3PM Saturday home win shock!

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Lovenkrands after tucking away the third goal.
Lovenkrands after tucking away the third goal.
The sun shone and Newcastle made hay at SJP on Saturday!

The Magpies got off to a decent start. As early as the 4th minute when Joey Barton was hacked down around midfield, he picked himself up and from the resultant free kick, curled in an excellent ball to be met by a diving Mike Williamson, with the Wolves ‘keeper just managing to turn it around the post.

It was all Newcastle for the first few minutes, but they were unable to prize a clear opening.

It seemed that we’d got the same ref as last time, with Mike Dean being sucked into Wolves typical tactics like a wet noodle. Whenever a Toon player got close they went to ground, whenever Newcastle had the ball they were chopped down. The refs falling for their ‘gamemanship’ gave me an ominous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

But it was soon dispelled slightly, when on 22 minutes a diagonal ball from our own half was excellently cushion headed into Kevin Nolan’s path by Shola Ameobi. Nolan still had plenty to do, but he did it with aplomb. Deftly and precisely nutmeging the out rushing ‘keeper with the cool head of experience. The captain notched one up for the 12th time this season from midfield and thus becoming Newcastle’s outright top scorer.

Wolves didn’t have much going forward or defensively in this first half, but they did manage an attempt that Harper had to pounce on to, virtually on his goal-line.

Just when it looked as though a pretty comfortable 1-0 scoreline at half time was secured, the lads broke up the pitch with a minute or so of regulation time left. Jonas, who was having a good game, fed Peter Lovenkrands, who put a great first time left foot cross in, right on to Shola’s bemasked head. Even though the Wolves ‘keeper got his hand on it, it wasn’t enough to stop Ameobi making it 2-0 with only overtime to play.

Newcastle flew out of the blocks in the second half and really should’ve been 3 up in a minute or less from kick off. First Ameobi wriggled free in the box and picked out Barton, who contrived to miss when it looked easier to score, though credit has to go to Hennessy in goal for Wolves after making a double save, first with foot, then hand. Almost immediately after that, Lovenkrands took the ball round the ‘keeper only for the angle to be tight enough for him to clip the post with his eventual shot.

Was this going to come back and haunt us?

Not today!

A great bit of skill, tenacity and a deft touch from Coloccini slid Barton in, who took it right, he provided a great cross for Lovenkrands, who only had to supply a decent finish from the centre of the box –3-0.

It was now time for the ref to inexplicably attempt to play Wolves back into the game. Giving soft free kicks and yellow cards to Toon players. Although Nolan’s yellow was probably ‘one for the team’ when he tangled with a free running gold shirt bombing towards our goal, down the right. That comes with a 2 game suspension for the Captain for 10 yellows. Add him to the list.

You could sense the injustice in the team and Wolves capitalised on it with a well taken goal through Ebanks-Blake from about 12 yards. Slotting home with a good side footed shot, our defence guilty by-standers. Then, from another soft free kick, O’Hara floated a great ball in, only for the free header to clip the bottom of our post.

Perch came on for Ferguson and stopped Ebanks-Blake in our box with a great and timely tackle, and he was harshly yellowed. He also headed clear from his own line. That singnalled a bit of relief and Newcastle started to command the possession again. The clock was starting to run down and as Wolves became more desperate the Toon brought on Ranger who gave us an outlet.

As the game edged towards full time, Steven Taylor fed Jonas who carried the ball to the edge of their area and curled the perfect shot into the bottom right corner. That put the gloss on what was a good solid performance and just under fifty thousand Geordies wandered down the pub in the late afternoon sun.

All in all a great 3 points that were fully deserved.

The goals helped put us back in the black on the goals differencial, clawing back some of what we gave up in the last game.

There were some great individual performances too, Barton, Jonas, Colo, Shola, in fact it’s hard and would be churlish, to single anyone out for criticism. A game where some of the lads who’ve had stick this season: Lovenkrands, Perch etc. all pulled their weight and under the massive pressure of this match acquitted themselves unreservedly.

