Injury update: Ireland back soon, Ben Arfa delayed

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Stephen Ireland, Newcastle United
Wearing black & white soon
Stephen Ireland anticipates being able to contribute to Newcastle United’s midfield very soon, whilst Hatem Ben Arfa’s comeback is delayed due to compassionate leave.

Stephen Ireland has been injured since he got here 3 weeks ago but it looks as if he’s nearing fitness now.

Apparently his recovery is going well and Ireland talked about it thusly:

We thought it would be a couple of weeks.

But I went running outside today at a decent level and decent pace, and I reckon it could be by the end of next week hopefully.

I’ve just got to do a few more sessions and then see how far I can push it. If it goes well then I could be back soon.

I haven’t got any specific game in mind. I’ve just got to take a day at a time really, because one day it could feel amazing and then the next day really bad. It’s quite strange, but I have to see how I feel on a day to day basis.

I just need to get back on the field now. I’m frustrated with the injury I’ve got at the moment.

After two weeks at a club you want to be getting involved in the playing and training, but I’m not far away.

I didn’t come here just to get treatment – I came here to play. Thankfully things are getting right now and I’m almost there.

Meanwhile, Hatem Ben Arfa’s return will be delayed after he was granted compassionate leave to go and see his grandparents in Tunisia which, like a lot of the Middle East/North Africa, seems to be in turmoil at the moment.

He was due to resume training at the club last Monday (14th Feb 2011) after spending time recuperating from his broken leg at France’s Clairefontaine football academy. Apparently the club sent a doctor to France to check up on him and his aerobic fitness is actually better than it was when he originally joined us on loan.

Anyway, he’ll be in Tunisia for a week and is now due back at the club next Monday (21st Feb 2011).

With Ireland and eventually Ben Arfa and Gosling due to come back from the treatment room too, I think that makes for a very strong midfield. Alan Pardew will have the difficult task of wondering who to leave out, which is a ‘problem’ I think most managers would like to have.

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79 Responses

  1. Its February mate not January.

    Looking forwards to seeing both but dont think it will be for another month.

    Sorry to be thick but what is “aerobic fitness” and how is it measured?

  2. Beardsleys Boots says:
    February 18, 2011 at 8:46 am (Edit)

    Its February mate not January.


    So it is. Where did that month go?

    Thanks, changed the post.

  3. “Sorry to be thick but what is “aerobic fitness” and how is it measured?”

    I presume it’s where they attach a load of nonsense to you, get you running and measure breathing, SATS, pulse and associated recovery rates.

  4. Lacedaemonian says:
    February 18, 2011 at 8:50 am (Edit)

    Tunisia in the middle east?


    Yes, yes, I’m having a bad day.

    I’m going back to bed.

  5. just your thoughts lads where do you think the club is heading future wise with talk of players going which is a concern in my view and possible targets coming in can you see the club going on to better things or be struggling in seasons to come

  6. Indian Magpie says:
    February 18, 2011 at 8:56 am (Edit)

    Tunisia is in africa.


    I know, I know. I’ve been there actually. I made a mistake and corrected the post.

    Grief people!

  7. nufc337 says:
    February 18, 2011 at 8:57 am (Edit)

    just your thoughts lads where do you think the club is heading future wise with talk of players going which is a concern in my view and possible targets coming in can you see the club going on to better things or be struggling in seasons to come


    My answer to that is that I don’t know. I think this summer will tell us a lot though.

  8. In answer to 7;

    My view is we will become a player conveyor belt for ambitious clubs stocking up shelves of players and selling them on at profit once they have been displayed in the Sportsdirect@stjamesparkwindow.

    Incoming players will be generally gambles ie replacing proven talent with players from abroad,loans,division one,championship etc and players like gosling,Ireland that seem to have continuous niggles.

    You have got to be pretty stupid to gamble on premiership survival and sell your main striker mid season without a replacement and sack your manager for no reason other than experience,especially after recent events.

