Ranger nearly loaned out this season – future unknown

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Newcastle nearly loaned out Nile Ranger
Future in the balance?
Newcastle striker Nile Ranger might have been loaned out if not for the Carroll departure and the Ameobi injury.

Whilst Chris Hughton thought Nile Ranger would progress better at Newcastle, Alan Pardew originally had different ideas and was prepared to loan Ranger out until Carroll’s departure to Liverpool and Ameobi’s face ache made him reconsider.

Pardew said the following about the possible loaning out of Ranger:

I’d have considered it if Shola was fit and we had Andy Carroll, or a replacement for him, in the building.

Nile’s very important for us between now and the end of the season and in this period we’ll know what we’re going to do with him next season. He could be forcing to get in and around the team for us, he has the potential to do that.

Pardew then goes on to compare Nile Ranger to Michael Owen, although by that he presumably doesn’t mean he gets paid £100,000 a week to sit in the treatment room and then bugger off if we get relegated.

He gets under centre-halves. I can think of players, Michael Owen in his own way once, he gets past you, he gets under you, there’s no getting back to him, he’s got that pace and he’s good at that,” said Pardew.

He needs to concentrate and understand what the job’s about and what the profession’s about at times. He’s very much aware that his time-keeping has improved and his professionalism on the training ground has improved, but it could still be better.

It looks as if Ranger is still struggling to get starts with Lovenkrands and Best seeming to be Pardew’s first choices, but he has been getting substituted onto the pitch in recent games and needs to make his mark.

He has played some good football, holding the ball up well and taking a good supporting role but he lacks for goals. Maybe once he gets going with that they’ll start to go in on a regular basis.

As to what his future may hold, it’s hard to say. Pardew will presumably be looking for at least one new striker in the summer and with Ameobi to come back and Lovenkrands and Best higher up the pecking order than Ranger, he still could find himself loaned out – or possibly even sold – if he doesn’t make an impact before the end of the season.

Who knows?

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24 Responses

  1. In fairness to Ranger he hasn’t been played enough to rightly assess him. C’mon Pardew, give him a better chance.

  2. found this on EURO SPORT NEWS:

    Newcastle are planning to take 17-year-old French striker Alister Tangane on trial next month after impressive performances for regional club Bretigny-sur-Orge. Marseille and Everton are also interested in the youngster.

    And Newcastle have also been watching Sevilla’s Argentine midfielder Diego Perotti, who is valued at around £6m. (Daily Mail)

    Tangane and Perotti – any ideas if they’re any good? also, not sure on Perotti’s age (and too lazy to find out!)

  3. Always lookked a handful when he come on as a sub but goals have seemed to elude him when some decent chances have arisen.
    Still only a kid I get the feeling if he does get a goal then more will follow hopefully.

    If he gets some goals this season then MA can avoid digging in his pockets to add some proven quality upfront.

  4. think the kid needs to help himself first,pardew saying his timekeeping and training is getting “better”but could be improved,think c.h.had same problem with him hence not getting games

  5. Ranger is a typical young peabrain. Full of himself, and not thinking he has to prove himself in any way. Theres absolutely loads like him in English football, and 90% will never make it and will drop out of league football, because they think it’s all plain sailing with no hard work involved. Ranger is no different. He needs a boot up the rear, and frequently. Pleased that Pardew is giving him a warning, and publically.
    Problem is, theres far too many Newcastle supporters AGREEING with Nile’s own mentality, and that he’s “Only a kid” which just encourages him not to knuckle down.
    Little pressure = Little effort = Utter failure

  6. Paul,unfortunately my computer is playing up and have been unable to reply to your comments.All I said was”don’t believe everything you read on this blog”.I’m not sure that warrented the diatribe from you calling me a Pr$$k and a Tw*t,it was harmless banter,but if you found that offensive I apologise.Just to even things up “Paul you are the most Knowledgeable bloke I’ve ever come into contact with on any blog”I’m sure thats enough to pamper your Ego.

  7. He needs games. A start would be the ideal way to see what he’s capable of now. I would start him along side Best for our next game to out muscle Bolton’s rearguard. I think if he just scores his first goal he will knuckle down to improve and get more goals for us. Him going out on loan would also do wonders to his development.

  8. I disagree JP loaning himm out wont help him improve his attitude.
    What he needs IMO is a mentor at the club to educate him and push him in the right direction. As in Nolan/Judas. for example.
    Does he not have family ffs.

  9. Ranger just needs the gametime to show what he can do. He has shown more promise than Carroll did at a similar age, he just needs the match time to improve, like Carroll did last season.

  10. Yes it amazes me that we expect our young players to improve, yet never play them. How does that work?
    For example whats going on with young Ferguson?
    completely disappeared off the radar???

  11. Beardsleys Boots – I see your point but I still think that if he were loaned out to a club and played regularly then I think his attitude will instantly improve as he will be wanted by the manager to be played every week. He would feel wanted by the team and play all the time therefore it is a confidence boost knowing you are going to play every game. Also the manager playing him will make sure he doesn’t mess up as Ranger would be like there star signing and will need to up his game or else he will be sent back to us and that will be the end of his football career. If he were to play well out on loan and score on a constant basis then he will improve even quicker and we will reap the benefits. His positioning sense and all aspects of his game will instantly improve and it won’t be costing us precious Premiership points if he doesn’t score.

  12. I think at the moment we have’nt got enough strikers to send Ranger on loan.So I suppose as AP see’s it he is better used as an immact sub as we have no one else to fill that roll.AS usual its down to not enough cover the Fans know that the players know it and I do suppose AP knows it.We can only hope the one that really matters MA bloody knows it!!

  13. “I” as Ive said on previous threads This summer is going to be massive in so many ways for the Toon.
    This time there can’t be any hanging on till zero hour the work should be going on NOW If lessons have been learnt there will be no need for late excuses etc that we have come to expect.

  14. ““He gets under centre-halves. I can think of players, Michael Owen in his own way once, he gets past you, he gets under you, there’s no getting back to him, he’s got that pace and he’s good at that,” said Pardew.”

    With Ranger’s height, I should think he has a bit more trounle “getting under people” than Michael Owen did, unless he’s some kind of limbo dancer.

  15. I’m sure Ranger will be a top striker with more to his game than Judas.Its keeping his head “right” on and off the park.I hope he builds a relationship with someone like Carver to keep him on the straight and narrow.

  16. He’s young and needs time. He should be out on loan really to get some goals and get confidence.

    I don’t think it’s fair to throw him into the fire that is NUFC and expecting him to score the goals that kept us up.

    Luckily we haven’t needed him too much.

  17. I think the longer Ranger goes without a goal for the first team the more damage it will do for his confidence. Ideally he should have gone out on loan to gain valuable experience at a high level. Now all we can hope for is for him to be given more playing time than just the odd 15min here and there and score a goal for the first team.

  18. Very nice past few articles Hugh….very bored here with no games for NUFC this weekend.

    As for Ranger….i think Pardew is implying he’s a slacker in training with that comment about timekeeping and profesionalism. I do hope the boy does well n matures into a good striker but his time seems to be running out under Pardew. I’d personally give him another years/season after this to see if he can make the step up.

  19. Someone said Ranger should get more game but we still have a lot important game to play. Should we gamble the result for 1 player ? Super sub is the role he should focus and play the best he can until the end of season.

    However sometime I think it’s not fair to him to play with pressure and expectation from us but if you good enough, you are old enough, aren’t you ?

  20. batty says:
    February 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    “needs must good job he didnt go out on loan”

    At least the injury list is gannin’ down though, batty. Apparently Ranger’s cousin is very good too according to my coach friend.