Injury update: Benny’s back in April. Shola’s back in 10 days.

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Hatem Ben Arfa back from injury in April
Hatem Ben Arfa back from injury in April
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew is targeting the match against Wolves on 2nd April for the return of Hatem Ben Arfa. Injuries to other team members are progressing well too.

Ben Arfa was of course crocked by Nigel de Jong whose crunching tackle managed to elicit a double break in Ben Arfa’s leg.

It’s the sort of injury that can knock players out for an entire season, so the fact that he’s making a comeback before the end of this season is good news indeed.

Talking about Ben Arfa’s injury, Pardew said:

You’d like to think he’s got every chance of playing against Wolves.

The Stoke game is probably too soon for him.

He will not be toned up as he has been out for so long. He’s running, but he’s a good month away.

Meanwhile, Shola has had his face mask fitted in Detroit and is expected to return for the game against Everton. Pardew said:

Shola’s running now and has his mask.

He knows he’s got his work cut out to get back in this team.

Peter and Leon weren’t first choice at the start of the season but they have worked hard and are doing well.

Additionally, Ryan Taylor’s ankle injury is now healed and the player could be in contention for Saturday’s visit from Bolton and Steve Taylor is apparently back in full training, although Pardew didn’t indicate exactly when he expects him to be available to play.

It all bodes well for the run-in.

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27 Responses

  1. Looking forward to seeing HBA get back on the horse, as it were.
    As a fully fledged, fur-lined, ocean going, paid up member of the team.
    2 down of the ‘big 7’ games up to & including AV & 4 points garnered.
    Please sir, can i have some more?

    Starting on Saturday, 3 would be nice.

  2. Who is that masked man?
    Is it a bird, is it a striker, is it Leon Best, Noooo,
    It’s Super Shola!


  3. Great news, although I hope he only gets the last 20 minutes of the game for the first few games so we don’t run the risk of buggering him up. Then roll on pre-season as he gets ready for next season.

  4. Looking forward to seeing both BA and Ireland strut their stuff, too long without a bit of flair and genius from the side.
    Damn ! i hate that hoof it up the pitch stuff, give me a Bobby Mitchell, Waddle, Beardsley, Ginola, well ye kna what a mean, bit of entertainment like.
    Is`nt that what it`s all about ?

  5. Cool your jets lads. He was going to be back in March. Now it is April. I’d hope for a cameo against WBA on the last day.

  6. So long as he gets back on the pitch before the end of the season for his home crowd applause.

  7. Cannot wait to see h.b.a back in action, he’s the most skillful player i have seen since pedro was gracing the turf at s.j.p, pure class, just hope his injury has no long lasting effects, fingers crossed eh!

  8. Joeys tache says:
    February 23, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    “Cannot wait to see h.b.a back in action, he’s the most skillful player i have seen since pedro was gracing the turf at s.j.p”

    Nobby in his prime, Ginola when he got his arse into gear. HBA is excellent, but I think he will still get better, then bugger off to a Champion’s League team or something like that.

  9. Aye worky,
    Inca boy in his prime.
    Top class!
    That goal v everton, outside of the boot.
    The one where he wriggles through the whole team in europe, Sochaux?

  10. Ginola v manusa & the one v ferencvaros is out of this world. Doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, that goal.
    Amazing skill.

  11. Yes worky how could i forget nobby and ginola, both cracking players, shame ginola was’nt here a bit longer though, short but sweet i suppose, well thats what wor lass keeps telling me.

  12. Hugh,
    it’s mad what you can find under rocks, isn’t it?

    Just found some stuff on Jack Renolds too, origiator of ‘Total Football’.

  13. Hugh,
    sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a pain in the ass though.
    Now, if only i can retain all the new knowledge.

  14. CLINT off footy,know your man who likes knowledge;

    just had text off m8 in malta in airport control,

    libyan passenger airliner tried to land here but wasnt given permission. it had gadafi’s children on itdont know if it was a good move .

  15. Apparently quite a number of both Italian and Spanish clubs beginnings had associations with ex-pat brits and Irish.
    Sporting Gijon was founded by Brit`s and apparently the reason Atletico Madrid plays in red and white stripes was because the founders were from that toon just doon the road, Sunerlnd.

  16. Aye chuck,
    & loads of S American teams too mate.

    that’s a tasty titbit mate, Oooooo!
    You alreet man?

  17. CLINT aye ganning great not happy if the petrol going up to £6.50 owr this bother like :( as there saying

  18. ice,
    £6.50, is that per gallon?
    It’s out of date petrol, we’re gonna have to move on.

  19. Our physios are crap!!! HBA was due back early February, then moved to late February, then moved to early March and now he won’t play till APRIL!! WTF!!! I know his injury was very serious but why the hell does the club build our hopes up by saying he’s very fit and will be back sooner than expected. that really pisses me off BIG TIME!! Gosling and now HBA again. By the reports he was going to start playing for us as soon the end of next week as he was apparently doing very rapid progress in France. I wish Hatem the best recovery and I would hate to see him get injured again, but all this back dating really does my head in! GET IT RIGHT NEWCASTLE FFS!!!

  20. I think what the player ‘puts out’ & what the physios know are often 2 different things.
    Also, there’s difference between fit & match fit.

  21. Excellent, Shola in a mask. The extra weight is going to play havoc with his balance. He’s like a wobbly version of Emile Heskey at the best of times.
    We’ve got enough in the tank to beat the majority of the run in teams with the squad we have. I don’t want to jinx anything but we WILL be a premiership team next season.
    Woo hoo!

  22. It would be great to see BA and Gossey back before seasons end, but not at the expence of further complications. Next season will be their time…and it will be a good time with the Maggies flying high and mighty…its written in the stars, you just gotta look….and believe.