Stoke City v Newcastle United match highlights and post match interviews.

Posted on March 19th, 2011 | 93 Comments |

Highlights of the game, not that there were any for Newcastle United fans!

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, protests that the team played “really well” in the first half, apart from the mistakes which led to the first two goals. He also bemoans the referee’s free kick decision that led to the third goal amongst other things.

Stoke City manager, Tony Pulis, is well chuffed with his “fantastic” lads, who kept their heads after reaching the FA. Cup semi final to win a comprehensive victory over The Magpies.

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93 Responses

  1. so we now have 2 weeks break to sort things out b4 beating the wolves!

    Hmmmm! Deja vu. when have I heard that before? 2 weeks ago perhaps.
    Lets face it the vast majority of our players are not prem class. (Jonas, Shola, Cambell, Lovenkrands,to name a few) Infact the way we are playing we would struggle in the championship.
    I can see Pardwho?s vast managerial experience over sir Hoots really coming to the fore now. Thank God for that eh????
    Some really tough games coming up, and it looks like we are reverting to type as per usual. I think we are in the smelly brown stuff good and proper now.
    Where are the goals going to come from? We are hardly creating anything and can concede goals at will any time.
    Shining light was Ferguson until Jonas came on.
    We will be lucky to survive if we carry on like this.

    How long does Pardwho have??? 5 years???? Great.

  2. I see everyone has naffed off. cant say as I blame you, so I’ll just carry on ranting away to myself.

    So despite all the talk of the tiny pitch etc, stoke still managed to get at least 2 good crosses into our box resulting in 2 goals.
    Our defence was shocking and so was Harper WTF ???
    Seems like a good idea to have a shot at goal when given a free kick. Nothing fancy, just a good old fashioned blast through the wall, which will open up nicely for you, and leave the statue helpless in the goal. Class indeed.
    Looks like its all going pete tong at this crucial time of the season. Survival is by no means a certainty, in fact I am quite worried about it. But hey ho, life goes on.
    I hope Ashley has a sweat on. Perhaps he can mop his brow with the Judas money, he must be so proud.

  3. Beardsley’s Boots,

    Admittedly, we don’t have the best squad in the world quite yet, but it isn’t the player’s fault.

    Though some of them may make individaual mistakes, most of the responsibility lies with Alan Pardew. His woeful handling of injuries (ie rushing them back too soon and damaging them again), and also his poor tactics could eventually take us the same way as the other two Premiership clubs he managed. One had to be saved from relegation at the eleventh hour by Alan Curbishley, and the other one is now languishing in League One, where Pardew left them.

  4. I totally agree worky. The buck stops with Pardwho?
    Some of the lads didn’t seem to know where they were supposed to be or what to do? Where was the width, what were the tactics, apart from run around now like headless chickens.
    Which players have been rushed back too soon??? Jose? maybe and we dont know what the damage is yet.
    Truth is we have a paper thin squad, due to relegation, financial mismanagement sacking not backing of Hoots and lack of investment in the summer tf window. Oh and the signing of a manager with far more experience than the one who saved your ass. yea right.
    Well if you reap what you sow, then we are doomed.
    Simples :(

  5. Beardsleys Boots says:
    March 19, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    “Which players have been rushed back too soon??? Jose?”

    BB, Jose, Stephen Ireland was pushed too hard and Pardew admiited that one, we got him until the end of the season, and it IS going to be almost the end of the season before he’s fit enough to possibly get a game. Then there’s Gosling, Barton being rushed back from a strain then knacking himself in a warm up etc.

    I’m not sure that the squad is as “paper thin” as you seem to think it is, it’s just that the management of injuries is so poor! We weren’t quite the full ticket yet when Hughton left of course, but we were developing in the right direction and there’s always room for improving the squad.

