Newcastle 4 – 4 Arsenal – Match Highlights and Interviews video.

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Match highlights video of the game including no less than eight goals, including two penalties.

A perfect start by Arsenal with four straight goals in the first half. Then, a complete reversal of fortune. Arsenal implode after Diaby is sent off after reacting furiously to an agricultural Joey Barton tackle. Arsenal then lose their head inspiring a magnificent fightback by the Magpies to level all four goals by the final whistle. Leon Best also has what looks to be a perfectly good goal for offside too!

Goals by Theo Walcott, Johan Djourou, Robin van Persie (2), Joey Barton (2 penalties) Leon Best, and finally, a magnificent volley from Cheik Tiote.

Newcastle manager, Alan Pardew, salutes the “balls” displayed in a magnificent fightback by his troops. He also praises the fans for their patience throgh what was a very rocky first half.

Joey says he’s actually disappointed not to win the game in the end. He also speaks of “what a funny old game” football is, and how the lads were “lifted” by the sending off of Diaby in the 50th minute. He also describes himself as being “in shock” at the level of Arsenal’s collapse in the second half.

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, quietly fumes, studiously avoiding saying anything controversial about referee, Phil Dowd’s decisions in the wake of his controversial statements after Arsenal’s last game. He dusts down his “I didn’t see the incident” in relation to the Diaby sending off and keeps repeating that his opinion is not important.

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73 Responses

  1. Why cliches (about Arsene)? Guess not so creative. If Barton is your leader then you’ve really reached bottom. I remember when Shearer was your leader. I’m an Arsenal supporter and I like Newcastle fans. Team – not so much right now. Kinda Bolton with Sam. If you’re pleased with your rednecks – okay. But I thought Newcastle had different football values. Not gonna say “well done”, btw. Referee made it disgusting to watch.

  2. i was disappointed with the linesman rather than the ref. we should have beaten the you Michael. not sure whos a redneck. got a few red noses for sure lol.

  3. Take it like a man Michael, the Wenger syndrome seems to be catching. Remember when Viera was your leader, because I do, you were the most “robust” team in the Premier League, check out the card count.

  4. Luckily Michael no one in the team gives a sh1t what you think. If I was you I’d be disgusted with the way your team gave up, with the way their discipline went out the door when they allowed their arrogance to dictate their playing style. You have a skillful team but there is no heart and soul

  5. I don’t see why the team cannot work like this from the start of every match instead of waiting for something bad to happen to give them the drive to win.

    That said, what a great comeback and another record broken this season by us. The best comeback yet. Looking forward to the next game.

  6. Happy birthday Charlie. Just heard Wor Shearer say this is the most amazing game he has ever witnessed. It says it all don’t it?

  7. What a game,
    what a comeback,
    what the F… was everybody arguing about?

    Aye, it was ridiculous, embarrassing, mental, awesome, unprecedented & history making.
    But howay lads, keep the faith for the full 90 odd minutes before we start having a go at the team/coach/club/each other.

    Right, off for a lie down.


  8. Barton should have been sent off for that challenge on Diaby.

    Neither of the penalties was a penalty.

    Nolan did pretty much the same thing as Diaby but got away with it = Newcastle should have had 9 men.

    Oh and Im a Tottenham fan….and I hate Arsenal but they were truly robbed today by a dodgy ref.

  9. Haddaway pete,
    we had a good goal chalked off, the second pen was the refs ass. making up to us.
    Blah blah, gan back to tottingham cockspurts.
    Can’t believe you’re backing the gooners there mate, obviously from krapy rubsnif really.

  10. oh no barton says he wants to stay looks like he is another shown the door when next transfer comes ;),been a revelation this season really truly hope he ends his career at newcastle

  11. Ref was not on our side, Arsenal just got sloppy, second pen was soft but we had a perfectly good goal ruled out. Barton tackle was perfect, I f***ing hate this rule that if you chuck in a meaty challenge and at any point your feet are slightly off the ground its a foul. Barton was completely in control as he went in. If De Jong is still allowed to play football, then Barton’s challenge was perfectly legal. The lads and more importantly the fans deserved that result, phenomenal game. Perfect metaphor for the season that, we get shat on but still club together and get something. HWTL

  12. joey Barton is the biggest pikey scum bag iv EVA seen. He should of been off the pitch wen he came in to diaby like that, that was the worst ref iv ever seen in my 28 years of watching football, it hurts that we threw away 4 goals to a team like fukin Newcastle !! The only good thing is man u lost to wolves, if anybody thinks football dogey the ref today was a shambles.

