Pardew re Nile: “He’s always on the cusp of being late”

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Nile Ranger
Doesn't bode well.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew’s comments about Nile Range don’t make very good reading.

There is very little news about Newcastle today beyond our dismal defeat at the hands of Everton.

However, I did pick up on some comments about Nile Ranger from Pardew:

We see him day-in and day-out, and I said from day one he needs to sort himself out as a professional footballer.

He’s always on the cusp of being late – we’ve stopped him from being late but he’s always on the cusp. We’ve only improved him five per cent on that factor.

If we had improved him to 50% and he was here early and preparing himself – and the other players see him preparing himself – and when he trains he’s here on time to warm up and he’s doing the right things, then the other players will start to buy into him.

At the moment the other players are looking at him and thinking ‘You’re a young boy, you need to learn’. And he does. And that is reflected in his game.

He’s had big opportunities for us, but to be fair they are opportunities he’s created for himself. And that is the point – he has got talent. We’ve got to just try and eke it out of him . . . it’s not going to be overnight, but it’s coming. He’s getting better.

Am I reading that wrong but I don’t think Pardew is a big fan of Nile.

I think the lad will come good but I don’t think it will be for Newcastle. I think he’ll be loaned out next season.

Right I’m off to commit suicide by fried food. If my heart doesn’t give in I’ll be back with a post later.

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17 Responses

  1. I think its Pardew’s way of letting him know he still needs to knuckle down and become more professional , he does have undoubted talent but an attitude that still needs to be knocked out of him . Seems to me he is heading towards last chance saloon with Pardew , they have maybe given up with keeping the telling offs in the dressing room and think giving him a kick up the backside in the media will help .
    As for next season Leon Best for the number 9 shirt maybe ? the lad seems to be improving with every game and has proved now that he can score .

  2. It sounds like he is doing the bare minimum and what a coach wants to see from a young player with skill and potential is someone working harder than the next guy ti improve himself.
    I think there was actually another part of the quote that said something about if he had worked that little bit harder and to get back onside before putting that goal in he would have had it.

    I think we’ll see a big shuffle in the strike force over the summer. Best will stay. Xisco, mclovin gone.. Ameobi if a bid came in. Ranger out on loan? If that were to happen we’d want to see two strikers coming in.

  3. Would rather Pardew didnt hammer the lad in the press as he is certainly as good as we have got and even if he didnt rate him, he is hardly making him an attractive purchase with his comments.

  4. Two very nasty challenges at Anfield yesterday, Carragher connected and Raphael didnt, both were as clear as day red cards and as bad as any this season, wonder if we will see any retrospective action taken or are they just ” coming togethers” ?

  5. I think its fine that Pardew comes out with this stuff… He lets the fans know, aint that what we have all been screamin for?. If he said nothing then people would go ballistic for AP to start Ranger, but as it is, even the most thick headed can understand that the boys attitude aint rigth and therefor he dosnt deserve to start… If we started him with this attitude, then it would take only a few weeks of first team for him to get lazy and think he got it all sorted out.

  6. It doesn’t seem to bode well for the much vaunted team spirit when the manager is saying the other players need to buy into him, whatever that means.

    What is obvious is that there is a problem between the player and the manager that need sorting out quickly in order to maintain this team spirit.

    I would hope and expect that the senior players would have a major role to play in this as it is also obvious that the boy has talent.

  7. I have had my doubts about ranger for a long time. And I agree with AP. Why should a young footballer with the world at this feet, at any club be rewarded with first team football and good wage more than most of us earned at 20. After all if we were late for school we got a telling off and the same now we are at work if we were consistantly late. It shows a lack of discipline and a could care less attitude. Lets be honest im sure he gets driven to the ground anyway.

    Lazy attitude will mean lazy work ethic, and are we that desperate we need him to play for us as a first team player?

    Hes talented but is he committed?

  8. Lovenkrants and Best are possibly the worst centre forwards in the premiership. If Ranger is on the cusp of being lare surely that means he’s on time? Pardew is useless, he brough Ferguson on left back when Jonas was struggling, give the lad a break. From the comments I’ve just read, not one of you have a clue about football

  9. monk u havn a laugh m8??? u obviously havent watchd the whole premiership teams bonny lad , theres lds worst players than best and lovenKRANDS not lovenkrants lol

  10. Lets have a show of hands….(in a digital sense obviously)

    How many on here go in to work extra early to impress the boss?

    Or how many actually do the hours they’re paid to do, show up on time and go home on time?

  11. Ranger’s not showing up on either physio room or .com’s injury list so what happened to him on Saturday ?

    It was said that officially he had a knock. Is that “Pardese” for “I’m not playing you until you get your finger out ?”

    Also why, when Jose went off, did Pardwho fail to replace like for like with Ferguson ?

    The muppet said “I’m actually buoyed by Fergie’s performance when he came on, he added a little bit to us and perhaps when Enrique came off I perhaps could have brought him on. It was only his youth and the fact that he hasn’t got any experience in a game like that which held me back but he’s got talent and he showed that when he came on” WTF didnt someone tell him about his performance at Chelsea in the League Cup. Good enough, Young enough.

    Unsurprisingly the award for Twat of the Weekend goes to our tactically brilliant manager for this gem.

    “We weren’t aware that Arteta would play that side and we just felt that [Steven Taylor at right back] would keep us solid and give us a good balance to the team. So actually when I saw that selection I thought that probably worked well for us with Danny and Steven up against Baines and Arteta, but he caused us problems, he was on his game today, he put in a fantastic performance, Arteta, and it was difficult to contain him. In the end he was still a dominant force and that’s what good players can do to you”

    So what did he do to prevent Arteta from putting in a fantastic performance ? F All.

  12. @Andy Mac…what you’re saying is if we know that a certain opposition player is dangerous then we can definately nulify him if we put it in our tactics. That’s like saying…hmmm we’re playing Barcelona this week, Messi is their best player so lets tactic his arse and then we proceed to win the game.

    Doesn’t always work like that Andy no matter how good a manager you are. If that was the case everyone knows Barton, Enrique, Tiote are our best players….but we still have won a few games haven’t we. Even against Arsenal and Liverpool. Wenger isnt an idiot so how can Pardew be.

  13. No Icedog he doesn’t!!

    Workers of the world UNITE!!! ;)

    We will not work for nothing or show up early because thats what the boss wants, we will rebel and show up on time!!

  14. “Doesn’t always work like that Andy no matter how good a manager you are. If that was the case everyone knows Barton, Enrique, Tiote are our best players….but we still have won a few games haven’t we. Even against Arsenal and Liverpool. Wenger isnt an idiot so how can Pardew be”

    You’ve got to be kidding Joe. Wenger and Pardwho dont belong in the same company.

    Yes we’ve won games and yes our best player once was AC but he still got shut out in games when the opposition targeted him and just as Bale was when teams have put two men on him.

    The issue with Pardwho was that he recognised the fact fairly early on in the game but did nothing to prevent Arteta running wild. He could have put Tiote on him or Nolan or a ton of bricks but he didnt do anything and that’s the pisser.