What are Ashley’s summer spending plans?

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Mike Ashley, Newcastle owner who will prove himself in the summer
Your move Mike
The debate goes on about what Newcastle United Owner Mike Ashley will spend in the summer, but we really won’t know until then. Bobby Moncur counters Keegan’s recent statement as ‘ill-advised’ and is – like me – in the ‘wait and see’ camp.

Kevin Keegan recently came out and said that Alan Pardew would see nowt of the £35m the club got for Andy Carroll and he may yet be right.

But other Newcastle ‘legends’, such as Bobby Moncur, have come down on the other side of the argument, guessing that Ashley might get his wallet out for more than a swift ‘all on red’ bet at the casino.

Just a tangent for a second (although one relevant to Newcastle for a change), but I walked into a bar earlier in the week. Hang on, that sounds like a joke: did I say ‘ouch’, meet a talking dog or a man with a large green head? No, actually, what I meant to say was I went to the pub on Monday for a meeting with my local village cricket club (rebels all, terrorists to a man) and met a new chap wanting to join the club who claimed to be a batsman and a Blackburn supporter.

Do you know what he said to me when we started talking football? He said that Newcastle will never win anything in terms of trophies in any time that could reasonably be called soon. Had I remembered to bring my Smith and Wesson I’d have shot him where he stood of course, but all I found where my shoulder holster should be was a packet of pork scratchings – and it’s hard to kill someone with a packet of them – so I simply asked him why. You know, he couldn’t say exactly why – he just said it won’t happen “because it’s Newcastle.”

This got me a bit uppity at first but then I thought he has a point and I became very sad for my club. Nothing much since 1969 and, to be honest, I’ll take any trophy we can get now, just to prove we can get one. Still, I made a mental note to bowl him some hideous bouncers when the cricket season gets under way. Not that I hold a grudge of course.

Anyway, I digress. Going back to the Keegan thing and the other side of the argument, Bobby Moncur, for example, said:

I really couldn’t see the logic in Keegan coming out and saying that Alan Pardew will not see any of the £35m Andy Carroll sale money when the time comes to bolster his squad.

In my opinion Kevin was ill-advised because, with the season going into the crucial final straight, it didn’t really help anybody.

Pardew has one of the toughest jobs in football to start with, and when an influential figure like Kevin comes out and says that people will sit up and take notice.

In truth, I don’t think anybody knows how much Newcastle will spend this summer.

But I know that as manager – like anybody at any club – Alan will have to batter Mike Ashley’s door down in order to get the funds he needs.

That’s been the same as long as I can remember and it’s one of the skills a manager must have in order to convince Mr Owner to get him to fund his transfer plans.

Alan isn’t stupid and he’ll know that, but I think he’s trying to do the right things since taking over as boss and nobody can blame him for wanting such a great job in management.

Three years ago I bumped into Mike Ashley at St James’ Park and his plan was pretty clear, although I don’t know how much things have changed since because his public statements have been few and far between.

Back then he told me that Newcastle wouldn’t be spending big money on any player over the age of 25.

I agree with that. It’s sensible and it avoids overpayment for over-rated players – and we all know that there have been a few of them in the past few years.

Well, yes and no in my opinion; that is, in terms of spending money on over 25’s. I agree that it’s a good principle to get in young players, preferably those spotted through good scouting that other clubs have missed, at a decent price and on a reasonable wage.

Nevertheless, I think they have to learn from someone and there also needs to be experienced (25 year old+) players at the club to lead the youngsters. If we have those already then that’s fine; if not, I have no objection to limited spend on an older player providing his benefits can be seen on the pitch as well as on the training ground.

It’s that balance thing again. No more £100k/week for a groin strain etc. I can strain my own groin for free.

As to whether or not Mike Ashley will spend any (or all) of the £35m he got for Carroll, I’ll do my usual thing and sit on the fence until after the summer because I simply can’t call it right now. I genuinely have no idea, but I do think that come August next year we’ll all have a better idea where our club’s going.

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60 Responses

  1. Well that’s the 35million pound question isn’t it. I think there will be reasonable spending in the region of 15-20 million. I doubt it’s going to be more than that. I also think it’s going to be a frstrating summer where all the deals are done late. Selling clubs habitually do that these days to hike up the price and get the best deal. Which leaves us fans bitting our fingernails hoping we’re not going to be screwed over.

