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Ben Arfa: Impressed with Newcastle United's support.
Ben Arfa: Impressed with Newcastle United's support.
Righty right, with there being no real football for a couple of weeks, there has been a massive gaping hole in all things Newcastle United F.C. so I thought that a bit of a round up was in order:

It seems that not only the French press (sacred bleu), but the fellow French Professional footballers, particularly the ones up for a move in the summer, and friends and international collegues of one Hatem Ben Arfa have been very immpressed by the way that Hatem has been treated by NUFC during his time injued. Not just because we had the balls to sign the lad whilst injured, but the fact that the Chairman, representatives of the club and even Mike Ashley himself have apprarently been to check on the lads recovery over the months he’s been rehabilitating over in Clairefontaine, the French centre of football excellence.

They seem truly immpressed, honestly, that we’ve pushed the boat out to make the lad aware of how much he is wanted and that he feels part of our great club.

I liked that!

Then there was the Daily Mirror scrawler that claims that he helped get shot of Joe Kinnear, for us.

Suggesting that this was because of him and ‘smokin’ Joe’ gannin’ oot on the lash the night before his heart issue, that lead to a triple (should that be tipple?) heart bypass operation.

Welly well! Er, thanx for that little nugget. I guess it was a slow day at the Mirror then?

Obviously, there have been a whole host of transfer predictions in various papers. Of course we are constantly linked with anyone that can kick a ball at the moment, and probably with a few that can’t even do that! No doubt it’s because we have that £35m burning a hole in the club’s pocket that we’re persistantly reminded of.

Barely a day passes without someone in the press reminding us Geordies that ‘you know who’ was sold and that we ‘desperately’ need someone to plug that gap.

Ho hum! on that one.

I’m not even gonna mention all the names we’ve been ‘linked’ with. That’s a little game my fellow bloggers can indulge in. Go on, you know you wanna.

Then there was a few little bits about youngsters coming back into the fold and youngsters that are ‘potential’ targets for lower league teams, should their contracts be allowed to run down in the summer and not renewed.

Then we had a few ‘Toon players wanted’ pieces doing the rounds. Namely, Danny Simpson, Danny Guthrie, Joey Barton and any of our team that they could regurgitate a link about.

More regurgitations than a cow, some of them.

Then there was the one about the F.A. not being ‘able’ to bust Ricardo Fuller of Stoke City for his assault on Joey Barton at the Britannia Stadium last time out on account of there being no T.V. evidence available to them.

Who’d a thunk?

It was a bit of a ‘bonus ball’ to hear that a certain Kevin Doyle won’t be playing for Wolves when they visit SJP at the weekend for what will be a season defining game. I don’t think it needs to be emphasised how important this meeting will be, do I? Though we will be without Tiote, so that kinda evens things up a bit.

So, all in all, a pretty quiet couple of weeks in the press with regards to Newcastle United, which was nice!

It’s not often we can say that.

Big deep breath,

It’s Wolves up next!

Howay the Lads!

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111 Responses

  1. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 28, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    come & get your nuptials!”

    Whenever the word “nuptials” is mentioned with regard to myself, that’s usually when I start runnung, and that’s with lasses, Clint!

  2. Wadya reckon Clint, Pardwho oot and The Lord Ketsbaia in. Now were talkin. I reckon that would cause a little excitement, whereas with pardwho, all we heve is excrament. Ho ho ho, what a lovely play on words.

  3. Porcie,
    very droll mate, very droll.
    Not bad for a monday mate.

    Ketsbaia isn’t available for another year or so, ’til after the 2012 campaign.
    So we’ll see what gives, hey?

    Could be a canny shout though.


    Although i don’t go in for calling for managers heeds personally. They can usually get themselves sacked pretty quickly round these here parts.


  4. Cheers batty.

    It was a dull couple of weeks without a game.
    Even the press mongs found it difficult to rake any shit up.

    Whey hey!


  5. Yep ! looks like that thirty sumpin million is like a red flag to a bull, every rag and print media jockey has linked us with players from Iceland to Argentina.
    Personally i only believe half the lies they tell, but seems hope lives eternal and some of our more optomistic fans remember the days of big signings and have`nt given up on Ashley`s digging into his pocket and bringing a big name or two, to St.Jameses.
    On the other hand, the side is in free fall and we may see a repeat of two seasons ago, dont know what the rest of y`all think but I find it a bit scarey.
    What with all these big plans in place, with BA and Ireland ready to strut their stuff and a whole new side being scouted for next season.
    That and a challenge for Europe, to have to put that on hold because we have to return to the second tier would be the final straw.
    But what do I know, apparently Pardew is not worried, he nor the two geniuses, do they know something we dont?