    Fair play to the lads for stepping upto the plate though but it could have been a very different story.
    I would love this club to be sold to somebody with a genuine drive and vision for footballing success but I think the players and fans realise that under MA it will never happen.

  9. @ HUGH

    i was awnsering to what i thought was Lacedaemonian @ 3’s question. did not see the mistake upstairs.

    @ nufc337 @ 7 the club is going right down Mr Ashley’s ABJECt ARSE
    and the way the club is being run is a Farce

  10. hugh take no notice of all the clever c unts ,because they have got a combined IQ that dusent even add up too judases ;)

  11. sjt – 100% agree with you.

    the salad dodger is cashing in on the clubs best players & the money he gets wont see the light of day again – this bloke is an open book & you dont have to be very clever to cotton on to him.

    his latest scam is trying to get the season tickets re-sold (in april) before this season ends & if/when he achieves it then be prepared for the usual – we haven’t got a pot to piss in – patter being spewed out.

    if the tickets go slow – then be prepared for simlar shyte being said.

    either way it’ll be 10/12 million at best being spent in the summer regardless of who else he cashes in on.

    this is what the c@nt is good at – conning his customers.

  12. Tunisia ‘could’ be in the middle east, if russia is in europe & israel, morocco, algeria etc.

    BTW, which continent is russia actually part of.
    Anyone that pays the most i guess.

  13. sjt agree as well,might as well have the epl with only 5 teams and forget the rest as every player is only interested in fame and money.Of course the fifth team would be newcastle

  14. SJT @ 11 – Talk about negativity, what make you think that what we’ve done hasn’t helped us more than troubled us as a club, I mean, lets start with the sale of our main striker ok… he’s injured, still is but we’ve lost 1 game in 8, so how as that been a problem selling someone for a massive profit, without losing ground?? Yeah I could have understood your complaint if we’d sold a fit Carroll who was playing & we were now down in 17th but we didn’t & we aren’t, so what your problem??

    Indianmag @ 12 – How is the running of the club a farce?? He’s gotten rid of all our debt bar whats owed to him, yes he’s made mistakes but at the same time he’s allowed our managers to bring in some decent players & the club is currently in 9th place & if we win our next game, could be in a Europa league slot & thats after just being promoted to the PL… Yes he’s not spent a load on players but we’ve always been a selling club, the only difference is, gone have the days under FFS of buying expensive players & selling them at a massive loss, instead, we’re now buying cheap, decent players & selling them at a massive profit, which I personally think is the way a footy club should be run….

    Personally I think the club is being run better than it ever has been & if the players don’t put in transfer requests like Carroll, then they won’t be sold… imo

  15. SJT spot on mate.
    Cashley wants NUFC to be a feeder club for the top 6
    NOT in the top 6.

    Dont forget to sign up for your 10 year season tkt lads.

    Oh and dont go getting your hopes up on the £35M getting spent on anything but shit.

  16. If was nowt wrong at the club, we’d find something.
    Toon69, people have to have a bete noir mate, it’s traditional.

    I’d say some where on drugs, but it’s more likely that they need some drugs.


    Eeee, well i never did, already, even.


  17. Toon69 -“Indianmag @ 12 – How is the running of the club a farce?? He’s gotten rid of all our debt bar whats owed to him, yes he’s made mistakes but at the same time he’s allowed our managers to bring in some decent players & the club is currently in 9th place & if we win our next game, could be in a Europa league slot & thats after just being promoted to the PL… Yes he’s not spent a load on players but we’ve always been a selling club, the only difference is, gone have the days under FFS of buying expensive players & selling them at a massive loss, instead, we’re now buying cheap, decent players & selling them at a massive profit, which I personally think is the way a footy club should be run….”

    Thats fine so long as you aspire to mediocrity and dont want to EVER win a trophy/lge again.
    Great. thanks for that!

  18. Oh it doesn’t take long for the Anti-Ashley crew to get going does it… lol lol ;)

    I actually can’t wait until the summer to see what sort of crap you all come out with if Ashley does let Pardew spend the £35m on players, I mean, what will you say??

