Pardew’s policy on the bairns

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Phil Airey, Newcastle.
Toon future maybe.
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew talks about his philosophy on the bairns.

I like discussions about the youngsters and tried recently to get you all interested in it via that Italian tournament. Which you all promptly ignored!

Anyway, let’s begin with what Pardew said:

I think that depends on the results.

We’ve still got a bit of work to do, to make sure we’re safe and we want to finish as high as we can.

But I won’t hesitate with Ferguson like I did at the start of the Everton game, because I can see he will be very buoyed by his performance for us.

That’s good for us moving forward and it might even be good in terms of the next game, because if José doesn’t make it, he will definitely come into contention for starting the game.

I was genuinely impressed with the little cameo he had against Everton. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t put him on earlier.

I see one or two young players who could do something.

Tavernier out at Gateshead is doing particularly well. I’d like to think that over the summer there are one or two youth team or development team players pushing to be in next season’s squad.

You hope they will make an impact and that will save us a lot of money and help add a good feeling to the club.

I guess any ‘philosphy’ re the bairns has to be about balance. We want them in, but we don’t want to put them in a situation where some team takes us apart and hits their confidence.

I do worry that we kind of lose sight of them under different managers, with each coming in with their own ‘policy on youth’.

Pardew has a good point about the youngsters saving us money too. Look at Carroll? Cost £0! And, all arguments aside about Carroll, Ashley etc., that’s good business if a club can keep doing it.

Anyway, have a good day folks. I’m off to steal my wife’s chair.

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51 Responses

  1. I think that opening quote shows that AP’s intention is to get safe, then use the rest of the games to try out new players and ideas. It won’t be the most exciting run of games, but it is the sensible option compared to going all-out for 6th against all the odds.

    The latter, at best, could land us with a pile more games but no new options for the squad to play them. AP’s approach moves us forward and proves the club means what they say about bringing through the young talent.

  2. Whumpie,
    also, where we end up this season, we will be under pressure to better, next season.
    So a ‘fluke’ euro spot this time may be hard to beat next.
    Anyway, due to our home form, we deserve to be where we are, if we were matching the away form at home, we’d be sorted.

  3. It looks like the translation from Cockney is “we are now a selling club, get used to it. £35m reinvested? You’re ‘avin a giraffe.”

  4. 1. Try not to trust anything that Pardwho says, (Build a team around AC, AC’s not going anywhere, I’ll have £35m to spend)
    2. Dont believe he knows what he’s doing on the pitch as the Everton game showed only too well
    3. He will only play youngsters when there is no other option for him after he’s exhausted all the other stupid options like putting Simmo at LB or at RM.

    FFS this is a bloke with zero major trophies/successes to his name. Imagine if you will a “Glen Roeder Mark 2” and you’re not far off Pardwho.

  5. Blame Saylor for the everton game andy, he was the one that had to be fit into RB, then took it upon himself to sorta play as a third CB, always out of position, allowed all everton’s attacks down our right, inc. goals.

  6. John – make your mind up. You want Ashley out, but complain if he’s selling? Fact is, there’s no evidence of it anyway so it’s a moot point and naff all to do with this discussion, so please give it a rest.

    AndyMac – fair points, but the third one just backs up what he’s saying: put out the best he can (not sure he did either, but that’s my opinion and yours) until safe, THEN play the bairns. what’s wrong with that?

  7. Actually, I blame AP for Saturday. He sold our only right winger with no replacement. What happened on Saturday was exactly what so many of us said was inevitable. Idiotic decision which will cost us a lot more points yet.

  8. Er, Simpson created the second(disallowed) goal, with a great cross from the RM position. If our RB wasn’t so pathetically wanting on the day, they may well not have scored, everything they did was down our right, through Arteta.

  9. I see it as a waste to not use the youngsters in the future. Remember manU had a lot of great players come through their acadamey in one season, the likes of the Neville brothers, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs to name a few. If these youngsters are any good then they will get games, it also reduces what we have to buy if we have home grown talent. The NE produces good footballers do we always have to buy in foreign players or dissapointments from other clubs.

    We need to therefore keep hold of the youngsters and encourage them to stay, pay them well to avoid the likes of Owen, Martins, Kleivert and others to just milk the club of money. leaving like AC did.

  10. The more bairns that come through the ranks, the more the others, in the ranks, will try to get in the first team.
    It seems to me that there are a few atm that have the capability, it’s just a matter of time for the likes of Ferguson, Airey, Tavernier, Kadar, Vuckic etc.
    Howay the bairns.

  11. I think we’re all frantically agreeing with what AP seems to be saying: get safe, then use what’s left to blood the newbies. Sensible stuff.

    On the subject of defences and Saturday, I agree that Saylor didn’t deliver, but wasn’t Jose a key part in both their goals? One went straight between his legs, and I think it was him that lost his man for the other as the free kick came in.

