Newcastle Roman around the transfer market?

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Roman Pavlyuchenko
Summer signing?
Roman Pavlyuchenko could be an £8m striking option for Newcastle United this summer.

Rumour has it that Newcastle may be after Roman Pavlyuchenko this summer, which would be more bad news for me as it’s another name I struggle to spell.

The Russian has a career total 179 goals in 371 appearances, giving him a strike rate of 47%, but he has become frustrated in his role as a bench warmer at Spurs and is seeking a move to ensure regular first team football.

29 year old Pavlyuchenko moved to Spurs for £13.8m in August 2008 but it is thought he would be available for around £8m, which should easily be within Newcastle’s reach after the £35m sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool.

Personally, I thought his age would put him outside the profile of potential candidates for our club. I know that the under-25-up-and-coming requirement is probably a general aim rather than a hard and fast rule but there would also be his wages to consider, which I would imagine are not insignificant.

Apparently Zenit St Petersburg are interested in the striker and may make a bid for him when the Russian transfer window opens in March, although Harry Redknapp insists that there’s no chance of him leaving before the end of the season.

Pavlyuchenko has undoubted ability and Guus Hiddink rated him highly enough to want to bring him to Chelsea but I’d personally be surprised if Newcastle do sign him. I tend to think that if we’re going to have to wait until the summer anyway, we may as well get the scouting network doing their thing and find someone who fits the profile the club wants at a sensible wage.

Still, time will tell!

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63 Responses

  1. Let him go back to Russia. He’d cost WAY too much, and he’s rubbish. He scored most of his goals in Russia. Ain’t good enough for NUFC.

  2. He doesnt fit into our transfer blue-print of the current structure of the club, let’s ignore talk of Pav, Elmander etc until such time as they are seen wearing a black ‘n’ white shirt for the press unveilling. :-(

  3. He’s good enough for us but he’s too old and his price will be ridiculous. Kranjar will be better option.

  4. Im really worried at the strikers we are linked with like Pav, Cole, Crouch, Bendtner and so on… There are so many wonderfull striker talents out there, more than enough to feed up the largest clubs and leave us with some good options… You got Hulk, Falcao, Lukaku, Neymar and Hazard for starters and if one of these dosnt get snapped up by one of the giants, then we will be a good option for them to strut their stuff in the EPL.

  5. Bring in the Brazilian Ewerthon right now! He has shown class & could teach a trick or two to Best & ranger – and that would not hurt at all. Plus, if he gets in a match, he will be unknown to the defenders and will have a little advantage over them.

  6. Pav scored tons of goals when served up by arshavin for zenit. They also had tymoschuck behind them. That’s why he gained suitors.

  7. This is daft. Nobody knows what who the club is trying to sign right now, let alone in the summer. I’m pretty sure the club haven’t thought about it, because it would be pointless to consider who to sign until you know what’s needed, which will depend on where we finish, who wants to stay or go, and who’s shown their worth in the rest of this season.

    Utter garbage to start pontificating about something even the manager hasn’t thought about yet.

  8. Prefer a tuffer bigger geezer up front-don’t dislike RP just don’t think he would fit in.

  9. I’ll will tell you now, if we had the chance in the trasfer window) to sign Martins back on loan – that would have been sweet.

    I have £5 quid on him scoring in BOTH games against – I have this feeling he will be the difference in the games though :(

  10. Dont think they will sign anyone at all and will just go with what they have got until the end of the season and i wouldnt argue with that in the abscence of any quality players being available.

  11. whumpie,
    i think y’missing the point mate,
    as the club seem to be looking at bringing someone in now, as back up.
    Emergency like, a free agent, only wages to pay.

  12. CouldDoWithTheNigerian says:
    February 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    “… I still think we should blood the youth team instead of old players”

    From what I’ve been hearing down here in London, Nile Ranger is feeling very “stressed” at the moment.

  13. Mark says:
    February 9, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    “He looks good but only 15 goals for Spurs in 2 and a half seasons.”

    Mark, while he didn’t score many Premiership goals in his first season over here, he has scored 33 goals in 83 games at Tottenham, which isn’t too bad. It’s probably academic though as I really don’t think that he’ll be coming to Newcastle United.

  14. workyticket says:
    February 9, 2011 at 4:58 pm
    CouldDoWithTheNigerian says:
    February 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    “… I still think we should blood the youth team instead of old players”

    From what I’ve been hearing down here in London, Nile Ranger is feeling very “stressed” at the moment.

    Workyticket where did you hear that?

  15. alreet mate, not too bad cheers, just having a quick skive at work before a gan yem.

    I work with a load of Wednesday fans, as you know, none of them have a good word to say about Kuqi.

    He’s “nesh” apparently (means soft as clarts in Yaaarksheer).

    spose he’s only backup anyhow.

  16. workyticket says:
    February 9, 2011 at 5:42 pm
    paul toon says:
    February 9, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    “Workyticket where did you hear that?”

    Through a coach I know down here in London, Paul.

    Tel me more workyticket :-)

  17. Rodzilla says:
    February 9, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    “He’s “nesh” apparently (means soft as clarts in Yaaarksheer).”

    He looks like a slavic brick s**thouse though, Rod.

  18. paul toon says:
    February 9, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    “Tel me more workyticket”

    That wouldn’t be a good idea, Paul. I shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place really.

  19. Rodzilla says:
    February 9, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    “alreet mate, not too bad cheers, just having a quick skive at work before a gan yem.”

    It’s good to see you back on here every now and then, Rod.

