How the land lies.

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Pardew: Gannin' in the right direction?
Pardew: Gannin' in the right direction?
After a decent start to his managerial contract at Newcastle, Alan Pardew’s team have slumped some what in recent games.

Obviously, recent injuries and suspensions haven’t helped the cause. But questions have also been asked about Alan’s tactics and team formations, from some quarters, in the last couple of games. Some of the formations have been forced by the aforementioned injuries and there’s not a lot can be done in such circumstances. Fans have queried why three CB’s plus wing backs against Stoke city, for instance? So it’s refreshing that Pardew has admitted to failings in such forms and took the blame.

That’s something that doesn’t happen very often.

We are still lacking really solid back-up for the Left Back and Right Back positions. Although Shane Ferguson is forcing his way into the reckoning with a few very good showings. Maybe he’s just about nailed on as proper cover now, which should put an end to tinkering with the back four and assure us that it is just that, a back four.

Pardew does like his Full Backs to get forward, as he confirmed in last night’s radio interview. So it’s good that in Jose Enrique, Danny Simpson and Shane Ferguson we have three full backs that can do that.

It will be very important to have Jose fit for the Wolves game coming up next, but if he doesn’t make it, Ferguson really must start in a back four.

What will be key is who will play in Tiote’s role of DM? Since he will be one of the suspensions, and will be sorely missed. It also sounds like Stephen Ireland could get a game, if not a start.

Which would be nice!

It’s took a while, due to injury after a long lay off while at Aston Villa, where he was obviously unfancied by the current Villa coach, Houllier.

Let’s see if the lad can make an impact in the remaining games and possibly ingratiate himself to the Geordie public and more importantly, earn himself a contract at Newcastle United.

Let’s hope Jonas and Best are fit too, as it has been noticeable how much space Jonas creates with two defenders on him during a game. He’s also an outlet from defensive play, a willing runner and dangerous in the final third. Again, something missing in recent fixtures.

Leon Best has in fact become Newcastle’s best chance of a goal too (pun acknowledged) and we still have Nile Ranger as impact from the bench. Alan Pardew stated in his BBC Radio Newcastle interview that he saw Ranger as an impact sub, for now at least. As he’s not quite the finshed article. It does tend to look that way, with Nile not able to open his Premier League goal account as of yet, it’s only a matter of time, one feels, and possibly, minutes on the pitch.

It must be said, after all the umming and ahhing about Alan Pardew since his appointment as boss, he came across pretty well in the BBC interview. Affable, dare I say, honestly answering fans questions and quelling a few fears in the folk that phoned in on the night. He seemed genuinely relaxed and relishing being the gaffer
of Newcastle United in an unforced, positive way. There’s probably still a long way to go to have most fully ‘on board’, but he’s going in the right direction.

All we need now is 3 points on Saturday to help cement a bit more belief.

Howay the Lads!

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69 Responses

  1. A fair summary of the situation CLiNT and it’s notiable you’ve focused on the now with an eye to Saturday – that’s a crucial game for us and a point although better that none, ain’t a lot of good. A point for Wolves would be like mannah from Hebburn for them.

    The message for Pards is stop far****ing about with fanciful formations and tactics, and keep it simple and go at them from the start. A goal up in 30secs would be a great start.

  2. * notiable – noticable even… assuming that’s the correct spelling.

    Calling, calling, callling the English Teacher

  3. Lesh, couldnt agree more, safety first with players playing in their best positions, Nolan playing off Best with Lovenkrands and Shola benched, its the least they deserve after being crap of late.

  4. Lesh,
    ta mate,
    & yea, an eye on Saturday, whilst trying not to preempt the natural build up.

    it’s noticeable!


  5. More importantly,
    we have got to garner a few more 3 points at home this season, before we run outta games.
    We have some tough away games coming up.