  13. This was a ref robbery. Even with 10 men Arsenal. Newcastle would never get more than 2 goals under normal circumstances. Sure Newcastle did not get one goal that was ruled offside. Bus so did Arsenal (at 4-4)

    The penalty´s were a joke. Im writing from Sweden and everybody who watched the game in my local pub said the same. Dive for the first one and the second ? haha

    My heart goes out for Arsenal. Joe Barton will get what is coming for him one day.

    Karma will take care of him.

  14. The old cliche “a game of two halfs” with “The Arse” dominating the firt period and Newcastle the second.
    Apparently the idea was damage control for Newcastle at the beginning of the second half, to avoid a basketball score in fact.
    The catalyst was the sending off, it galvanised the side and apparently brought about a belief they could make it a reasonable score.
    Following the first goal, the belief grew and they had Arsenal on the back foot for most of the period and were convinced they had the ability, to in fact win it.
    And almost did late in the game.
    Following the sending off Arsenal were never in the game, they folded like a house of cards.
    Of course Nolan and Joey were the driving force, with Tiote having his finest game in black and white.
    However not that I want to rain on anyones parede, but !
    There are seven points seperating us from the bottom team (who beat Man U. to-day)and we have scored one goal more than them recently.
    From now to the seasons end, will be for more than ten sides, finger biting time and with Both Best and Shola out injured, looks like Lover and Ranger, Hmmm!

  15. What is it about Arsenal fans, they really have a difficult time facing reality.
    Sure i can understand their dissapointment, having been four up in the first twenty six minutes and dominating the game for the entire period.
    But hey a game is ninety minutes or more and you have to play the entire time, not fall apart and give the game away and there`s no divine right`s involved.
    Seems the side lacks character, probably needs some home grown spine, cause to-days team just folded, ah well !

  16. man some arsenal fans majorly fecked off today just cant but help that they took a draw out of the game ;)

  17. For 18* Nolan just want to get ball back from their keeper who try to waste the time but for Diaby, He lost the temper. Clear ?

  18. It was great game by all accounts. i am offshore in india at minute but i would have loved to have seen it for sure. never the less…its going to be another tight run in i fear and we must get some wins as its only 3 points out of last 12 taken. Draws are not good enough and a few wins will see us leap towards safety. Sooner we get three wins the better…who is left on our run in?
    What is it with the gooner supporters? they need to man up and take it on the chin…they were sublime in the first half but were out ofhte game in the second. Ten men means nothing either beforethey start to drip on. I recall a game against arsenal funny enough where we went down to ten men and we either won it or got a draw at worst and laurent robert scored a stunner and was brilliant that day. its all about will nad desire nad what we lack in arse skill and silky moves we sure as hell make up for it in desire.

  19. Typical Arsenal whingers. Can,t hold a 4 goal lead with 22 minutes to play. Its ok when they play the fancy stuff but when the pressure was on where were the “superstars”…..nowhere to be seen.
    Don,t know what Pardew said, but it must go down as the team talk of all time.

  20. what a an astonish match for all the right and wrong reasons.
    i understand what an arsenal fan must be feeling like but they’re acting as if newcastle have never ever had to be on the wrong end of a refs dodgy me there chaps,i’m sure there’s quite a few.what this game brings to mind is the recurrent problem that arsenal have been suffering for the past few years.sure they play some jaw dropping football but these lads are naive.they don’t have that fighting spirit that say man utd has.remember that match where they were losing 2-0 and ended up drawing.arsenal should learn to put a game to bed and most importantly stop acting like petulant children.granted they probably play the best football after barca but they don’t have any of the trophies to back it up.stop acting like prima donna’s.i have been watching how fabregas has been acting of late.he;s become surly.
    from newcastle’s point of view when i saw us 3 down within ten minutes i resigned myself to another drubbing.this fightback is gonna do the lads morale wonders as it proves that they have the spirit and the ability to bounce back from what has been a pretty dark week for us.i’m so pleased to see the unbridled joy amongst all the players after tiote’s goal.with that kind of unity it seems the future might not be as bleak as it seems.sure we were fortunate in this match but we have to look ahead to the upcoming fixtures.SJP must become a fortress for us.
    in the words of rob schneider in the longest yard
    ‘YOU CAN DO IT!!!’