  6. Hmm ! looks like everyone is on the same page here.
    This shit is just getting old.
    Gotta say for a self made billionaire, this guys certainly on a slow learning curve as far as running a football club is concerned.
    I mean does our present situation not appear very similar to two seasons ago ?
    Only thing we have`nt done is re-hire Alan Shearer.
    Listen Ashley, until you hire proper football people this club will never have success either as a business or be competitive on the field.
    It`s just that simple and it aint retailing it`s show business.
    And there aint no cheap ass shortcut to success either.
    You/we lucked out going with Hughton, who molded a bunch of dis-spirited players and a club in Chaos, into a to-gether side who believed in him and each other.
    Who fought their way back to the PL, without spending one thin dime, then rewarded him by replacing him with a fast talking shyster, who no one likes and who`s record is questionable and that`s being kind.
    It`s obvious this club needs help, it`s thin on the ground, sure we have some decent players, maybe about seven or eight who would make it as starters on an average PL team, we need about half a dozen more to be in anyway competitive.
    And i`m talking quality here.
    Having watched a side play to-day without any strategy and a three man back line, i was simply amazed.
    Hey I know the guy has a five year contract, but he`s a joke, get him outta here before we are relegated for the second time in two years, BSA and Souness look like f***ing geniuses compared to this guy, C`mon !

  7. You can train all week, put the best tactics in place, have a plan for each situation but the manager doesn’t put on the boots and play. To blame pardew for sol and harpers mistakes, the 2 oldest pros in our team is just laughable. King hoots wouldve had the same issues so that’s just rubbish IMHO. So if they all passed fitness tests how’s that rushing them back? Gosling was always going to have other niggles on his way back, as will ben arfa, due to the seriousness of the injuries. I’m no pardew fan but give the guy a break man

  8. But surely Sol shouldn’t have even been on the pitch in the first place.
    ffs! his days are over, he brought nothing to the defence, which is even more unsettled than ever. I mean we struggle badly enough with 4 across the back but going 3-5-2 was a fuggin joke. And for that I do blame Pardew.
    Cambell wants to hang up his boots once and for all.
    I have nothing to say about Harper, must of been a bad day (hopefully!!).

  9. The real problem is our forwards, Lovenkrands is pathetic and Ameobi is a constant enigma, talks the talk saying the right things to the fans but when it comes down to it he doesnt and never will produce the goods, he is a very average championship at best standard striker.
    Maybe its time to move Nolan up and play off a front man, give Airey a try, because the current strikers dont deserve a shirt, they are no threat whatsoever to the opposition.

  10. And why should we give Pardew a break??
    He has 1 win in 10, constantly lets his mouth go in the press, and so far has brought NOTHING new to NUFC that wasn’t here under Hughton.
    In fact if anything we have gone backwards to 2 seasons ago.
    If he has so much experience as a manager then I suggest he pulls his bloody finger out.
    Defeats to wolves, villa and blackpool will put us in the bottom 3. With L’pool, chelski and manure to follow, it does not look good.
    I’ll give him a break when we are safe and NOT before.
    But right now I dont feel very optimistic. Do you?

  11. Totally agree bigbagbob, and it looks like you can add ranger to that list. He seems incapable of taking his chances infront of goal. I would even play Steven Taylor up front as a striker, at least he can put some power into it when he kicks the ball.

  12. put it this way, when Hughton was sacked we were 11th in league on 19 points from 16 games. 14 games later under our new vastly more experienced manager and now we are 11th in league on 36 points. Continue like that and we will finish on 45 points. Marvellous. But where are those 9 points coming from???
    In theory we should beat wolves blackpool and west brom. But then again we shouldn’t be losing 4-0 to stoke ffs. The way we are playing, we wont make 40 points.

  13. Raffo @13 you better laugh at me then.I’ll blame Pardew and Ashley for hireing him Which other premiership club would employ Pardew other than the shambolically run club that is Newcastle.

