Stoke City v Newcastle United match preview.

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Stoke: Land of the Giants.
Stoke: Land of the Giants.
After a two week break, this Saturday’s game sees Newcastle United heading to the land of the giants to face some heavy bombardment from Stoke City.

Newcastle go into the game two points and two places above “The Potters” of Stoke City, and manager, Alan Partridge Pardew will be looking to “bounce back” after a disappointing defeat against Everton a fortnight ago. However Stoke will be looking to take advantge of their renowned home advantage. They have recently taken 10 out of 12 points in their recent home games, with away form being their biggest bugbear.

Alan Pardew said of the upcoming fixture:

“We are looking forward to the game. When you have two weeks off in Premier League it can be difficult to focus.

“So we are trying to make sure the players are ready for what will be a tough, tough game.”

Speaking on Stoke’s rather ‘direct’ approach to the game, including their reliance on set plays and the huge throw of Stoke midfielder, Rory Delap, he observed:

“It is a big statistic, how much they score from set plays, and the throw-ins add to that.”

“It is an unbelievable throw and you have to cope with it.

“That is the great thing about the Premier League – you have different flavours. And this flavour tests your character.

“But we have shown all along in this team that we have good character, so I don’t doubt that.”

He also hinted that Stoke’s direct manner of play may cause him some headaches in terms of selection. Starting on the subject of Stoke defender, Robert Huth, and his effectiveness at set pieces which have made him the club’s second highest goalscorer this season despite his defensive role, Pardew said:

“He (Huth) is particularly forceful for them, particularly at set plays.”

“You have to be wary of your match selection that you can cope, and there’s not many teams who can go there with their normal team and be able to dominate.

“Someone like Man Utd may be able to, but can we do that? I don’t know. But we will make sure we defend those set plays because they will be coming.”

“It is a tough game. Stoke have found some great form.

“The job Tony has done there and the way they play make it very difficult for you.

“The pitch is small, so their set plays become more accurate and that is something you have to cope with.

“We will make sure that we can handle their strengths and then play our own game. We can’t get too distracted by that.”

Meanwhile, Stoke City manager, Tony Pulis, who’s team face an FA. Cup semi final against Bolton on April 17th, said that his side must not take their focus off their Premier League season, including what he described as a “tough” clash against The Magpies. He had this to say on the game:

“It’s very, very important for the football club that we stay focused on the league and we’ve got a very, very tough game on Saturday against Newcastle. We’ve got to win it.

“They’ll be up for it and what we’ve got to do is generate the same atmosphere we generated the other day against West Ham, both on the pitch and off the pitch. The support from both sides made the cup tie what it was, and that was a very, very exciting game.

Team news

Injuries have undoubtedly been the biggest concern for Alan Pardew over the past few weeks. Looking forward to the Stoke game, he said of the injury situation:

“It’s been a productive two weeks in terms of people have got some rest.

“Our injury issue is not behind us, but it has eased a little bit. We think Joey (Barton) has a good chance, he took part in the warm-up today.

“Jose Enrique looks very doubtful, Jonas (Gutierrez) did the warm-up but also looks a bit doubtful. Nile Ranger is fine, so we are okay.”

Nothing there about recent signings, Stephen Ireland and Ryan Gosling, who will almost certainly be be out. Though Gosling was a permanent signing, the wisdom of signing Stephen Ireland on a short term loan is starting to look rather questionable, as it’s starting to look like the season will be almost over before he finally attains fitness.

Of course, Hatem Ben Arfa and Alan Smith will continue their long injury layoffs, and Ryan Taylor will serve the second game of his three match suspension following a sending off in Newcastle’s game against Bolton. Fianally, Nile Ranger should be alright after missing the Everton game with a slight knock.

On the Stoke side, it looks like big striker, John Carew, will be a major doubt as he still seems to be carrying a back problem sustained in The Potters FA. Cup Qurter final match against West Ham. Asmir Begovic should also be returning in goal after making way for Thomas Sorensen in the aforementioned up quarter final.

Match facts:

Stoke have yet to lose to Newcastle in the Premier League, with the last gane between the two sides being a rare 1-2 away win to Stoke at St James’s Park. The rest have been draws.