Their was a tangeble sense of relief emanating from the crowd as Jonas celebrated and who would argue that another 3 points should secure another season in the Premier League?


Howay the Lads!

* There was a huge cock-up on the match report front, with both Clint and I doing one at the same time, so here’s Clint’s account of the game as an excellent, alternative viewpoint to my own report of the game. – Workyticket.

Match highlights and post match interviews.

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39 Responses

  1. I think if we finish in our current position it is a job well done.
    Look at all the teams above us and I think you can see what I mean.

  2. Got to swallow some humble being a fickle toony thought we would lose or draw the match v wolves so, big result, as i thought wolves had more fight aboot dem , but nice to be wrong.
    But next four matches look a bit scary , cant see us getting more than 1 – 3 points from next 12 points …

  3. Doug,
    good point mate.
    when you think about the points we could’ve had, with a bit more poise, at least 10-12.
    We’d be rocking right now.
    But, all things considered, we’re about right, inconsistency is about right for a newly promoted club.
    Even so, we so shoulda had a few more points.

    TBF to the lads though,
    liverpoo (took our top scorer) still only 6 points clear, everton, had we beat ’em at home etc., bolton have had a mega season, 1 point clear.


  4. A MASSIVE well done to Shane ‘Arnie’ Ferguson on his Prem, home debut start.
    Good lad!

    Keep it up kidda!


  5. From the reports i’ve read, everyone seems to think that Simpson hit the ball to Shola for the first goal, when it was in fact Williamson.
    It seems that cos it came from our right they’ve assumed it was Simpson.

    Whey there y’gan


  6. I forgot to ask who people thought motm was.

    Barton for me.
    Though everyone did well & there were a few candidates in Colo, Jonas, Ameobi.
    Nolan for getting off his sick bed, Ferguson for his debut etc.

  7. and the unwashed got beat 5-0 what a good weekend. love to see the dirty one in a dog fight at end off season

  8. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a defeat. Especially as we seemed low on quality this week. A good effort 4 goals from 4 different players. We will need more of that in the next few weeks. We cant rely on just our hot then cold forwards. They have to be hot for the next 2 games at least villa then the Mancs. Or this is just a fluke result. With some luck we may have a few backl from the deaths door to provide options.

  9. 6 games ago i suggested that we were heading into 7 very winnable games. So out of the last 6 we’ve garnered 8 points, a few more woulda been nice but we’ve maintained a ‘more than 1 point a game’ ratio. The next game v villa is the final game of the 7. If we can get a win next week v villa we should be ‘good to go’ for the season.
    1 point takes us to 40 points.

    Nice to see that the team has fought hard, mostly, to keep their prem status. The stoke & everton games being the notable loses.

    Howay the Lads!

  10. For me, the motm was Jonas, but just edged out others. I like his display and helping hands (foots?) in the mid of the park as it was very much needed due to the absence of Tiote.

    Barton was good in passing the ball, but perhaps I am having a soft spot for Jonas cos he is constantly criticised by some for “can’t cross” & “lacking the final ball”.

    Crossings are not deployed that much in Spanish football, never mind Argentinaian. My point is, I think he certainly can cross the ball but it’s not in his mentality and I am happy that it is not.

    On lacking the final ball, he got most asists in la liga before joining us. I am sure he can do better without some defensive responsibilities, but would it be good to us? I don’t think so. Jonas is a top team player and I think we should give him more applauses. He deserves it.

  11. Widowmaker,
    that seems a fair assessment mate.
    He was just behind Barton for me, but it was very close.

    But a good team performance all round with no obvious carrying of any player.

    Great response to that stoke debacle.

  12. Worky… each and every club has and gets the support it deserves!

    And, given the attention they gave to Barton earlier this season, then maybe it’s been a case of Wolves geeting back what they deserved!

  13. worky,
    i’ve got nowt against wolves, per se.

    But i throughly disliked the treatment meted out to Barton last time.
    The ref was also culpable mind.

