Enrique: “The deal has been done and he will come to Liverpool.”

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Enrique to Liverpool "Done deal" says Phil Thompson.
Enrique to Liverpool "Done deal" says Phil Thompson.
Former Liverpool defender and assistant manager, Phil Thompson is claiming that Newcastle United left back, Jose Enrique, will become a Liverpool player at the end of the season.

Speaking to Norwegian TV channel, TV2, Thompson reported that a deal for the 25 year old is “a done deal”, saying:

“From what I’ve heard, yes the deal has been done and he will come to Liverpool.”

The nasally well endowed pundit and Liverpool insider continued:

“It’ll be interesting because he’s done very well. He had a difficult first season coming into the Premiership a couple of years ago but he really understands the game now.

“He’s one of those full backs who is good going forward but he’s also a good defender and I think that is the main thing.”

Thompson said nothing of any fee that may have been agreed, however there has been much blind speculation on that, with figures ranging from £8 to £15 million.

Enrique, who only has around a year left on his current contract with the Magpies, has recently been the subject of quite a bit of transfer speculation, especially with Liverpool since stalling on his talks for a new contract with the Newcastle United in February. according to Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, Enrique wanted to first ensure that Newcastle would be playing in the Premiership next year before committing to a new deal.

Pardew said of the stalled negotiations in February:

“He’s made it quite clear to us through his representatives that until we’re safe he doesn’t want to open any discussions and we’re comfortable with that, it makes sense for us,”

He then added:

“There’s nothing I can do about it, nor can the club. He wants to open discussions when we’re safe and until we’re safe we can’t. You have to understand that.

“I think he’s happy here he enjoys his football here and I certainly enjoy watching him and working with him, he’s a nice lad and a good guy.

“Knowing Jose, it’d be a big ambition of his to get in that squad and in that Spain team. For their national side he’s in a great place in terms of profile this is a big club and I don’t see any reason why he can’t get in the squad from this position.”

Enrique joined Newcastle United from Spanish club, Villareal for £6.3 million in August 2007. After a sometimes patchy start to his Newcastle career, he has since become one of teh most valued members of the squad, and was named Newcastle’s official “Player of the Year” for the 2009–10 season.

There will be more rabid speculation on this in the future, no doubt!

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55 Responses

  1. Good buy for us if it’s true, but I must say I feel for you lot with fat mike draining every penny he can get and im not fully sure he will invest it all and us getting arguably your best two players. Fingers crossed you get some decent replacements and all of the cash you make!

  2. wonder how come the club have refused to comment on this story!! Is there any truth in the story must be as Mr Thompson will look silly for making up stories on tv.
    Well done newcastle for hanging onto our best players!!!

  3. 50m for him and Carroll we are laughing. Jose is suspect defensively and messes around too much. Great going forward but defending sometimes woeful.

  4. Good player but £15 mill too much if it true. £10 mill max is what he’s worth, Coentrao is valued around 20-15 mill and is a better player so if where paying 15 for Enrique whats 5 mill more.

    We still need a back up Taiwo, Cissokho, the lad from Celtic maybe.

    Anyway I hope the NUFC manager gets to see the money from Carrols and Enriques transfer, because you NUFC fans deserve better and to be treated with respect which your not getting. Cashley’s making you in to a laughing stock, it wasn’t long you were in the top 4, well i hope all the best for the TOON great bunch of fans and well respected from a LFC fan……YNWA

  5. Cheers Doyle your comments are a breath of fresh air seriously mate. I am a bit gutted about this if it is true just goes to show the ambition of the owner.

  6. lads its true got told jose goin is a done deal about a month ago from someone connected to the club, jose has served us well but if it is 10/15mill its a good deal, liverpool have paid about 30mill to much for carroll n jose
    also got info guthrie to notts forest is done deal in the summer to

  7. Thanks to all you LFC fans who are actually supportive and not scum like some of the rival teams fans that comment here!!!

    Ofcourse I hope to retain Enrique but if we get 15mil for him I would happily take it and let young Ferguson take his place!!!

