Jonas says “I am very happy here” and aims for 42 points

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Jonas Gutierrez says he's happy at Newcastle United
"We need to get to 42 points"
Newcastle United’s Jonas Gutierrez says that he’s happy at the club and targets 42 points as the primary aim for this season.

I had a bad day yesterday with my articles, first thinking it was still January and then placing Tunisia in the Middle East.

It was pretty bad away from the blog too. We’ve been doing a bit of redecorating and purchased a set of ‘stairway ladders’, which are in four sections that pivot around three points and are – as the name suggests – supposed to allow you to reach awkward places in stairwells and such. Yeah right. It’s like trying to wrestle a giant steel octopus and the damn things pinch your fingers at every opportunity.

First of all they’re very heavy so a lot of huffing and puffing is necessary to move them around the stairs in the first place and then, when you get them to roughly where you want them, you have to manage these three pivot points to arrange them into a shape that lets you paint wherever you’re trying to reach. Unfortunately, whatever geometry they’re built to accommodate doesn’t appear to exist in this reality. They simply wouldn’t assume any sort of useful shape and they irritated me beyond belief.

The application of a mallet didn’t help either and I returned from my precarious position on the stairs dripping in sweat and breathing like I’d just sprinted a mile in concrete wellies, totally defeated by these vindictive ladders, which are now smirking at me from the other side of the room. As I said, it was a bad day yesterday.

So I’m playing it safe in this post and relying on player quotes to say all that needs to be said, which brings me to Jonas Gutierrez, who has not expressed a desire to go anywhere and seems happy at the club. Jonas said:

I am very happy here.

See, I told you.

The only thing is the club has to focus on what it wants to do.

We do not have too many players in the squad because of injuries, and this league is tough.

It is a problem if you do not have players, but the future can be good here.

The manager is going to decide who is best for any position.

Jonas refuses to be drawn on too ambitious a finishing position this season and instead sees 42 points as our primary aim, which he presumably feels is the amount needed to ensure Premier League safety.

We need to get to 42 points, and then we can see what position we can finish in.

We cannot afford to get carried away in an unforgiving league like this.

The most important thing is to think about the next game.

We do not have to think about the future – if we do that it will be a big mistake.

We have to think only about the next game, and do our best for the manager.

This weekend is devoted mainly to the FA Cup, so the next game that Jonas needs to be concerned about is against Bolton a week today when we’ll be looking for revenge for the 5-1 mauling they gave us at their place.

Still, good to know that Jonas is happy here anyway.

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6 Responses

  1. PMSL Hugh :lol:

    Some good quotes from Jonas there. But it would have been nice if he had said he wants to do the best for the manager AND the fans.

  2. when you read the bigger picture we have had three or four players come out since we have sold carroll and each one of them is basically saying the same story… ‘oi fatty, spend the money on high quality players and show some support for what goes on.. on the pitch and not just in your bank account or we are off’. Thats about it really. They will all stay if he does this… question is will he??