Henry’s a non-starter for Newcastle but Aliadiere looks possible

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Jermaine Aliadiere - possibly Newcastle signing
Short-term solution?
Thierry Henry looks like being a non-starter but Jermaine Aliadiere might be an option to shore up Newcastle United’s striking options.

According to some press reports Jermaine Aliadiere is in talks with Newcastle about joining the club until the end of the season. Admittedly the reports seem to have started in the Daily Mail as far as I can tell, but if they can spare column inches from telling us we’re all going to perish horribly then maybe there’s something in it.

Thierry Henry was allegedly a target to bolster our depleted striking options but Alan Pardew has pretty much written that one off, saying:

I don’t think getting Henry is possible.

I haven’t even thought about it, if I’m honest, but we will do over the next 48 hours.

There are one or two players we are looking at.

I don’t think we are going to get anyone who could impact on the first team, but on the bench, I need to turn round to that bench and have people who can affect the game.

We will look, perhaps, to that market for maybe one or maybe two if necessary.

Judging by that, it looks as if Pardew is merely after some backup that might be able to influence things in a substitute capacity rather than someone to lead the line, which is a role that will remain the responsibility of Best, Lovenkrands and Ranger.

Personally I think Ranger just needs a goal to get him started because a lot of the rest of his game has looked pretty good to me when I’ve watched him play this season.

In a previous post about Aliadiere I mentioned that his record as a striker is hardly mind-blowing but maybe he’s suitable for Pardew’s purposes and, who knows, maybe he’s yet to realise his true abilities and might just do so for us.

Next week sees the opening of the emergency loan window although I’m not sure how useful that will be. Emergency loans need to be approved by the Premier League and are only for ‘exceptional circumstances’, such as having a bunch of injured goalkeepers. I can’t imagine that selling your main striker for £35m counts as an ’emergency’, even given that Ameobi has a genuine injury.

I reckon we have enough in the team to get through the season without risking relegation anyway.

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39 Responses

  1. He can play on the wing also, we need people there also. But we should then just give him a short-deal, but Ewerthon looks something interesting, he have pace, good on head and can score goals!

  2. What about Airey? How long is he crocked for? Vuckic can play up front or at least support the front man from an advanced midfield role. I would much rather blood our youngsters than bring more dead wood and pay their wages only for them to warm the bench then leave at the end of the season. Unless it’s Thierry Henry or Ewerthon I don’t think we should gamble on a player that nobody else wants when we have young, ambitious and committed players in the squad who just want a chance, I feel these players would graft twice as much as someone who is just here to get themselves in the shop window and pick up a few hundred grand in the process.

  3. I agree about Ranger think he could be some player when he gets that goal. I think we should probably go for Ewerthon instead of Alliadierre just my opinion though.

  4. Let’s not get caried away about Ranger being the answer, the fact is we’re still thin on the ground for strikers and if he, or one of the others are injured, we’re right in the mire.

  5. I firmly believe all Ranger needs is a premier league goal and he will get the confidence he needs to map to the other parts of his game. If it were up to me I’d be saying to him to go out and prove he is the next big thing to come out of our youth system, prove he has what it takes to fill the No.9 shirt and then see how he gets on. The comments AP has stated in the press are hardly complimentary of his abilities, indicating that he is lazy etc. A bit of positive motivation works wonders!

  6. I hope he can get that goal soon. He looks dangerous and has certainly made one or two and I think he plays well with Best and Loven. Best seems to just stand in the dead centre of the goal square…seems to work for him though.

  7. Perhaps ranger is better off as a Pedro style player than an out and out striker. I think its nerves. He does ok for the stiffs, but can’t seem to score on the big stage.

  8. Ranger and Best up front all the way, i think McLoven has shown now that he’s well past it…at least wiv Ranger you know u’ve got an attacker on the field, one that wants to runs towards goal…and his shots are getting closer!

    (As a rosy cheeked boy sent to a quaint little village in the south, i’ve only managed to see 2 games at StJames this season – 5under1and, and 4rsen4l – i consider myself now a lucky mascot, if everybody chips in, i’ll come up for the man utd game…)

  9. Surely there is better options than these 2?
    I agree Ranger just needs a goal and it will do him the world of good – hope it happens soon his glaring misses are etched in my head.

  10. I don’t understand why no striker was bought in January. Even if Carrol stayed we still needed to bring someone next to him. Ireland is a great player but how and why exactly do we need another midfielder when it the strongest part of the team?
    Ranger is ok and so is Ameobi but they are not explosive even if their lives were on the line. Apparently Ranger scores in the reserves pretty well but as long as he doesnt do it in the league its not worth too much. He should play and he should start but he needs a scorer next to him.. the only possibility for it to work as I see it is to put Nolan ahead with him and Ireland and Ben Arfa when they return will bolster up our midfield

  11. Ben Arfa can play up front or behind the striker, that should work, even if he doesnt score his directness, skill and eye for a pass should create oportunities for the sole striker or any supporting midfielder e.g. Nolan, Barton or perhaps Ireland.

    I read that Ben Arfa only agreed to join if he was promised significant playing time in the centre or in an advanced role as opposed to the flank as this is his preferred position. Let’s give him a crack at it.

  12. Arsenal fans claiming NUFC used the 35 million Carroll to buy the ref. And all the Toon got for it was one point? A bad piece of business I’d say.

  13. aliadiere..no no..we never learn..when we got loven and the other lad from french league..on frees.. they are not match fit..so it takes them long time b4 they are..the brazilan lad has played matches..so he would be a better option..with 13 games to go..why get aliadere..it will take him long time..and he even wont play from the start..stick to ranger and play the lad each week..