  8. Doyle,
    as much as i respect your views do you really think spending £35 million on an unproven striker is good business sense? also i’m quite happy for us to take pools money £50 million for 2 of our average players (not best players) don’t forget you are buying our players that helped us get relegated.
    Our best players have just signed new contracts with us so get over yourself thinking you are takeing the best 2, but there is one thing i cannot fathom out and thats the fact you must be offering some silly wages to get our players otherwise they will be no better off Jose Enrique wants to play for Spain and he wants to play european football but he’s not going to do either of those playing for liverpool, Torres left and just look at poor pepe reina he just cannot get a look in for spain
    it’s a silly silly decision for him to goto liverpool, he should have gone to man utd, inter milan, barca or real madrid or lets face it spurs would have been a better choice.
    anyway as it’s obviously an illegal tapping up case (clear cut) then i just hope the FA have the balls to fine you the maximum fine for that and also the carroll deal that is still being investigated, if found guilty you will have a 15 point deduction and fined the price of the player/s concerned

  9. its not tapping up teams agree deals for players outside the window all the time, why do u think the club have refused to make comment on it bcoz its true

  10. Mike ashley and co why don’t you’s just sell the whole first team and be done with it all you want is MONEY MONEY MONEY not one care in the world for the nufc fans at all so sell the players get your money and GET OUT OF OUR CITY.

  11. Mark says:
    April 11, 2011 at 5:50 pm
    50m for him and Carroll we are laughing. Jose is suspect defensively and messes around too much. Great going forward but defending sometimes woeful

    Ashley is laffin u mug , and liverpool all that money was of torres……..hhhahahhahahahhaha

  12. dont know what u guys think but my real concern is the lack of faith our managers seem to have in giving youth team players a chance and this not jus pardew am havin a pop at it is all our managers for the past 7/8 years, in the last 8 years weve produced staylor, carroll, ranger n ferguson n thats all i can think of
    i mean yesterday for example was a real poor game from both sides, our first team players wernt producing why not throw fergie, donaldson and richardson on give em ago coz we never looked like scoring anyway

  13. redman u have 2 good players both could be great players but u have paid 25 to 30 mill to much for them

  14. Davy , agreed pal , but chelsea paid 30 mill more than the should ave for torres so it all balances out at the end of the day , and it shows liverpools intent to move forward after a couple of really bad seasons .

  15. Hasta luego muchacho !
    Been ok having you, decent wing back, but fiteen big ones gets you a trip on Ashleys heicopter.
    There are other decent wing backs available and we could get two for the price of one.
    Sounds like a lotta dosh though, then I guess it`s a auction, with who was it, Juventus also supposedly interested ?
    So in that case, thirty plus say ten, thats a war chest.
    Were we to spend that kinda dosh think of the side we could have, however from previous experience doubt if thats gonna happen.

  16. Why don,t we all just get season tickets for Gateshead, cos @ this rate, we,ll have Ruck all left in the first team. I,M GETTING ANGRY NOW AND YOU WON,T LIKE ME WHEN I,M ANGRY.

  17. chuck – “fiteen big ones gets you a trip on Ashleys heicopter.”
    PMSL :lol:

  18. Davey you are right, there is no faith in the younguns, mostly because they are simply not good enough.
    I’m more bothered tho as to why there has been no improvement in these players over the past couple seasons.
    The club is failing badly in there training of these lads imo. Just look at the results of the resies/youth teams. Piss poor generally, but no improvement over a season.

  19. just accept it your a feeder club for the big boys be thankful you have stayed up and know your place in football. good god you won a big trophy a few years back the inter totem pole thingy whats up with you slobs. if it wasnt for sir mike you would be bankrupt…now behave

  20. Beardsley
    Maybe summat to do with your hero, heard he was`nt up to scratch as a coach, jobs for the boys situation.

  21. I’m really starting to hate Liverpool. We give players time to adapt and grow into very good players, and they’re the punks to take them, just because the last players they produced of worth will be retiring in the next couple years.

