Newcastle sued over Nolan’s tackle

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Kevin Nolan, Newcastle United
Sued for 6 figure sum
Newcastle United settled with a six figure sum over Nolan’s tackle on Everton’s Victor Anichebe.

Newcastle United were sued by Everton’s Victor Anichebe over a Kevin Nolan tackle in February 2009.

To be honest I don’t remember the tackle because I have a memory like a sieve and can barely remember what I did five minutes ago, but apparently a ‘six figure sum’ was settled upon for lost earnings.

Apparently the player was on a highly-incentivised contract and his legal team argued he had lost out on a substantial sum of appearance bonuses that he would have earned had he remained fit.

My point, though, is does this happen regularly? As I said, my ill-fated memory does not work very well but I can’t remember one player suing another for a tackle before.

Why, for example, have we not sued Manchester City for Nigel De Jong’s tackle on Ben Arfa?

I’m not keen on the ‘suing culture’ in society in general. It seems that if some nobster trips over a sponge cake in Tesco’s it’s suddenly worth tens of thousands of pounds. But on a football pitch? Will clubs start suing for every bad tackle?

I’m not sure I like the precedent being set here as we could end up with a situation where football players are frightened to tackle in case they get sued.

Call me ‘old style’ if you like but there are good and bad tackles. Bad tackles should be punished by the ref but as far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it. It’s part of the game and I really don’t want it going to the courts.

I mean, is it a man’s game or what?

Anyway, sorry for soapboxing there but I do wonder where things like this will lead.

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30 Responses

  1. have seen our home record for this season doesnt look to flash 4 wins and 6 draws its good we are getting points at home but a little thought of concern??

  2. hey, have you seen the stephen ireland interview on sky ahahahha. its great. i dont think he will be going back to villa in a hurry!! ffs.

  3. I cannot remember this incident either,so if we are paying out for this you would think Ashley and co are seeking damage’s from man city, imo this kind of legal crap is killing football, what the hell has it got to do with us what kind of contract he’s on, oh well we pinched gosling off them so i suppose we are squits.

  4. Funny how the tackle is forgotten, take a look at the Telegraph and Daily mail web pages and it might just remind you how bad it was. De jongs tackle prompts different responses some say it was reckless some say it was hard but fair, all I know is that the ball was in the facinity to be challenged for, look where the ball is on Nolan’s challenge. A man’s game sure but not a cowards one.

  5. We havent sued because DeJong didnt get reprimanded so in effect it wasnt recognised as a bad tackle. Also, as far as Im aware, Ben Arfas deal wasnt incentivised so there was no loss of earnings.

  6. I remember it, it was an awful tackle

    We can keep crying about the injustices that we suffer at the hands of the FA and inept refereeing but all I can say is Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    We should take jeed of what Joey said about all that happens, he said let them criticise him, he feeds off it

  7. i remember Anichebe come sliding in and nolan had too jump too get out of the way of him and landed on his leg as he came doon

  8. Craig @3 very funny article.
    Doubt he will be going home to Ireland any time soon either.

    This fella either has been seriously miss quoted or has some real issues!!!

  9. you are right there Doug. Class interview.. i love this fella, i hope when we loose barton we keep ireland. i woudl be happy with that as i rate this bloke better.

  10. alreet lads , yous rekn we will be 6th at the end of the weekend then?? at the start of the season i would of been happy at 17th by the end of the season and now im talkin about us creeping up to 6th!!!!!! EXCITING TIMES FOR NEWCASTLE LADS!!!!! i havent judged pardue yet but im starting 2 think hes doin ok 4 us !! HWTL

  11. brownrob – when i studied latin that meant ‘who watches the watchers’?
    ahh…..the benefits of a classical grammar school education. i always made sure when we had latin that i got a seat next to the window so i could watch the lasses netball :)

  12. yes – latin was studied in newcastle. i dropped it for woodwork (fat lot of f…in good THAT did me!

  13. i thought nolans bad tackle in that game was the red he got for crushing arteta? honestly don’t remember him injuring anichebe…
    i think when a player has a contract like in this case, where a large amount of his pay is based on appearance incentives, it lends itself more to legal action off the pitch. my guess is benny wasn’t loaded with appearance incentives, so there’s little to gain by going through the motions of sueing de jong or city.

  14. ah, worky, thanks for posting that pic. i do remember that now and being surprised he wasn’t sent off for it.
    thinking more about it…i seem to remember kev making more than his fair share of rash challenges when he first signed for us…glad he’s settled down a bit…or just gotten lazy ;)

  15. Hey,
    we could’ve not bought HBA outright, as he needed to play 20 odd games, that injury could easily have put paid to his move.

    Nolan’s lunged was hard though & very late.

    Although, i don’t remember everton ever hurting anyone in their pursuit of ‘beautiful’ (?) football, under the moral guidance of moyesy.

  16. & at least Nolan had the grace to apologize properly, unlike some we could mention.

  17. Army69,
    i think you’re tempting fate their mate.
    & everyone is staying shtumm.

  18. haha!! clint i seen a lad on the statue again yesterday and wen off it!! and no i didnt throw the lad over a house lol

  19. A scissor tackle is never “hard but fair”, it’s just dirty. The only reason to do it is intent to injury. De Mong should have been forced to sit until Ben Arfa returns and he should have forfeited his wages during that time. If you want to end bullshiv like that, that’s how you do it. The ball was no where near Hatem when that tackle was executed. It was massively late and clearly intended to injure.

  20. Sorry to change track!
    A scouse collegue has just said he believes Cayhill, Fallini and Saha all missing tomorrow!

  21. Doug says:
    March 4, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    “Sorry to change track!
    A scouse collegue has just said he believes Cayhill, Fallini”

    Cahill and Fellaini are definitely out, Doug. Fellaini needs some surgery and is probably out for the rest of the season and Cahill is out for a few weeks with his foot. Don’t know about Saha though.

  22. I would imagine players need to be insured against the prospect of being sued, otherwise the club ends up carrying the can, and the cost.