  2. It appears all we’re going to do between now & the summer is speculate how on this £35m is or isnt going to get spent…

  3. Didn’t Ashley say there’d be no new capital outlay? Can’t even trust him to get that right.

    If there is to be a few new faces, the first had better be signed early and be a goody or there might be one of two grumblings from fans and whole lotta crap in the papers about a certain Spaniard.

  4. I will be happy with 4 signings that will improve the team! I don’t care on the value spent just the quality we gain

  5. Does the exact amount he will spend really matter? Of all the great players we have who are pushing hard for 6th only Jose is likely to leave. So with 10+ mill for him set aside to find his replacement, i think we will buy 3-4 good young players with the chance of being the new Tiote. I would be happy with an ok Jose replacement and 3-4 good additions to what we have, no doubt. Add to that that the entire EPL prices money, the tv money and the ticket season money will go a long way to pay off our loans. Im guessing thats at least 50 mill, but of course it cant all go to the loans, since player wages alone will eat half of that over the year, but still, 25 of our loans would be a great start when you add a squad improvement to that as well.

  6. Hahaha. You know the club is mid table when people are talking about loan repayments and financial matters. By the way is there any info out there about Ashley’s personal life? I’m not a stalker but curious to see what kind of person he is apart from sports goods and gambling.

  7. Joe… We gotta find pride in what we can, and we might not be in the very top, but at least we dont have a shaky future because of our economy… The way lierpool are going by things they will be in dire straits again within a few years.

  8. Would rather have a team of fit hungry players as a raft of big time charlies who are being bombed out.
    Think we missed out on Jamie O Hara who is pulling Wolves away from the bottom with his all action game and when you look at Wiliamson and Tiote, quality is out there to find.

  9. RichardJ1986 @ 4 & Valle @ 6

    Agree that it is not the amount that is spent but the quality of the player. There cannot be many, if any, fans that would disagree with, as good examples, the purchase of Tiote and Ben Arfa. I would go as far as to say that Williamson and Simpson have also been good buys. They certainly haven’t let the team down in this there first season in the top flight.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ireland is our first purchase. I would like to think that some of the money would go on giving Enrique a very lucrative long-term contract. However, if he goes then a good left back would be a top priority. I think a shopping trip to Chelsea for Sturridge and Van Arnhalt would be in order.

    I think they will spend on new players for the first team, new juniors of the academy and some pay rises elsewhere to existing players.

  10. Kamar… Agree with Simpson and Williamson, they might not set STJ alight like Tiote have, but we wouldnt be in our current position without them, and players like them neither.

  11. We need pace and quality,price doesn’t matter at all.

    our club will eventually be on a good footing,but to keep

    our best players and attract more hungry players that can

    make our first team better,we may have to send a message

    to all other clubs that we will pay for the right ones.

    Big money doesn’t buy quality,messi,ronaldo,shcoles,etc,

    t got

  12. we don’t need to spend much. Get a few decent players and spend some of the money on retaining Barton, Enrique etc. with Gosling, Ireland(maybe), Arfa we already have players that will make us better than this season.

    I quite enjoy Newcastle being prudent instead of being constantly dissapointed with big money flops..

  13. Can’t wait for everton match missed bolton and blackburn
    through work{heating engineer}.Love our club lets overtake
    scum and make this a season to remember for the right reasons.Me and my lad in strawberry ont cider

  14. well first of all, we haven’t got £35mill to spend, we got £30mill up front, and I would have though a part of that will be put aside for wages on Tiote’s, Jose’s and Barton’s new contracts.

    I reckon £15-£25mill will be about right for how much we will spend. Plus I think Jose will be off, so that’s another £12-£15mill there. But I think Barton was massively short sighted when he said if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Tell that to Williamson, Tiote, even other team’s players like Tim Cahill, the list can go on.

    Just because it’s a recent rule of thumb that you need to spend big to get the better players, doesn’t make it any less of a sweeping generalisation.

    I think most would agree, we don’t want big time charlies, we’ve saw how far we’ve come with a great team spirit and work ethic and wouldn’t want that disrupted. We don’t need to spend big, just wisely. But the club seem to be on top of things, Pardew’s already had people, and himself, at games all over Europe so i’m looking forward to seeing what we do during the summer.