    Plus, i thought they were very keen to suck us into a very physical game, as it would suit their purposes well.

    The no. of yellows was also not warranted, so again the ref was suckered once again. They fell down easy for big lads.
    Like the way when their defender barged into the back of Lovenkrands in their box & stayed down, for effect.
    Shoulda been a pen.
    That said, i’d love wolves to stay up & send av down after their rubbish behaviour when we went down.
    It’s also good to see mccarthy doing an alright job with them since s’land give him the push.


  14. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    “It’s also good to see mccarthy doing an alright job with them since s’land give him the push.”

    But I’m pretty sure that it is McCarthy who giving the orders for Wolves to play in the manner which has inspired your literary ire, including instucting Henry to rough up Barton up a bit and see what comes out in the wash in the last game. We’re no angels either.

  15. Aye i know mate,
    there’s the irony.

    Still think quite a few of our cards have been unwarranted too this season.
    Nolan, Barton, Tiote, Perch have all had way more soft cards than most prem players.

    The ref was handing them out like mother’s day cards the other day.

  16. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 4, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    “The ref was handing them out like mother’s day cards the other day.”

    Most people only have one mother though, Clint, and I spotted a few more yellow cards than that!

  17. i think Jonas must have seen me coming out the bookies with my 4-1 win slip – so in the final secs he say “go on Milner, have 33 quid, and get lashed on me!”

    Jonas – if your reading, I LOVE U.

  18. milner,

    nice bet mate.


    Get ya’ dosh out & get down the bookies for the next game then.


  19. Cheers clint, a rare win for me, and i’ll offer up a prediction, cos i’m feeling lucky:

    3-2 NEWCASTLE WIN, LAST GOAL COLO – i’ll look up the odds now…

    Positive thinking,Positive thinking,Positive thinking,Positive thinking,Positive thinking,Positive thinking,Positive thinking…

  20. milner,

    It’s always nice when that happens mate.
    Hope it’s not to rare like, but judging by the nerve of y’going for a 4-1 win.
    It’s like trying to predict rain drops down a window with Newcastle though.


  21. wowee lets have an open top bus parade the fat deluded are staying up. your shite and deluded and your women are dogs i hope ashley runs you fat filth into the ground how the hell some of you get thru the turnstiles is beyond me you lot are very unhealthy and scruffy and as for your hero may poppins hes a boring tosser

  22. Well,
    i guess May is another name for Mary, but other than that, EH?

    I smell sour grapes & possibly a few tears.

    You’re in the wrong place sonna.

  23. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 4, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    “I smell sour grapes & possibly a few tears.”

    I smell batty in WUM mode, Clint. :-)

  24. i see routledge is looking goal happy 2 goals he scored for qpr.with the clause in the contract loan if qpr go up (which they will) then he will be a qpr player next season

  25. Nice match report Worky….nice to see that a good result on the weekend perks everyone’s week up haha. Good result by the lads. The scoreline makes it look easy but i don’t think it was. The lads took their chances and we had a bit of luck here n there.

    By the way…is Hugh De Payen still on the blog reading or has he left completely?

  26. Dammit. Columbus? That’s 1000+ miles from me. Well, probably best the lads don’t come to colorado. The thin, dry air and summer heat would be a noxious combination in July.

  27. Tripp says:
    April 5, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    “Dammit. Columbus? That’s 1000+ miles from me.”

    Aye, it’s a big place ower there like, Tripp!

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    April 5, 2011 at 1:55 pm (Edit)

    batty slagging Shearer?
    Doubt it like.”

    As I wrote, I wasn’t sure it was batty, Clint, and I’ll take his word for it, but he’ll write anything in the name of mischief.

    Just wanted to flush him out as well to check he was still here, and it worked. ;-)

  28. Joe says:
    April 5, 2011 at 3:06 am

    “By the way…is Hugh De Payen still on the blog reading or has he left completely?”

    He hasn’t been very well recently, Joe.