Pardew: “No one’s unsaleable” at Newcastle United.

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Pardew: "No one's unsaleable" at Newcastle.
Pardew: "No one's unsaleable" at Newcastle.
Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, has been speaking on the stalled contract negotiations with Joey Barton, how Mike Ashley is at Newcastle United to stay, and trumpeting Cheik Tiote’s new deal as a sign that Mike Ashley is willing to spend on the club.

He started with Barton, who’s contract negotiations have now been shelved until the summer, with the midfielder’s current contract having around eighteen month to run. It is thought that the current deal on offer sees Barton facing a pay cut, but that it is the length of the contract extension, two years rather than three that is causing problems in the Barton camp.

Speaking of the current deal on offer, Pardew said:

“We have made a decent offer, but it’s difficult negotiating with any senior player at this level and I think Joey’s view is to perhaps see what happens in the summer.

“I don’t want to speak for Joey, but that might be where he’s at with it. I want to keep him, and I’ve made that clear to Mike [Ashley], but that process will probably run until the summer now.”

Selling the club.

On Mike Ashley’s future intensions regarding ownership of the club, and whether he might be tempted into another attempt at a sale, Pardew added:

“There was a period when Mike perhaps wanted to sell the club.

“But he’s out of the other side of that. He wants to build something here, but he wants to build it in a financial structure where it’s not costing him £10-15m a year of his own money.

“He wants it to try and run itself and with the fanbase we’ve got, there’s no reason why that can’t happen if the finances are correctly managed. Between myself, Mike and Derek (Llambias) we’re trying to do that, and in doing that we’re trying to build the team.”


Moving on to the another contract extension, the incredibly long six and a half year deal just signed by Barton’s fellow midfielder, Cheik Tiote, Pardew then addressed the concern of fans after the £35 million sale of Andy Carroll, suggesting that Tiote’s new contract, thought to be around £50,000 per week, was a sign of Ashley’s big ambition for the club, saying:

“After the sale of Andy, I think everybody involved with Newcastle, in the dressing room and on the terraces, was a little bit concerned.

“But I think Mike Ashley wanted to answer that and I think he’s done that in the best possible way.

“It is a massive statement of intent, and in terms of me and my staff, I think the signing of Cheik is very, very important. I think that’s true for the fans as well because they have taken to him and he’s a very important player for us. He’s someone who would be very difficult to replace.

“He’s done exceptionally well in his first year, and hopefully he’s someone we can build a side around because he gives you some protection to play four midfield players.

“When you play against a team with five in midfield, you need energy and legs in there to be able to keep two strikers on the pitch and Cheik gives us that.”

However Pardew concluded with a note of caution, saying that there would be no guarantees on future player sales, concluding:

“I’m afraid no one’s unsaleable,”

“That’s the truth of it, but we hope we can guard against it (the sale of Tiote) with this statement. The difference between the two (Tiote and Carroll) is that Cheik wants to stay here. Although Andy said that, he went.

“You can always harp on about the negative of Andy leaving, but we have a surplus of cash to buy in the summer and if I was in the dressing room at the moment, I’d be thinking we already have a good side, as we’ve proved since Andy left.

“If we can improve on that with signings like Cheik and some new players, we could be a force next year. That’s what we hope to be.”

Hmmmm. There’s some food for thought.

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34 Responses

  1. You guys are becoming more like the Daily Mail (and Ed) every day. Out of all that is in that quotefest, you choose to run the most inflammatory headline. Why not choose something positive? There were plenty of options there.


    Better still, why not try some sort of analysis instead of knee-jerking all the time? Stop trying to be a tabloid.

  2. Bris, it’s a direct quote from Pardew that might be of genuine concern to fans.

    You only ever seem to see the headlines/posts that bother you and conveniently ignore all the others.

  3. Aren’t the other quotes, the more positive ones, also of genuine concern to the fans?

    The choice of what you decide to highlight reveals a lot about the agenda of your publication.

  4. Bris stop believing everyone on toonsys blog is telling you. There is no agenda on here. There is no blog war going on. Why not just accept that some people have a different view to others?
    This is not an anti Pardew blog no matter what people tell you.
    Hugh has recently posted some very positive views on the club.
    This is a blog centered in realism.