    However, this isn’t saying we’re going to just be throwing the cash all over. Other teams know we have money and will try and take the piss. I suspect we’ll see a whole lot of links, but then a whole lot of nothing coming from the deals as teams will over value their player.

    We’ll probably end up signing 10 players we’ve never heard of :D

  15. I think we will spend nothing at all. Our first business will be Enrique leaving and then Barton leving too. After those two have gone we will bring in someone with the money from Jose and a free agent who will obvously get less pay than Joey was on. I would be happy with signing zero at all, no-one and just keeping what we have but there is zero chance of that at all.

    KAMAR…….. i agree on the top quality of van arrnholt nad sturridge but we will not bring in these young players, not a chance in hell. They are way expensive and ashley will simply not spend the cash. Good names though. We have a left back that already fit ashleys blueprint.. jose… we need to try keep him ffs! And at 28.. barton is hardly old is he! we have gosling and arfa for next season so there are two players there for a start.

  16. i love mike…. tiotes new deal is 50k a week isnt it … he came on 6k a week to start so that is a fair pay hike. He would have gone otherwise of course.

  17. Lets just wait and see who we get, never heard of Tiote before we got him.Its hard to wait for next match never mind
    summer transfer activity,but agree with Craig Chisholm would
    be over the moon if we kept Barton,Jose,and rest of squad.
    If we hadn’t sold A/C what would have been transfer plans for this summer? what money for contracts,signings? O and by the way Jose I get behind you every week what price loyalty ??????? WHEN YOU WERE CRAP WE WE THERE FOR YOU

  18. Craig….your repeated comments about Jose n Barton “confirmed” leaving and NO ONE coming in is getting tiresome lad. Someone might mistake you for a sour KK.

  19. Pardew said himself that his no1 priority is keeping players here before signing anyone else. Barton and Jose new contracts, 4 new players of high quality and a few younguns in. This would be a successful summer in my opinion.

    Don’t forget freebies, you know how much we love a good deal.

  20. Craig can I ask you a question? You going to be man enough to admit you were wrong after the summer if we spend a bit of money?

  21. joe…where have i said confirmed joe?? its basic common sense that when a player refuses to even discuss a deal (even to put it in place na sign once safe) and then says ‘newcasstle are ok but i aspire to more’ and, ‘i want to play champions league’ and so on.. that he aint signing. BArton i have said many times may well sigh.. that one is on a knike edge. Jose though, naaaa, he is off.
    And also… i aint realy bothered if you liek my comments or not tbh. Its a blog man, it woudl be a pretty crap one too if we were all like stepford wives agreeing on everything. i get jsut as tired of the pro ashley lot but hey, thats life and its called democracy so do me a favour joe and you keep posting your views and i will post mine. History dictates that Ashley will not spend any money as such. The man has even said there will be no captial outlay … thats another can of worms!

  22. i love mike…. YES mate.. 100% i will come on here and say well done if we spend any. woudl you like a wager mike??

  23. A wager, no, it’s just you would just come across as less of a bell end if you did, thats’s all ;D

  24. My dad lives in Spain A/C {cant bring my self to write his name}was brought to the attention of REAL MADRID and BARCELONA and in the Spanish press often and touted as future signing for the big 2. £35m is a lot of dosh just hope crappool haven’t got a bargain

  25. i love mike….put it this way mike…. if you had a mate that once borrowed a tenner and he gave it back and said thanks etc… then the next six times he borrowed a tenner he never gave it back and dint give a sh!t. The next time it came to him asking for that tenner..would you expect him to ever give it back???
    If the answer is No you would not expect to ever see it again cos he is full of crap then you are on my wavelength. If on the other hand you still think that he is good egg and will give you that tenner back then you are er…. not on my wavelegth.

    That mate is ashley of course… out of seven windows he has only spent money in the first one.. making money in the next six. Its good to have faith though Mike, i admire you for it. PErhaps i am just a bit more realitic or even synical when it comes to our bullshi!!ing owner.

  26. But Craig…are u implying that our transfers during the last 6 windows have been bad ones? Did you expect more players in or more spent? I think we are now in a good position since we got relegated which was totally Ashley’s fault. Since then though….. well what would you have done different?

    I’m not trying to wind u up Craig..jsut trying to see where you’re coming from. For me i feel the road to where we are now was full of if’s n but’s by us the fans as it did not live up to our expectations. But the place where we are right now is pretty good i think.

