Tiote commits to Toon until 2017

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Tiote signs new deal with Newcastle United
Why have I got 3 hands?
Tiote signs up with Newcastle United for another six and a half years.

According to NUFC’s official site, Cheik Tiote has signed a new contract keeping him at Newcastle until June 2017.

Tiote said:

I am very happy today to have signed this new deal with Newcastle United.

The experience of playing in the Premier League has been better than I ever hoped it could be.

This is a great club and the fans have been brilliant – I have never known support like it.

And Alan Pardew added:

Cheick has been immense for us this season and is exactly the type of player I want in my squad. He is fantastic on the pitch and in the changing room and is vital for everything we want to achieve.

Cheick offers us strength and presence in midfield and has proved himself to be one of the best in his position in the Premier League. He’s adapted brilliantly to the English game and I’m delighted he’s signed a new deal with us today.

I doubt many people will disagree that Tiote has been a fantastic acquisition and it’s good to see him committing his future to the club. So this is good news and may go some way towards quelling the ‘unsettled air’ that some players seem to have demonstrated in recent interviews.

Incidentally, the official Toon site spells his name ‘Cheick’, with a ‘c’, but just about everywhere else I look it’s ‘Cheik’, without the ‘c’. I suppose I should start using the ‘c’ as you’d expect the official site to know how to spell the names of our players!

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62 Responses

  1. This is SUPERB news, has made my weekend. This fella is in the top 3 midfielders in the league and will attract others to the club for sure.

    But today just happy Tiote is a long term mag!

  2. “This is a great club and the fans have been brilliant – I have never known support like it.”

    Now, there’s a message there for those oing to the Bolton match!




  4. Hugh – I have also heard that it’s pronounced “Shake” rather than “Check”. Is that correct?

  5. now lets add 3 or 4 QUALITY players in the summer, and have a real go next season!!
    2 new strikers, LB cover, and a winger!! that will do nicely with what we have now

  6. lesh says:
    February 25, 2011 at 9:06 am (Edit)

    Anyone suggest and good reading for Indian and Craig – on conspiracy theories

    I quite like David Icke’s theory that the world is ruled by reptiles in human guise.

  7. magpie6699 says:
    February 25, 2011 at 9:06 am (Edit)

    Hugh – I have also heard that it’s pronounced “Shake” rather than “Check”. Is that correct?

    I hope not as I’ve used ‘check’ in some awful punny headlines!

    Could be though.

  8. If that is true on the pronunciation of his name surely there is a. cheick rattle and roll headline in you Hugh. :-)

  9. Similary named west African musicians I’ve heard, have pronounced Cheick as in check.

    Or, Micky… Cheicking all over?

  10. AWESOME!!! This is the sort of news we need. Watch for Barton and Enrique to sign before the end of the season.


  12. Indian Magpie. Sorry mate I think your wrong.
    Tiote is the single most important player to sign up, although I agree with you it would be great if Barton and Enrique follow suit.

    Lets just celebrate, a new Geordie hero is born and watch him kick Bolton off the park on Saturday.

    Could he be the first Geordie Sheik????

  13. After Carroll, I don’t think we have to sell any player for fund in this summer except they just want to leave. However this is the good news and clear the air befoe Bolton game.

    In reality, no matter how long the contract is, if we recieve 30M form Chelsea, Mike will sell him, no doubt.

    But not for Jose stupid 6M from Liverpoods or 2M for Barton or 6M for Jonas. All xxxx!

  14. It really is embaressing reading posts Indian guys sometimes..

    “Do not get excited!” – yep, under no circumstances can you possibly be pleased and enjoy a good bit of business my the club…

    Must think negatively … must think negatively … now Tiote signed up, you MUST find something else to channel that negativity.. BARTON! BARTON! … then when he signs, what next …

    We win the premiership.. dont get excited.. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.. premier leagues not important.. we NEED to win CHAMPIONS LEAGUE..


  15. I honestly think that some negative elements of the toon support hold the club back as much as Ashley has sometimes.

  16. Perhaps this is where the story about arabs buying us again came from. Someone heard that Chieck, pronounced shake is going to commit to the club and thought the sultan of Brunei was going to buy Ashley out.