  21. well mike ashley has no intention of selling the club have heard,anybody know a friend who is a sniper??

  22. Absolutely nowt wrong with Joeys challenge,pete Spurs fan my arse,nice try. Arsenal do nowt but cheat, moan and whinge and so do their fans by the look of it. Wilshire should of gone for getting at the ref and linesman over every decision made. That’ll be the start of the annual Gooners slump, I like the way Arsenal play but you need to learn how to take dissapointments.

  23. Life long Geordie fan here I love seeing all these arsenal fans moan moan moan doubt they would have moaned if it was other way round we showed true guts thts wat happens wen u have a spine of ENGLISH players thy have a never say die attitude and also about time we didn’t have a ref who was playin for the other team toon army till I die can’t wait till the wolves game as thts wen I’ll b bk dwn there

  24. An excellent performance and an amazing comeback,the game had everything.
    After the dissapointment of the AC saga it was a great show of grit and commitment yesterday.

    Arsenal will again miss out on premiership glory because they are a bunch of puffs managed by a moaning twat.

  25. Anyone hear the phonecall on 606 from the Toon fan who’d taken his 9 year-old son to the match and suggested that they might just leave when it was 4-0? The lad said “But Dad, we could score 4 and get a draw!”. After telling his son that it just wasn’t going to happen he ended up saying he’d give him £500 if it happened – to show him that life just wasn’t like that! And so they stayed at the match.
    One happy 9 year old boy will now be believing in Santa Claus, miracles, the Toon winning a cup etc.!!

  26. What an amazing match I have never seen a worse Toon performance as the first half but never seen a better come back as we had in the second half. The lads did us proud with their never say die attitude. I can understand Arsenal fans frustration but Howay how can you give no credit at all to Newcastle for the way they came back. The way I see it first penalty was definitely a penalty second one was not so clear cut and a tough decision to make as Rosicky did push Williamson but how often are those claims waived away. I thought Best goal onside. Barton challenge was fair but strong and Diaby deserved to be sent off. Thought Nolan was probably lucky to stay on the pitch he was trying to get the ball but a clothesline is not the way to do it lol. There were also numerous over decisions that were incorrect for both teams. I don’t think this was actually Dowd’s fault so much as it was the inept Linesman. Overall I think we deserved a draw after an abysmal first half we showed the guts in the second half and probably dominated the second half. I don’t have a problem with Arsenal fans as we have a shared contempt for Tottenham fans but howay at least give Newcastle some credit.

  27. These Arsenal fans are unbelievable!! Stop pissing and moaning about the referee. Are you trying to say without the referee Newcastle would not of got back into this match and didn’t deserve to get something after wave and wave of attack??
    I agree the second penalty wasn’t but the first was a stupid clumsy bit of defending and baring in mind we got a perfectly good goal disallowed football always evens itself out like that get over it. Look at your match against Huddersfield a few weeks ago for crying out loud talk about a soft penalty!!
    As for the Nolan/Diaby comparison maybe the referee would have only yellow carded Diaby if he only shoved one player (like Nolan did and was rightly booked) Diaby was kicking off and pushed two Newcastle players.
    So there is the difference between what Diaby did and what Nolan did you small minded idiots. Admit your own team did the unthinkable and surrendered a 4 goal lead. Stop looking for a scape-goat!!

  28. Michael i feel sorry for you the fact you have to be asociated with the worst fans in the premier league, and then come on here and slag our team off cos we played better than you even in the first half we played better than you did in the seccond, we were the better team and for 25 minuets you didnt get out your own half, fabregas couldn’t handle tiote nor will he ever be able to, what a legend that bloke is HAWAY THE LAAAAADS

  29. Hello newbie here,being reading the blog for a long time ,not really got the time to post but felt I have to . Nolan was booked for the push on the keeper (one yellow).
    Diaby was booked for pushing Barton to the ground and was giving a second yellow for pushing Nolan in the back ,therfore was sent off.What a game!!!!