  27. Well it wont be the £35m that the Scousers paid for AC as thats already been “banked”. Any spending will come out of the Sky TV/BPL share out which, depending on our final league position, could be as much as £50m bearing in mind we are in the first year of the new TV deal.


    What we need is a RW/RMF, 2 Quality Forwards and a replacement LB as a minimum. What we’ll get is probably nothing like that.

  28. no joe i am not implying that they have been bad at all. i am glad most of the dross is gone. just need to off-load a few more and we are there. I often get into the big debate of is ashley skimming money or isnt he. its a pointless debate as everyone has a view and everyone thinks their view is the gospel on it. So i am only therefore stickingto what we can see as that is tangible and normally we can look to the past to show the future. I do not say that it is bad ashely will not spend any money as i dont really care if he does or he does not in all honesty. I am merely saying that he wont as his past histroy dictates he is a seller not a buyer. he just will not splash any cash. If he does it will be weighed against a player sold.. for instance i think jose is a gonner, really i do. The money we get for him , ashley will buy a player who is cheaper and put him on less money. Am i sayign this is right or wrong – nope. I am just saying its what he is going to do. I would be thrilled to just keep who we have and get barton, nolan and jose signed up again. Cos we have great players coming back that will be liek new signings – gosling is great player, arfa i think will be like emre, we have vukic i want to see in team.

  29. craig chisholm says:
    March 3, 2011 at 10:09 am

    there you go again, making it a personal with your violin fuelled metaphors. I’ll say it again, NUFC finances and Mike Ashley are two totally different things.

    operating losses of 04/05 -£9mill 05/06 -£11, 06/07 -£24mill, 07/08 -£25mill

    Is it not common sense for a club/business which is losing so much money and was then relegated, having its revenue halved, to cut costs?

    We’re now in the process of financial self sufficiency and breaking even every month, we don’t have to look to Ashley anymore for loans, Pardew said it himself when Tiote singed his new contact the other week. The past isn’t much to go on as we haven’t spend money because we haven’t been in the situation financially to do so, now, we are.

    The finances are made public for everyone to see, if you wish to ignore them and carry on with your simplistic logic, go ahead, but you look a bit daft.

  30. Craig… Come on mate, where will that attitude get you? We spend a bit last year didnt we?

  31. I wonder how many people would actually be happy with us spending loads on players such as Owen, Luque, Smith, Geremi, Boumsong just to take some of the recent ones. Those guys were 43 million quid and at least 300k a week. Now thats spending for you… Is that what you actually want then?

  32. valle… you clearly didnt read what i said mate as i am not even bothered or asking or wantign to spend money. i just want to keep what we have … that would be micicle in itself.

    Oh and on t5he other subject mate… no we spent no money last year… we MADE 24 million from player sales in 09/10 nad so far we have made 24.75 million in 10/11.

    Thats not the issue at all. I just am saying i dont think we will spend any money based on Ahleys time in charge. Right or wrong… i dont care. i tihnk we have enough if we can hang onto what we have now. really i do.

  33. i love mike…. you can call that an ioperating loss if you wish.. or you could call it player purchases?? Ifyou buy your home this year have you made an operating loss of 200 grand this year Mike?

    for instance in 05/06 we had loss as you say of 11 million but that year we spent 18.8 million on players. So there is why you have your loss otherwise it would have been a profit if we had bought no one. And that is not a loss as there is value in the player himself. It is outlay for sure but not a loss.

    Like i said Mike…. if you earn 30 grand this year but owe 200 grand are you operating at a loss?

    And just like Valle you seem to read but not see.. in relation to my comments. I DONT RANT FOR INVESTMENT. i dont care about it at all Mike. I am merely saying that NUFC/Ashely (splitting hairs) will not spend any money as he never does. Its not a gripe or bitch, its just a plain fact. He doesnt do money on players. Thats all i am saying.
    If fat freddie had also not ever bought any players he would also have shown profit, its pretty simple from what i can see.

  34. Craig
    “we MADE 24 million from player sales in 09/10”

    With a wage bill that swallowed up 70% of a £80million turnover in the season, making money from selling players was an obvious and necessary thing to do after having our revenue cut in half after relegation, and still, we needed to loan £20mill in Jan 10 from Ashley just to cover operating costs. But again, ignore the facts eh if they clash with your simple argument.