  6. So, all in all, a pretty quiet couple of weeks in the press with regards to Newcastle United, which was nice!….

    aye but the – cockney puppet gobshite – has been in the papers on every one of those days mind – it’s obvious his – master – has told him to focus on talking crap about player signings this summer so he can shift as many 10 year season tickets as possible before he pulls his next stroke.

    clint i must say – your getting good at this game m8.

  7. Ketsbaia ?
    Anybody who can kick the shit out of the add boards the way he did, is ok in my book.
    And face it rather have him than any of the litany of loosers we have been subjected too since SBR, (excluding Hughton)including our present sideline genius.

  8. I lived in Cyprus when Ketsbaia was managing Anorthosis and met him a few times. He did a fantastic job for the
    the Cypriot champions. They also on one occasion got past the preliminary stages of the Champions leage.

    Surely him or Lee Clarke are the future.

  9. if anyone’s interested – gobshite is on radio newcastle the neet from 1/2 5 til 7.

    can’t see the presenter getting a word in edgeways me’sel like – & i’d pay good money to see the look on his dish when he’s told to shut the f@ck up it’s time te gan yem @ 7.

  10. i’d rather stick me heed in the oven,or stick pins in me testicles,than listen to that twat pardew.
    all it we be is the same a**e crawling,and general round the houses bulls**t.

  11. chuck,
    i doubt anyone at the club is gonna be saying ” Oh F***, we’re in the brown stuff” just yet mate.
    We still have 8 games to win 5/6 points from.

    How very kind of you mate.
    As i was writing it, i thought, if Roy comes on & compliments me, i woulda defo take that before a word was kicked.


  12. Tonanti @13
    Nearly another Cypriot or is that just a bit too much, ? I,m still living in Pegeia, Paphos , and watch the local side quite often. Pretty crap this season and probably not able to bribe as many refs as last season when they won the cup. all in all a pretty duff standard of football and corrupt as hell. It was nice to see Ketsbaia though. brought back so many good memories. Just imagine him kicking the sh!t out of the Sports Direct signs. Should get a laugh if nowt else.
    Seriously though, I do think he would be a real good shout for the gaffers job. What does everyone else think . (sorry for possibly changing the thread).

  13. Tonanti,
    Ketsbaia & Lee Clarke mate, in both of ’em, we’d be sorted for a years worth of managers there.
    Or at least 6 months anyway.

  14. Clint @ (20)
    Was thinking of just that but did,nt dare post it.! It would be like having Clough and Taylor back again and I don,t think I could stand being top of the league. I got dizzy spells when we wupped 5under1and.

  15. Clint
    We only had “8”games under Sherah to save us from the drop, dont you get that deja vu all over again feeling ?
    Dum de dum dum !

  16. chuck,
    Shearer was our 4th or 5th manager that year mate.
    We’ve only had 2 this season.
    The damage was well & truly done before Shearer bouled up.

    I’m definitely not saying we’re safe, by any stretch, just that it’s a bit different this time.

  17. Don,t think Shearah had a cat in hells chance of pulling it off as the damage was too deep seated long b4 he took the job. As much as I want Pardew to succeed,(4 the clubs benefit, not his) You just cant get away from that feeling that he is never going to be the man 4 the job.
    Who knows what Cashly is thinking but it wouldnt surprise me if we had another management change b4 2 long.
    I do however think that we will survive this season and that next year will see a much stronger, fitter and larger squad with a side capable of sustaining a healthy top half finish, and who knows what else .Perhaps dare I say it, something shiny to replace the dust in the cabinet. Don,t listen to this crap, Iv,e been deluding myself since 1956-7.Ho Hum HAWAY THE LADS.!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pardew is saying that Enrique is doubtfull for Wolves but is singing Irelands praises so it looks like hes starting.

  19. bbb,
    cheers for the update mate.
    Carry on with that if you don’t mind mate.

