Pardew: Gosling to return to training in less than three weeks.

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Dan Gosling: Second time lucky?
Dan Gosling: Second time lucky?
Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew has revealed that injured midfielder, Dan Gosling will make a return to training in around three weeks, some time after Newcastle United’s game with Manchester United on 19th April.

A short cameo appearence against some vagrants from the wrong side of the North East apart, the 20 year old has been out for no less than year since he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in a game for his previous club, Everton. After playing in the Sunderland game for only a few minutes, his knee started giving him problems straight away and he had to have more surgery.

Speaking on his second return to the side, Pardew also remarked that he knows little about the player, and that despite having a good reputation with coaches at Newcastle and his previous club, he still has “a lot to prove yet” to him. The manager said of Gosling’s progress:

“He is recovering. He should be back in training after (the) Man United (game),”

He then added that he hadn’t seen that much of Gosling in action, saying:

“What can I say about him? I haven’t seen a lot of him yet.

“I had a little glimpse of him – he had a little bit of action against Sunderland and I haven’t seen him since. Speaking to coaches at Everton and here, he’s highly regarded. He’s got a lot to prove yet, but there’s a great opportunity to see him.”

I’m sure that pretty much all will agree in wishing Dan luck in finally shaking the problems which have kept him out of the game for so long.

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11 Responses

  1. Our Midfield has a lot of quality if all parties are healthy.
    Ben Arfa.
    Add another wide player and I think it’s one of the better equipped in the premiership.

  2. Ireland constantly injured and isnt our player.

    Guthrie is average.

    Gosling is a kid who has barely played any top flight football and maybe ruined after such an injury.

    And Jonas is like a Jigsaw, in that he falls apart in the box.

    2 Wingers are what is needed imho.

  3. We have quality in midfield but we lack of pace and dribbler in the team. Just Jonas and Ben Arfa is not enough.

    Barton, Ireland, Gosling and Guthrie are all passing MF.
    Tiote can run with ball but he’s defensive MF.
    Nolan is Goal poacher.

    Another one who can go with ball is Enrique but he’s left back also.

  4. We lack someone who will pick the ball up in the middle of the pitch, and run at defenders. We need someone in who can play on either wing or as an attacking midfielder. Niko Kranjcar would be an excellent addition. We would then have jonas, ben arfa, kranjcar and nolan to choose from in an offensive midfield set up.

  5. Well we got young Ferguson coming on strong and you cant say he does`nt take on defenders (he`s wasted as a FB)
    both Ireland and BA can take on defenders, but as you say Ireland is more of a give and go or someone who can lay on the perfect pass (i got no problem with that)
    Actually watched young Johnson play for Citeh to- day, very similar to Ireland other than one plays inside, the other on the wing, would love to see him in the B&W stripes.
    Dont know where you get the notion Ireland is consistently injured from ?
    When fit and with a few games under their belt, expect good stuff from both BA and Ireland, plus hopefully we will have Duckling to fill in for Tiote when he accumulates enough cards from putting guys in the stands.
    Going to be an interesting season comming up !

  6. chuckles says:
    April 3, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    “Going to be an interesting season comming up !”

    You’re writing about Newcastle United, Chuck. Good or bad (mostly bad), our seasons are always “interesting”! :-)

  7. worky,
    nice one brother!

    get some beers down y’neck lad.

    we do need some more pace in the team & a bit more guile.

  8. How sweet it would be if would could beat av & condemn them to the second tier.
    Be nice if wolves stayed up as av went down, just for a big fat laugh.

    Nice to see s’land dropping like the proverbial stone to their natural place, below, as in ‘s’under’land.
    :) :) :)

  9. Got to swallow some humble being a fickle toony thought we would lose or draw the match v wolves so, big result, as i thought wolves had more fight aboot dem , but nice tobe wrong.
    But next four matches look a bit scary , cant see us getting more than 1 – 3 points from next 12 …