  14. don’t worry lads a win will stop all our bickering…..then a loss will just start things all over again

  15. this whole situation is a four year joke,which is frankly wearing as thin as a tab paper.
    from mike ashley down,the whole club is a shambles,and some fans think he is doing
    a good job,any twat can cost cut,to make the financial side look better.
    well it’s okay,because we’ll have the best bank balance in the championship.
    the fans that support ashley,need to wake up fast,because this guy is a joke,this club will go nowhere under him.

  16. No ones bickering mate, just being realistic about our predicament.

    Hmmm! A win would be nice, against who exactly???

  17. Is it me ,but does Pardew say one thing ,then do totally the “I won’t slag players off in public”then proceed to slag off Krul and Ranger.”I won’t rush players back from injury”Gosling,Barton,Ireland,Enrique etc.Lets hope he says “I’m not going to quit” in the near future.

  18. sol is awaste of space loverpants droped his heed for free kick harps had one mistake the toon played with 9 men for much of the match loverpants should have scored from sholas cros from right. these players might do fantastic in train that’s why pardwho pick them. but the fault does not rest with the manager its loverpant and sol who should be blamed like I said 9 men for most of the match

  19. You could have Eisenhower and Montgomery running the club and they could not field anyone other than what the club owns right now. Sadly there is no left back or right wing. There is no reserve of speed. No one up front is blessed with creativity. SO what do you do? You send out 11 men and keep your fingers crossed.

    NUFC palyed most of thew game on the retreat. Shola and Loven getting the ball on the defensive side of the center line. You are going nowhere with that. And when the ball was moved forward, there was little movement around the box. Stoke had it packed with defenders.

    NUFC has to hpe they have not had any luck yet this year, because it will be require to win 2 games and get a draw if there is to be any chance of survival. I dread the idea of going down again, as that sets back any chance of the club becoming profitable or being sold on acceptable terms to the owner.

  20. Lovenkrands is not an EPL player, he is championship or SPL. Sol Campbell was finished 4 years ago at Portsmouth. It’s only so thin you can make a rope before it go’s ‘SNAP’. In the summer we need at least one premier league striker and about 5 others. If Krul had done what Harper did he would be dropped. I hope we don’t loose Forster because of these two. Loan out Krul and try Forster next season IMO with Harper on the bench. I think we tried to change our game too much when we should have played our own game. Yes it is partly Pardews fault but he hasn’t exactly got much to work with, a young lad at LB who got done for 2 of the goals. People who mock Leon Best, he is now our top striker!

  21. BeeGuy says:
    March 20, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    “You could have Eisenhower and Montgomery running the club”

    And they’d probably bicker over tactics constantly, BeeGuy. ;-)

  22. Witters says:
    March 20, 2011 at 8:43 am
    We’re going down on this form….

    Don’t start being realistic, people don’t like that – it’s classed as being miserable and negative!

  23. Everyone back to reality now then?

    Survival is the objective, always was.

    Anyone not down with that?

  24. Why oh why did Pardew fanny on with the team whilst we need points badly? Surely the time for experiments is when we are mathematically safe.
    Mind you we still have the chance to overtake the mackems who are in the shite along side us and what a hypocrite Bruce is, now he wants video technology cos of a dodgy pen yesterday?
    Funny that, he wasnt asking for it when Cattermole handled the ball on the line v Stoke or when Bramble fouled at the Emirates, both stonewall pens.
    Pressure is back on, helmets on,chinstraps fastened and over the top we go.

  25. Good job we beat Stoke when Hughton was manager then…
    Maybe the tactics didn’t work but when faced with the threat of long throws in the box, and a lack of fit wingers, you could see the reason why we went for that formation.
    We aren’t getting the run of the ball in front of goal, and got battered for daft mistakes.
    I think it’s an over reaction just to blame Pardew though, we failed to win crucial home games under Hughton as well which leaves us where we are.
    At the end of the day we are not a steady solid Premier league team and it shows.
    The one thing I would blame Pardew for is letting Routledge go out on loan, crazy decision.