    Sorry, I’ll get me coat. It’s the one with Chieck is Geordie on the back. :-)

    I’ve said it until I’ve bored everyone on here, this guy is a very, very important part of the team, more so than Carroll in my opinion.

  17. Where did that come from AOD? Can’t find anything on how much he is getting per week?

    Anyone got access to NUFC TV? They have a video interview with him up there. I don’t have access, so I can’t comment on the content.




  19. Dont want to put a negative on this but Carroll asked for £45K a week to stay and sign a 5 year contract!

    Promise I will never mention that again…or Andy what’s his name!

  20. Great news. Put a smile on my face way over here in Malaysia. I agree with Ginkoh that don’t think Fat Ashley will sell anyone that doesn’t want to go after Carroll’s 35mill. Still if someone comes in with silly money anyone is up for sale. As for Jose I don’t think anything below 10mill will tempt the club to sell but they might be worried if he doesn’t sign a new contract once end of the season comes.

    And before anyone (read Indian Mag, Worky n Hugh) puts holes in my theory….the above is only what i feel and hope. At the end of the day I don’t know Fat Ashley’s mind and he has burned us a lot of times in the past. But please oh please build on the good work of the past 1 and a half seasons. Don’t sell anymore key players and bring some new faces in. We seriously need a back-up leftback in case Jose doesnt sign n we have to sell next Jan for cut price. Patrick Van Anholt comes to mind but dont think Chelsea will sell. Ranger is a favourite of mine but he still hasnt broken out of the “player with potential” tag so we definately need a 20 goal a season striker. Cisse sounds interesting although highly temperemental. Another central defender as dont think Sol can deputise anymore…oh wait…i forgot about Saylor.

  21. Great on Paper but contracts mean fook all,just means that when we sell him in the summer it is going to cost one of the big boys a load of cash.

    Gotta say though I love Tiote and hope he does stay with us for a very long time.

    We are so close to becoming an amazing side I just know that Fat Fooker upstairs will mess things up again.

  22. in my opinion this lad is the best defensive midfielder in the world , the lad has got everything , this is fantastic news 4 us magpies !! keeping the likes of tiote is starting 2 make me think mr pardue is doin a gr8 job!! im so excited 4 the future 4 us !! HWTL

  23. Best scenario – Tiote stays for the full duration of his contract and goes on to become one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

    Worst scenario – Tiote is sold by MA but due to the length of time remaining on his contract we get BIG money for him.

    Both are win / win as long as in the worst case scenario, the money is put back in the club. We dont know if the Carroll money, or hypothetically the Tiote sale money, would be reivested, but at present WE DO NOT KNOW.

    When it comes to the unknown, I would rather be positive than negative until evidence shows me other wise. At least that way, I get until August being happy regardless!

  24. alreet lads ive just bought a pc and im dying 2 try n watch 2moras game on the net , has any1 got any links 4 the match? let me no plz , cheers

  25. Caps lock get more attention.

    so 50k a week how much of carroll’s money have we spend now abt 17 million so 18 left. what can we buy from that.

  26. How about 3 Ben Arfas or 5 Tiotes and a Mike Williamson, Indian Guy? 18 Million should be enough.

  27. Indian Magpie…if the £35m from AC was the only income we’ll be receiving over the next 6.5 years then you may have a point…as it happens you are full of shit!

    I think this shows commitment from the club & the player & is aimed to put people off approaching for Tiote in the summer. If they do bid for Tiote he’ll cost more given this new contract hence the club get a higher fee…I don’t have an issue with this.

    I want him to stay but I feel this is a plan for worst (sell him) & hope for the best (he stays)…nowt wrong with that

  28. Me nither witters

    But as it was already said 35 mil was going to be spent on wages and transfer fees both.

    you can make me a butt of all jokes if i am wrong, until then you should hold your horses.

  29. Don’t knock Indian Mag too much guys….we are all at that stage at one point or another. We all want and hope the best for our club.

    Relax Indian Mag…stay positive. Being too negative has a bad affect in the sense you never enjoy the “highs” of supporting the club.

    Onwards and upwards. Howay the lads.

  30. Great news to hear he has signed a new deal. None more deserving than him. He is definately the player in our squad at present that I would hate to see leave.

