to play in Europe”

    and who could blame them ?????

  56. 4411@70

    Hope you are right. It would then be some really nice thing.
    We have a very good group of players and a top 7 finish is definitely within our reach with good additions to it in the summer.

    And who knows? we might just get it this season if players keep playing like they have been doing in the last few games.

  57. If Jose goes I expect Shane Ferguson to step up to the plate. He maybe just needs to beef up a little.

    In any case Jose will not be sold on the cheap, at least i hope he doesn’t.

  58. AndyMac says:

    fourfouroneone says:

    “The Mail translation is crap………if we don’t show any ambition in the summer he’ll be off along with anyone else who wants to play in Europe”

    and who could blame them ?????”

    I thought I’d just ask the question again and target those who stand on the side of “Fatman knows what he’s doing/Let’s Support the Club/Get Behind the Team/Blah blah blah/Please dont criticise anything about NUFC because its not in the best interests of the club etc etc”.

  59. Jose is a very good player and, though he gets caught in possession sometimes, it would be a shame to lose him so soon. But, as with Carroll, if the fee is right, its probably best to take the money. He’s got a little over a year left on his contract i think so now would be the time. We got him for about 6m, we could maybe push and get double that from a bigger club. Quality left backs don’t come cheap. My only fear is that Jonas and Colo might be next.

  60. We will sell the guy. he holds all the aces. The best left back in the premier league. Will make demands way above our wage structure as his status of being the left back in the league entitles him to do. The next step is a transfer. it is no great shock. lets remember he is spanish and will want to return home in a few years and while in England he will want a trophy. now as much as i love newcastle even I cannot see us winning a trophy.

  61. Susan_Boyle says:

    “If Jose goes I expect Shane Ferguson to step up to the plate. He maybe just needs to beef up a little”

    But can you blame them for “wanting to improve their lot in life” that is all I’m asking ?

  62. I’m with you on this one, Hugh.

    This is hard suprising is it? Why would anybody stay here if the club don’t even show an ounce of ambition?

    The only possible way I see us keeping hold off Tiote and Enrique is if we spend all the £35m from Carroll and a bit more that Pardew would have had anyway. That way it will show the players we have ambition and want to get better.

    Although I doubt this will happen so it’s just tough shit, we just have to keep paying our £500 quid every season, get nothing in return but still be expected to turn up every week because it’s supposed to be our duty.

    Really wouldn’t blame anyone if they didn’t turn up to watch if players get sold this summer.

    Supporters have to get something in return!

  63. cant beleive any thing what any 1 says at this club no more , we always got the truth oot of king kev and sir alan

  64. @77:

    I meant wee Shane needs to beef up a bit more. If he is to be moulded into a left-back, his slight frame will make him a pushover, literally.

  65. It’s all very simple. If we show ambition in the summer, we’ll keep our players. Showing ambition means getting some quality in and rewarding those who have played this year.

    The players know it and their agents know it, and they’re all savvy enough to flex their muscles to force Ashley’s hand.

    If Barca or Real came in for Jose he’d go, no matter what was happening at Newcastle. Having a new contract is no guarantee that anybody will stay.

    If we don’t show ambition, they’ll all go to whoever will satisfy their ambitions and we’ll be fooked.

    We’ll find out what which way the fat batard is thinking in the summer. No point in bringing out the ashes and sackcloth just yet – although the manic depressives among you might need them to live your sick lives.

  66. All getting a bit previous.

    Rubs 1st 2 fingers & thumb together & makes sharp kissing sound.

  67. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “All getting a bit previous.

    Rubs 1st 2 fingers & thumb together & makes sharp kissing sound”

    OK CF it’s still a remarkably straightforward question which has yet to be answered directly.

    “Could you blame Enrique, Tiote, Barton etc if they left the club at the end of this season ?”

  68. Whey aye,
    if it’s just for cash.
    Then i’d certainly blame whomever.

    Although you didn’t ask me that, i’ve just come on?

  69. I’d also blame players, of any club, that come out saying stuff like:
    ‘I love this club & wanna finish my career here…blah, blah, blah’
    Then proceed to leave on the next available helicopter.

  70. I think the goal for every member of our team should be to finish higher than Liverpool this season. That would be achievable and I for one would think it to be great motivation. A message to Andy and anyone else thinking of leaving for the so called greener pastures.

  71. What d’y’mean by ‘further one’s career’?
    If it’s just more cash you want, then you are loyalty-free, mercenary & know one will ever trust you or care about you, which is fair enough if you have sociopathic tendencies.
    If it’s cos you wanna play for manusa, barca et al & want personal glory, knock yourself out, but don’t ever go saying ‘i love this club’ etc. Cos it’s bollox, you love cash & glory.
    That’s ok, plenty do…But don’t pretend it’s anything else.

  72. & so long as it’s ‘one’s career’ that’s being furthered & not the club’s.

    No need to repay the people that afforded you the opportunity in any way shape or form.

    Cos it’s the individual that really counts.

  73. I reckon Carrolls sale shocked the squad as much as Hughtons sacking.The lads have pulled together but clearly dont trust Ashley to show ambition – why would they? Thats why the senior players like Barton and now Enrique are being quoted about squad strengthening etc.We gained 35 mill(at least Ashley did)but we lost credibility and effectively put the for sale board up and the players can see it.Pardew cant reassure anybody and he may yet be just Ashleys mouthpiece, or he is being shafted as well.
    Its simple,Ashley could change everything at a stroke with a strong statement of intent to the fans,the media and players – but that wont happen,will it?He could have refused to sell Carroll then everyone would have known Newcastle had ambition – watch the house of cards

  74. CF @ 90

    So, if you:

    a) Would like (a lot) more money
    b) Play with a team which has a really good chance of winning leagues & cups

    You have sociopathic tendencies?

