Tough talk from the top man

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Alan Pardew, Newcastle
Foot, gas, etc.
Tough talking from Alan Pardew at Newcastle United.

Alan Pardew has been reiterating that players need to fight for their places, thusly:

Every player is under scrutiny.

And so they should be in my opinion. I’m not a huge fan of these ‘automatic starting places’ that squads often develop. I think everyone should be kept on their toes.

It’s well documented we’ve got finances to improve the squad.

Well, yes, I’ll gloss over that as I’m not in a controversial mood today. We’ll just have to wait and see what gets spent and on who. Or should that be ‘whom’? I do have a who/whom deficiency I will admit.

So if I was a player here, I’d be making sure I was playing well to do my best to stay in the team next season.

You can’t afford to take your foot off the pedal in this division because you’ll get embarrassed.

Manchester United went to Wolves, took their foot off the gas and got beat. We can’t afford to do that. We’re aware we’ve still got a job to do until the very end.

Aye, all good stuff.

Re the ‘gas on pedal’ thing, I sometimes think you need a bit of luck too. Injuries can sort of force you into ‘gas off pedal’ and – I’ve never figured out why – I’ve tended to think we’re an injury-prone club. I dunno, maybe all supporters think their clubs are injury-prone too when they lose a key player.

But he is right in that sometimes a simply lack of concentration can cost titles (95/96 anyone?) and if there’s one thing that bugs me it’s when players don’t ‘turn up’. Losing is always hard for a supporter but losing a hard-fought game is better than losing one where the team seems asleep.

I’m still very cautious about making my mind up on Alan Pardew but I can’t disagree with what he said there.

Have a good day folks!

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45 Responses

  1. This bloke talks a load of spew none stop every day. yesterday he was sayign that the squad is so small it picks itself, today they have to fight for their places. and he should be more worried about trying to KEEP players and aly off the bluff threats of them loosing their shirts. He is in catch 22 cos the ones he might want to lay off are prob the only ones that want to stay. The ones he wants to keep wantto leave or are at the very least holding off on contracts. Three huge players for us have all said they are waiting til lthe summer to decide and rightly so as they want to see what happens. Pards is in no position to make idle threats… this is his little attempt at reverse mind games and its notfooling anyone eps the players.

  2. As I have stated on a previous post any communication is better than none.Lets leave it to the individual to determine to make their mind up.

  3. yes mate…. we have about 5-7 days left and then we are outta here. thank god!!! its the worst offshore location i have worked in 23 years Indian. the water is liquid mud and he tides are the third strongest in the world! its been …er challenging. Last time we were here, Ambani himself came on to say his thanks. If he comes on this time i will ask him if he is buying nufc haha!!

  4. @7….. i would rather what is said be accurate and trustworthy though… not just a load of pap.

  5. I’m guessing the club can’t win with some fans.
    If the manager talks-it’s bollox!
    If he says nowt-it’s bollox!

    Maybe he’s just trying to keep us ‘in the loop’, but whatever comes out will always be derided by some & applauded by others.

    Of course, it takes all sorts & all that.
    But surely, communication is communication?

    Ok, maybe not!


  6. Yeah it`s a strange combination we got here, you got the deadly duo who would`nt say sh*t if they had a mouthfull and a guy who cant stop talking sh*t.
    See where we are going for a big name winger, no not him the Holland guy, bigger, Puncheon !
    What ! your not pleased ?
    Hey Pardew signed him for S`thampton, remember ?
    So that will put a big hole in the thirty or so million.
    What you read about signing those decent players (mostly French) is a propaganda push to put bums in seats before the new season starts.
    Hey if i`m wrong why is it there are players waiting to see what happens before renewing contracts ?
    Do they know something we dont ?

  7. i honestly thought he might keep his mouth shut after the andy carroll situation.
    does he think talking endless drivel on a daily basis,is going to get him some credibility?.
    the man is too much of a try hard,trying to win peoples approval,where is his head at ffs.
    he is starting to talk more sh**e than joe kinnear,does he not realise,he is embarrassing himself.
    after what happened to chris hughton,it was obvious there would be opposition and mistrust towards him.
    imo he stepped into another mans job before he even got the sack,and yes people will say it’s not his fault etc,but his name was mentioned for the job nearly nigh on two month before he got it,and hughton was sacked.
    there was definatlety a smoking gun there,with his appointment.
    the tawdry owl llambias,said at the time our fans will get behind alan,really?how f**kin’ naive are you and your fat b*****d mate?they may do for a time,but how long will it be before mr wonderful,is cast to the rejects bin with the rest of the people who have been daft enough to work for these clowns?

  8. the only tough talking alan pardew will ever utter,will be when he is trying to put the HARD WORD,on certain players wives.

  9. At this point, the only two guys not mentioned in leaving or being exited are Harper, Best and Nolan. Could it be that AP wants to bring in his own set of players (with financial guidance from the top)?
    I like AP, but I’m not sure a house cleaning is what is needed, or that he could end up with a better squad after the purchases. I say the roster could use quality bodies added on, just that we don’t want the baby thrown out with the bathwater.

  10. With you all the way on that Clint Flick. Don’t see anything wrong with what he’s saying either.

  11. Hugh I’m not cautious about making my mind up about Pardew,he’s a bullsh888er and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him and his fat mate.Does he ever stop talking.Typical Pardew press conference.””blah blah I’m great ,blah blah,if anythings wrong it’s someone else is fault,blah blah, I never blame the players blah blah,hello madam fancy one up the blah blah blah”.