    Perhaps I’m remembering it wrong, but I think we ought to acknowledge when a key player has a shocker – and I think, ironically, that it was the ‘real’ full-back that did as much as the stand-in.

  12. Id love us to be the next Ajax or manu when it comes to playing the bairns, but we need to remember those teams had some top drawer seasoned pros in the team too. Manu especially with pallister, Bruce, robson, etc.. it wasn’t all kids. Plus they were very lucky to have such a brilliant crop of talent to all.come through at the same time.
    We don’t have the same level of seasoned pros to help with the kids, so we have to be careful with integration into the first team. An appearance now and again to get a taste is fine by me.

  13. So ARE THEY ANY GOOD? It seems to me that’s the only thing that should negate whether they’re included in a team sheet (not desperation due to numbers), and who cud be future AC’s??

    Ferguson – is he a LB? would he really be considered cover for Jose (if still here) next season?

    Airey – striker, i seem to remember him popping up once or twice, has he scored any hat-tricks for the reserves?

    Vuckic – there was a lot of chat about him, but it’s all gone quiet, midfielder, what foot?

    Soderberg – GK – better than Krul?

    Mike Richardson – mid – Is that the ginger kid who looks like he should be in cereal commercial for Golden Grahams?

    Bradden Inman – Oz midfielder, any good?

    Tavernier – on loan at Hull i think, and getting on well?

    Kadar – defender on loan?

    I’d appreciate any news/inside info on these guys, what i fear about them is physical presence – without a bit of bulk, they’re just kids who get pushed off the ball.

  14. Aye,
    Jose did let the first go through his legs, not good.
    It was a brilliant free kick for the second one though.
    But between Saylor & Tiote they gave the free kick away, when it could’ve been cleared. They got their goals via our right though.

    agreed mate.

    Though we do have Barton, Nolan, Colo & Jonas as seasoned pro’s, along with Harper in goal.

  15. Milner,
    Tavernier is at Gateshead mate.
    I think Vuckic is mostly left footed, could be wrong like.
    & Jak Alnwick (‘keeper) just won the ‘Wor Jackie’ prize for best ‘up & comer’.

  16. i forgot about: The England under-19 international Donaldson

    Hartlepool United have extended the loan deal for Newcastle United striker Ryan Donaldson by a further month.

    Donaldson, 19, will remain at Victoria Park until Friday, 25 March, having featured in five games during the initial loan spell.

    He has made six appearances for parent club Newcastle, including August’s 3-2 Carling Cup win against Accrington.

  17. Ferguson has looked real good when he’s played. He was excellent v chelsea in the cup at LB.

  18. I really like the way Ferguson plays – no fear, excellent attitude and obvious talent.

    Ok, he looks like he’s 12, but who cares?

    I wonder if Kaz will be back next season? So much promise, but a bit like Carroll did, has hit that point where he needs to learn to apply it to prem football. That could take some time, especially given the injury he’s had.

    I wonder if he can play RW…?

  19. Aye,
    forgot about Lua Lua, with him being injured for a while, broken leg isn’t it?
    I think he could play RW mate.

  20. Lua Lua is decent, scored a couple of wonder goals (check out youtube) from free kicks and in general 4 goals and a few assists in about 11 games for Brighton who are top of 1st Division. If he was just a Brighton player people would be interested in him in the way they have been Puncheon, Oxendale etc. In that he is a gifted young player doing well in the lower leagues.

    Kadar always looked solid playing both left and centre back for us in the championship and is probably pretty close to getting a chance in the first team in the prem now him being 20 years old.

    Tavernier looked good in the league cup and is fairly versatile being able to play both right back and centre-back.

    Clubs like Chelsea and Man Utd had legit interest in Vuckic. He’s 6’3″ and built, particularly for an 18 year old but has quick feet and can play attacking midfield and forward roles similar to Beardo. Reason things have gone quiet on him is that he is injured.

  21. I watched Kadar from close up at a Plymouth game. Incredibly impressive – calm, physically intimidating and good skills. I’d argue that after goalies, CBs are our next strongest area, up there with attacking central midfielders.

  22. CLiNT @2… …due to our home form, we deserve to be where we are, if we were matching the away form at home, we’d be sorted

    Aye CLiNT, if our away form matched our home form we’d be well and truly sorted!

  23. If our home form was as good as our away form we would be top 4.
    How times change. We used to be rock solid at home and flakey away.

  24. Aye,
    after last season’s ‘fortress St. James” it’s a bit of a come down.
    We’ve definitely thrown away good points at home this time like.

  25. Lesh,
    i think it means we’re a team on the cusp of being good.
    A few dodgy decisions, a few slack performances at home, some great stuff away mind.
    A bit more consistency & we’d be flying.