  5. I Am ecstatic to hear that Ashley wants to stay, owner. It si

    Is only good for the club. The Newcastle supporters trust, is a dangerous move, there is no room for finding funds for it relies on too much or should I say too many people. So it will be tough.

    But in reality if we look at the decisions made by Ashley in the long run they are working out.
    Keegan was great when he was first with us but he generally bought very expensive players that can’t last forever being able to fund that sort of spending. While I was gutted to see him go in hine sight it was the best decision. At the time I wanted Ashley out.

    Houghton great guy did us a lot of favours got us back to the prem. But the results in the premier league were muddled it’s as if he gambled when we played big teams but we as a team weren’t consistent.

    Pardew I complained like hell but let’s be consistent he is exactly that consistent with results gets on with life no matter what happened , the disloyal player that isn’t worth mentioning
    35 mill is a good price sorry great price for any player

    He signs people on extended contracts, even if we have to sell them makes them worth more, put please mr Mike no more sales I want us to win the perm one day and more…..

    I am so happy this club is not being, run on debt one day man u will be impoverished yet we will be financially stable , with the amount of debt shepherd got us into we were heading for the conference league

    Thank you MIKE for the tough decisions you have made, I admit I have cursed you, but I am delighted where the club is now we have a good team with a good manager who is proving everyone wrong and making great decisions with the club and an owner who knows how to keep us running without bad debt.

  6. Mickey Toon: Blog wars? What the hell are you talking about? Feeling a bit insecure, mate?

    I make the same comments to Toonsy and co when I feel the desire to.

    As for opinions – yeah, I know people have different opinions,and if my opinion is that yours is flawed then I voice it. The question is, can you handle criticism of your opinion? Apparently not.

  7. No-ones unsaleable at ANY club, if they weren’t, there would be no transfers until contracts were ended, we wouldn’t be able to buy better players, the transfer market would collapse, smaller clubs would go bust, its a nonsense headline, How do you think we got Shearer? Tiote, Colo, Barton, Nolan etc. anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand football.

  8. I get the headline but it did have me wondering what was meant by it, it is a bit sensational but no worse than any other on the net & as said, it is a direct quote from Pardew but at least the owner, manager isn’t being quoted as saying that ‘no one is for sale now’ & having their heads chewed off by fans for saying that & then selling players, which is what happened with Carroll….

    I think we’re at the stage of change over for the club, as a few months ago we were still in debt but just lately, statement have been coming out saying that the club is breaking even, which I think is fantastic & I look forward to the future of our club, knowing that we’re going to be able to buy players every window if needed & we’ll not need Ashley to cough up the dosh as the club will be able to do that on its own.. :) :)

  9. Brisvegas says:
    February 27, 2011 at 8:28 am (Edit)

    As for opinions – yeah, I know people have different opinions,and if my opinion is that yours is flawed then I voice it. The question is, can you handle criticism of your opinion?

    Sure, that’s what blogs are for IMHO. If we all agreed on everything it would be tedious.

  10. no one in the world is unsaleable…

    torres to chelsea is a great example, so is ronaldo to madrid…

  11. Pardew is however telling the harsh truth as everyone has a price.
    Ronaldo, Torres, Tevez to name a few.
    In fact as much as I love my job and respect the people I work for, if someone wants to double my salary i’m off!

  12. “I’m afraid no one’s unsaleable” is just a obvious statement that everybody knows is true. After just selling AC, fans are a bit sensitive on the subject of being a selling club.

    but look at Man U, C Ronaldo was probably deemed unsaleable before he left.

  13. Thought provoking points for a Sunday.

    What really makes us angry is when our top players are sold to our rivals in the prem.

    This weakens us, but makes our rivals stronger.

    Most worrying is that this appears to the world as an admission from our club that we beleive we are not competing with the biggest clubs, who have over the years bought our talent.

  14. Ed (6)
    I,m with you mate, Everything you say is spot on and I wish to pin my colours to the mast and agree that I think that we are now on solid ground and heading in the right direction. I sincerely hope that Ashley keeps on getting it right and continues to make us a very strong club. It,s such a long time since there was this feeling of stability around the place and as far as I am concearned, MA can stay as long as he likes.Onwards and Upwards. HWTL.