  35. player sales mike SALES ffs ….ah you beleive that 2o million baloney hahahah!1 why …cos mike says so??

    not on about profit or loss….when will you grasp what i am saying if ever?????? i am only saying he wont spend money on players cos he never does. he MAKES money on player sales. That money may well go towards offsetting losses elsewhere-I DONT CARE FFS! hahahah.
    I am only banging on about one thing only and am NOT disputing what you say. I am saying he makes money on player sales.. he dont outlay money on player sales. I am not saying he makes money out of NUFC at all. Do you follow me yeet Mike.. please say yes you do haha

  36. aye exactly, we needed to make money on player sales as we needed to save money as a whole. Not hard to understand.

    Yeah I follow you, though the figures are disputed, there is no disputing the club has made a load of money on player sales since he’s taken over, what i’m saying is it’s not about going in and out of Ashley’s pocket, this doesn’t exist, look at the bigger picture, it needed to be done.

    We’ve not spent money in the past as we’ve not been in the position financially to do so, we are now. This is the reason i’m optimistic for this summer. If nowt happens, well my opinion will soon change.

  37. If you want a picture based on facts you have to base them on statements made by the man!

    He has stated more than once that the club will be put on an even financial footing.

    This means they have a base level cost to run the club, players wages, logistics etc.
    So if we finsh high in the league, put lots of bums on seats, buy lots from the club shop there is likely to be enough money coming in to keep our current crop and maybe add to them.

    If however we do make the base level then assets(players) will be sold to make up the shortfall.

    I think you will find this is the club strategy.

  38. Craig – some straightforward questions………

    You clearly expect Ashley to spend money but where will it come from?

    His own pocket and if so, why should he?

    Sanction spend by the club bearing in mind that the club is a limited company and NOT Mike Ashley?

    If the club can spend without worsening its financial strenghth by incurring more debt, what would you expect to happen?

    If the club can’t spend because it would worsen its financial strenghth by incurring more debt, what would you expect to happen?

  39. Craig @37 and he [Ashley] makes money on player sales.

    The club is a limited company which NOT Mike Ashley but is indebted to him!

  40. Craig… I am reading what you wrote mate, in fact i am looking at post 17 right now and i am strugling to see why you would suggest that i misunderstood?. What i gather from your posts are that you dont believe we will spend any Carroll money, the only money we will spend will be those we get from the sale of Jose and Joye for a replacement and a free transfer… I get that with expectations like that, you wont get disapointed, but dont you think you are doom mongering here?

  41. “Yeah I follow you, though the figures are disputed, there is no disputing the club has made a load of money on player sales since he’s taken over, what i’m saying is it’s not about going in and out of Ashley’s pocket”

    To help out in Craig’s defence, in a way this money is going into Fatman’s pocket as he has stated that he wants the £110m loan repaid on his terms and timescale i.e. when the club can afford it. So guess what ? The club made a massive profit in the first six months of this financial year (2010-11) so where’s that profit going ?

    This makes interesting reading though it has been aired on this site before.


  42. lesh says:
    March 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm
    Craig – some straightforward questions………

    You clearly expect Ashley to spend money but where will it come from?

    His own pocket and if so, why should he?

    Pretty simple answers really;

    We have just recieved a huge windfall from selling Carroll – Would it be a fair assumption to think it would come from that? Also we’ll recieve a nice little lot from Mr Murdoch too, say about £40m? Mmmm… Wonder where it could come from?

    On your other point about him spending his own money – He won’t need to as I’ve explained above, but why shouldn’t he? He did buy the football club and due to that it’s his responsibility to improve it. You don’t buy a football club to ignore it…

  43. Ashley’s backed himself into a corner now and something big is going to happen in the summer,he may have bought himself some time with people wondering what he’s going to do with that money but come the end of the season,every Newcastle supporter on the planet will have their eyes on that 35m and what he does with it,he has only 2 options,spend all the money on transfers,or feel the fury of the backlash of the fans,personally if he doesn’t spend the money i can see him selling up and doing one with the profits,there is no way he can stay at our club if he doesn’t spend,that would be the final straw and he knows it.

  44. I am giving Mike his final chance of gaining my trust (well, but he doesn’t really care about my opinions, does he? :)).