  6. Errrrmmm! sorry but i have to disagree on a couple of things you mentioned.
    For instance, i dont believe simpson is naturally an attacking RWB but he is trying and is a much improved player over the season.
    As for Ferguson, though he has in fact played LWB, in fact for Norn Iron, he is a much better winger and was converted to the LB role.
    Having watched him play there it`s my opinion he plays what i describe as matador defense and to play him there in the PL is not the brightest idea, when we can use Taylor, hell even play jonas @ LB and put Ferguson on the wing.
    We also need Best out there the pairing of the Dane and Shola was pathetic, hell we have to put the ball in the net.
    This free fall is disturbing to say the least, in which case there`s no room for experimentation, put out our proven veterans and no Collo in the Tiote role, use Joey there.
    As for Pardew, he talks the talk but cant walk the walk, unfortunately for us.

  7. well llambias said they had no time for fantasists,well why is pardew at ne1?
    it’s kind of a touch of the kinnears his appointment,an intial bit of an impact,then a long stretch of games without a win.
    this hasn’t been helped with injuries,but picking players out of position,and letting a reconized wide man go out on loan,is bizzarre to say the least.
    funny enough we didn’t seem to have the same level of injury list,under hughton,ever since walter mitty’s came in though,the injuries are piling up,maybe he is working them too hard?could pardew be like sourness,when he has them flying into tackles in training?i remember he said the training pitch was too hard,who knows?
    the one thing you cannot blame passthrew for is the threadbare squad,but if the likes of jonas are fit,we definatley need width,and in the middle if needs must,i’d rather play guthrie if there’s no one else available.
    howay walter mitty no more lying like the stoke game,you were full of it in the chronic,about how you were going to attack them,then went 5-3-2,sort it out you twat.

  8. bbb,
    aye mate, they sound like good choices for the team to play wolves.
    I wonder if a certain c. henry will get the same latitude he was afforded at molineux?

  9. I thought the blog had gone belly up, fallen off the perch, met its demise,SPOKEN TO DEATH. I’m glad to see it is extant however, alive and kicking, still in harness.
    Just a thought, and this is no criticism or refelection on writers past or present, but surely all that is needed is a headline of sorts and perhaps a short sentence to kick off a chain of thought and comments. This would obviate the obvious time comsuming effort sometime needed by the writer/s (CLiNT and others?)trying to think of something to write about. not always easy.
    Kudos to CLiNT for making the effort.

    As for the thread,it might be a good idea for Pardew to admit he b*llocksed up and get Routledge back as well, or is that another case of pigs over the town moor.

  10. chuck,
    Simpson has put some great crosses in this season, while he’s not a natural wing back, he does deliver good stuff when he gets up there.
    Ferguson, played an excellent game v chelsea in the c cup at LB, stopping everything in his path.
    AP tried Saylor at RB v everton & it wasn’t pretty.
    In said interview, he admitted as much & said so did Saylor. Rightly!
    Lovenkrands is the only striker we have that attacks the front post, a strong point, imv.
    I would have Best up top mind. (if fit)

    As for playing Barton in the DM role.
    That nullifies our most creative outlet in MF, doesn’t it?
    The problem with us not scoring recently is more to do with our supply from MF. Losing JB to DM would only add to the dearth, surely?

  11. Grumpy,
    nicely put mate.

    AP did mention the Routledge thing when asked.
    Saying he obviously had intended to get someone in & it was all but done, only for them to pull out last minute.
    By which time Routledge was loaned.
    But i think it was the ‘you know who’ deal that scuppered all bets, another thing to thank ‘you know who’ for. Putting himself well before the Toon, his beloved Toon, sorry.


  12. TROJAN 69 says:
    March 30, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    “funny enough we didn’t seem to have the same level of injury list,under hughton,ever since walter mitty’s came in though,the injuries are piling up,maybe he is working them too hard?”

    Perhaps, Trojan, but unlike Hughton, Pardew has been bringing them back too soon and pushing the recovering players too hard before they are back to full fitness. This has led to several players getting re-injured before they’ve even recovered from the old ones, like Ireland, Gosling and more minor knocks such as Barton’s and one or two others too. Basically though, the biggest problem is that he’s just not a very good manager at this level.

    Managers talk to each other and none of the good ones want to work for Ashley and Llambias after the Keegan and Hughton sackings, so we are left with the dregs, sadly.

  13. @Trojan69
    The selling of Carroll and the contract dispute of Barton has clearly dented the team spirit which is what we’ve relied on all season.
    You can have a team of great players (not that we have) but if there’s no unity then you are always going to struggle.
    I believe that’s a major problem at the mo.

