Where next Columbus?

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Toon fans
What a week for Newcastle fans!
The way the week started, with the loss of our centre forward at Newcastle United, it will probably go down as one of the worst Monday’s in the history of the club.

So it was always gonna be interesting, to say the least, to see how the team dealt with it psychologically as well as physically, on the pitch.

To be fair, it didn’t look good as our week got worse still with our away defeat to Fulham on Wednesday. Especially as we capitulated to a ‘punt’ up field to one Damian Duff. In the meantime we lost yet another striker early in that game, in the shape of Shola Ameobi, to what looked like a nasty cheekbone fracture.

Aye, the fun was never ending it seemed. So, as the lads prepared themselves for the visit of Arsenal to SJP you could be forgiven for fearing the worst.

After a particularly awful week for your friend and humble narrator, compounded by the fact that I would be forced to miss the game because of family commitments, I was, at first, horrified and then kind of relieved as I left the house at about 6 minutes past 3 with the score already 0-2. As I trudged round to the above mentioned ‘commitment’, I toyed with the thought: ‘Ah! Well, I guess we’re in for a proper kicking?

Which turned to: ‘Well, there’s plenty of time … oh, pack it in‘, just get on with me commitment and forget about it. Little did I know what was going on.

When I got back at about 5:15, quickly, with heart in mouth, expecting a basketball score, checked for the result. Well you can imagine how my grey mood turned to bemused, amazement, with a touch of joy on the side. After seeing the highlights and reading a few reports, I understood even less.

So, where does this leave Newcastle?

A team that gave 4 points to Fulham (0-1, on aggregate). Took 4 points from Arsenal (5-4, on aggregate). Couldn’t score v Fulham, home or away. Then scored 4 v Arsenal, coming back from 4 down in one of the premier league games (definitely ‘comebacks’) of all time.

What ever Alan Pardew said during half time, bottle it!

Whatever resiliance, commitment, never say die attitude the lads found, patent it!

After a terrible week, where most feared the worst, an amazing end, that no one could have predicted. It’s hard to contemplate what comes next, other than, this team has learned to not give up despite all and terrible odds against it. That should stand us in good stead, teach us fans to expect the unexpected, including disappointment and glory.

Inconsistent, consistently inconsistent?

One thing is for sure though, whether it’s down to managers past or present, coaches, the loyal 50 odd thousand or the lads just rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it in the face of adversity …

… we can never write off the spirit of this team.

Where next Columbus?

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47 Responses

  1. Off topic,but sensational news.Louise Taylor of the Guardian praises and sticks up for Newcastle in her column!

  2. In the second half the big difference for me between the two teams were (1) we had leaders all over the field (especially Nolan and Barton)and they didn’t, (2) the crowd could have booed (with justification after the first half) but they didn’t, they roared on the lads.

    Yes Arsenal are great to watch and have some very gifted players but without bottle they can always be bullied out of a game. Would ManU have won all those trophies without the likes of Keane, Neville and Scmichael, probably not.

  3. team for march till end of season:







  4. …………Best……….

  5. …….ranger……

    more attacking more goals in team

  6. Unfortunately Ben Arfa isn’t going to be back for weeks so theres not much point in putting him in anyone’s team for the remainder of the season. When he does come back it’s going to take him several matches to get up to speed so realistically he’s not going to have a real impact for us until next season.

  7. Just a thought i have been having… Our team seems to have tremendous spirit, so if we are to improve who can we take out of the team to add more skill, yet still keep that spirit? In attack clearly, but does that mean that our team are only a good striker and som subs away from where we ant it?

  8. Perhaps jaming toon is just looking forward to next season – I can’t see us hanging on to Tiote after the summer break – thinking of all those ‘bigger’ teams that need a player like that in the middle….

  9. From the days of Vieira onwards, Arsenal’s main defensive tactic has been to break up attacks at source by fouling often with two footed tackles–watch them! So Wenger’s whingeing about Barton cuts no ice here. Arsenal can attack sublimely, but without the ball when pressurised, cannot defend. That is why they can’t win titles and will fail again this year. Good riddance to mercenary Carroll for holding the club to ransom–was 40k a week not enough for you son? no-one forced you into that helicopter,no-one forced you to sign for Liverpool, and no-one tore up your 5 year contract here- so don’t bullshit us. Ash’s strategy will succeed, with the club’s finances heading towards an even keel after years of inept financial control, as long as he raises the wage bar now to keep our highest quality players–eg world class Tiote, Collo and England class Barton, and releases substantial funds in the summer. We wait with baited breath………

  10. I see the press mongs have started in ernest trying to sell Tiote to manusa or the chavs.

  11. BTW,
    what a goal the lad scored on satda.
    A fitting one to draw level with after an amazing comeback.

    Tiote is legend.