    I think he will spend. MA has got quite a fortune from the AC sale, and no one would trust him again if he hesitated to spend even on current circumstances.

  45. agree with a few others that we don’t necessarily need to spend the entire 35M. think a part of that money has already been used to secure tiote and would like to see another chunk to lock down joey and jose.
    i’d be happy just getting in a few quality players to compliment and improve what we already have. i don’t want to see 35M spent just because we have it. been there, done that.

  46. valle at 46…. the website is great but as with anything you can twist it in any multitude of angles you want in order to make your own point. Try this out for example mate:

    In the ten years before ashley bought newcastle (when tv money was pap, when sponsorship was pap, when season tickets were chesper etc etc) we spent out of pocket 95 million quid on players PLUS over 40 million on st james upgrade. BUT for 135 million outgoing in ten ten years we were only 100 million in debt so we were therefore profitable. The debt shown in them years was not cos the club was running at loss as such.. it was largly on player sales made. If no players had been bought we would have been in profit. Alan shearer most expensive in world etc. The debt was made but we had players to offset it. From 97 to to date we have not spent any money on players, everyone now agrees that one single point. NUFC has re-couped near on 50 million on players. So in actual reality ashley is out of pocket for what exactly now? the stadium cost which was not bad debt and was for the great of the club.
    I dont think anyones single point is 100% accurate and just cos someone thinks his way is the right way dont mean to say that it is, that goes for us on here and also ashleys financial model too. It seems to me that he wants instant returns on his club and is going hell for leather to scape back losses and get back his outlay he made in the begining. Not a bad plan i guess but to have done it so ruthlessly to the point of sending us tumbling down to to the CCC within a season of having us after 16 years top flight i have to question his hard hand approach. He also seems to be penny wise and pound foolish in so many ways. We went down to CCC and went 35 million out of pocket for it too and have spent over 15 million on sacked managers and their staff pay offs so far. That is 50 million WASTED quid lads.

  47. Craig… I know it can be twisted mate, that was also my point to andy who used that site to start with. I really dont care what moeny we use, all i care for are results and they seem to be going our way fairly often and long may it continue.

  48. valle says:

    “Andy… Yah thats an interesting link indeed, now lets make it a bit more interesting and combine that great profittable with one that includes the years of over spending and we will end up with a table like this”


    I’m pretty sure Fatman hasnt been around that long ??? His long reign of ineptitude didnt start until 2007 which is why I only showed the most recent snapshot from TLT.

  49. Doug says:
    March 3, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    “If you want a picture based on facts you have to base them on statements made by the man!”

    Doug, what if the man making the statements, and his Managing Director, are both congenital liars?

  50. workyticket says:

    “Doug, what if the man making the statements, and his Managing Director, are both CONGENITAL liars?”

    Thats enough filth for one night thank you Mr Ticket :)

  51. :lol:

    Andy, You were nagging me for ages about the singing section thing. I did a big blog and a poll about it, and there wasn’t one comment out of ye! What happened?

  52. Andy… You misunderstood me mate… My point was that after MA took over our transfer windows have shown large profits, but if you take the years of fat fred and ADD them to the years of profits under MA, you will see that we move up to 8th biggest spender, and in the process go from net gain 9 mill to net spend 5 mill. Go figure how the table would look from 92-2006? Im pretty sure we would be in the high end of the spending table with a big sum in the red.

  53. That table tells all sorts of stories.
    It proves we’ve historically been one of the top spenders, but also that recently we’ve got decent money for sold players, evening things up.
    Arsenal’s amazing 1.8m p/a is…well…AMAZING!

  54. Clint… Indeed mate, arsenal for all their lack of trophies in recent years, for all the whining and cheating are to be admired for the way they go about their business. Building a title chalenge team out of a profit business.

  55. workyticket says:

    “Andy, You were nagging me for ages about the singing section thing. I did a big blog and a poll about it, and there wasn’t one comment out of ye! What happened?”

    Soz WT all I can say, in my defence, is that half term came around and I had to be with my boy !

    However I have been talking to NUST about their current petition and will try to sort out a “generic” version which can be signed by all NUFC brethren even those tossers on this board who like nothing better than to lick the Fatman’s proverbial :)

    Maybe CF could tell me what it tastes like ????