    Actually, I hope he only spends £25m personally, because that’ll mean we’ll have something left over to spend in the Jan window if we need too but even if he does that, you’ll all have something to complain about….

    As for the new ST offers, I can’t believe some of you… the guys offering you a freeze on the prices for 10 years, with no small print, yet you still complain… its laughable it is…. I know a couple of mates who support the Spurts & Muckems & they all think its a great offer by the club but our own fans are that dead against Ashley, they’re ready to cut off their won noses to spite him… well thats your choice, don’t take the offer but think of this before you decline yeah…..

    What if Ashley is hoping that you don’t take up the offer, that way, you’ll be out of pocket, not him, you’ll be the one’s having to buy STs at normal price or buying match tickets at full price, either way, he’s the one not losing out…. lol ;)

    It’s called reverse psychology, he knows how much you hate him & thats why he also knows that you’ll reject what he’s offering as some scam but in reality, its a bloody good idea but because your hatred to him blinds you, you don’t see that & he’s the one laughing at the end!!!

  19. Beardsleys Boots @ 21 – So what has changed over the past 40 years then??? You can’t change the players minds, you can’t stop them wanting to leave & yoy can’t stop agents from tapping up players either…. so if you have a sensible, realistic way to stop our top, best players from leaving the club, without paying them stupid wages like we use to, then I bet Ashley would be willing to listen???

    But no, it’ll be we have to pay them what other clubs are offering them, say £100k/week per player yeah….

    Not a bad idea if our revenue could handle that but it can’t, so unless every fans at the Toon is willing to accept a massive increase in ticket & merchandise prices, then how else can we afford to play the going rate, for which it seems our best players want???

    I’m all ears fella… :)

  20. toon69 – well said mate, Ashley is frustrating and seems to make wild, wreckless acts, BUT THEY COME RIGHT – and it’s fun being a fan of a club with so much drama! just fink of all the other boring fu3ker clubs we could lumbered with, the last 2 seasons have read more like a Hollywood film(i hope u’ve all seen “Goal!” with Santiago Munez….i’m sure u have).

    Ashley’s the Shakespeare of football ownership, and if football be the food of love, PLAY ON!

  21. Shrews @ 24 – Aye probably but hey, someones got to be logical about all whats going on & not be bullied into submission… lol lol ;)

  22. howay man batty when you said a – pay as you go – i didn’t expect a slot meter attached to the back like m8.


  23. Clint: Russia is generally considered to be in “Eurasia” – basically spanning Europe and Asia.

    As for the conspiracy theorists: of course they’re trying to tempt people to buy season tickets now; it’s called risk management.

    The summer may be too late to convince the likes of Jose to stay; I hope he’s in Owl Heed’s office right now being reassured that we will be pushing him towards the CL and that he doesn’t need to move to get there. Otherwise his agent will make sure he has a deal ready to sign on the first day of the next window. Those gits sniff another 7-figure pay day and pour poison in a player’s ear; the clubs stand little chance, especially when run by an idiot.

    This is the real price of letting AC go; it’s shaken the belief of the squad in the future of the club. Nolan is dead wrong; £35 may have been a lot of money for Carroll, but it was a pittance compared to the damage it did to the club.

  24. Toon69 is spot on.
    I echo those comments and its weird even the choices which have been bad or seemed bad have worked a treat. I mean look at relegation, it was a horrible horrible season but it got rid of our overpaid useless players. Made almost all our players better for it, I mean Enrique and Coloccini look like different players. Was the beginning of the confidence spiral that lead to an academy striker becoming worth 35m, as well as the confidence vein through-out the whole team that has brought us up and kept us going.

    Beyond that the sacking of chrissy seemed ludicrous but Pardew seems to have taken the best elements of Hughton and added his own tactics. Without Carroll more players have stepped upto the plate and we’re playing some good football, with 30m+ in the bank to spend. Finally, and I’m more than willing for a list of players here who haven’t been worth it, but I can think of few players who’ve actually turned out to be bad buys under the Ashley Era? Enrique, Barton, Ben Arfa, Tiote? I mean yeah you have Cacapa, but he was cheap, you have perch, but he was cheap, I think the only one who was truly a flop was Xisco because he wasn’t cheap and is still a drain on us.