Both sides have found wins hard to come by recently. Despite Stoke’s recent home form mentioned above, they have only won one of their last seven games, failing to score at all in five of those. On the other hand, Newcastle’s record is even worse on that score, as they have won only one of their last eight Premiership games, a 0-2 win away against Birmingham City.

Howay the Lads!

Venue: Brittania Stadium, Stoke

Kick off: Sat, 19th March 2011, 3.00PM.

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76 Responses

  1. I’ll be very happy if this injured in a train wreck hobble of a Toon team can sneak a point in that ping-pong table sized pitch.

  2. Bottom line is this club is being run by a numptie and his appointed team coach is a numptie so what the f do we expect from this weekend ?

    Pardwho will be out by the end of this season either because Fatman finally finds someone stupid enough to pay him top dollar for the club or because he shags Tiote’s missus.

    So dont expect anything at Stoke because we’re a second rate team playinng another second rate team who are at home.:(

  3. @3
    My God you are a cheerfull git. Probably better off on a mackem blog somewhere.

  4. A draw would be a good result but just getting out of stoke with nee new injurys would be nearly as important as getting a point. And cheer up andymac, it could have been worse you could have been born a mackem.

  5. Where the hell is everyone the neet…..? Cant believe theyv,e all gon to stoke.

  6. If we get a point at Stoke that will be a real good result, Stoke at home are a real tough nut to crack.

  7. There,s too much infighting going on on this site these days. seems to me that bloggers are being slowly p!55ed off with matters which arn,t football and I would urge those responsible to get the theme back to what we do best and thats the Glorious Mag,s.Good luck for tomorrow. 2-3 will do me fine.HWTL.

  8. Porcie, in answer to your where’s everybody tonight question, I wonder if a lot of folk, including workey and hugh, have been pi$$ed off as a result of the nastiness we’ve seen of late? Workey, Hugh, CLiNT, you’re hangin’ in and please carry on. This site took a needless hammering and it needs support. C’mon guys, the site and the folk behind it need support. Come on, like the team, the club we support, get behind it. Let’s hear it, howay, howay the lads!!

  9. Lesh (9) Good shout ,thought I was the only one who noticed it.
    Looks like wer,e going to be a bit thin on the ground for tomorrow and till the end of the season. Whats needed is a little of the spirit that got us thru against the Gonners. My local in Cyprus has been Nicknamed The Strawberry since the Geordies showed up en-mass. The Gaffers well pleased with the 75 plus extra pints he does every Saterday.

  10. FFC,
    you are joking about replacing Simpson with Saylor, after the last debacle v everton, aren’t you?

  11. Porciestreet,
    alreet mate,
    aye some are still here.

    Pay no heed to andymac, or you’ll end up slashin’ y’wrists man.

    nice one mate, thanx.
    I’ve been real busy recently, so haven’t been able to get on as regular as normal.
    But i’ll be back more soon.
    Again, ta for the words of support.

  12. Die hard toon fan first time on this nufc blog I reckon we should go with saylor on the left over perch he deserves to be In the knackers yard. If guti cant start then fergie all the way especially over guthrie hoping to see loven on the bench and wor masked man starting with the best

  13. Nice to see everyone poppin up like snowdrops but it,s half past midneet here so am away to me pit. Catch yes all the morra afta the game. Kalinikta (goodnight).

  14. Later porcie,

    Ferguson on the left if Jose can’t make it, Simpson on the right, Colo & Sol up against stoke’s monsters with hoofball & hoyball.
    If not Sol, then Willo, saylor needs a clip round the lug.

  15. Hey Joe,
    alreet marra, byw.

    ‘Where ya’ goin’ with that gun in ya’ hand?..


  16. Question. Are we observing a minute’s silence tomorrow? Fair cop to the scousers on thursday for an impeccable and moving gesture to those people affected by the tsunami in Japan. The horrific images I’ve seen this week have will stay with me for a long time- but still, amazing dignity, class and bravery shown by our friends in the far east. God bless – with you Japan. x

    gannin for the win tomorrow btw;-)

  17. Now then Porcie, kalimera and take it easy in your warm up for the match – just have a couple of beers before your melon, bread and honey..,.mmmm, yum yum! So, you’ve got a strawberry out there? Bet the landlord thinks it’s his birthday on matchdays! There’s a bar in Istanbul Attaturk airport called the North British, complete with the McKewans cavalier and knocking out Brown Ale – couldn’t believe me eyes!
    Like the idea of a respectful minute silence in thought about the plight in Japan. Suspect the scousers’ silence was more of a stunned one. Shock following the sound of their bubble burstin’! Ho hum. Hang in all and keep up the chat…. and the articles – even the ones about tonsorial adventures!!