    If Jose goes to Liverpool, I don’t know what I’ll do. Freakin Ashley, needs to balls up or get the hell out

  22. Chuck I think you might be onto something there.
    Great players dont always make good coaches.
    This needs addressing asap tho imho
    Not just pedro tho, all the other clingons at the trg grnd too.
    Time to kick some ass this summer.

  23. Just for the record, resies losing again tonight at B’burn. Tim Krul in goal n all. 3-1.

  24. Enrique and carroll are excellent players that served the toon well. They will make l’pool great again while Ashley stocks the cash, makes excuses and signs sum1 like C cole for £10mill.

    Players leave us because they dont want to waste their time fighting for 10th every season, its called ambition. Ashley doesnt support ambition imo.

    Lets see in the summer if the 50mil was really worth 50mil… somehow i thing we lost 2 great players for nowt..

  25. look stop whinging on here your a small town club your women are dogs and your directors snort coke…and yes you lot have never seen a trophy…oooooohhhh hang on you won the inter joko thingy….how come you never had a victory parade winning a major like that…..ps your all thick and FAT

  26. Actually if you pause and think about it, these recent trades may turn out to be among the dumbest in recent memory.
    Torres aint worth anywhere near fifty million and Carroll`s hardly worth thirty five.
    As for Enrique, fifteen million, no way, anyone paying that kinda bread is crazy.
    Gotta say, they sure know how to dump good money down the tubes at Liverpool, Ch**st ! Benitez almost bankrupt two multimillionaires during his spell.
    And King Kenny may make him look like a piker by the time he`s finished, thirty mill here fifteen there before long your talking real dough.
    Thing is none of these geezers is a superstar, a first year unproven PL striker and a decent left back.
    Unsustainable stuff, a gamble that may result in another Leeds like fiasco.
    And what happened to the new Anfield, another pipe dream.
    All i can say is this aint the Red Sox, watch out !

  27. Carroll is 22 has scored 2 against MCity 2nite and will score many more. he could be there for 10yrs. 35mill is nothing if he plays well. we have 50mil and will probably offer shefqi custy a new contract.

  28. in the summer newcastle will be signing carrick 12 million forlan 19 million and hangeland for 11 million wait and see

  29. I have only got one word to describe this … Crap. Just because a nobody says he has signed it doesn’t mean he has and any way Enrique would have asked to leave by now. Fabio aurielo FTW

  30. Just going to the point on youth players, whats happening with Inmann and Vuckic? Are they injured? If not, why are they not playing as they are supposedly top drawer, also, why has Airey not played? Villa would have been perfect to give him a game. My only worry about Enrique leaving is the impact it will have on our other senior players, one of our best players leaving, if true, will most definitely deter others signing new deals, ie Barton and Nolan. It will also have the players questioning the clubs ambitiob, lets hope it hasnt been done behind Pards’ back, if thats the case, all the hard work done by Hughton and Pards will be undone. If we do get money available, i would go for Taraabt, Bendtner, Adam Johnson, Taiwo and take a punt on Hargreaves.

  31. local hero 12mill for carrick nearly 30 not a chance n 19mill for forlan at over 30 never gonna happen, as for hangerland i would but id rather hav samba

  32. It could be true , the other day Barton was quoted as saying he wanted too see what Newcastle would do about keeping their best players before signing a new contract and if Nolan signed a new one he would as well . He did not mention Enrique !!!! my feeling is he will go and Jonas will follow , just hope we can hang onto Collo imo he is the best defender we have .

  33. If Enrique does leave for the reported £15m then the club’s strategy of buying / bringing-on young players that can be sold at a later date for a (so far) huge profit (if Carroll is included in the equation) would appear to be a rip roaring success.

    To replace our Liverpool bound and recently arrived lads I would knock on Chelsea’s door and buy Sturridge and Van Arnholt.

  34. Enrique is top drawer and wants to play for the national side.
    Lets be honest chaps is he likely to achieve that playing for the Toon in the current climate, course not!
    He wants to leave, so get the best deal possible.
    I think you might find he wants to go back to Spain and Ashley is playing his poker game again using the scousers as his bluff.