  20. Wt

    I asked Ed earlier on today to sort out an editorial about the planned demise of Level 7 and thus the Ultras breeding ground ?

    The Fatman is claiming its to do with reorganisation of the stadium and …..blah blah I’m sure you know all about it.

    We must start a petition to get Laurel and Hardy to change their f@ckwit minds.

    Are you the man to do it ????

  21. this is the biggest joke this season if it is true .. this will send wrong signals to the rest of the squad .. please sign .. Ewerton Pardew you show your class for each day .. your stupid ass

  22. AndyMac says:
    February 9, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    “The Fatman is claiming its to do with reorganisation of the stadium and …..blah blah I’m sure you know all about it.”

    I’m pretty sure that you’ll know more about it than I do, Andy, as I’m in London. Fill us in.

  23. Nice one Worky, yeah I got a bit tired with all the blogging for quite a while. It just wound me up too much I guess, with all the speculation and regurgitated tripe. As you know it can be pretty addictive too. Think I might be back in for a bit of a spell. No doubt I’ll be back on here and Ed’s, drunk, disorderly and away with the fairies at some point in the near future.

    And, relating to your comment “He looks like a slavic brick s**thouse though, Rod.”

    ….aye, I agree, I think that’s why they disliked him. He fits the required stature and had the pace, but his physique didn’t reflect his bottle. I can remember him being much of a non-entity in the Premier League when he played at Blackburn.

    We’ll see anyway. I’m off yem. Sithee later………

  24. This time we need concerted effort from all Fan sites/MB’s/Web sites to ensure the greatest impact (and publicity) possible.

    They say “We will write an open letter, to the club and local journalists urging talks between the administration at Newcastle United and us supporters, particularly those who will lose their seats in the Level 7 section of the Leazes End”

    A stand must be made and thats a Level 7 stand :(

  25. Ranger’s stress probably amounts to a bollocking or two for arriving late for training sessions etc. His reputation in this respect seems to have got into the public domain.

    He looks to have some pace and inventiveness in his play. It would be a pity if his attitude lets him down.

  26. AndyMac says:
    February 9, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    “Soz to do this but here’s a link”

    Divven’t be sorry, Andy.

    When I first read something briefly about a family section encroaching on Level 7 I thought it was a mistake. It’s a stupid idea anyway. Not the family section but where they want to expand.

    I also heard that season tickets will have to be renewed by April, before the transfer window begins.

  27. A bit off topic hear guys but bear with me for a moment. Been reading the Chronicle online and the Shay Given article. About 50% + of the fans called Shay a Judas! After 11 years loyal service to Newcastle, only moved to Man Citey when he had enough of how the club was being run (have’nt we all).

    There is only one Judas that I know of and thats Andy Carroll.

  28. Toonie @ 41 – I must say I consider Shay to be a Judas – Here’s why and its hard to disagree.

    1. 11 years service contained FA Cup Finals, Semi Finals, Uefa Cup Semi and Quarter Finals, Champions League (sort of twice) 4th, 3rd and 5th finishes in the League.
    In that respect we were a succesful club at the time.

    Now then after 2006 we were sliding, and Shay was in the papers alot saying we needed players, we got players but not the calibre Shay and the fans expected. Now the 2008/2009 season, that looked bleak from the moment KK left, Shay then decides this is when he ups sticks and leaves.

    Now did we really really need Shay through 1998 – 2006? Did we really need him? If you think about it we had a great team from 2000 to 2006, with Shearer, Bellamy, Kluivert, Jenas, Dyer, Robert, Solano, Speed, Woodgate and loads others passing through the Club at that era. If Shay left yes it would have been a blow, but nowhere near as much as to when he did. The club lost someone considered a stayer. The fans were down about this and the players sense that.

    Shay was a great keeper but had he left earlier, it wouldnt have contributed to relegation.

    Shay jumped when the going got tough and he got his first chance to go. One offer, One club, gone. Now look at him, and look at us, one is miserable and sits on a bench while the other surpasses expectation back in the Premierleague.


  29. and if he still thinks of doing a belly flopper celebration at his age could potentially break a rib or two :)

  30. Getting rid of a 21 year old and copping a 34 year old who used to , play for swansea , all GOOD business for us .

    NOT !!

  31. Sell the crown jewels fill the void with some old dog shit.
    Surely we could have got a better player than this.

  32. Here’s what appears to be a fair assessment of the club’s finances and it may help folk understand the thinking behind Ashley’s strategy and possibly, the sale of Carroll and the recruitment of Kuqi, for example.

    On the other hand, it may not help understanding but whichever way you look at it, we’re in a far healthier financial state than we ere a few years ago. Dare I say it, the club may even seem a darn sight more attractive to a potential investor or buyer.

  33. Kuqi-kuqi-who?

    he looks like a beast, it’ll give some presence to our bench if nothing else…a dog fight in Birmingham might be the kind of time he comes on and mixes it up wiv their big lad…and English speaking/so hopefully no language barriers…looking for a silver lining for his career – JACKPOT*

    *on a Daily Mail scratch card.

  34. Another body for the bench.
    We shouldn’t expect too much & no doubt don’t.
    But hey, who knows?
    Most fans had a right old go at Sibierski the other year & the lad ended up being a cult hero. Not suggesting that’s gonna happen in this case, but it’s better we wait to see what he brings before we go slagging any signing off.
    It’s ’til the end of the season, for not a lot of money.

  35. Rumors that we are after Kevin Doyle in theft summer. Now if that happened is spaff in my pants.

  36. Ha ha. Yes phone changing all sorts of words there.
    Basically I’d be happy with Doyle at the club.