Aston Villa v Newcastle United match highlight and post match interview videos.

Posted on April 10th, 2011 | 12 Comments |

Match highlights, such as they are. I will try to update with some longer ones when they become available.

Alan Pardew blames injuries, suspensions and Ashley Young for Newcastle’s defeat.

Aston Villa manager, Gerard Houllier, seems well pleased with what he described as a “massive win” for his under pressure Aston Villa side.

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12 Responses

  1. He can blame injuries all he wants but ultimately today Villa were poor, we didn’t have to do a huge amount if we wanted to beat them, but today our key players that were out there didn’t perform (barton in particular)

    We had very minimal threat up front and there was no threat from the midfield at all


  2. Yet another ‘stinker’ from Saylor.
    Ranger showed why he doesn’t get a start, needs to learn to look up as PL coulda scored at least 2 if he had’ve.

  3. Who thinks this story about Enrique is true? I would not find it hard to believe that we would let him go to Spain or Italy for a decent fee; I suppose I might just believe that we could sell him to Liverpool for 15 million IF he’s determined to leave – but some sources saying the fee will be 8.5 million – which would be an absolute PR disaster for MA, DL, Pardew etc, Compare that to some of the fees paid out recently for players and it’s ridiculous.

  4. Beaten by a very poor Villa side who looked there for the taking from the off. A weak display from a group of players and a manager who look like they have one foot on their holiday.
    If we play like that next Tuesday against Man Utd I fear a mauling.

  5. Magpie6699,
    the press WANT it to be true, whether it is or not is another matter like.

    Sign him up & hit ’em with a massive price!
    Then, if he wants to go, we’ll get good money, cos there’s no stopping him, if he does.

    too many players out, but you’re right, we still coulda got a draw at least, if Ranger had fed Lovenkrands.
    If he had, early on, they woulda crumbled.

    Bad day at the office!

  6. Typical Newcastle really,
    can’t beat a crap team, so with that in mind, maybe we’ll do better v manUSA?


  7. we had a good ten minutes of the first half,this was due in part to aston villa’s nerves,no doubt.
    after that the bizarre set of the team by that master tactician alan passthrew,was all to evident.
    if collicini was supposed to be in midfield,he was far to deep,playing like an extra centre half.i thought young gutherie did okay,but was left a bit exposed by collo sitting to far back.
    joey barton playing out wide,is a total no no,he hasn’t got the pace for a start,and like countless midfielders,he has the tendency to cut back into the middle of the park.we could have even put young ferguson wide,it would gave the side more balance.
    nile ranger has not developed one iota,in the last two years,i mean he didn’t even manage games in the championship this kid good enough to make it?remains to be seen,he looked leggy and off the pace.granted he didn’t get a lot of service,but did have a couple of half chances early on,which were half hearted to say the least.
    lovenkrands does seem to get a lot of stick from some fans,but he was at least trying to make the runs,and ranger should have played him in.
    jose enrique continually gave away the ball to the opposition,mind he wasn’t the only one,jonas one man too many as usual.mike williamson looks like a poor signing the more games go by,the worse he gets.he gets left for dead at least a few times a game now,and he doesn’t learn from making the same mistakes.
    steven taylor is absolutley shocking,the guy is as thick as two short only have to look at that vacant thousand yard stare of his,and you know he’s not a full shilling,total liability that lad is at best.
    some people have had the temerity to call chris hughton “clueless chris”,what’s pardew’s excuse,he’s supposed to be the one with the experience.
    some fans still think we are making progress under this turd ashley?,no chance as long as he’s here we are doomed to go from one disaster,to the next.
    i’m just glad pardew wasn’t here at the start of this campaign,we could be right in the mire.
    it’s next season i fear,under pardew,there is no way i would trust that knobhead to build a team.there is no way i would give him any money,it’s like putting robert black in charge of a nursery ffs.

  8. i was calling for a Ranger start before the match to see if he’s got the ability to pair up rather than being a Solo-SuperSub, and as fate would ave it – he started…

    oh dear… he didnt want to share the attcking with McLovin, his pace looked less threatening compared with tired players in the final ten mins of a game, his heading is random…I think once we sign some quailty forwards in the summer – it would be wise to send him off on loan again – hopefully he’d gain the matches like Sturridge for Bolton.

    Gutherie looks like a squad player, there’s not one position he could hold down in the 1st team (imo)

    Raylor – again pretty avg, maybe useful in the squad to cover RB or RM in desperate times…

    McLovin – surely his final season, albeit a good player who we owe some results to this season, but he hardly scares opposition defenders.

    all in all – Roll on the summer spending!

    p.s. Is Ireland EVER going to play, we needed him yesterday.

  9. Dont think Ireland was allowed to play as he is on loan from Villa.
    Nile Ranger will never be a good player if he doesn’t get play time. I would start him for the next few games which will give a chance to either prove something or gone in the summer!

  10. Ranger is decent ‘on the ball’, but he waits for it to come to him, rather than go to it & he doesn’t look up when one of his mates is in a good position. We woulda done villa if he had.
    Guthrie pinged a few good passes.
    Lovenkrands makes proper good runs, to the front stick especially, but rarely gets passed to when it counts, it’s about timing with those kinda darting runs.
    We gave up too many chances to get something outta that game & paid the price in the end.
    Saylor shoulda been on collins for their goal, instead of leaving Simpson to deal with him.