    Believe me when I say I initially hated Ashley too, but bit by bit I saw his plans seem to fit with how I would want to run a club. The youth academy was the first step in the right direction for me but I think almost everything else has worked out well on top of that and we now have a team I’m proud to support! I haven’t been able to say that in a long while.

    p.s. the 25m with 10m to spend in the jan window was exactly my thoughts too, 2 strikers (one of which is elmander so the other about 10-15m) 2 wingers (one of which is mervaux or larsson) and a creative midfielder (possibly ireland if he comes good)

  25. I don’t believe it myself, but plenty do choose to believe what they read in the press.
    I guessing not in this case, somewhat strangely!

    It takes arl sorts.


  26. Toon69 I totally agree mate, like I said earlier, football has gone mad.
    Money has ruined the game.
    It doesn’t make it any easier to know that NUFC will never be title contenders again or cup winners even.
    These are the dreams we have had for years ffs and you think we should just right them off just like that.
    I’m not arguing its the right way to go, but Howay man.

  27. Cannot criticise the ten year deal on season tickets. can someone confirm my understanding that each February is the only time you can jump ship. If you go ahead you have to pay the full twelve month for that year despite maybe say in August your circunstances change and you are unable to pay. The club can still chase you for the full one year fee.

    Please leave off Ashley when it comes to money. I agree he has made some terrible football decisions. The man is welathy but if you loan somebody millions of pounds is it not only natural for you want it to be repaid

  28. @ BATTY

    i would never do the blasphemy of calling out Hugh’s Mistake and i made my stance clear on the same @ post


    Ashley is running club well – May be May be not

    @TOON 69 @ 18

    Removing debt is in his benefit in the long run, no interest rates.

    If he feels he is doing the right thing why does he goes AWOl from games, obviously because his narow minded thinking of making quick money. i mean you may say what is difference b/w Fulham, sunderland etc. we were in europe with a midfield of DYER, Solano, Robert and speed. Now you look @ this midfield this is far better all we need are good strikers.

    Ashley Must realise

    Newcastle united is like an echo if you love it it will love you back if you hate it.

  29. Agree with Beardsleys Boots that Ashley is probably running the club the way a footy club should be run.

    It is interesting to note that Ashley’s Sports Direct is increasing sales and profits and his football club is 9th and could be heading for a European slot whilst his competitor and rival Dave Whelan’s JJB Sports is heading for bankruptcy and his club Wigan is 18th and could be heading for relegation.

    I find it quite curious that so many fans blamed Ashley for getting us relegated but haven’t given him any credit for getting us to 9th, especially when so many said at the start of the season that they would be happy with 17th. It was probably the same fans who thought Enrique was overpaid and useless when he first started to play for us. Likewise Colo. Funny how things have changed.

  30. Beardsleys Boots @ 40 – I don’t write off not winning something fella but it needs to take time yeah, we need to build up slowly & if that mean selling some of our players along the way, then so be it, as long as we sell for a profit & then use that profit to buy better players along the way…

    We don’t have the billions to buy a title like Chelski did or Manc Citey are doing, so we have to do it the slow way, season by season… I mean, I was born a month before the Toon won the Inter-cities Fairs Cup in 69 & we haven’t won anything since as my mates keep reminding me of but it doesn’t change the way I feel, we will hopefully win something before I die but we’re not the only team in the league not to win something for many years, so will that change, I hope so…

    I think the only way we’re going to succeed is to be patient & build slowly, then we can start to make a run for the League or FA Cup one season, playing in Europe is another goal & once these new Financial rules come into force, we’ll be on a better footing than most clubs in the PL, which will help us a lot, you just wait & see.. :) ;)

    CliNT @ 42 – Sorry mate, just that sort of day lol ;)

  31. So, Jose’s reportedly rubbishing the club as going nowhere?

    Well, that’s one side of the story and needless to say, it’s spashed all over a page of an organ that’s universally respected for its objectivity, impartiality, attention to detail and accuracy of reporting – yup, you’ve got it, the Sun!

