Newcastle United v Arsenal match banter!

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Can we do the double on Arsenal?
Can we do the double on Arsenal?
Hello, good afternoon and welcome to our regular “match banter” feature.

Today, sees us pitting our wits against the title challengers of Arsenal. A daunting prospect, however we did of course manage to scrape a 1-0 victory at their place in our last game against the Gunners. Of course though, we also had a certain Andy Carroll to score the goal on that occaision.

As usual, you can catch up on all the usual pre match stuff with Hugh De Payen’s excellent match preview. However, some late news is that our defensive colossus, Fabricio Coloccini will have had to face a late fitness test before the game after suffering a hamstring problem.

The focus today however will probably be on Newcastle United’s strike force at the front. With old hand, Shola Ameobi out with a cheekbone fracture sustained on Wednesday evening’s disappointing away match at Fulham, and Andy Carroll away with the scousers, and still injured anyway. This leaves manager, Alan Pardew, looking to three first choice strikers, Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands and Nile Ranger, who have a grand total of 15 Premier League starts between them, though they have all featured much more as subs.

Good news however is that the much needed midfield enforcer, Cheik Tiote will be back from a three match ban for a straight sending off in that fixture against Stevenage which we would probably all prefer to forget!

We shall endeavour to bring you the Newcastle United and Arsenal teamsheets when they become available.

Howay the Lads!

Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Sanchez Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Cheik Tiote, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Leon Best, Peter Lovenkrands.

Subs: Tim Krul, Danny Guthrie, Michael Richardson, Sol Campbell, Shane Ferguson, Nile Ranger, James Perch.

Arsenal: Wojcheich Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Laurent Koscielny, Johan Djourou, Gael Clichy, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Vassinki Diaby, Francesc Fabregas, Andrey Arshavin, Robin Van Persie.


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140 Responses

  1. I don’t have high hopes for this game, but with our luck against the bigger teams this season and with Nasri out, I think it is possible for a win and our defence will be the key if they do what they have shown us time after again this season.

  2. sirjason

    What the HELL are you on about!? Are you watching the game!? We can’t compete with this.

  3. So clear that this week has completely ruined everything that we had built up over the the last 18 months in terms of team spirit and morale. The players look dejected and its a complete mess. Sometimes I honestly wonder why I bother

  4. sirjasontoon says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    “We competed at emirates.”

    We had a decent manager back then though, SJT. I did try to warn people about Pardew, but they wouldn’t have it, and just insulted me.

  5. Worky

    You talk tripe. I’m watching the game and it’s nothing to do with bloody Hughton and Pardew. Arsenal have stormed out the blocks and are overwhelming us. You’re pathetic. I am done with this blog.

  6. Mattybarlow:

    I Agree. Monday was a disastrious turning point,. The catylist for what could lead to the unthinkable AGAIN.
    On course for a top half finish, Andy winning his first cap, tiote, colo,Enrique,Barton playing their best ever football, people looking at us and taking notice…. Best thing to do?.. Sack the manager, replace with a man who gas a proven record of losing, getting relegated and getting sacked,.. Then sell the best English player in the league, 30 minutes before the end of the transfer window…. Yeah that should improve things!!

    You really couldn’t write this sh1t!!!
    Jesus Christ.

  7. Yup you couldn’t make what happened up Bravenewtoon.
    MA and Co need removed from the club the hate NUFC and will continually stifle and dismantle any minor progress we make.

    What happened in the transfer window is unforgiveable not just selling AC but not having the foresight to have a replacement lined up.

  8. Bravenewtoon

    Agree wholeheartedly, the team in the last game and a quarter has looked absolutely demoralised, instead of being part of a building process and creating something to be proud of they are now realising they are just there to line Fat Man’s pockets!

  9. El Toro what you on about ? its got nowt to do with the way Arse are playing, or the way or CD’s are sleeping. If CH was still here we would be hammering them lad :lol:

  10. Williamson main villian imo, but the whole team looks beaten, they dont wanna fight… To me it seems like we have a waaaaaaaaaay to high line, we should pack our box when they have possession and press anyone trying to get to a shooting position from the outside, just like we did at the emirates.

  11. Cheers, using wimbledons. Didn’t want to fanny on downloading sopcast.

    Thinking about it not sure cheers is the right word for letting me watch this utter wank.

  12. PolloDiablo says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    “Cheers, using wimbledons. Didn’t want to fanny on downloading sopcast.”

    Pollo, if your current on goes down there are all kinds on there, not just Sopcast.

  13. Thins has got nowt to do with Hooten Im afraid. They are a different class and title chasers on a revenge mission, simple as that. The team morale looks shattered, Pardew talks such a load of bollix.