  26. got a few words pardew out ashley out , we are going down if pardew stays its what pardew does best

  27. Hugh de Payen
    Posted March 20, 2011 at 11:53 PM
    Guys I’m getting a little peeved off.

    If the donations are a problem, Toonsy has my email and I guarantee everyone will get their money back.

    And Toonsy, threatening to go around to someone’s house and ‘sort them out’ is not on. Now I think you all know I’m a peaceful bloke but if you want to come around to mine and have a pop I’d have you nailed to a wall (wouldn’t be the first time, trust me). I’ll email my address right now if you like and we’ll see what’s what. Seriously, I will. Let’s sort it if you want to play hard man. What time shall we meet and on what day? I can do middle of next week most times. Really, if that’s what it takes let’s call it out in public.

    I don’t do this sort of talk these days I’m afraid so maybe it’s a measure of how annoyed I am.

    Let’s just let it all drop.

    Please.<<<< i thought it had been dropped ?as for the donations i guessed worky was in a hole at the time thats why i sent the donation i did money is easy come easy go too me ,hugh the threats dont help any 1 as there is that many people know where other people live ;) so why have you brought a comment up from 2 week ago ?

  28. Hugh de Payen
    Posted March 21, 2011 at 6:58 AM
    Toonsy, unless you’ve deleted the comment you know perfectly well what I’m talking about.

    Try comment #53 on the ‘Meet Jose Enriques’ thread.<<<< and hugh ,toonsy dusent delete comments like some people do

  29. oh and hugh ,have you seen the size of toonsy ? you best get some 6 inch nail and plenty of them ,and iam sure he will stand still while you do it ;)

  30. stroll on, this board is like the “fairy godfather”,with hugh de corleone.
    nailing folk to walls? get a f**kin’ grip ffs.
    you dont want to give out your email adress either,you might end up with some right heed the baal,eating along with chianta and father beans.

  31. Look chaps, I went a bit radgie and made a loose comment I shouldn’t have. Take this as my apology.

    In any case, if I tried to nail anyone to my fence it’s in such poor repair it would fall over.

  32. Hugh de Payen says:
    March 21, 2011 at 12:07 pm
    Look chaps, I went a bit radgie and made a loose comment I shouldn’t have. Take this as my apology.

    In any case, if I tried to nail anyone to my fence it’s in such poor repair it would fall over.

    A brick wall would fall over with toonsy nailed to it!

  33. What a weird game!
    60% of the play, almost double the successful passes, more shots on & off target, less yellow cards, more corners, but more importantly: More silly mistakes & a bunch of goals conceded.
    That did for our decent plus goals column, great!

    What a complete & utter disappointment.


  34. “are hugh looking at me”?
    “hugh must be looking at me,there’s no one else here”.
    i’m terrified to leave the hoose,incase i get whacked.
    hugh,i aint no rat,or a stool pigeon,please hugh don payen,total respect,i’m a stand up guy,i’m a goodfella.
    maybe i’ll come work for you,”i could’ve been a contender”.
    i aint no f**kin’ mook,or a f**kin’ mooley.

  35. hugh don payen,we’ll have to have a sit down with the info family,to straighten things out.
    it seems “bullet proof toonsy” is musclin’ in on “big paulie worky’s” action.
    i know everyone has been kicking up tributes to big paulie,and everybody payen’s in the end.
    other wise you’ll end up in the tyne wearing a concrete,red and white shirt,capece!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Just been looking at that prem lge table up on the right.
    How the hell did stoke get 39 points???? Wots going on?

  37. So the wolves match is a saturday 3pm kick off home game>

    I think there’s a voodoo to be broken here.
    No feckin about, just get the job done, once and for all.

  38. it isn’t looking good atm for newcastle,and the wolves are at the door.
    i’ll get me coat,
    cue tumbleweeds etc……………….