    Flipping the coin and we look at its stable-mate, The Times and George Caulkin, a journalist renowned for his information and intelligence, is reporting that Pardew’s planning his targets for the summer and will be more than adequately funded – given the club moving closer towards Ashley’s goal of self-sufficiency

    Pards is also reported to have recruited a couple of tchnical specialists who’ll prepare dossiers on other teams, reporting pre and post matches thus enabling a thorough briefing for the coaching staff.

    And, he’s talking about having undersoil heating installed at the training ground to boot!

    Now then, looking at both reports, both sides of the coin as it were, one shows a club that’s going nowhere and the other, one that’s getting its act together – on and off the field!

    Of course, past experience may incline towards the Sun, but then again, George Caulkin’s reports are usually respected and well sourced.

    Any thoughts which side of the coin’s gonna show?

  32. Indianmag @ 44 – I don’t understand what you mean by saying ‘he goes AWOL at games’??

    As for ‘narrow minded way of making money’ is laughable because if he wanted to do that, I doubt he’d have brought a football club, especially one the other end of the country to where he lives & for the amount he paid for it, plus the other £200m he’s spent on it since do you???

    Yes we did have a decent MF when we last played in Europe & our current MF is way better imo but we only got promoted this season, so all our players, not just the fans need to realise that too…. it’s not like we could get promoted & play in Europe the same season is it, no….

    If you look at the league as it is yeah, there are at least 6 teams who’re bigger & better than us financially & in squad size ok, them being Manc USa, Manc Citey, Arse-nil, Chelski, Spurts, Villa, Cessepool… so you have to realise that we need to be at least above 1 of those 6 to be able to play in Europe unless we win a domestic cup, as it stands we also have the Muckems & Bolton above us due to how well they’ve played, but that could change if the Toffee’s beat the Muckems & we beat Bolton in our next match, then we’re in 7th with a slight mathematical chance of getting into Europe next season, which will help attract new player & keep our current players…. do you see what I’m getting at now :)

  33. Lesh @ 48 – I’ll go with the George Caulkin’s reports fella, as we all know that the Southern crap-loids hate us to be successful in anyway, so I don’t bother taking in anything they say myself….

    I’m just waiting for a webshyte or crap-loid to post something along the lines that El Toro denies saying anything of the such about the club… lol ;)

    I mean, why would he want to aleinate the fans against him, especially with the season no where near over!!!

  34. Lesh – Enrique’s outbust (possibly at the instigation of his agent) has more to do with him and less to do with the club. This is a typical ploy by footballers to get more money either by being transferred or getting a more lucrative contract at their existing club.

    I go with the truth being the club.

  35. TOON69 you make sense but the club still needs to show some ambition to the players that it still has.
    And to its loyal fan base.
    I agree its the slow approach for NUFC, and its important not to forget that this seasons goal was survival in the PL and to push on from there.
    Maybe we have exceeded our expectations and its been a funny season up to now. But the AC saga has had an unsettling effect on the club (players and fans)and I do wish it hadn’t happened. Not in Jan anyway. Also I do understand no way could the club turn down that ammount of cash. So what can you do?
    Money is KING.

  36. Okay TOON69 @49

    what i meant was

    Why did Ashley not turn up for the ARSENAl game, thats because he knew what he had done with caroll was wrong. otherwise he would have turned up.

  37. I can’t wait for the day mike Ashley sells up and this club can finally go places, he is trying to run nufc like his business which clearly does not work. I really hope the money is re-invested into the squad, Gervinho would be a good replacement for Carrol. as for Enrique sell him sell him we don’t want a player that doesn’t want to play for us.

  38. Toon69….. A good question, just why would he want to aleinate the fans against him, especially with the season no where near over!!!