    Money & success sounds pretty sensible to me!

    Let’s face it – we (& other clubs) hire mercenaries to represent us on the pitch.

    THAT’S IT THE PLAYERS ARE MERCENARIES! and you’re sticking your head in the sand if you think otherwise.

    OK – it’s unfortunate when they say they “love the club” etc., but that’s what the press want to publish and what the punters want to hear.

    The fact is that unless NUFC can match the wages of the biggies, we’re going to shed our better mercenaries/players.

    That’s why Chelsea did well and Man City are improving.

    The biggest clubs either have multi-billionaire owners or huge debt. We do not!

    Nuff said.

  75. bob,
    fair enough, paraphrase away, take out of context, don’t address the other parts of my post. Just take the bits that suit/match/furnish your argument.

    It wouldn’t be the first time & i very much doubt it’ll be the last.

    I’m well & fully aware of your/various peoples side of the argument mate, thanx.

  76. Actually Bob not ’nuff said atall.

    Unfortunatly MONEY has corrupted the game beyond belief.
    The players are not in the same world as us and never will be.
    You are right they are all mercenaries in the end. Even the local ones. Loyalty doesn’t exist. Love the club is bollix to appease the peasants. Its funny how moving to a more successful club doubles the wages.
    No one can convince me that Andy c’s move to L’poo was for anything other than financial gain. They’re not the club they used to be. Well feck him, his loss in the end.
    But I have a feeling the wages bubble is going to burst anytime soon. Its out of control.
    As are tkt prices. I see the cheapest tkt prices for the champs lge final are £176. ffs. And thats b4 touts get stuck in. The games gone mad.
    Unfortunatly if clubs dont BUY success like chelski and manc alibaba city then you wont ever get any. And tbh I dont want NUFC to end up like one of those plastic clubs. wow those fans must be so proud. Of what?
    I thought NUFC was doing ok with AC. Local lad comes good n all. But in the end money talks and players walk.
    The only loyalty is from the fans, and even we are being screwed over for every last penny.
    I give up.
    I understand cashleys thinking ie a tight reign on wages, balancing the books, buy cheap sell dear. But its a road to mediocrity and nothingness. Get used to it. His ambittion is to make us a feeder club for the top 6. NOT to be in the top 6. The sooner the fans accept that the better.
    Well not that we should have to accept that, but we cant change the way it is, short of staying away and thats not likely to happen. For most of us NUFC is in our blood.

  77. BB,
    nowt wrong with any of that mate.

    what i would add in relation to ashley making us a feeder club for the top 6.
    It’s not so much that as our players, if they start to make a name for themselves, then clubs from the top 6 come along & turn their heads, there’s not a lot anyone can do if they wanna go. If said player deems the club coming in as more fashionable or better paying or whatever, that’s where they’ll end up.
    Most players haven’t got the sac to actually help ‘make’ a club top 6.
    Quick & easy gain in the order of the day.
    That goes for clubs, managers, players, fans, people in general.
    People watch xfactor FFS!

  78. Most players haven’t got the sac to actually help ‘make’ a club top 6.
    Quick & easy gain in the order of the day

    Spot on.
    I’m getting old. lol

    I have NEVER watched x factor either.

    Its hurts to have your hopes and dreams of glory for NUFC dashed and to accept the way things are these days.
    Ah well!

  79. I believe loyalty does exist, and wouldn’t even say AC is dis-loyal to the club, never mind Jose’s latest interview.

    We all know how important money can be unless there are anyone here who still attend kindergartens.

    We all know that top offers don’t come by often, no matter what we do for our livings. Unfortunately, it is even more so for footballers as they wouldn’t be able to keep playing for 20 years and get even better in what they do.

    We all want something from our loyalty to employers, and let’s stop being unfair to those who are just the same with us.

  80. Er,
    i think any 25 year old footballers(or even younger) on £20-50k per WEEK aren’t short of a bob or 2 like, poor souls.

    If they don’t put any of that away for life after football, more fool they.

    Zero sympathy on that!

  81. bb @96

    You shouldn’t apologise for your views in post 95 – they were spot on.

    We all have our dreams to be an outfit like e.g Arsenal, with a great long term team/manager/record BUT we live in a real world where that doesn’t happen very often.

    We don’t 100% know what Ashley’s long term intentions are, but we can guess through what’s happened over the last few years that it’s a somewhat limited strategy to contain costs whilst remaining in the premiership in order to be able to sell at a profit as and when.

    He’s NOT a Toon fan as such, but a businessman who thinks (or thought?) that he could make a deal of dosh out of his purchase over a say 5 year period.

    This does not square with what the fans want, i.e. top players & team getting into Europe every year, so we’re going to be exasperated until either he changes his approach or flogs the club to somebody who is prepared to invest heavily for success.

  82. Beardsleys Boots,

    Perhaps, but what else can a fan do? We make noise and hope the board could notice that. I am sure Jose and Joey are doing exactly the same thing.

  83. WM – Fair ’nuff.

    Actually been some good debates going on the Blog today, on various threads, and with so many differing points of view. Good stuff :D