  14. Clint
    Yeah i mentioned Simpson is trying in that role, (attacking) and is a much improved player over last season.
    Again i disagree on Ferguson, he`s not a good defender and is also too lightweight for the role, he is however a decent winger.
    Though i stressed no experimenting, would prefer to see he (Ferguson) switch roles with Jonas who has played as a defender for Argentina.
    As for Joey, would`nt be anything new as he normally tracks back a lot in every game, Ireland is as good if not better as an attacking midfielder, no ?
    If we need a winger on the right Lovekrands, he`s more of a winger than a striker.

  15. chuck,
    i don’t go in for the ‘he’s a bit lightweight’ thing re: Ferguson, he’s a canny defender. Build someone up too much & they become muscle bound & it slows them down so lose their natural speed & agility.
    They can also become prone to thigh injuries, a la m. owen.
    Again playing Jonas at LB is taking away from what we need to supply attacks, & as stated, he takes 2 oppo players with him when in MF.
    While JB does track back, he also is allowed to roam & pick a pass, which he won’t be able to too deep.
    Then there’s the over zealous refs who see every deep challenge he makes as a foul. Possibly leading to a red card & thence a suspension.
    Accident about to happen.
    Lovenkrands is not a winger, he’s said so himself.
    He’s a second striker, on the shoulder, if you will.

  16. Clint, take em one by one.
    To-days athletes have training proceedures (weight and diet programs)that can strengthen the upper body which most will agree Ferguson needs.
    As for muscle bound, thats nonsense, have you see how olympic sprintes look, they are all muscle and believe it it increases speed not the opposite.
    But besides the above , the kid is just wasted as a defender, he is not good at it period.
    Lovenkrands has played as a winger more often than as striker, certainly when at Rangers and playing for Denmark.
    Who if not Joey would you play as a defensive midfielder, especially when we have the ideal attacking midfielder in Ireland ?
    Hopefully not Collo or Guthrie, plus Nolan lacks the pace for DM.
    As for overzelous refs, red cards, suspension ? C`mon !

  17. chuck,
    sprinters with a few seconds of balls out power cannot be compared with a football making all sorts of moves, stops, twists, turns & kicking a ball over 100 minutes a game.
    When owen was a skrawny bairn he was like a spider, fast as f***.
    Soon as he built up, he started getting all sorts of thigh problems. Same with Shearer, he became to big in the thighs & lost what pace he had. Later, when SBR came in, he slimmed down a bit & SBR helped him change his game & he regained some pace.

    To say Ferguson is a crap defender is an incomplete knowledge man. He’s still learning his trade & ostensibly a bairn still.
    Lovenkrands has stated himself, several times, that he is not a LW’er, but has played there for the team, when asked.
    Ireland is or will be playing his first game for us after a long term injury. He may walk in & play a blinder, but to put all the creative outlet pressure on him is a lot to expect.

    You don’t think there’s a possiblity of JB picking up cards in the DM role?

  18. Oh ! forgot Jonas, yeah he`s a fast guy along the sideline, takes people on etc.
    However truth be told he`s scored what? once in his time here and how many decent crosses has he put in ?
    He cant cross on the run he being right footed , which means he has to either cut in or bring the ball back from the end line in order to cross it.
    If i`m aware of that, then so is every defender in the PL, whereas young Ferguson looked pretty good there, being a natural leftie.

  19. Think we can agree to disagree, we are laboring this one Clint, dont wanna bore the troops to death.

  20. I think you’ll find that Jonas assisted both goals v brum with pinpoint crosses.
    One to the ‘front stick’, which lovenkrands was quick witted enough to get to & score.
    The other, an excellent deep ball to land perfectly on Best’s heed for the second, from the left, i might add.
    Jonas is a dangerman that upsets defenders & can turn them.
    That’s why they double team him out of the game some times. But in doing so, they also leave a gap for someone else.
    That’s part of his worth.

  21. chuck fair enough bud,
    though i’m sure they’ll take it as a bit of decent banter mate.

    That’s what we’re here for, after all.

    Good craic mate.

