Is Joey Barton unfairly treated by referees?

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Barton: Victimised by Refs?
Barton: Victimised by Refs?
Newcastle United striker, Peter Lovenkrands, has come out in defence of teammate, Joey Barton. Speaking in an interview, the Danish international said of the midfielder’s treatment at the hands of the men in black:

“Joey gets decisions given him against just because it’s Joey Barton that’s involved.

“There’s no doubt that officials look more towards Joey than they do to anybody else on the pitch. If anything controversial happens, it’s his fault. It’s a shame for Joey because he’s a good player, but he’s always having to deal with other issues.

“The treatment he’s getting is not fair, and I feel sorry for him. He’s dealing with it though and he deserves a lot of credit for that.”

Lovenkrands went on to cite a specific example in  Newcastle United’s last game. against Aston Villa, where he felt that a free kick which eventually led to the only goal of the game and defeat for the Magpies.

“The free-kick that Aston Villa scored from at the weekend was only awarded because it was Joey, it happens to him all the time.

“We should have done better in terms of defending the set-piece, but Ashley Young seemed to be looking for Joey because he knew if he went down to him, the  referee was going to be giving a foul.

Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew also bemoaned the incident, but he preferred to cast aspersions on Ashley Young’s easiness in going down when coming into contact with opposition players, saying:

“Ashley Young is the most fouled player in the division. Every time he gets touched he goes down and wins fouls and we were conscious of that. It was a light challenge and he won a foul again, so he continues to be the most fouled player in the division”

Getting back to Lovenkrands though, he went on to mention another example of what he thought was victimisation of the controversial Barton in the same Villa game, when he was booked in the latter stages. Lovenkrands moaned:

“Then the booking at the end of the game was another prime example. I was stood right next to the situation. Joey runs away upfield and Reo-Coker runs right into him. Joey stops and gets clattered, but the referee turns around and gives Joey a booking. That can only be because of who he is.”

Reader’s of this ‘blog could no doubt cite other incidents, for example in Newcastle United’s first game against Wolves this season, when Barton was fouled throughout the whole game by midfielder, Karl Henry. To be fair to the referee, Stuart Attwell (who also refereed the Aston Villa game mentioned by Lovenkrands), no less than four of Wolves’s players received yellow cards for fouls on Barton, but many would say that Henry should have been sent off in that game for his relentless fouls on the midfielder throughout the game.

Of course, there have been examples on both sides though, for instance when Barton punched Blackburn player, Morten Gamst Pedersen,  in the midriff in a fixture against Blackburn in November of last year. He went completely unpunished at the time as the referee, Mike Jones, had his back turned at the time and didn’t see the incident. However he was later suspended for three games after the video evidence was reviewed by the FA. He has also been involved in several other incidents on the pitch which could be described as ‘controversial’ over the course of his career. Then, of course, there has been his even more controversial activities off the pitch, which in one case led to him being sentenced to six months imprisonment for assaulting a teenager while on a night out in Liverpool. I won’t go into the full litany of his past misdemenours though as I’m sure that nearly all readers of this ‘blog don’t need to be educated on Joey Barton’s sins of the past by now!

So far, Barton has received nine yellow cards this season, along with a three match suspension for the Pederson incident mentioned above. However other Newcastle players such as Cheick Tiote and Kevin Nolan have received more, both having picked up suspensions for collecting ten. He also hasn’t been sent off this season like some Newcastle players.

But what do you think? Do you agree with Lovenkrands that Barton is treated unfairly by referees, possibly for his sins of the past?


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16 Responses

  1. Slarth says:
    April 14, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    “His history will forever be against him”

    Maybe if he saved a small child from getting run over or gives all his money to charity, he would be redeemed and get a fair go from the referees, Slarth.

  2. Joey is totally & completely skanked by refs, pundits, the fa, other managers & other players.
    Oh yea, & the press.

    Have i forgotten anyone?


  3. Hey man, Joey’s nee saint like… but I’ve always been one of his die hard supporters. He always plays with passion and that’s why I admire him.

    He is beyond doubt, the most improved player this season. Not only as a player but also in his temperement. He has shown that he posesses the greatest restraint now which is a total credit to him and inmo deserves a respectible contract as such.

  4. He was scum off the field along time ago but that’s all changed now his temper is under control and he’s being good. He is an excellent player and it’s a disgrace how he is treated. We all mistakes in life forgive and forget

  5. Aye,
    he’s pulled his life round against all odds.
    He’s paid his dues & is deserving of a break.

  6. I think Joey as been brilliant this season and along with Tiote he is my favourite player,but he doesn’t help his cause.Just when thing s are going well he will do something silly ie Pedersen, he should know whatever he does will be highlighted.Also the interview he did last week,yes there was a lot of truth in what he said,but if it had been someone else ‘s player most people would have been on this blog saying “what a cock”.Love him much as I do but it gives an excuse to ridicule both him and the club.

  7. At the end of the day… says:
    April 14, 2011 at 11:12 pm

    “He is beyond doubt, the most improved player this season.”

    But he had a massive pot on his foot for most of last season, At the end of the day.

  8. Good bit of photo-shopping on Joey and where is everyone these days? Getting ready to attend the wedding sevice at Westinster Abbey are we?

  9. Mick G says:

    “Love him much as I do but it gives an excuse to ridicule both him and the club”

    Agreed. With maturity comes wisdom, responsibility and maybe even a greater awareness ? I thought his best, most intelligent, performance this season was the second half against the Arse yet against Wolves he was credited with creating 8 goal scoring chances in just one match which would be pretty hard to beat even by Fabregas standards.