  14. Worky, yeah just had another look ta. Loads more feeds than usual. when i looked last time it was just Sop.

  15. US Dept of Homeland Security shutting down the streams to protect NFL Super Bowl ad revenue.

  16. GREAT to see DL squirming in his seat. He got $35 million for Carroll, but will cost MA another $100 million to float a Championship team next year.

  17. Well, thats all of Chris Hughton’s brilliant team building work out the window. This team is heading for the 2nd division, see collicini, enrique, tiote, barton, ben arfa head straight out the door come the end of the season.

    What do all you Ashley supporters have to say now? Still a good decision to sell AC?

  18. Worky

    Chris Hutton would not have made any difference here I’m afraid.
    You can’t really blame Pardew.
    The only ones you can blame is MA and Andy Carroll…
    His sale may have brought in more than he is worse as a player. But in the end the morale has taken sa huge knock…
    We won’t come back from this, this season… Not until we invest. I just hope we get enough to stay up.

  19. Well not looking so canny anymore eh?
    Pardwho? hasn’t got a clue, so much for the more experienced manager waffle.
    The players look shell shocked, we cant get the ball and dont know what to do with it when we do.
    I’d like to think this would be our low point of the season, but unfortunatly I dont think so.
    We are on the slippery slope to oblivion from here on in.
    We are meant to get better as the season goes on but we are just getting worse. We are going to struggle to get to 40 points. Time to start praying.
    Ya reap wot ya sow fat man.

    ah bollix wots the point.

  20. Clarky… Your at the match then? you gotta have the IQ of a cup of cocco comming here spouting sh*t like that without thinking it through

  21. How can yous blame Andy Carroll??? He hasn’t played for weeks ffs. No this has everything to do with Pardwho? and Ashley. He has had plenty time to change things, but we are playing worse now than when under Hoots. Cant string together any passes, got no width, cant get in a decent tackle, and dont even ask me what a shot looks like I have forgotten.
    Pardwho? is feckin shite. END OF.

  22. JJ says:
    February 5, 2011 at 4:03 pm


    Chris Hutton would not have made any difference here I’m afraid.
    You can’t really blame Pardew.”

    Yes he would and yes I can, JJ.

  23. I am sorry but CHris Hughton would have made a difference, the team is totally dejected.

    We would still have been without AC, but I dont care what anyone says his transfer has effected the team spirt, why should the players give a shit when the management does’nt and they now know this team is going nowhere but the championship.

  24. Clarky

    I chose not to go to the match as I refuse to put any more money into Ashleys pocket.

  25. Blackpool scored and we’ve just dropped another place. Looks like Wigan have turned a corner as well

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  27. This is a massive game for confidence building more importantly especially after the way things began

  28. Some of our movement in the second half was just awesome…..still hate MA though and his cronies.

  29. what a shite match toon hopless
    only what a fantastic second half toon better team by far

  30. Well its my turn to eat humble pie, well done to the lads, never saw this coming, 4 points of Arsenal, brilliant fughtback, brilliant result.

  31. I said when Arsenal scored the 4th that we were dejected and our morale and sprit was gone but I’ve gotta hold my hands up! What a comeback, its not like it was against a Wigan or a Blackburn it was against a genuine title contender! Second half we bossed it and the players looked like they really wanted it. Whereas this last week could have sent us on a bad run for the second half of the season a comeback like this could spur us on to pick up the points needed to stay above the dogfight at the bottom. Tiote deserved that goal today and that is 4 pts off Arsenal this season so very happy!!

  32. i am absolutely DEVASTATED AND ASHAMED of myself, i left the match as soon as it went 4-0, it actaully hurt to have to watch us getting demolished, but then i got home and seen 4-4, i am actually ashamed to call myself a supporter today, however, what a result, this is why i love the toon so much, the fight and desire to come back, pity i didnt have those characteristics as well.

  33. Gotta be one of our biggest comebacks in the prem….magic 2nd half,blood and thunder and everyone grafting like their lives depended on it.

    If we play with this kind of commitment we should be ok and safe.

    Very Happy Boy – Job well done.

  34. Newcastle – Leicester 1997 was the next best comeback to this one, that I can recall anyway!!

  35. NUFC should have been 5-4 and win the game,if not of that goal that was mysteriously ruled offside when the Best is totally onside. :evil:

  36. Fantastic result and brilliant performance by the lads in the second half. Hope there are a lot of people eating humble pie

  37. Yup I had humble pork pie and Custard Deb :lol:

    Hope we can show that sort of commitment rest of the season.

  38. SJT – it’s the biggest comeback in the history of the prem’ by us or any team. Slightly – ever so slightly miffed nolan missed his chance for the winner. That is greed talking mind.