  22. chuck says:
    March 30, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    “As for muscle bound, thats nonsense”

    “Musclebound” is a much misunderstood term. It’s what people like “navvies” and miners used to get, doing the same repetitive tasks all day and every day (eg shovelling, picking etc) which worked one side of their bodies more than the other, until they looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger on one side, while the other still looked like an average gadgie.

  23. You all will think I’m nuts, but I’d rather see Perch at RW than Simpson. Simmo is an above average (and improving) defender but out of his water as a wing. When Perch started the season as R Back, he constantly lapped WR and actually could take the ball deep and send in an OK cross. Granted, I’d rather see a true wing out there, or a striker with some style, like Ranger, who would carry the ball into the box rather than cross.

    As I’ve said numerous times, when bogged down by injuries or suspensions, play your best people at their best positions and have them do a little more, rather than giving them a role at a position they don’t know.

  24. I would play this vs Wolves:


  25. Jose may not be fit, Ranger seems to be impact sub atm, it sounded like Ireland may get a game from the radio interview & don’t know if Saylor will get on.
    All this garnered from the interview, though you could be right CC. Oh yea, Best may be fit too.

  26. Thanks for the spellcheck @ 4 CLiNT and it’s good to see the craic’s flowing again. Take note world, this site’s in rude health. Hawaaay the laaads

  27. CLINT thing is it seems a lot are makeing this a “must”win game,we know how the fans will re-act,my worry would be how the players re-act if they dont get a result,can pardew handle that, will it say they have lost faith in him what is it 1 win in 10?mmmmmmmmmmm

  28. Grumpy Old-Toon says:
    March 30, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    “I thought the blog had gone belly up, fallen off the perch, met its demise,SPOKEN TO DEATH. I’m glad to see it is extant however, alive and kicking, still in harness.”


    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier on. Brain failure I’m afraid.

    Sorry about the recent lack of activity on the ‘blog recently, apart from the valiant efforts of Clint that is. After two years or so, other things have caught up with us and we need a bit of a break to get them sorted out. Things will be back to normal eventually though.

    Thanks for the suggestion too. I’ll have a think.

  29. I wonder if we’ve lost that team bond since Barton’s contract talks stalled. Why? Let’s not forget that he was one of the players that took up the gauntlet of relegation and embraced Newcastle United and fought the fight to get us back to the Prem. Could he feel a little disappointed at not being able to be given the incetive from a 3 yr contract as an acknowledgement of his contribution to getting us up? Three years would surely have maintained his enthusiasm. C’mon Pards, do some lobbying cos Joey is, like him or not, a key player for us!

  30. ice,
    if the fans think that this is a ‘must win’ game, it probably is mate.
    But the onus is on them/us to give the team the best chance by scaring the crap outta wolves on the day.
    The ‘old’ one game at a time comes to mind.
    We can only play this game, so we have to give it everything & come out on top.
    I reckon it’s more to do with the fans confidence than the players on this one.
    The players will wanna make up for the stoke game, surely.
    We could have a couple of important players back too, so the break wasn’t all bad.
    If the team had the balls to dig in in the chumpionship last season, i can’t see any reason why they can’t dig in for prem survival.

    Howay the Lads!

  31. Lesh,
    aye, JB still owes the club really.
    We’ve stuck by the lad & helped him help himself.
    He didn’t even feature that much last season.
    So he just needs to get us safe, then sign his contract, along with Jose.

  32. But CLiNT, wasn’t he a bit injured last season and more to the point has been playing out of his skin this time around? Maybe I’m wrong and if so I’ll put it down to brain cells dying by the million! Btw, you’ve put a long shift in today and there’s a pound on ya wages – a week that is. After all, we’re all in this together!!

  33. living in Cyprus, this blog keeps me in touch with everything thats proper about the toon. Unlike the Chronicle blog and various others,we seem to have a more considered viewpoint and sensible craik from quite knowledgable fans.I suppose we can forgive the odd arsehole for minor indiscressions.
    Some real good copy to read Clint which seems to have got the show back on the road.
    Never seen this current side play as Iv,e been in the med for the last 11 years and before that lived in Surrey. Really miss the matchday atmosphere . Used to frequent the Labour Club before the game, then back to the Empire Club, Gosforth. Happy days but the sunshine just about covers me losses. Ta for the patter lads.
    One True Faith.

