Pardew: “we are very much on the case of players”

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Alan Pardew, Newcastle manager
Gimme the dosh
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew is planning to spend to strenghten the squad in the summer.

My cat will be the death of me. Yesterday he threw up by the side of the bed, which forced me to kind of dance around it, thus jolting my bad knee and putting me in agony all day. And this morning I jolted my knee again because of the cat. It was dark when I got up and the cat is black, and for nefarious reasons he was asleep halfway up the stairs, so I trod on him and we both howled as I tried to dance around him again.

But will he do anything useful like rid me of a rat at the bottom of the garden? Not a chance.

Anyway, if you remember I put up a post a few days ago about Keegan saying that Pardew would not see any of the money we got fot Carroll. Pardew has however come out to counter that, saying:

We have sat down and discussed briefly what the plans are, of course. It’s very important to have a strategic plan of what you are doing.

We don’t want to be doing everything at the last minute – although like all transfer windows, you have to be patient because sometimes there are six or seven teams involved around one player who is available, and then they fall away.

It might happen right at the last minute, but there has been three or four months’ work gone into that particular player.

We might not be signing players as soon as the window opens, but believe you me, we are very much on the case of players we feel might take us forward.

Time will tell of course but my guess is that we will actually buy some players, although not £35m worth. I am just speculating of course but I reckon we’ll spend about £15m on a player or two.

I’m off to Welsh Wales today as it’s my mate’s birthday and we’re going to a ludicrously expensive restaurant near Raglan. I’m hoping I get good news about our game with Everton though. My heart obviously says we’ll win but my head’s going for a draw.


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20 Responses

  1. Looks like a score draw today, im going for 2-2 with best and jonas scoring the goals.

  2. Well we need a couple of strikers, a right winger, a left back and a centre midfielder with skill and pace.

    But don’t forget the players that will be leaving, so the 4 or 5 players Pardew wants in will probably leave us with the same size squad.

    It’s too small as it is.

  3. also another question who will newcastle let go in the summer smith perch xisco and routledge be most likely ones to go would throw raylor in there but he does have a pretty good freekick on him

  4. nufc337….we can’t get rid of Smith and Xisco cos no-one is stupid enough to match the astronomical wages that we knowingly pay them, and they aint gonna move themselves and take a pay cut… Routledge seems to be outahere anyway to QPR, and Pardew seems to like Perch, who could develop into a good squad player. Ryan Taylor shouldn’t be anywhere near the club imo…

    Stuart79 seems to know which players are leaving, so we need to replace them first…

  5. Just to confirm what Munich Mag @ 4 said that unlike commercial organistaions and the public sector football clubs cannot ‘let go’ players as nufc337 describes as they are on contracts.

    The players only move when another club buys them or the player buys himself out of this own contract or the club sacks him for gross misconduct, which regretabbly doesn’t include being useless at playing football.

    I guess someone like Smudger is not going to give up a very lucrative contract at NUFC. And I guess, few clubs will be willing to match the pay he gets at NUFC. Xisco could possibly move back to his home country Spain where the income tax is substantially less than the UK and would soften the financial blow of a reduced wage. I suspect Ryan Taylor and James Perch could be attractive to newly promoted teams but also they could be good squad players at NUFC.

  6. and out of all that smith’s contract is up in 2012 so i guess he will be a free agent one less body for sure

  7. Agree Kamar, Taylor and Perch would be good squad players, and if they are on a low wage then that would fit in nicely into MA’s pay structure. A crazy scenario is having big earners warming the bench…Smith, Xisco. As nufc33 mentions, Smiths contract is up mid 2012 so he’s gonna sit tight until then anyway, then move on for free. All too easy for these guys…remind me who signed these guys in the first place…doh !

    Ideally we should move Smith and Xiso on, we could used this supposed 120K a week in salaries elsewhere…!

  8. Pardew talks bollocks-he was waffling on the other day about players needing to have a certain attitude etc to fit in at NUFC and he takes on one of the most pig headed arrogant pieces of 5hit ever to grace the premiership who hadn’t had a decent game in 2 years and seems to be a total crock.

    I trust Pardew less and less the more gash he spouts out.

  9. On topic.

    Minimal spend from MA,Frees,Lower Divisions,Players out of sorts.
    Gone Enrique,Collo,Nolan possibly Barton maybe more and I still think Tiote will be sold for megabucks hence a contract being rushed through to make sure MA makes some good wedge for himself.

  10. Oops…sorry SJT I meant to type “are you joking”….my apologies for any misunderstanding mate …

  11. So if you come on here and are critical of the muppet show running our club that makes you a Mackem?
    If anything in my comments are untrue please point them out and we can discuss.

  12. Why on earth praise the toon team, management and players for an immense season so far, when we can put a negative spin on things….I aint a blue-eyed optimist but…

  13. MM – absolutely. Let’s not be “glass half empty” when we can imagine a glass with a hole in it!
    Has this season been all bad? Have all our purchases been disasters?
    Why can’t we see where we finish and then compare with other seasons? If my memory’s correct we’ve only had one top ten finish since SBR left and that was Roeder’s first season – otherwise I think we’ve fannied around well below halfway and getting about 44 points – despite the big names like Owen, Viduka, Boumsong (!), Luque(!) etc. – until we got relegated.
    Looking at other teams, I am quite happy with the likes of Danny S, Willo, Tiote – even Best. I don’t count loanees like Ireland or Kuqi as deals to judge our future by – one’s a “try before you buy” and the other is to have something in the pantry if all else is crocked.
    By the way, I also know that MA is planning to sell Colo, Willo, Jose, Jonas, Harps, Krul, Ben Arfa, Ben Nevis, the hot-dog vans, my dog – FACT!

  14. magpie6699…now that’s more like it big man !!!! there was a load of cack going on at the toon long before the “cockney mafia” arrived…but some dudes on here have short memories…

    I could fancy one of the hot dog vans…would look great in my garden….could you have a word with your contact mate…?


    Great video.
    For all that Ameobi fustrates me, I wouldnt want him to leave, he scored for us in the Nou Camp!
    2 years in a row we’ve had a geordie striker score a hattrick in our first home game of the season
    Also how many different hattricks have been scored by our players in the last two seasons? Sh!tloads!


  17. Shola gets some stick but in my opinion he will always be a Geordie legend not least for that brilliant strike during the 5-1 demolition of the great unwashed earlier this year…