  30. Guys, I’m a foreigner. I am not living in UK but probably speaking English better than most of you, lol. In reality Newcastle could’ve reached 2:4 against 10 Arsenal players. Wake up. No team could survive red card and 2 penalties (not to mention it’s impossible like that to happen no Man Utd). The reason Arsenal didn’t lose is the goalkeeper (at last!). I’m telling you again, if you’re unable to realise why “that bloke” Barton should have been send off before Diaby then you’re no different than a bunch of redneck butchers. Diaby’s leg was broken against Sunderland in 2006. Just take a look at this, thank you very much

  31. And I saw Barton acting like a pussy when Diaby grabbed him but he’s still your hero. So “no blood, no foul”, eh? Of coure English referees are classy enough to give red cards only when there’s a leg hanging. For example, if Ramsey… survived back then the referee would even give a foul, I guarantee you that. That’s how things work.

  32. Barton acting like a pussy?? My God you are an idiot! Barton did what fans have been crying out for him to do for years. Not retaliate and He didn’t!!
    As for fouls and broken legs I’ve got 3 words for you: HATEN BEN ARFA!

  33. Barton is like a pedophile serial killer in a kindergarten, guarded by police. He has it inside but he’s afraid to show it. Even quiet he’s still dirty as hell – provoking all of the time.

    Yes, I felt sick for Ben Arfa. He’s like Nasri. That’s why redneckness is just not your style, men, don’t be Bolton, Blackburn, Hull, Stoke, just don’t!

  34. Ignore the stupid c@nt

    Plastic foreign fan

    Go run along to an Arsenal blog and hug and kiss and console yourselves over this terrible terrible injustice!

  35. Can you imagine being one of those stiffs who gave up and left the park? When they get home they learn that they just missed one of the all time great comebacks that’ll be talked about forever. Ouch.

  36. That’s why I told you I’m a foreigner – so that you could call me a plastic fan and feel more important, lol. If we continue like that people would only see that I’m better than most of you. Save your swearings to your mommas, btw, not impressed. Talk football or be quiet.

  37. Jeez you sound like a 15 year old kid who cant take not winning…

    So please remind me why you are on this board? Are you expecting sympathy?

    Poor Diaby was unjustly cut down!!!

    Poor Arsenal never play dirty… Click on Red cards my friend

    There was talk that Fabregas did not get his usual “chat” with the referee at half time which is why you conceded 4 after the break!!

    Now please, go back to your Arsenal blog… take your 2 points lost like a man

  38. @Michael – it’s hard to take anyone seriously who supports a team that has crowd noise loops pumped into their stadium. Arsenal are possibly the best run club in the country, and as demonstrated by your arrogance and small-mindedness, are sadly wasted on the very worst set of supporters.

  39. Newcastle are fouled more than they are fouled…

    Arsenal are fouled less than they are fouled

    Diaby got a yellow for pushing Barton, he got another yellow for pushing Nolan. He should have got a pat on the back then!!

    Nolan got a yellow for trying to grab the ball back from whatever your keeper is called, who wouldn’t give it back, bad bad Nolan should be given a 3 game ban!

    Best penalty was stonewall, his leg was caught and the ball was not taken… penalty…

    Willos pen was softer, but he was bundled out of the way by rosicky and someone else, then again if it was a wrong decision then that makes 2 by the linesman as he ruled Best offside

    You Arsenal fans truly are the WORST set of bad losers in the league. Chelsea took their results. Liverpool took their result. Even Sunderland were more gracious than you lot

  40. Newcastle are fouled more than they foul others…

    Arsenal are fouled less than they foul others

    Darn that… lol

    Right I am off to have some lunch, Michael you really are on a hiding to nothing, but maybe banging your head against the wall will knock some sense into you.

    Can we please ban this tool worky?

  41. I just regret that Nolan didnt score to make it 5-4, loving how bitter these Arsenal fans are!

  42. Oh, I can swallow 2 lost points, just like I did when your buddies Sunderland equalised in 96 minute (5 minutes added time). Can you imagine who was the referee? Guess!

  43. Michael says:
    February 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    “And I saw Barton acting like a pussy when Diaby grabbed him but he’s still your hero. So “no blood, no foul”, eh? Of coure English referees are classy enough to give red cards only when there’s a leg hanging. For example, if Ramsey… survived back then the referee would even give a foul, I guarantee you that. That’s how things work.”