  18. my team for 2mora 1.harper , defence colo, willo , taylor and ? ,midfield barton ,tiote , nolan , guthrie , strikers ameobi and best!! god knows who i would play left back and god knows who is going 2 play on the left midfield!! i only said guthrie cos we are desperate 4 players lol

  19. As I said on my site, I really can’t see us getting anything out of Stoke. This will of course be made worse by the fact that I’ll be there and the fact that I appear to hold some sort of losing touch when I go to watch Newcastle. Mind you, I haven’t done bad this season, but overall I’m still in the ‘loss’ column :)

  20. we will get stuffed by stoke without a doubt. pards honeymoon is well and truly over and ever since we sold carroll of 400 billion quid on our usual last minute of last day stunt so ashley can come out as he always does and say.. ‘there just wanst enough time to get in a relief’ waffle, the team spirt has dropped. heads have gone down and players are now plotting their escape route from st james. They sacked CH when we were 11th.. what they gonna do with pards when he has us deep in relegation crap?? i preedict another sacking and more knee jerk crisis management from our complete w@nker owner and d!ckhead wide boy chairman.

  21. cmon lads get behind the boys last final push till the end of the season only a couple of points to get for safety we are a far better team than the others teams who are scrapping it out in the relegation zone

  22. 24…….why are we are far better team than other ones in same relegation scrap? If you take out barton who is now plotting his escape and his head is down, jose who is plotting his escape and head is down, jonas who is plotting his escape, our huge inury list… we are not a better team at all. We have a championship strike force with not one good enough for premier league. No left back, no right wing etc etc. The team picks up just two injuries and it is automatically unbalanced, untested and has no fluency or rythem. Regardless of where we are in the league, its a false sense of security looking at our name mid table as we are on the very cusp of being in relegation dog fight and if you take in the decline in results and points snice the transfer window and all our senior players subsequesnt comments, its clear to see a trend… and its a downward one.

  23. then all our highlights from this season like sunderland,eveton,arsenal,liverpool and many others would be for nothing then if we got relegated i would like to see us push on and get to safety as quicky as possible cause right now all the downward talk is getting us nowhere with our goal so near

  24. the only reason we beat liverpool was cos it was in roy hodgsons death throws, everton just beat us, arse was a draw and its almost sad to see us celebrtaing it in a manner where you’d think we haed just beaten barca in champ league final. We just cant keep burrying our heads inthe sand on this. Our team is in dire straits and i am 100% certain that the outbound quality will be higher than the inbound cum summer.

  25. Hey guys you know in my opinion it is times like these that Pardew should maybe consider letting more of the youngsters try their hand at a little pitch action. . . Continuously having to rely on the Magpie veterans isnt working. . . So i would like to see Ferguson and Ranger playing atleast half the game today and possibly even a young defender (Im not really sure who our upcoming defenders are) just to try and show what he can do. Some players need pitch time before they can truly shine!!!

    Hey and guys we all have one thing in common. . . We are all MAGPIES till the end!!! I live in South Africa and i make it my mission to at very least listen to as many games as possible… Newcastle is what unites us, lets keep it that way!!!

  26. just cant make everybody happy hey so some would like to see us play championship football then premier league and not see our team go onto better things

  27. nufc337……we have won once in 9 games. i just dont get it at all. we were playing well, looking solid and a defo safe bet so what did we do, we sold our only attacking threat just cos ashley could not say no to the huge money. we didnt need it and he could have always sold at the begining of the summer once we were safe but the manner we sold up stinks, everyone knows it inc the players. i am not relying on nufc to get many more points at all this season, my faith has turned to the fact that i hope that three teams below us also fare as poor. that is my only hope. if we do stay up i think its going to be a terrible summer window for us. all the mike ashley pro lot will change their tune by the end fo the window.