  34. Lesh,
    aye that’s what i meant, when i said he didn’t play much last season, not his fault.
    I just thought you were saying he was instrumental in us getting back up to the prem, although i guess he had decent input in the locker room mind.
    Sorry, maybe i was being a bit pedantic mate.
    It’s been a long day!



    nice one mate, very kind words from ya’.
    We’re doing wor best marra.

    Get yersel back for a game mate.
    Y’knar y’wanna.

  35. CLiNT, you’re an ungrateful pup – no thanks for the extra pound on your pay. That’s it, it’s a two year contract, take it or leave it!
    And Cyprus, 11 years in the eastern Med? Yammas!

  36. Danny Simpson – DEFENDER – his crossing is always really high and deep…and average.But he’s quick enough to track back, if he does wander off into those roles.

    Joey B – should play the DMid role, as his attacking work has gone off the boil a bit recently, he keeps pinging 60 yard crosses looking for Carroll (someone should tell him he’s gone now). But he CAN tackle, so stick him in there, great help for the defenders (which may include Willow).

    Jonas – surely not LB?! he scares players, when confident and running, if he’s having a good game – then that’s where u want him.

    Fergie – LB, why not? he’s got hunger, less nerves with recent games building under his belt, so add to that momentum – he is lightweight but he doesn’t need to munch – just stop the crosses coming in!

    Nolan atm, Ireland RightMid – lets see if he can cross the ball…

    Besty upfront with Ranger (I’ve been lauding Ranger as an impact sub, but to be honest, he offers u more than shola and McLoven – so why not start Ranger? He’s gotta score soon, and make Shole the physical/impact sub…


    Simpson – Willo/Saylor – Colo – Fergi (pref Enrique)

    Ireland – Joey – Nolan – Jonas

    Best – Ranger


  37. At least Pardew tried something new. Can’t knock a guy for trying. I would have played the same formation against Stoke – even posted it on the other blog. And I recall there were a number of people saying Saylor should play at RB about a year ago.

    But everybody’s an expert in hindsight.

    I remember KK going to 433 a few years back when we were in a bad trot. Luckily for him it worked. Shearer tried 532 in his time. It didn’t work, but something was needed. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn’t. You gotta try though.

    I don’t think it reflects badly on Pardew. What it shows is the lack of depth in the squad. And a lack of quality in certain positions.

  38. ___________Best


    Guti – Guthrie – Ireland – Barton

    Enrique – Colo – Saylor – Simpson


  39. Can’t argue with that Brisvegas.

    Good point mate.

    but Willo instead of Saylor(he’s off his game, for me, right now).

  40. Why not play Jonas on the right, where he belongs? That way we could get Ferguson on the left wing and Barton and Ireland (if he’s fit) in the centre of midfield. Everyone in their favoured place. If Enrique isn’t fit we could always put (wince) Perch at LB. I know that sounds like a bad idea, but I think having Ferguson in front of him might be of help and could limit the number if stupid mistakes he makes. Of course, this would be less of a problem if we hadn’t loaned Kadar out.

  41. Well well trojan69, your comment’s a very well essayed contribution and based on much thought. How about drafting an article? I’m sure Worky’d give it give it the consideration it deserves – before dealing with it appropriately!

  42. lesh,get your facts straight,i didn’t write the comment on the chronicle website.i was merely pointing it out,so dont go off half cocked.

  43. As I look at that image posted by Clint, I can’t help but wonder if Alan Pardonwho has a liver condition.

    Then, I wonder about a lot of things.

  44. Kilgore_D_Sprout says:
    March 31, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    “As I look at that image posted by Clint, I can’t help but wonder if Alan Pardonwho has a liver condition.”

    My fault, Kilgore. I thought Jaundice though.

  45. Mclaren is a decent club manager. He just couldn’t do it at international level

  46. “My fault, Kilgore”

    Worky? It’s your fault???

    That would explain a few things.

    Look, be up-front Wackywicket, no-one will seriously blame you for a 4-0 defeat; you can’t be held responsible for the existence of Ernie Wise, or his twin sister Denise.

    I, for one, will never say that you had anything to do with the stadium re-name, although if the Police ask I will ‘fess up to your shenanigans.