  20. Although,
    i’ve gotta wonder about AP’s 5 year deal.
    It keeps coming back to haunt me.

    And i’ve gotta say ‘Why would Ashley give him a long deal if he ain’t here for the full term’?

  21. Pardew – nothing will happen with contract talks re Enrique and Barton until we are safe.

  22. Pardew on transfers – he has struggled with the criteria the club has set, ie right age, wages, future value, dont expect players straight through the door in the summer, very unhappy with the Carroll deal and is adamant he asked to speak to Liverpool.
    Off out now, Pardew talking a lot of sense and isnt hiding from any of the issues, being very realistic.

  23. bbb,
    thanx a lot for the running commentary mate, most kind of you.
    Have a good one.

  24. CLINT never mind a.p.i thought the thread was very well written m8,if you played half as good as you write you must have been a good!n lol

  25. I get a feeling Ashley is a control freak and has problems with those he hires who have strong personalities, ergo he is inclined to here yes men.
    I dont see Pardew as someone who will openly oppose him.
    What his problem was with Hughton, we will probably never know.
    Though Hughton claims he was dismissed by Llambias

  26. Oh aye!
    I forgot to mention in the right up that Gary Speed was talking about him leaving the Toon too early when he did.
    SBR telt him that he wouldn’t necessarily be a nailed on starter, so he went to bolton.
    He said he regretted that & he would fancy the idea of coming back one day.
    Maybe in a managerial capacity, obviously when the poisoned chalice that is the Wales job reaps very little reward, no doubt.
    Good words from a proper good guy & dare i say it, a bit of a Toon legend(in many fans eyes).
    All the best in the Wales job Gary & come back soon mate, i reckon he would be welcome.

  27. ice,
    that’s very kind mate, appreciate your input mate, as always.
    Hey, i wasn’t a bad No. 11 (left wing), usually ended up 2nd in the goals stakes too.
    Not bad for a skrawny punk!

  28. With a terse, “we have decided to go in a different direction”
    Hopefully not back to the second tier, but it`s beginning to look that way, even if unintended.
    I think Hughton probably understands the circumstances, but credit to him he has kept it too himself.
    It would be ironic at this stage where everything is in place to make a run towards the top six, well following the summer signings that is,or is it summer sellings if we are once again relegated.
    It`s going to be an interesting run towards the seasons end.

  29. chuck,
    you may be right.
    But what i would say is:
    Maybe you’ve hit on something there, when you say ‘AP may not ‘openly’ oppose him.
    The emphasis is on ‘openly’.
    AP might have a decent line in not ‘openly’ opposing?

    CH maybe had to much power through the players being so tight with him?

  30. & it’s de riguer that capitalists don’t get along with socialists, isn’t it?

    Both parties are dyed in the wool, respectively.

  31. CLINT kna the feeling m8 but on right side ;)on sat just hope they stick jonas on the right to help simpson as i dont think he can handle jarvis on his own imo (talking wingers) hes on fire at the mo

  32. chuck says:
    March 28, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    “What his problem was with Hughton, we will probably never know.”

    Perhaps he was too honest and upstanding, Chuck? Maybe Ashley and Llambias wanted someone who was as dodgy as them, and would also would be more “on message” with the club’s new Ministry of Propaganda under Lady Goebbels. I divven’t knaa like.

  33. worky,
    i thought CH was a PR dream, with his say nowt, act casual stance.
    I loved that about him.

    Although it lead to fans screaming for more to come out of the club. Which has died down a bit recently.

  34. Clint
    there is obviously that,(politics) but i doubt if it was a factor.
    Possibly had more to do with control.
    Who the hell knows what goes on behind the scenes, or what they were thinking.
    But i believe there are some tight asses at the top as we go from one loss to another, slowly sinking towards that dreaded position……
    Ah the best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go askew!

  35. chuck,
    aye mate, it was pure specujecture on my part there.
    You never know though, hey?

    You’ll find nowt but tight asses ‘at the top’ of any business like.
    No one got to be a billionaire by giving it away.

    Not many ragged trousered philanthropists in the football world.

  36. Wonder if relegation would finally induce our beloved owner to put the club back on the market, or would he keep on attempting to get his dosh back ?
    Ok i realize i`m laboring the point, thats it on that topic.

  37. Nice article Clint.

    Kets as manager and Clarkie as assistant? Stop teasing. That would be mint.