  16. more total drivel from mr wonderful pardew,no matter what he says,has no credibility or substance to it.
    i know the andy carroll thing has been done to death,but any one who is perpared to lisyen to anything that comes out of the cake hole of pardew is gullible to say the least.
    every statement that comes out from the club,is like some kind of religeous text,they are all open to many interpretations.
    you can bet your bottom dollar it will all be bad in the end.

  17. Craig, your comment is worthy of a reply.

    Mike Ashley does deserve credit for putting his own money into our club, this point is laboured and acknowledged by all Geordies.

    I also love my wife, but she is an anoying bitch at times.

  18. does anyone ever think we will have a legend at our club again if mike ashley stays?? You know, like we have had shearer, beardo, rob lee, ginola, other great names in last 15 years. Do you think we will ever have a player stay long enough now to become a legend… to cross over from a great player to geordie folk law??? I dont think we will lads. Cos as soon as he gets great we will put in shop window and sell him. We will get great players i am sure like tiote but they will be with us just 1 season or 2 maximum. If Enrique stays his career he will become a modern day great for us, thing is though he will be gone in summer with barton etc. Its hardto buy a shirt with a players name on the back for your kids, cos within a season the bloke could be gone. Stability is key, its also the only word that everyone seems to agree on and keep saying. Thing is though, will we ever get stability when we are very willing to sell off our cream all the time, retaining only a small amount of top quality and filling the gaps with cheap mediorce players instead? How can that provide stability in reality.

  19. craig chisholm,my big fear is,under this joke of a regime,we could end up playing third tier football,so if there’s any legends in league 2 then who knows?.

  20. I missed the game yesterday, drunk at Twickenham!
    I however believed Bolton were our benchmark as to how far we have come.

    All reports I got were very positive, and we were unlucky not to win even without Joey and with 10 on the pitch.

    Remember we have Benny and Gosling to come back who in anyones book are both class.

    Couple of good signings in the summer and top 6 next year!

  21. Trojan, i agree with you and that we will end up going down again, its without a question. Not this season but probably next as the team that lines up next year will without a doubt be weaker… i will be glad when we do go down tbh as then all the i love ashley, he is our saviour brigade might shut up… i note none of them were singing his praises this time two years ago when we were into our 100th manager of the season and slipping out the prem within 18 months of him buying our club. The heart of the club ripped out, chaos, divided fans, empty seats, players sold off, staff sacked, relentless bad press. Our club is like a toyota at the minute.. big name brand, looks ok on the surface but underneath the parts have been substituted for cheaper ones, corners cut, all forthe sake of cost cutting and stream lining. It worked for a while with toyota but now their cars are gettingrecdalled left right and centre, image finished, product not trusted anymore, people now not trusting them. There is only so much Ahsley can strip away before we stop functioning in an effective manner.

  22. 24 Doug… if them two stay i will be very happy. What is goslings natural position? We need a left bacdk now to replace enrique.

  23. So Arsenal are our model for the future,buy young quality
    English and foreign players and make them into better players ,Arsenal very rarely sell players that are needed,
    our club must take this approach.

  24. Any player who we can seriously capitalize on will be sold.
    Ashley has made it clear that is his business model.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiote, Barton, Enrique, Collocini and Jonas are sold in the summer.
    The funds the club received from the AC sale, money generated from the sale of these players and another season in the premiership will completely reimburse Ashley.

  25. nobody took the nazi’s seriously until it was too late,a lot of newcastle fans need to take their heads out of their backsides,before ashley and his toe rag mates ruin the club for good.

  26. This coming season is very important get rid of expensive
    poor players and get £££ off our wage bill.
    There’s loads of players in every position we can buy.
    How many times do we agree a fee and won’t pay the wages?
    What really pisses me off is Liverpool haven’t got many
    players i’d want and there after our best players qunts

  27. In this day and age rooting too much for one player will just get you burnt. Better to root for the club, the shirt, and the tradition.

  28. Ed the big money signings you are talking about from Keegan were all worth it and the fact that you were saying we couldn’t afford it at the time is ludicrous considering when Keegan left we had over £100 m in the bank and were a top 2 side in the league so I can’t understand where your criticism of him is coming from? Keegan also made alot of shrewd signings in his first era as manager at the club buying people like Rob Lee £700 k, John Beresford £650 k, Andy Cole £1.75 m, Kevin Sheedy Free, David Ginola £2.5 m etc…