    Next we’l hear is that it was mis-translated!

    Like you, I’ll go with Caulkin and for no other reason that teh club seems to have a grip on PR and is up to dealing with whatever dross comes from the redtops. Note the speed of reaction to the ‘truths’ about AC’s departure!

    Could it be that Caulkin’s been fed the party line in exchange for furture snippets? Nowt wrong in that, it’s just the way the media works these days. Professional I’d say and indicative that the club is movingin the right direction.


  39. Beardsleys Boots @ 52 – Tbh, I’m glad it did happen in Jan & not at the end of the summer transfer window because at least we have 3-4 months to find a replacement for Carroll, if it had happened at the end of August & we only had the Jan window, can you imagine how much we’d have to pay to get a replacement in then :o

    Yes I know money is KING & at least we all know now that Ashley has £35m minimum as a warchest this summer, plus I suppose any monies made from any other sales to buy new players and/or increase the wages of some of our current players to keep them at the club, something that we’ve not had since Ashley took over, it’ll be a very interesting summer I’m sure.. :)

    Indianmag @ 53 – I’ve no idea why he wasn’t there, he’s a billionaire business man who has other things to do, I don’t see him at a few matches & if the rumours are true, then he’s supposed to be a Arse-nil fan, then maybe he didn’t want to watch the outcome anyways… lol

    I don’t think it had anything to do with him selling Carroll, as he’s done worse things than that & turned up at the games, so maybe it was something else that kept him away that game, who know…. it’s all speculation imo.. ;)

  40. I’m not even sure that getting into Europe next season would be a good thing actually.
    I mean you need a large established squad that are used to player rotation due to the ammount of extra games, to get very far and as yet we haven’t.
    But then again, that’s tempered by the kudos to the club and helps to attract better players.
    Plus the extra revenue.
    No actually I do think it would be a good thing what am I thinking lol
    It would be nice if the players could use this as a focus. Would shut a lot of people up too and put one over L’pool.
    Howay the Lads.

  41. nufc_mad @ 54 – What make you think that Ashley selling up will make the club any better fella?? I mean, he may sell to someone who’s not as financially sound as him, someone like who took over at Pompey, someone who may take the clubs assets & sell them no matter what the price & then claim bankruptcy… then how would you feel???

    As they say, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side… or how about ‘better the devil you know’ etc etc!! lol

  42. Beardsleys Boots – I agree, we’d need at least 5-6 decent players this summer if we did get into Europe so that we would be able to sustain a decent PL campaign & make sure our players get enough rest to ply their abilities in the EL too…

    The problem is also, that leaves our players in the shop window for all the Top European clubs as well as the PL clubs, so we’d probably have more clubs wanting our star players which isn’t a bad thing but it’ll be harder for us to keep a hold of them in the long run…

    But as they say, you can’t have it all ways & still be happy ;)

  43. Indian – its too simplistic to say cashley was wrong to sell AC. He wont be wrong to have £35M big ones to spend in Summer will he?
    There are rights and wrongs on all sides of the AC saga.
    But its over now. Gotta move on.
    It wouldn’t keep cashley away from SJP tho.

  44. We probably need 4/5 extra players just to maintain a healthy PL pos too. We seem to get so many injuries year after yaer.

  45. & why is there only 35 mil to spend it shd be more, Coz if AC had not been sold would we have not spent any thing. i agree move on players like smithy perch XISCo etc. but there should be more.

    on a contradictory note when other clubs know that money is there to be spent prices go up and knowing ashley we may miss out on sum players which would have been 1st choices.

  46. Toon69

    good point mate, I suppose Ashley is not the worst in the bunch but certainly not the best either. what I would like to see is a Geordie come in to buy the club that has good intentions and can financially support us and not see the club as a casino slot machine. :)

  47. Its sad but understandable that we all have different strong opinions on the situation as we care about the club and its direction, after all we have a strong financial and emotional stake in it.
    My opinion is that the cause is the lack of communication from the board, who are either 1/oblivious to the angst or arrogant enough to dismiss the concerns out of hand and cant be arsed to comment, or 2/ Up to something which is unpleasant and not good for the ears.
    Either way, they could do their battered and tattered reputation no harm by tying up Enrique and Barton ASAP as a start, its not as if they dont have the cash, and that would be at least give us a positive sign that Caulkin is right and Sun is talking bollocks.