  38. Good to see the site’s singin again. CLiNT, keep it up and btw, no double entendre there!

  39. chuck,
    can’t see him selling any time soon mate.

    ta mate, doubt Clarkey would play second fiddle mate, he’s developing into a canny manager in his own right.

    cheers bud, me & you against the worlllddd!

  40. Apparently Pardew has repeated the mantra Ash. is going to invest the whole shebang, all thirty million in the club.
    wahoo ! we`ll have the best side the second tier ever had !

  41. Well chuck, that’s been the craic all along so far.
    Doubt anyone’s putting their house/shirt on it like, but if it happens, sorted.

  42. the trouble with hughton was,he did become popular with the fans,and ashley didn’t like that.
    there was talk after the sunderland game,that chris was called into the office,and reprimanded by ashley and llambias,for milking the applause too much.
    i think the fat b*****d likes to run the club,with a siege mentality,if the fans dont like him,then they sure as hell will not like the manager either.
    it suited him down to the ground with kinnear,for the same reasons as pardew,he’s unpopular and not much is expected.
    if it doesn’t work out,he can easily bring in another mug on low wages,could it be dario gradi next?.
    if gary speed was daft enough to work for them,he would no doubt receive the same treatment,anyone else does,who comes into contact with “jabba the gut”.
    saturday could be a painful afternoon,as i think too much pressure,has been heaped on it,and if we dont get the right start,the crowd maybe up in arms.
    i just hope and pray that someone with real ambition would come in and takeover the club.
    i cannot wait for the day that fatty f**ks off and takes “OWLICA ROE” with him.

  43. and would also would be more “on message” with the club’s new Ministry of Propaganda under Lady Goebbels….

    Has our new press officer actually said anything at all ? Must say, haven’t heard too much from her….comparisons to Goebbels is a bit dodgy though but for the innocent lass……

  44. Munich,
    can’t say as i’ve heard owt she’s said yet either, maybe she prompts AP?
    Or just does the club stuff without putting a name to it?

    But in PR, it should be a well oiled machine like.

    Whether you’re left or right propaganda is a black art!


  45. Trojan,
    you are either dead on the money or so far off it’s ridiculous.

    I can’t work out which, maybe it’s somewhere inbetween mate.


  46. Munich Mag says:
    March 28, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    “Has our new press officer actually said anything at all ? Must say, haven’t heard too much from her….comparisons to Goebbels is a bit dodgy though but for the innocent lass……”

    Munich, If she was “innocent”, then she almost certainly wouldn’t be in PR! :-)

    Spin doctors don’t have to say anything, they tell other people what to say and do, leak disinformation to the media etc etc…

  47. flippin heck, a press officer that no-one ever hears owt from !…only at the toon !…

    Hugh, you’ve got a good point there. I’m sure we’ll see him before the end of the season, and surely we’ll be well safe from relegation soon, then we can allow him a few cameo roles to ease him back in. We don’t want to be in a situation where we need to rely on his magic to keep us up..

  48. worky,
    now that is BANG ON THE MONEY, if you are in PR you are most definitely NOT innocent!

    it’s the Newcastle way, isn’t it?
    We do pile way ower much pressure on certain players.

    We MUST give the lad time to ease back into playing.
    Whilst showing him some great support, it’s the only way.

  49. if they do win on saturday will “OWLICA ROE” do another streak across the pitch?.

  50. With Benny we just have to give him time. He has undoubted ability but coming back from a double leg break will not be easy.

    Clint good to see you around too you old punk!

  51. You old punk!


    Hey, are you aware of ‘Chrome’ the band?
    What about you worky?

  52. I am aware of Chrome clint. Damon Edge etc. We’re getting into the early years of punk now.

    Before you know it we’ll on the Pistols’ boat trip down the Thames (I wasn’t actually there for that one).

  53. That’s the one Hugh, Helios Creed.

    Just been basking in a bit of Chrome recently, thought you’d know of them.


  54. On my current little playlist I have a lot of Undertones …. remember when Peely played Teenage Kicks for the entire night?

    I have been trying to find a really obscure record on digital.

    If you’ve heard of this then I’ll bow down gently to your punk superiority: Lubricate Your Living Room.

    No googling mind!

  55. Oh!
    not sure on that!
    Sounds like something the Swell Maps mighta done though?

    You got me there mate!