    * Course :)

    Please, continue speaking better English than us :)

  44. Michael says:
    February 6, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    “Oh, I can swallow 2 lost points, just like I did when your buddies Sunderland equalised in 96 minute (5 minutes added time). Can you imagine who was the referee? Guess!”

    * in THE 96th minute. Or,on 96 minutes. Delete as appropriate :)

    Please, continue typing better than us :)

    4-4! Suck that you c*** :lol:

  45. Brownrob – It’s pointless Worky banning him. It won’t change the fact the we have taken the four points from Arsenal this season. That is a fact that CAN’T be debated :razz:

  46. LOL I think we should keep this plank on the blog, like the gimp in pulp fiction!!

    Just wait till batty gets on lol!! He will be loving it!

    No Premiership for Arsenal… again!!! Wenger only trying for the CC so half the plastic fans don’t jump ship like rats!

    Before you mention the handful of “spectators” that left early, sod them, they aren’t fans, better off without them

  47. So it was nice meeting you, guys. I was browsing this Arsenal newsfeed or whatever it’s called that’s how I came here. btw my favourite tournament is the FA Cup – the only Cup I really want Arsenal to win this year. Sorry for Carroll – hope soon you’ll get rid of your owner and have a better manager. Don’t be so harsh to Aasnl cause the future is Szczesny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walcott etc. – pretty exciting boys. Not gonna “meet” again. Be smart!

  48. I’ve got to say that as much stick as Pardew gets I actually am growing fond of him. I think he talks alot of sense and never takes credit (even for yesterday!) and reflects it onto the players. I hope he gets the cash as promised in the summer as if you look at his history (Ashton, Tevez, Macharano, Benayon all for relatively cheap) he could work wonders with £35M!

  49. Matty you need to watch admitting that your growing fond of Pards :lol: You could be classed as a bit of a loony toon so just makesure you keep your crash helmet on ;)
    Toonsy are you being a naughty boy :)

  50. The words “grapes” and “sour” spring to mind – and much as I admire Arsene Wenger and rate him as one of the most brilliant managers of all time, he always looks and acts as though he’s just eaten some sour grapes. As for the sending off changing the match – pathetic. How many time does a team have a man sent off and manage to hold onto a 1-0 lead, or even extend it. Not to be able to hold onto a 4 goal lead with 10 men is feeble – and what’s even more pathetic is to blame everyone but themselves.
    Let’s look at the facts (boy I hate it when people say Fact!)
    1. I think Diaby was lucky not to be booked for a lunge on Barton with NO intent to play the ball in the first half – if that had been JB, it would have been a booking, for sure.
    2. Barton’s challenge on Diaby was legal but robust – but some refs would have reached for a yellow card.
    3. I believe Diaby got 2 yellows for the 2 “assaults” – that’s how I read the ref’s gestures – and Nolan got his yellow for one.
    4. The Best penalty was a clear foul – no question – legs caught from behind, the ball nowhere near.
    5. The Williamson penalty looked soft – it was a foul by Rosicky (push in the back) – but often not given
    6. The same linesman disallowed a goal that wasn’t even close to offside – so that balances 5.
    7. Err… that’s it

  51. Just read Barton’s interview with NUFC TV saying that he has agreed his contract extension and just wants to get it signed and out of the way now. He admitted that he had to take a minute to think after we let Carroll go but ultimately he understands that he owes this club a huge amount after the chances we have given him and he loves playing for this club! Such a relief as him alongside Nolan are massive influences in the dressing room!

  52. Monument Mal says:
    February 6, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    “Aye, you name a good battle and the Frogs have bailed out.”

    That’s actually something of a myth historically speaking, Monument Mal. Ever heard of Wiliam The Conqueror? Napoleon? Charles De Gaulle? The French Resistance? Do you know how many people the French lost in the First World War?

  53. It’s a great excuse for the arse not winning the league, allowing a 4 goal comeback, pfffttt!

  54. Karma will take care of him. ? If Karma want to take care some team, It will be Arsenal. How many times they cheat the game (can they said never?). Most of Arsenal players are childish and never give credit to anyone but themself. They’re all good players and their team are superb but just that. As the man, They’re the worst.