  12. wants to keep his gob shut,blowing off again


  13. “Jason was somebody I scooped from MK Dons for a really good price. He’s done extremely well and he’s a player I’ll keep an eye on,”

    So Mr Pardwho why did this player you personally “scooped” from MK Dons chose to join Blackpool on loan in January instead of moving to a club where his very best mate in the whole world ever is manager ? Two words describe Pardwho, “TER” “WATT” :(

  14. There’s only so much stuff to come out of a club on the daily basis that some want.
    Therefore some of it will be useful, some pointless, some a smokescreen to hide negotiations & the like.

    We need to make our minds up whether we want nowt, some, lots, but none of it will suffice for some, as they have their own thoughts/agendas & won’t like any part of any of it.

    Personally, i liked the CH approach of give nowt away, but that doesn’t go down well in some quarters.

  15. We did ask for more information out of the club…..So they hired a bloke who loves the sound of his own voice.
    So we really got what we wanted……

  16. The photo you used at the top, underneath you wrote foot, gas, etc. don’t you think it should be, face, slap etc.

  17. pardrew might be a yes man but didn’t we say the same bout CH now every one think CH is the best thing since sliced bread but remember the team that went to the fizzy pop all prem players micky moose would have got us up with them. so lay off pardrew untill afta summer to see if he is sh@”e might be a gob sh”@e but I belive the team are playing better for him. apart from everton game the team he puts out does do the toon justice imo

  18. jamming toon says:
    March 16, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    “CH is the best thing since sliced bread but remember the team that went to the fizzy pop all prem players micky moose would have got us up with them.”

    It’s far more complex than that, jamming toon. A huge chunk of that team was sold, and it had to be reconstructed with different, and cheaper players. Reconstructing a team in that way isn’t easy. And if mickey moose could do it, why couldn’t Gareth Southgate and Gordon Strachan do it with Middlesbrough? Where are they now? They had a team that was very similar to ours in terms of value etc when we both got relegated. They had the same advantages and the same problems. Now they are looking down at League One.

    The same was also true with a Premiership team called Charlton when they had a manager called erm, Alan Pardew. He took them from the Premiership all the way down to League One, from which they have yet to return.

  19. The humility ‘learned(?)’ from relegation is long forgotten, if it was, indeed, taken on board in the first place worky.

  20. for all the use pardew will be to this club in the long run,they should have just kept chris hughton where he was.

  21. another thing,if you were the owner of a football club,would you give a dickhead like pardew money to spend?i f**kin’ wouldn’t.

  22. Trojan 69, the owner of our club hired Pardew. He will give him money to spend. Your comment @30 makes no sense.

    Pardew talks to much, he needs to learn to treat the geordie public the right way, the way he blathers on he just makes a cretin of himself..

    But footballing wise, he’s done ok so far in my opinion, especially with him having so many fans against him for no other reason than being one of MA’s cronies.

  23. Munich,
    what is the right way mate?
    Nowt is too little(CH)
    Loads is too much (AP),
    somewhere in the middle?
    Whatever that is?

  24. I dont think being a cronie of MA is the only reason munich mag. He can be a bit flash and he doesn’t half talk some shite sometimes! I agree that the football hasn’t been too bad but it hasn’t been that great either.

  25. munichmag….Ahshely has hired and fired all the managers other than fat sam. every manager he has had he has given no money to him to spend… why on earth do you think he will give pardew any cash?? you have zero history to back you up on this, its actually the opposite. History dictates that ashely will make money in this summer window too… and i bet he does. both barton and enrique will be sold for an ‘undisclosed fee’ with crap brought in for less. bank on it.

  26. If Hughton had said exactly the same thing no one would have even mentioned it. If he didn’t give the press comments he would be slated for lack of communication. Personally i didn’t see anything wrong with what he said.

  27. proves the point then,doesn’t it munich mug,doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to hire the twat in the first place,let alone give him one red cent.
    there is no way i would give alan pardew any of money to build as side,after what he done at charlton and west ham to an extent.
    another serious blunder by the son of sam,it will come back and bite him ten fold.

  28. Trojan 69, carry on you rants mate…no problem. We’ll see what money will be spent later in the year. If no money is spent I’ll apologise to you directly on this blog.

    “Paultoon” or whoever…”I agree that the football hasn’t been too bad but it hasn’t been that great either.”… what do you expect mate, Barcelona and ole ole’s ??…? That statement about our football can be true of the majority of our managers over the last 3 years….hence my statement that the football hasn’t been too bad under Alan Pardew, who you all obviously do not like or are not willing to give a chance….are you all missing the messiah Chris Houghton by any chance.

    Trojan, Craig chisholm, paultoon, read my comment @31 in its context, you don’t need to make things up on the back of my obviously correct statement….

  29. Clint Flick @32…as I mentioned earlier, Pardew blathers too much, he should stick to only talking about football..He doesn’t need to bullshit us with whats going to be happening in the close season cos it’s all out of his hands, Ashley makes all the decisions.

    The chronicle seems to have a love affair with Pardew at the moment, they have articles and qoutes from him aaall ower the place…!..obviously no other sources available !

  30. The Chronicle love Pardoo ’cause he gives them good copy.

    A lot of what comes out of his mouth is stuff that should be kept behind closed doors. I prefer the style of Chris H’s like.

  31. MUNICH MUG,did you think it was a type o ? no munich mug is bang on,you are a proper toby jug.

  32. wow Trojan 69…you managed to string so many long words together in one sentence….well done indeed.