  56. I’ll be bowing gently to you superior punk knowledge then.

    We’re not worthy!

    I googled it-The fire engines.


  57. I think we must win against Wolves and that’ll glide us through the rest of the season, AP’s got the money to spend, and with talk of Gervinho and Tangine’s coming out of France in a Dunkirk fishing vessel full of keepy-uppy talent, my question is this:

    As Saviours of European Plight, who would be on Alan Schindler’s List?

    Personally, I’d like to see the dressing room resemble a Stella Artois advert.

    Hugh, hope ur well, ClintF, lead on brave sir!

    p.s – if we lose to Wolves, then we may have gone a Bridge Too Far, in selling AC, (but hopefully it’ll still end like Escape to Victory).

  58. Yep the Fire Engines. I can’t find them anywhere on digital. They were sort of a punk/industrial combo.

    My wife called then the tin cans but then again she liked Donny Osmond!

    This is one of my wife’s “all time favourites” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6z8GUywyc

    Jacky FFS!

    I should apologise. Forget any blog wars – posting that link was a greater sin!

  59. I am 50/50 on Pardew but he was asked about the Stoke game and said, ” I got it wrong, the tactics and shape didnt work”, now that to me is a refreshing change, maybe im easy talked over but i warmed to him last night.
    Talk is cheap and its results that count but Pardew sounded very positive so fingers crossed he gets the support from the board, his senior coaching staff were in various countries last week reporting on identified targets and he said the cost of these trips wouldnt be wasted.

  60. I think his problem at the moment is his tactics. I hope he does something better for the Wolves game. I dread to see the morale if we lost it. That said, we need revenge for the game we lost against them earlier in the season.

  61. Lesh,
    cheers bud, me & you against the worlllddd!

    Aye, a’reet CLiNT, but be waarned, there’s been many an uprising plotted in the back room of the Bridge when the somehat heady night’s usually ended with a few verses of the old Alex Glasgow song….. ‘As soon as this pub closes (the revolution will begin)’!

    How prophetic eh? Nowt changes!

  62. Lesh,
    either that or the old poster exclaiming: (guy says)
    “The proletarian revolution seemed like a good idea in the pub on saturday night”.
    (Girl looks at him & thinks): “Schmuck!”


  63. So Tavenier is called back to help out in defence, but will he play?

    Equally, Donaldson has returned from 2 months on loan inleague 1 Hartlepool, where it appears he failed to score despite playing upfront…So do either of these guys offer us anything come sat?

    I awoke drench in sweat last night to a Wolves howl distant on the wind, I know they’ve lost Doyle (which could be key), but I guess they’ll start Ebanks-Blake who is a good player and scored against us last meeting…

    Any score predictions out there? Any clue as to which 11 will start? (please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,please don’t say ameobie,)

  64. Hmm, I must have been thinking about the Blackpool game. We can still get revenge though for losing 2 points. ;)

  65. It bloody was two points lost as well on reflection of how well we played and how many chances we created!

    Despise Wolves. The way their fans acted that day has made me really want them to go down!

  66. i know i’m probably going to get a load of schtick for saying this but the mackems have this argentinian right wing back who really is quite good but fortunately the gaffer doesn’t consider him to be so.i think we should buy the lad.not only does he have pace going forward but he can also deliver excellent crosses.plus with our argentinian duo of colo and jonas i doubt he’ll have any problem settling in.in fact i’m sure the chap would be chomping at the bit ti show the mackems a thing or two if he ever does make it to the more advanced appealing side of town(ie the toon).
    you know a team we should have close ties to is benfica.they have a remarkable ability of buying up promising south american talent at cut price fees,developing them into absolute stars and selling them on for massive prices..we should do that.sort of have with carroll,but it would be nice to have a nimblegoal scoring striker a la tino asprillia.

  67. Interesting reading. On first glance it looks like Ashley is a saviour.
    On a second glance, if he hadn’t appointed 5 managers in 3 yrs, failed to invest at crucial times, in January pre relegation, achieved relegation then it doesn’t look so good.
    Yes he deserves credit. For bailing HIMSELF out the clag!!!!

  68. bobby,
    aye mate,
    but it is just bare facts & figures, no agenda from the humble messenger.
    I thought people might wanna know where we stand.