  35. it’s probably true,and i wouldn’t put it past “jabba the gutt”anyway,this is exactly what ashley is all about.
    anybody who thinks there’s any kind of plan in place,dream on.we’ll get some bull story about enrique holding the club to ransom,and ashley flying the kid to pastures new.
    the magic 35 million,we will never see the majority of that,as more excuses will be given in another patronising statement,come the end of this season.
    we will end up signing everyones cast offs,and never will be’s,and anyone under twenty five,who cannot get a game for their respective clubs.
    mike ashley is one useless mother f***a,his view of sucess is,transfer deadline day,playing games of brinkmanship with other clubs over his most saleable assets.
    we all saw during the last one,who pathetic these pricks are,with an eleventh hour bid so called bid for charles n’zogbia,for 12 million,we only sold him for six,total crap.mike ashley and co,are the lowest of the low,and we need to wake up to this,i know people will say,what good will protesting do?well what’s the alternative,keep turning up to games,and lining this conman’s pockets?
    i do fear for the future of this club,regardless of some peoples white knight view of ashley.i still think this lump of s**t will eventually have us playing third tier football,with owlheads pipe dream statements about”challenging for everything in five years”.fat ashley will be over the moon winning the ldv vans trophy,that is the sort of mentality we are dealing with in this nutter ashley.

  36. @Paul: They are stupid comments to be making. Not your best players ? Who’s better ? Only name I’d even listen to is Barton. Got you relegated ? Enrique was new to the EPL as a young foreign defender of course he was going to take time as for Carroll he was what 19 when you got relegated, sounds like sour grapes to me. They are both quality players. It can’t be tapping up Thompson is not an employee of our club, so we can’t be held responsible. And I think if a deals done, announcing it is not tapping up anyways.

    Newcastle are a big club and one I respect. I hope they see this £50 mill and Ashley doesn’t just pocket it.

    As for Enrique, quality signing. Solid at the back, great passer, quick. Just what we need.


  37. Doug @43 – Gutierrez and Colo were both called up for the Argentina squad whilst we were playing in the Championship. Gutierrez made the cut and played in the tournament. Admittedly, the manager was a basket case, but don’t think playing for Newcastle will hamper your chances of playing international football.

  38. Karl – I agree. It does sound like sour grapes, and yes, you will have bought two of our best players if you get Enrique. Carroll will get you a boat load of goals and is the future of English football and it’s only a matter of time before Enrique plays for Spain.

    Best of luck, fella.

    YNWA = You’ll never work again?

  39. TROJAN 69 says:
    April 12, 2011 at 10:57 am

    “it’s probably true,and i wouldn’t put it past “jabba the gutt”anyway,this is exactly what ashley is all about.”

    Perhaps, Trojan. But this didn’t just start with “Jabba”. Remember the days of Supermac? Of Waddle, Pedro and Gazza? Or Dalglish letting the likes of Ginola, Ferdinand and Asprilla go? So it was gannin’ on a long time before Ashley took over the club, even since before the examples I’ve cited.

  40. He would be a good signing for Liverpool, Newcastle could do a lot worse than to invest in Insua as a replacement, good luck to Newcastle getting rid of Ashley, we know what it feels like trust me, crackin club Ncastle, you’ll come good, YNWA.

  41. @Davies

    Ha not a bad use for it :L

    I’m glad the majority of Newcastle fans can be honest and know what they are talking about. Hopefully when I make my next regular visit to the North-East with Carroll and Enrique on the back of my new jerseys, I’ll get a few thumbs up :)

    If I may be so bold as to give my opinion on Newcastle, I feel Pardew isn’t good enough. You deserve a better manager. Mind any manager will have a tough time under Ashley.

  42. Ah well scumpool may be able to lure one or two of our better players by offering them stupid money, but Newcastle fans can hold the high ground we have’nt got blood on our hands.

  43. Well Carrol is just a money grabbing tosser that can only get drunk and joke on as for Jose a great player a good lad who wouldn’t hurt a fly. So Jose if you move on move to ac Milan or just stay at Newcastle much easier