  12. Best thing about the game was watching in Hendon, London. The pub has foreign channels to watch 3pm sat games and it was FULL of Arsenal fans.

    First half was horrible. Me and loads of Arse! fans cheering.

    I was so quiet.

    Then the 2nd half I just couldn’t contain myself especially hearing all the arsenal fans chat cr4p about how they’re gonna murder us!

    Amaznig game – amazing goal. Shame Nolan couldn’t ping in the 5th!!!

    Heart did stop when Van Persie looked to score in the 94th minute.


  13. It sounds like everyones agreed that Tiote will be sold come the summer then. FFS!!!!!
    So it always always comes down to MONEY then???
    Can feel me wee wee starting to get warm already.

  14. Andy C had a new contract, it dont mean shit.
    It just ups the ante a bit more.
    If the offer and cash are big enough for the fat controller, he will be gone. No Doubt.
    Of course he will have to submit a transfer request first lol

  15. Spend the ‘no proper football’ week & some of that £35+m on tying, gluing, nailing & screwing Tiote to the fixtures & fittings of SJP for years to come.
    Arguably the most important player atm.
    Joey & Jose are up there with him mind.

  16. In all honesty. I would have been more gutted if Tiote had left over Carroll. First of all no one would have paid an over inflated price for him and secondly I think he is arguably our best player. Some of his touches are sublime.
    Saying that best took his goal well. Nice control and bang. Cash back.

  17. Micky,
    he also did well with the disallowed goal too.
    At least the soft 2nd pen made up for it, a bit.
    Nice through ball by Barton too.

  18. Did anyone watch the game live?

    Seriously when Van Persie’s offside goal went in – I nearly had a heart attack of sadness.

    Well done linesman!

  19. Do the usual suspects ever find a player for them selves?
    At least we don’t ‘need’ the money, which could help.

    How much is Tiote worth in a crazy market, where we don’t need the cash?
    (a blog within a blog?)


  20. I agree Clint, chuck as much money at him as it takes to make him stay.
    Unfortunatly fatty wont see it that way will he?
    I’m kinda resigned that he will be gone and it guts me insides out.
    Of course I’ll willingly bare my arse in Fenwicks if I’m wrong :lol:

  21. No seriously this Lad is going to be one of the best players ever. If you want him its gonna cost ya. BIG

  22. BB,well we’ve got enough time this time to try & let Mr. T know how much we love his work.
    ac knew how much, but it was obviously more about ‘how much’ he could get at liverpoo.
    Tiote seems a steadier kinda guy, so a renegotiating of contract could help cement his, er, loyalty?

  23. acroosthepond,
    good call mate.
    Very underrated this season since he came back from injury.
    Keeps putting in top performances & seems to have found his premiership feet.
    Keep it going Danny!

  24. BB,
    regardless of what we think about MA et al, all players moving have to wanna want out.
    ac inc.

  25. Yeah well I cant get my head round that clint. I mean AC had the potential to be another NUFC legend. What price do you put on that. Hope he regrets it for the rest of his life.

  26. BB,
    he’s a young lad, just turned 22, that just had his head turned by the dollar signs & no doubt his agent in his shell like.

    Depressing really for a Geordie to do that.

  27. is mr t going to be another bassong one great season for toon and drops his arse (what a strike) first sign ov trouble ie big cash bigger contract else where

  28. Aparently we are looking at one of Tiote’s ivory coast team mates ( gervinho) to replace Carroll , if we get him in that could persuade Tiote to stay as well . He plays in france and i read a report that we were now in pole position to get him , he has 18 months left on his contract and is valued at around 10 million .

  29. Not sure if it was 10 million in pounds or euros , i read it here in holland in a football magazine but you make a good point CLiNT FLiCK everyone now thinks we have 35 million burning a hole in our pockets . That is going to push the price of any target up .