    Ok, we all think Enrique is great, but Tiote didnt need 2 seasons to prove himself, such is the gulf in talent with this guy. ‘Thou shall not pass’ has go to be his moto. He is worth every penny of his deal and a great person too supporting his family abroad. 11 Tiotes and we would win it all.
    Maybe some of the stallers will sign up to now. If the dont then they are not playing for the shirt and club!

  31. I also recall in one of Sir Bobby Robson’s interview.

    he said that when barcelona signed Ronlado, they gave him an 8 year deal and within 8 months he was of to INTER, big money i know but still,

    you get the point.

  32. do not get me wrong i feel great business has been done, but ashley drives me crazy.

    apologies to every 1 who feels offended.

  33. No need to apologize Indian Mag…as long as nothing vulgar or personal remarks were made then we all have the right to have our own opinion. That’s why the blog is there anyways.

  34. Indian Magpie…if Tiote is sold then he’s sold. The new contract will mean we get more money for him.

    I don’t see the point in getting frustrated about things we cannot influence…what will be will be

  35. There seems to be a lot of Oh Carroll signed a 5 year deal and left us… Well the difference here is that Tiote is a completely different character. So I believe if he is signed up as we are lead to believe he will ‘honour’ the deal.
    AC was a greedy young lad end of. He could of stayed lets not kid ourselves.

    I think playing for NUFC means more to tiote than it did to AC and it shows with every game, 90% of the time tiote gets Man of the match.

    An hounarable and loyal player i see tiote being, only sold if he has no choice, but I cant see it now MA has put himself on the line and quick to tie him down. Whats the point of MA runing NUFC? he loses his money so I cant see us flogging all our players to end up with average joes next season. The Conspiracy theorists will shoot down what I say tho, but back in the real world…..

  36. Mint news about Carver as well…I think we’re on the up!

    And to re-iterate this is the best team we’ve had in years & after the Souness/Roeder/Allardyce years (not to mention the horrid tw@t that is Freddy Shepherd) Im feeling positive again…to be fair Ive been feeling positive since Hughton was given a permanent role & we were in the fizzy pop…

  37. Good news re Chieck, but no one should get excited over rumours about any potential Arab buyers with the current winds of change blowing through those countries. By the same criteria any clubs currently with wealthy Arab sponsors might have reason to be a bit worried.

    We might have a dodgy owner but at least he is a home produced dodgy owner!! :)

  38. This is a bit off topic. But I am getting tired of hearing about the 35million we have to spend in the summer.

    35million is not a vast amount of money or an endless pot for us to buy players with. For that money I would imagine we could BUY (not loan or free agents before anyone says owt) 3-4 decent plyers if we are lucky.

    135 million then aye make a big song and dance about the cash avaliable. We need to get a grip and not be amazed if 11 new players are not BOUGHT in the summer.
    Sorry for the dampner, but the sale of one player wont bring in hatsfull of talent for the money.

  39. If anyone deserves a new contract it is Tiote, outstanding this season and could be this the new era of performance related rewards, great news.

  40. And by the way along with his wacky stuff David Icke does come out with some sane and sensible stuff. Really.

    Also the late Queen mother is alive and well and living in Loch Ness!! :)

  41. To pick one team only, for £35m we could probably get Jara, Cardoza and Lusao from Benefica that would improve the overall squad quality and persuade any current players who are wavering to stay with us.

    although that could be a flying pig comment. :)

  42. aye,and in the summer it will be,i’ve never known money like it at chelsea,i’ve got to the stage where i couldn’t give a f**k,what comes out of the official lines at the club,total and utter bollox.

  43. TROJAN – Supporting the toon must be hell for you. There’s a small club down the road that needs supporters. Why not give em a try?

  44. so big mike deserves credit for getting one of our best players to sign an improved & extended contract – dont think so – any half-wit would’a done the same thing unless the player has the initials AC like.

    anways can anyone remind me when the 10 year season ticket has to be renewed – if i’m not mistaken i think it’s just round the corner is it not?

  45. We may of lost Carroll, but we know who is the tough guy in the team and the man over the boy. Tiote would’nt be seen dead at a Boyzone concert like AC, how gay lol.