  39. We still have to face Wolves, Birmingham and West Brom at home.
    If we cannot get at least 5 points from those 3 games we deserve to go down!

  40. Errr…. Any chance of the prediction tables being updated or has that died a sad and lonely death…? since someone asked for more people to join there has been a sh1t load of gadgies on nil point!

  41. i once knew a little shit called liam ,he went too South Tyneside College ,any 1 else know him ?

  42. liam any more shit of ya i will be sending you a nice present through email ok little boy

  43. worky some 1 sending me a message through the facebook group on here, he knows who he is ,and it wouldnt be that hard too find him the cheaky little get ,but i know who he is on here,i dont mind people slagging me but he sed things aboot me daughter

  44. Shanghaitoon says:
    March 21, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    “Errr…. Any chance of the prediction tables being updated or has that died a sad and lonely death”

    I’ve made enquiries, Shanghaitoon.

  45. “The one thing I would blame Pardew for is letting Routledge go out on loan, crazy decision”

    All I can say Macas is you must be a truly forgiving person because Stoke was yet another case of him getting the whole thing badly wrong.

    Stoke was not the game (when we needed at least a point) to experiment with an untried formation. Having said that he had TWO WEEKS to work out his plans yet it looked like the players were still trying to solve the issues at the start of the second half.

    Pardwho is undoubtedly way above his pay grade in the BPL and only got the job because Fatman wanted to shift Carroll out the door without any fuss and knew Pardwho wouldnt make any waves – not even to moan about the lack of a replacement. The bloke’s a liability and even if we stay up his days are surely numbered.

  46. hugh and divent you worry bonnie lad i always back me mooth up in the past present and future ok knob rot

  47. oh and you best get your fence fixed as you might need it ,and it defo wont be for me ok old man

  48. and if ya want too threaten me do it through email worky will give it ya and dont worry i will oblige

  49. qaulity viewing – when’s the next episode on ??

    it’s nearly as good as the street.

  50. AndyMac – Do you not think injuries and lack of fully fit wingers had something to do with the change of formation?
    To be honest i can’t see much diffeence betweent the team under Pardew and the one under Hughton, except that Hughton had the advantage of a £35M striker…

  51. Macas says:
    March 22, 2011 at 10:37 am

    To be honest i can’t see much diffeence betweent the team under Pardew and the one under Hughton, except that Hughton had the advantage of a £35M striker…

    aye but hooters didn’t have the advantage of an assistant manager did he – instead of managing the club with one hand tied behind his back they decided to tie the other one aswell – all in the preparation of appointing – gobshite – & for the sale of AC.

    ashley & the rest of the cockney rabble stink.

  52. Roy,
    you said that CH didn’t have the help of a assistant.
    AP does, in Carver, so therefore, he is partly to blame for all results, QED.

  53. clint – you trying to catch me out or summit?

    anyway my answer is deffo & since his appointment the results are poorer are they not?

  54. Roy,
    na mate, just being ever so slightly facetious.
    Maybe even a tad pedantic too.

    Don’t think there’s a lot in it at this point.
    We’ve had a few more injuries lately & lost the services of ‘you know who’.

    I just think fans always seem to want deep meaningful reasons when their team lose a game.
    Sometimes, you just lose.
    If we check the stats on that game, without looking at the score, most people would think we’d win it.

  55. nae bother clint – at the end of the day we all just want the best for the club – but if things are being done that i disagree with then i’ll be on the boards pointing it out m8.

  56. Roy,
    totally mate, that’s all of our prerogative, nowt wrong with that man.

    A win would’ve put us in a great position & now we have to mull it over for another couple of weeks, dull as F***, or what?

    Bored stiff of all these f****** breaks in a league that has no breaks, apparently.

  57. batty says:
    March 21, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    “hugh and divent you worry bonnie lad i always back me mooth up in the past present and future ok knob rot”

    batty, what on earth is your problem now?