Will the Sun shine on Sol?

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Sol: Seasoned pro? Or past it?
Sol: Seasoned pro? Or past it?
There have been a few words out there in the press about the possiblity of Sol Campbell ‘coming in from the cold’ and getting a game at Stoke City.

I didn’t realize he was ‘in the cold’, but we all know how the press like to paint these things. He hasn’t played since our great 3-1 win v Liverpool earlier in the season.

To me, he’s a well seasoned pro with a great reading of the game. He also barks orders really well and organizes things at the back. With him, Joey Barton, Kevin Nolan, Fabricio Coloccini and Steve Harper on playing at the same time, it’s like having five captains on the pitch.

Some say he’s beyond his prime now, but I reckon he still does an excellent job, when called upon. After the last game v Everton i think it’s time to bring his experience to bear on proceedings. We looked messy at the back with Steven Taylor asked to do a RB job. He seemed drawn into the CB role all too often and we were exposed down out right by an in-form Arteta, who found plenty of space in which to maraud. I’m not saying Taylor is a bad player, he just looked out of place in that game. Plenty of us have asked for Taylor at RB for some time but it didn’t work out that time.

Can Taylor play there? Who knows? But if he does, he has to stay out right and focus.

Maybe he was trying too hard?

The thing with Sol is, he won’t be phased in any way, he’ll just get on with the job, while doing his utmost to organise the back four. Also, he has good height which will be invaluable against abig tall, set piece heavy Stoke team. We all know where their strengths lie, what with hoofs up top and super-long throw-ins causing consternation in defences.

They’ll be well up for it with a big crowd roaring them on at home. A bit of revenge is required after they turned us over at SJP, with us going down to a OG from a corner.

Sol knows how to stick a foot in, jump into big lads and make last ditch tackles.

So will Sol be a welcome addition to the bombardment to come?

Howay the Lads!


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33 Responses

  1. Too slow; can’t make up ground to get back in to position quick enough for my liking. Used to be an outstanding pro in his younger days but I think nowadays he’s best served coaching our defenders behind the scenes than being on the pitch. That said, playing Simmo and Tayls out of position should never be tried again…

  2. Not sure its working too well WT. I chose “Past it” and then “Vote” and a box appeared telling me to choose a valid option ?

    Maybe its the same as Homer’s voting options when he tries to vote for Obama and the system tells him “Congratulations you voted for McCain” :)

  3. AndyMac says:
    March 15, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    “Not sure its working too well WT. I chose “Past it” and then “Vote” and a box appeared telling me to choose a valid option ?”

    Did you try it again, Andy? I gave it a go over here and it seems to be working fine.

  4. “Did you try it again, Andy? I gave it a go over here and it seems to be working fine”

    Yeah I voted for McCain :)

  5. Wouldnt mind Sol coming on last half hour to deal with the long ball onslaught.

    On a complete tangent, having read toonsy’s blog and peoples comments, i feel we have way to high expectations of our youngsters. We need to realise that not every player is going to shine in his teenage years, I feel people are already getting on Nile’s back, and a few on the other blog are saying that Vuckic probably wont be good enough as he isnt featuring, he’s 18 for gods sake!

    Basically I think different players have different maturing ages, just over a year ago Carroll had like 3 goals in the first half of the champ season, now he is sometimes unplayable. Nani is now 24 and only this year has he shown his potential.

    We just need to take a step back and let them gain experience, Ranger has done some class things this year (rinsing Dawson for starters), just cos he isnt spectacular now doesnt mean he wont be, same for all the youth team

  6. Good post Clint. What worries me re Sol is sheer age: anything beyond 30 and I was knackered after 90 mins football!

    I guess he can fill a gap with a level head.

  7. Worky, with your bad album covers thing, I don’t suppose you have any contacts re obscure 1970’s posters of Kate Bush?

    That’s probably the oddest question you’ll get all night!

  8. Hugh. I’ve got 5 gallons of ex Swans battleship grey – that should do the job on the Kate Bush posters. It did the job on me Jedwards!

  9. was a good player in his time,but like a few other of signings this season,for one reason or another,have been neither use nor ornament to us.
    some fans think the recruitment has been good?,sol only came here for barrat’s in house p***y,and to put his feet up.

  10. I can explain Lesh, my mate was a Kate Bush fanatic and there was a poster I poked in the eye when I arrived at his house as at 14 year old.

    We’ve been trying to fine it since 1979.

  11. Hugh de Payen says:
    March 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    “Worky, with your bad album covers thing, I don’t suppose you have any contacts re obscure 1970′s posters of Kate Bush?”

    I used to fancy a bit of Kate’s Bush too when I was a teenager, especially when she had those leotards on and you got to see a bit of “Camel’s toe”.

    Which poster was it, Hugh?

  12. Hugh de Payen says:
    March 15, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    “If I could provide link it would help but if I could do that I could find the poster!. She was cross-legged in blue.”

    I do remember a famous one of her cross legged. Was it a popular one that alot of people had, Hugh?

  13. What happened re Kate Bush was my mate had this poster and I used to childishly poke her in the eye with my finger every time I went in his room to expreass my Kate v Debs distates.

    He got married and lost it and it has kind of been and adventure of ours to find it again.

    I’ve googled high and low but never seen it.

    Must be 1978(ish) and she was in a blue dress sat cross-legged. Not though on any Kate Bush calendar you’ll see now.

  14. Sol’s height could be invaluable v stoke & i don’t think speed will be that required in this game. Stoke aren’t noted for their pacey wingers or owt, are they?

  15. Hugh,
    it’s gonna be another tough game.
    They are a big, bolshy bunch, that’s why i think Sol should play, he does get pushed about very often, whereas Colo & Willo have been know to, occasionally.
    I just think he’d toughen up the back 4 a bit for this match.
    He’s a occasional player, not unlike an occasional table.

  16. OMG,
    what a bunch of mistakes @ 22, i think you get me though.
    At least i hope so.

  17. We could really do with scraping out a valuable win in this one.
    A war of attrition it will be, need to be careful around the box & all hoofs out of play have to be outside of ‘you know who’s’ throw in range.
    They’re an odd team to play against, that’s for sure.
    They do get a decent support going at their yard too.