  69. just a lot of old stuff respun by llambias,with a few up to date financial facts thrown in.
    read between the lines though,then you get the feeling,that what a lot of people were saying,that they would start factoring in the thirty five million into a new deals,covering wages etc.
    you the get that feeling,you’re the small print on a deal that’s too good to be true,where it says transfer budget will be part of out going players,so does that mean they are looking to offload joey barton,collicini,jonas etc,and cheap options on low wages like jason puncheon?bossed by a mug manager in alan passthrew?only time will tell i suppose.
    at long last some clarity on the scoreboard,they have been banging on about for the last four year.
    shock horror,it’s been shelved because of issues involving fans view of the game,well anyone could have told them that ffs,the only way that will work is to have big screens on top of the stands somehow,like spurs do.
    on the whole though,it does look like it’s that time of year again,when they are trying to sell season tickets.
    the only time you hear from them,is when they want something,daft c**ts basically.

  70. challenging for europe every season?that coming from a management structure that weakens the playing staff,from the one that started the season.
    in a season where the expectations were to just stay up,these clowns are trying their best to scupper our premierleague place,good look with that european campaign boys.
    do they honestly think that a chump like alan passthrew,can deliver these lofty ambitions on a tight budget,and a recruitment criteria,that that almighty god would struggle with?
    you could have these clowns here for the next ten year,and like keegan said,they will never achieve anything.

  71. Trojan,
    points taken mate.

    They HAVE to put this stuff out, it’s the law.
    Transfers & all money coming in has to be factored in for all the legal requirements to be met.
    The time of the year is more to do with the end of the financial year, this is when these things happen.

    The club has always said players come & go, that’s nowt new.
    We defo should have some big screens up though.
    Wasn’t it kk & ffs that put paid to that last time?
    ‘cos it was distracting?
    there is no god mate, so there is no answered in the sky.
    We’ll have to rely on football, on the ground.

  72. Alreet Micky,
    aye that’s a great little write up about one of wor young ‘uns, get stuck in Michael Richardson.
    Show us what y’made of kidda.

    All good Micky?
    How’s the new job mate?

  73. clint,i know what your saying about the financial side,but what i’m saying is,the other stuff he’s banging on about is old hat stuff rehashed,feel sorry for mike etc,he saved the club blah blah,better times ahesd,challenging for everything blah blah,new faces coming in,like january mmmm.
    it’s all pinch of salt tbh,we’ve been let down by these people from day one,are they ever going to change?the odds are against that happening,all they’ve ever done is lie.
    you cannot blame people for being cynical towards them.

  74. clint,god does exist,he has to,mike ashley was created,only someone with a wicked sense of humour to that extent could achieve that.

  75. Trojan,
    hey mate,
    i feel your pain too.
    I’m defo not sticking up for the pair of divs.
    I really don’t blame you or anyone else for being cynical either, goes with the territory, doesn’t it?

    Though, if there was a god, i doubt they’d have a sense of humour like.


  76. Micky,
    looking forward to it?

    All the best with that & hope it’s a nice smooth transition mate.

  77. Worky, as you’re putting CLiNT’s posts up, does that mean you’ve been promoted to Editor in Chief?

  78. trojan @ 93 –

    at long last some clarity on the scoreboard,they have been banging on about for the last four year…..

    aye trojan it was that time of the year – just another empty promise in the hope of shifting season tickets.

    & it’s that time of the year again so they’ve told – flash harry – to spin the shit.

    guess what – he’s a natural!

  79. roy,the thing is though,he’s not very good at it,the one saving grace in regards to the two conmen,running the club,is the fans are loyal.
    it’s to our detriment at times,but the fans will get behind the team no matter what,and regardless of which malevolent entities are in control.
    these couple of pricks, probably wouldn’t have lasted two minutes at another club,they would never have got away with it.

  80. trojan exactly – the fatman will do whatever he wants as he now knows that the majority of fans will have a bit of winge – lower their expectation – then return for their next shafting.

    he’s nowt but a devious bastard.

  81. lesh says:
    March 30, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    “Worky, as you’re putting CLiNT’s posts up, does that mean you’ve been promoted to Editor in Chief?”

    Lesh, I’ve always formatted, proofread and put the posts up for contributors who haven’t had much experience with the WordPress interface / image editing / HTML etc. Hugh’s mucked in too.