  28. Cheers for the welcome everyone! :) I may only be a teenager but I know my toon stuff and for me I want a tall strong powerful back 4 not just 2 ( colo and willo ) we need a strong right back if possible and a strong left back if possible so I would see shane f in more of the guti role

  29. on another note good to see an player from the Australian A-league have a trial at newcastle!

  30. @CLiNT FLiCK
    simpson will have to move to lb anyway, because of jose (would rather ferguson come on, or step in for jonas if hes not fit)!the stoke pitch has no width so having someone who has less attacking ability and more aerial ability is why he’s there!

  31. Great statement being reported this morning credited to Cheik Tiote ” why would I want to go to Chelsea to be with my friend Didier Drogba, It is more likely he will want to come here”!

    Well said son………Bout time someone stood up and was billish about our great club.

  32. dont know if someone is pulling a trick or not but is newcastle playing Man u on the 30th of june which is our last game

  33. craig chisholm says:
    March 19, 2011 at 5:50 am
    we will get stuffed by stoke without a doubt

  34. Sorry lads but something urgent has come up and I don’t think that I’ll be able to do a “match banter” post today.

    I will try and get a couple of posts up later on though if I manage to get the see the game. If you want to leave any comments / links for the match etc, just leave them here.

  35. wheres all the chat today, seems each blog is dead in the water… oh for the days when everyone one just got on and things worked!

  36. lol Brian – sad addicts like me I reckon… any decent streams anyone? Watching on a 3g card is a bit shite like.

  37. Outclassed by an average team with no flair!

    Well Mr Pardwho it’s time to earn your money and show the world why you were installed in place of Hoots!

    Let’s hope England can win well and rescue a SH** day to be a geordie!!


  39. brian says:
    March 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm
    lol disaster


  40. campbell total disgrace at fault for two goals third goal why the tom duck did loverboy duck his heed down two player who should not be in team nufc played with nine men today not when these two went off team looked more balanced with ranger setting up a couple of chances must start next game with best if he’s back from injury

  41. CLiNT FLiCK says:

    “Pay no heed to andymac, or you’ll end up slashin’ y’wrists man”

    I tell it like it is. Pardwho nowhere near resembles a top class manager or coach and the Fatman took the money and at the same time took a massive gamble on Premiership survival.

    If you cant handle reality CF then continue to hide in your little black and white world. Someone will come and let you know when its all over :)

  42. Interesting, a possible ‘half-baked theory’: NUFC are now an above-average team for the Npower Championship.

    Under a good manager, they achieved Premiership staus at the first attempt.

    Oh, and then that manager was sacked; AC was sold with no replacement; then there were the matter of the injuries…

    …one four-goal comeback convinced everyone that Alan Pardonwho was actually, all things considered, not that bad.

    Now I’m not convinced of that little outline myself but, I’d not be surprised if NUFC were a tad more worried about relegation in a couple of games time than a few other teams currently around them.

    Thank you for your attention.

  43. Kilgore_D_Sprout says:
    March 19, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    “…one four-goal comeback convinced everyone that Alan Pardonwho was actually, all things considered, not that bad.”

    He never convinced me, Kilgore. I knew from his previous work that he’s a third rate manager who is all mouth and no trousers. Amongst many other things, his management of injuries in terms of rushing players back before they are ready is stupid in the extreme, and is starting to cost Newcastle United dearly.

  44. I agree,with most. Whether Pardonwho is all mouth and no trousers is debatable, I mean surely no-one would be employed with a look like that?

    At least he bought back Col Slambell which was good.

    No it wasn’t, I lied; I lied. He was utter rubbish. Remember double-decker buses and their ever-present and friendly conductors? He was one. Waving his arms around, directing everyone in so many directions the bus eventually toppled over due to an excess of people on the wrong side of t’bus?

    Thank you for your attention.

  45. The target this season was survival and it looks like that juat about all we get!

    Have you ever worked for a company where the MD/CEO/Owner is a real Sh**, I have and believe me the whole company suffers no matter how many smiling managers you employ……This I believe is NUFC at present.

  46. andy,
    that doesn’t disguise/negate/alter the fact that listening to you could cause suicide mate.
    Which was the actual point.

    You’re the one bleating subjective opinions in a doom-laden package.


    Crack on!

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