  26. i like APs stance on it. getting these kids in/around the first team is what will show clear cut whether or not they can make the grade.
    i was honestly a bit disappointed with CH at the end of last season when we were clear and confirmed up that he didn’t give more of the kids a chance. it was exactly what got carroll going – a lot of games at a lower level and would have been great experience for some of the other on the cusp of the first team bench to get some legitimate minutes in the championship and not just cup games.
    all things said, there seems to be a number of talented players coming through and it’ll be great to see which of them can start to push our current first team for spots over the next couple of years.

  27. I think the youth thing though is one of those topics we can duscuss without arguing about Ashley, Pardew, Carroll etc.

    It’s kind of a ‘policy’ thing if you see what I mean.

  28. Sure it`s a good policy to bring in youngsters at an early age and attempt to develope them into PL quality players, after all what does it cost ?
    Either the policy is a success, or you sell them on to lower division sides.
    Man. U. been doing it for ever, look at the number of ex Man. u. players who did`nt make the grade there but are still playing in the PL.
    And they all paid for theselves with transfer moneys.
    However this requires a decent scouting system and good coaching, not jobs for the boys.
    But theres a limit to developing players, for the most part the backbone of most sides are players who are bought, with sides like Arsenal spending big bucks.
    After all how many of the top sides consist of players who came through the club system.

  29. Bobby Shinton / Troy Stavers / KKForever / Deraine / Nathandio / Tooonarmy / Paul Reece / Bowden 1980 and all your other pseudonyms, you are now banned.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  30. Whumpie says:

    “AndyMac – fair points, but the third one just backs up what he’s saying: put out the best he can (not sure he did either, but that’s my opinion and yours) until safe, THEN play the bairns. what’s wrong with that?”

    Sometimes a youngster is a better option than playing a someone with limited ability out of their comfort zone. Guthrie wide right for example and Simmo and Perch at LB.

    CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “Er, Simpson created the second(disallowed) goal, with a great cross from the RM position”

    Simpson was at right back (comfort zone) when he crossed for Best.

    As I said before all Pardwho had to do before the match was swap Jonas to the right and bring Fergie in at left midfield and he could have kept his back four intact. Everybody playing in their “natural” positions but that was too difficult for him so he fecked it.

    Anyway I’m off tonight to see a real team play and watch Kuqi bag a hat trick !!!!

  31. i’ve been a fairly big supporter of AP – but i gotta say he got it ALL WRONG on sat…but i think he knows it, so thats something.

  32. And I know there is an actual legitimate Nathndio floating around on the blogs.

    On topic, as Chuck says, it’s nowt unusual and Man Utd have indeed been doing it for years. The difference is that when they need to spend big they generally do.

  33. toonsy says:
    March 9, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    “And I know there is an actual legitimate Nathndio floating around on the blogs.”

    That’s what I thought, Toonsy. Troy / Stardust / Bobby Shinton / KK Forever / Whatever must have been trying to spoof him.

    Paul Reece ditto.

  34. John(3) – no, what he actually said is “Elvis is alive and well and playing for Sunderland”. At least that’s what my voices translated it as.
    Jeez, the guy can’t even praise the kids without there being hidden meanings!

  35. none of our bairns are going to get a look in for at least the next 2 – 3 years.

  36. So, troy, bobby shinton et al has been banned? Tarra stardust,… ’til the next time? They seek him here, they seek him there….

  37. A mate of mine had a conversation with Beardsley and apparently he said Haris Vukic is the best player he has ever seen at Newcastle!! He must be really quite a player if that is true…

  38. its a sad fact – but all of the promising youngsters that we have wont make the grade as long as we’re in the EPL. FACT – we wont allow them the chance – and by we i mean us – the supporters – as well as the club hierarcy etc. Be honest – we crave signing the bigger names – and dont show patience for the youngsters if they come through.
    Dont forget – Carroll only came through really after we got relegated – he honestly wouldnt have stood a chance had we stayed up. We would have retained Martins, Owen, Viduka et al – and had another season in the dark brown sticky stuff.
    perversley – relegation was probably the best thing that could have happened to us. Me – i wouldnt be that choked if it happened again – i’m sick of the crap that goes hand in hand with the Prem.

  39. Also Carroll was only given a chance because ameobi was injured.
    Tatty I know what you are saying about the PL. It’s a sham of a league. However we can’t be relegated as you need to be in the PL, just for the money, if nothing else.

  40. baz says:
    March 10, 2011 at 9:16 am

    “A mate of mine had a conversation with Beardsley and apparently he said Haris Vukic is the best player he has ever seen at Newcastle!! He must be really quite a player if that is true…”

    baz, in the few times I have seen Vuckic playing, sometimes he reminded me of Beardsley himself, and he’s about the best player I have ever seen at Newcastle.

  41. lesh says:
    March 10, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    “Have I missed the news of a strike among the blog’s editorial staff?”

    Lesh, It’s Hugh’s Bristol day and I’ve being a bit busy this morning. I have one on the way though, which will be out shortly.

  42. Worky is moving our pensions from final salary to investment based. One out all out.