    It’s a long way back to the emirates for the gooner nobs

  39. Wow, what a fantastic game… You almost feel disapointed we didnt win through Nolan and Best in the end, who would have thought that at half time.

  40. 1721: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: “It was a good game with a lot of incidents and turning points, [but] the sending off was detrimental to us and some of the decisions went against us today. We were under pressure and we had problems to finish in the second half. It’s unpredictable sometimes, and it became difficult. At 4-1 we panicked a bit. But we were a little bit unlucky too. You have to take it on the chin and look at the positives. I didn’t see the sending off very well. But Barton should have been sent off too. We dropped two points, for sure.”


  41. Wenger will never accept decisions that goes against him, its one of the facts of life in line with “what comes up must go down” and so on.

  42. I am eating humble pie as we speak. But be prepared for whinging gooners for at least the next month, we paid £35m to the ref, barton should have been sent off, blah blah blah. You will never hear one word from them about Best’s perfectly good goal that was disallowed.

  43. Whatever Pardew said ay half time… game please say it before the game. Fookin brilliant. Worky…..I’m sure you’ll still be stickin with your anti Pardew/Fat Ashley rhetoric but hell man even u have to agree that was brilliant by the lads and the CROWD. hats off to the crowd who were chearing every tackle at 4-0 down.

  44. Would`nt have given a snowballs chance in hell, after the first half.
    The sending off was the catalyst for the amazing fightback, IMO, when you have an almost full half against ten men, theres room to believe, even when four down.
    Have to say our two scoucers played a major role, both Nolan and Joey seemed to drive the side, with enormous effort and example from both.
    Tiote was outstanding and showed he has the capability to do the things i had criticised him for lacking, good pass selection, easing up on “laying the body on” too much and what can you say about his goal ?
    Best worked hard, covered a lot of ground, took a few hits and was rewarded with a goal.
    Jonas as usual covered a lotta ground and had a decent showing.
    Only Simpson out of the back four had a good game.
    Young Ranger was a thorn in the side of the Arsenal defense, perhaps due to injuries, he may be close to getting a start ?
    My main criticism of Pardews tactics was, why would you play such a high line against a team full of pace and leave yourself vulnerable to counter attacks,not only that, but when four down, continue with the same tactic`s ?
    For those who may claim Pardew was instrumental in anyway, i say bullsh*t ! he will i`m sure attempt to.
    But to-days real heros were IMO, Joey & Nolan.

  45. Yes Chuck….Pardew is crap and he only got the job cause he gambles with Fat Ash. Will the negative guys give it a rest please. We just watched a historic match where Newcastle fought back from 4 down to share the points. No point bitching about stuff like Pardew is crap as we cant change it. It’s like saying Chuck is crap and I hope he doesnt post again. Whats the point when you know he will.

  46. Great character. That was victory in that it should exorcise the apparition of Andy Carroll. The Team played poorly in the first half and Pardew’s defensive tactics of a high line does not work against a team with pace. Every time Arsenal attacked we had our defence running back. Pardew should know this after all he has experience it is a standard concept that you play deep so their advantage of pace is reduced but not completely diminished.

    We could certainly use more goals from Barton and Jonas. Nolan has made more of his fair share of goals for us this season.

    What a turn around.

  47. workyticket says:
    February 5, 2011 at 4:57 pm
    Didn’t really predict a draw there after the first half!

    Is That all you have to say after slagging Pards and Fat Ash the entire first half. Saying CH would have done better. Well My opinion would be Pards had a great half time team talk and with a little luck and player character and a whole lot from the crowd we did it. But i guess you wouldn;t be willing to man up eat some humble pie now would you.

  48. Joe… Ease up mate, Chuck didnt tear into pards he just called it as he saw it and i happen to agree. We did play with a very high line, which you gotta admit was a mistake. That dosnt mean that it was the gaffers fault alone.I agree that we should back our manager to get some stability but surely we dont have to think every decision he makes is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

  49. Sorry Valle….didnt mean for it to sound like it did against Chuck and Worky and other guys. It’s just that day after day we keep getting hit by negativity every where we turn as Toon supporters so i just think we should give credit where credit is due.

    As for your point about Chuck calling it as it is about the high back line….i totally agree with him. Hmm guess I’m just as guilty for only pointing out the bad and not the good haha. Anyway your point taken. Apologies guys if I’m being a bit too bitchy.

    …think it’s the adrenaline from the match hahaha and the beer.

  50. Wenger: ‘I didn’t see the sending off, but Barton should have been sent off too’.

    … but if you didn’t see it…?

  51. Worky,

    I don’t think Hughton would have got is back from four nil down…

    Pardew must be the next Mourinho ;) what a half time talk!