  14. The Thierry Henry deal was a non starter. He aint gona leave his new club on a different continent for 55k a week when hes just settling in. Maybe if we’d offered him over 100k he might have thought again. I think this was just a bit of spin by the club much like saying that Carroll was intent on leaving.
    I think we’ll be okay when Ben Arfa gets back although if we do have to get someone in, even as cover, Ewerthon could be a decent player. Good pedigree and still in his prime at 29. It just makes you wonder why hes available?
    Ranger will be a great player when he gets that first goal. You have to remember that hes still 2 years younger than carroll and its alot of responsibility for the kid.
    Re Valle and Beeguy- That banter with the gooners was priceless. Their cheating Barstewards have probably conned the refs hundreds more times than anyone else yet when one decision goes against them they cant stop whining!!!! I hate man u but I hope they cream arsenal.

  15. i agree with asim, by the time anyonewe sign who hasnt been playing (like pancrate last year) gets back to being match fit (say six weeks) shola will be back and ready to play anyway. now whilst shola is hardly the next shearer he is better than anyone we will be able to get on a free transfer this time of year.

    so it just smacks of desperation and getting a body in for the sake and expense of it. i would be much happier if pardew picked one of the academy boys to warm the bench and just played one up front and five in midfield – mainly as that is our strongest position and we have at least three first team players who could play the attacking midfielder/support striker role.

  16. Not sure Micky Toon-Just not the 2 mentioned :lol:
    I just think there has got to be a half decent striker available other than them,Mr Carr (Chatty Man Snr) wants to pull his fookin! finger! out! :lol:

  17. Ewerthon only left his club because the club could not afford his wages and the lad can play he is a good player better than shola , his former club would of went bank under if he stayed any longer , they did not want to let his go they had no choice in the end ,

  18. so if we sign him he will get offered a new contract b4 the end of the season , cos he is a good player

  19. Aye,
    Ranger does need a goal or 2 to get going.
    Maybe he’s one of those guys that can’t be arsed at rehearsal, but come the gig?
    He’s only 19 & has a lot to learn, as a person, not so much as a footballer, he looks like a ‘natural’. He just needs to sharpen up, get ruthless, in front of goal.

    Don’t really see the point of Aliadiere, PL is very similar.
    With PL, i think the game has to be played at him a bit more, he needs stuff to run on to. He is actually the only striker we have that attacks the front stick consistently though.
    HBA behind the CF (whoever that is?) is a no-brainer.
    Won’t see him for a while yet though.

  20. No to Alialialiadieryadiere, although with AP making it clear it’s cover for the bench, possibly more sensible.

    Ewerthon sounds more like what’s needed, but can we justify the cost?

    As for Ranger: I know he’s missed some sitters recently, but he’s also had a couple of cracking shots well saved and he’s done so well in setting up for Nolan and others. I think it may be time to see him start with Best – see what he’s learned this term.

  21. Well if AP wants someone for the wings then i have just read that Laurent Robert has just has his contract ended in greece . Not a bad short contract signing until the end of the season plus the Brazilian lad , they would at least add numbers to a very thin squad .

  22. Axel says:
    February 8, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    “Well if AP wants someone for the wings then i have just read that Laurent Robert has just has his contract ended in greece .”

    I don’t think that he’s the same Laurent Robert now though, Axel. Though I haven’t seem him play in Greece. Last time I saw him play was for Toronto in the MLS.

  23. I heard Ewerthon hasn’t played for six months due to injury, although the truth of that is up for debate as surely Pardew wouldn’t be looking at a crocked player.

    I agree with most that Ewerthon would be a better bet as not only can he play upfront but also on the wing which we need options for at the moment.

    I just hope we can keep Cheick Tiote at the end of the season. Being a selling club will get us nowhere as there will be no foundations to build on.

  24. “I heard Ewerthon hasn’t played for six months due to injury, although the truth of that is up for debate as surely Pardew wouldn’t be looking at a crocked player” :)

    Not too sure about that (cough Ireland cough).

    I agree with the views expressed earlier there is no point in bringing in someone if we deny Ranger, or Best for that matter, a decent run in the side. Ranger just needs the confidence that scoring goals brings. Best well………

    As I’ve said before if we’re short of forwards then adjust the team and adapt it to match what we have got. Although I’m not sure thats something Pardew could cope with as his “we must change the way we play” routine turned out to be “let’s match the Arse in formation”

    A lot has been said about King Kenny and his new tactical plan, although I’m pretty sure it’s got Steve Clarke’s handwriting all over it, but three at the back is a way forward and something we should consider particularly when HBA returns.

  25. WORKY off tact,rumours flying about tiote leaveing sjp in summer for this team or that team,latest one being chelsea have asked for toon to name there price.

    why have club not put a buying out clause into contracts as the so called bigger clubs do ie rangeing from 80/100mil,seems to be the done thing overseas?

  26. Another reason to give him an improved contract then and INCLUDE a buy-out clause.

    Failing that I’m gonna super glue his shirt to his back :lol:

  27. don’t know if anybody has gone over this,probably have but any chance of getting Nicklas Bendtner in January

  28. nufc337… We dont want him mate, and thats comming from a dane. He is to much up his own a-hole.

  29. I really hope we dont waste the money on players such as Bendtner, Carlton Cole and Pav from spurs. There are allot of really exciting talents around these days, to many for the really big clubs to snap up.