    Take it that we, as a mass body of 50,000 unshirted mahooligans, like you. In a manly way.

    Of course, there are odds on you not lasting the Season, much like Birminghamshire or the Astro Villains, but that is at Club Level as opposed to the levels you have sunk to .

    Personally, I love the stuff you write and I’ll twonk anyone who says you are a mouthy wordsmith of ill-repute (I won’t actually, I’ll just say it for the effect); and I look forward to the next episode of NUFC: The Revival from your very good self.

    Keep up the good work, my man.

    Oh, and ignore the Clintflicker, he says more in one word than most say in ten sentences, which is, although not to be sniffed at, a greater feat than Winsto Church managed in all the Years Of War. Which is not actually to decry what he says; some of it makes sense, an ability some of us lack. Not that I include myself in that description.

    OK, I do.

    Tomorrow I shall be talking football. Or bollox.

    See if I don’t.

  47. Micky Toon says:
    March 31, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    “Mclaren is a decent club manager. He just couldn’t do it at international level”

    Capello was a legend who managed one of the finest clubs in football history, then he became an England manager too, Micky!

  48. Kilgore_D_Sprout says:
    March 31, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    “My fault, Kilgore”

    “Worky? It’s your fault???”

    I put the image up there, but I didn’t bang it through the Photoshop to cure him of his liver condition, Kilgore.

  49. Kilgore,
    i almost cried mate.

    Or was that smiled?


    A most interesting character!


  50. So Wackeywicket uses Photoshop?

    Shifty bastard.

    See that Clintwacket bloke? He’s an evil dwarf if there ever was one; I bet he’s a Geordie. No shirt either.

    Mark my words.

    Of course, one can never bang on overly – some people can’t help where they’re born; if truth was told, I’d be a Malteser. Sort of honeycomb wrapped in chocolate: which is nice.

    Still, at least I wasnae barn wi’ a striped vest and a predeliction for calling me sen MacDonald.

    Though I would have liked to, and then opened a pub in Spain.

    So it goes.

    Hope this helps.

  51. Of course, no offence was intenderated.

    However, if you took some, I can only say “Nipple”.

    As one does in these moments of high emotion.

    Well that or “Get in there, baby, yabba-yabba doo”.

    That’s uncouth though, I can’t imagine a dressing room moment when Alan Pardonwho might use that. Or a hairdyer.

    Face it, he’s not a knight just yet.

    Hope this helps.

  52. It does help Kilgore,
    though i was thinking more along the lines of ‘Gabba, gabba hey’!

    We accept you, one of us!

    But one of these days i’m gonna get myself organizized.


  53. So, as the pre-match ponderings have it, NUFC are out to break the pathetic run of 14 (yes, fourteen) games without a victory.

    The jaundiced (I bow to the superior knowledge of Dr Clint Flicker – is he a product of the school of Medicinal Zippos, I often wonder) Alan Pardonwho comes up against the slightly more sanguine Mick the Mccccarthy.

    A game of tactics then.

    Or as the esteemed pundits like Adeybyoop, Lee Goonmyson, and Alan Handsup would have it; a game of two halves, 11 against 11, men against boys, and all that toot.

    It’s all nonsense of course, Pardonwho and McccCarthy will have, over pre-match nuptials, agreed that 1-1 was a “fair result (though we were robbed by the ref of a blatant penalty shout)”, and will continue to argue that 16th is a fair enough position to be at this stage of the season.

    It will be an end to end game, split between one team being at on end of the pitch whilst the other will be at, well, the other end.

    Man to man marking will be obvious from the start, as revenge is taken for the refusal to buy a pint down The Old Striped Shirt on Friday night, and no love will be lost (apart from that betwixt and between Nile Ranger and Joey Craddock, who seem to have developed a menage all of their own). However as, Robbie Sauvage would have it: “Just get in there and belt him”.

    Therefore and thusly, I predict a 1-1 stalematmate.

    Hope this helps.

  54. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 1, 2011 at 10:35 am


    check the bank when/if you got a minute mate.”

    I’ve got it now Clint!

    Sorry about the delay, I’ve been out all day and I was just checking in to do the same thing. Well done mate!

  55. Kilgore,

    BTW, get y’ears cut & give ‘im his country back!
    As they say.