  52. workyticket says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:19 pm
    sirjasontoon says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    “We competed at emirates.”

    We had a decent manager back then though, SJT. I did try to warn people about Pardew, but they wouldn’t have it, and just insulted me.

    Aye, you did try telling us about Pardew didn’t you? More bollox!

  53. Back from match – thought I’d have to type this in tiny font I’m so hoarse! Never saw it coming – but my daughter keeps up her record of not seeing us lose (though this was rather different to the other game she’s een this season – Fulham 0-0!). Two guys next to me left when the 4th goal went in.
    Loved the singing at the end after we had to endure the “1-0 to the Arsenal” “2-0 to the Arsenal”etc.from the Gooners throughout the first half (SO original). Toon fans sang “4-0, and you c**ked it up!” Mint!

  54. No premier league team has ever gone 4 ahead and been pinned back.

    Cracking result.
    Now I’m off out for a few jars. Hic

  55. I gotta say it…

    If this was Hughton in charge, Worky would be lathering his backside with praise…
    He really does give off the impression of being an absolute prick…
    Can see why everyone’s gone off to Toonsy’s blog…
    I’ll be doing the same…

    Know it won’t bother him in the slightest. But its a pity.
    Fantastic blog format – complete w@nker blog master.

  56. 25 workyticket says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:19 pm
    sirjasontoon says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    “We competed at emirates.”

    We had a decent manager back then though, SJT. I did try to warn people about Pardew, but they wouldn’t have it, and just insulted me.

    32 workyticket says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:30 pm
    ~ El Toro ~ says:
    February 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm


    You talk tripe.”

    Perhaps I do sometimes, El Toro, but not about football.

    :lol: Worky you do have a habit of making yourself look like a fool, but then you are a footie expert that never gets it wrong ;)

  57. Just to clarify Worky,
    I don’t think Pardew is brilliant. I think Hughton did a great job. But he’s never going to be a great manager either…

    But at the moment, Pardew is the manager and thus we need to support him… all your anti Pardew slurs due to the bitterness you feel over Hughton, have become pathetic…
    Hughton got a raw deal… but he’s gone. Get over it and try show some support. I doubt Pardew will be here five years. But you pitching constantly is creating a sour bitter atmosphere on the site…

    You come across as a arrogant self loving prick. And that is the reason I won’t be using your blog anymore.

    Like I said. It’s a fantastic site. You did a great job running it. But your arrogance detracts from all the positive work done…

  58. Big Dave says:
    February 5, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    “Worky you do have a habit of making yourself look like a fool, but then you are a footie expert that never gets it wrong”

    I never wrote that I never get it wrong, Dave, but Alan Pardew’s tactics were suicidal in the first half. It was a magnificent fightback in the second half, but it was also helped by Arsenal completely throwing the game away with a stupid sending off.

  59. worky I guess your right it was all Pards fault the 1st half and it had nowt to do with suicidal defending from our CB’s :lol: and I guess the 2nd half fight back had nowt to do with Pards either ;)

  60. Big Dave says:
    February 5, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    “worky I guess your right it was all Pards fault the 1st half and it had nowt to do with suicidal defending from our CB’s”

    Dave, they were way too high up the pitch and I think that was the manager’s fault. Constant sarcasm doesn’t really become you by the way.

  61. lol makes me laugh this, the high line did have an effect but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th arsenal goals come from crosses into the box from wide areas and we simply didn’t mark up properly. Thats not AP’s fault, once the players cross the white line they’ve got to make sure they do their jobs and for 3 of the goals they didnt. So really the high line was at fault for only one goal. Worky, as much as you like to get on AP’s back you have to give credit where its due

  62. MattyBarlow… Keep laughing mate, but the fact of the matter is that the high line was essential in all goals. When you give arsenal space to run at you and play the ball behind is when they get really dangerous. When we played them at the emirates, we had two very close lines parked just in front of our own goal and they stayed there with dicipline while constantly harresing players trying to get to a shooting position from distance, then moving back to position… It has to be said tho, that it takes some good fortune to go 3 up in 11 minutes as well and arsenal had that.

  63. Yesterdays match was a classic textbook example of both how to play Arsenal (second half) as well as how not to play Arsenal (first half). Maybe NUFC could market it as a training video ?

  64. How many times have I read this sort of message on this site ?

    “Get over it and try show some support”

    Generally speaking that is the most mundane argument and appears to come from people who have no ability whatsoever to debate an issue. Presumably because either they dont have the skills or the necessary ammunition for the argument ?

    Having people constantly using the “Get used to it, get over it” etc etc argument are merely failing to come up with reasoned and intelligent responses. Thats what creates a sour atmosphere on message boards.