  48. Indian Mag @ 64 – So if a players value is increased due to us having money, then we need to look elsewhere & not be robbed by the club or player in that case, simples!!!

    I personally don’t think we should spend all our transfer budget in the summer, I think we should leave some of it for the Jan window, as you almost always need a player or 2 to freshen up the squad in Jan & this way, it means we won’t have to worry about Ashley coughing up money for players when we have something left in the pot from the summer ;)

  49. COMMENT –

    This is not relevant to the above story/ artice, but I had a thought.

    I think for Newcastle should try for an Intertoto Cup place. Now before eveyone goes mental about what a waste of time it is etc etc, we finished in our best positions under SBR while having competed in this cup before the season started, making us fit and hitting the pitch running with the team gelling.

    Any way just a thought and a back door into europe which could appease some of the players we may be left with.

  50. nufc_mad @ 65 – Aye fella that would be nice but somehow I doubt there are any Geordie Billionaires out there or I’m sure they would have stepped in by now.. lol

    bigbadbob @ 66 – Tbh fella, i don’t particularly care what goes on behind closed doors, as long as it doesn’t effect the way the team play on a match day but as you say, we all have our very own strong opinions of these subjects.. ;)

    As for spending some of the £35m on getting some of our other players tied down, thats not a bad idea, as long as those players are also willing to commit & not wait until the summer to see what actually happens with the club, as reports are suggesting that Enrique wants to see us safe before starting contract talks, which I suppose is his way of making sure he doesn’t have to endure another season in the lower league…

    The other point is, will the fans accept that some of the £35m should be used to tie down these players & if so, how much of it… would they agree to keep Enrique, Tiote & Barton, that we use say £10m to cover their increase in wages or would they still want that + £35m spent in the summer… I feel that it’ll be a no win situ for some fans, as their blind hatred towards Ashley will see them find something wrong with whatever they do during the summer!!!

  51. toon 69,

    I agree mate, it’s wishful thinking I know, but at least I know what to ask Santa for Christmas lol

  52. “The other point is, will the fans accept that some of the £35m should be used to tie down these players & if so, how much of it… would they agree to keep Enrique, Tiote & Barton, that we use say £10m to cover their increase in wages or would they still want that + £35m spent in the summer… I feel that it’ll be a no win situ for some fans, as their blind hatred towards Ashley will see them find something wrong with whatever they do during the summer!!!”

    Hmmmm !! You could be onto something there. Spot on.

  53. Beardsleys boots. There are two types of exercise. Aerobic and anaerobic aerobic exercise is focused around the exercises the leave you out of breath. I.e. running the anaerobic exercise is based around those that don’t leave you out of breath. I.e. weight lifting. Body building. Two completely different types of exercise.

  54. Stephen c, Thanks mate. But I’m sure with a double fracture of the leg he wont have done much running etc but more likely upper body work. So would have thought his aerobic fitness would have gotten worse, not better.
    Or is it just me :?:

  55. Typically the Sun has cherry picked the comments from Enrique to make an eye catching story. Assuming we stay up and the money is available hopefully we can attract some quality into the squad. With Gossey, Ben to come back its looking good.

  56. “The other point is, will the fans accept that some of the £35m should be used to tie down these players & if so, how much of it… would they agree to keep Enrique, Tiote & Barton, that we use say £10m to cover their increase in wages or would they still want that + £35m spent in the summer”

    There’s £35m and another £40m coming from the Sky TV share out at the end of the season. If Fatman cant find £35m out of that then I think we’ll all know why he’s here.

  57. Faaaat cockney bastard get ooot of wor cluuuub.

    Someone had to say it this was in danger of being a sensible conversation. :-)