Toon transfer news: truth or tosh?

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Kevin Gameiro - Newcastle United transfer target?
Gameiro - Toon target?
Rumours abound, particularly when it comes to Newcastle United transfer speculation. Here’s a roundup of the some of the weekend’s nonsense.

Most transfer news is complete tosh. Occasionally a journalist might pick up a genuine lead and report some transfer news that’s truth, but it can easily get lost in the plethora of tosh that’s made up to sell papers.

Essentially we haven’t a clue, which is my default position on all of life so it doesn’t unduly bother me. I rarely have a clue what I’m doing, which I put down to macroscopic quantum effects but my wife puts down to me simply being a buffoon.

Take your pick.

All of which is a warning that this morning’s missive should be treated as pure speculation as I’m going to report some alleged ‘transfer news’.


Amidst all the tosh, I reckon one nugget of truth is that Jose Enrique won’t be a Newcastle United player come the end of the summer. That’s just my opinion of course. However the latest press speculation (from The Express) reckons that Kenny ‘Sourpuss’ Dalglish is keen to hijack AC Milan’s potential interest in Jose and take him to Liverpool instead.

A ‘source’ has apparently told The Express that Alan Pardew might let Liverpool have Jose for something between £8m and £15m if midfielder Jay Spearing comes the other way.

22 year old Spearing has stepped into Steven Gerrard’s shoes recently and has impressed Dalglish, although his senior career amounts to just 22 games, only 9 of which have been league games. He has one goal to his name, scored when he was on loan to Leicester City.

Who knows if any of that is true.

Kevin Gameiro

Stretching the truth even further (in my opinion), the News of the World has indicated our ‘interest’ in French striker/winger Kevin Gameiro. The 23 year old currently plays for Lorient, having moved there from Strasbourg for 3m Euros (I don’t appear to a Euro symbol on my keyboard) in 2008. In 173 senior games, Gameiro has scored 66 goals and provided 25 assists, which is a 38% strike rate, although for Lorient it’s 49 goals in 105, which is a 46% strike rate. Not too shabby at all.

Again though, don’t get your hopes up. For all we know this could be as likely as finding Elvis alive and well on Moonbase Alpha (and tucking into a Big Mac no doubt).

Toon Active In The Transfer Market

The Sun has the most reliable Toon transfer news story of the weekend. Don’t laugh, they actually quote Pardew who has said he’s been active in the transfer market:

We’ve had two or three meetings, we’ve contacted some players who are out of contract in the summer. We’re allowed to do that.

We’ve contacted a couple of clubs about players who are under contract to see their situation. We’re very much down the road in signing the sort of players we think can add to the club.

All of the players that we’ve contacted have good experience.

It’s more about having 150 games under your belt than a 19-year-old with potential.

They need to have played at a very high level for us to be interested in them and to warrant coming here, in my view.

There may be one we take a fancy to, but most are established players.

The Sun then goes on to suggest some of the players Pardew is interested in based on absolutely nothing Pardew has said: Cheikh M’Bengue, Gervinho and Seb Larsson.

Maybe, but the last I heard our club policy was the exact opposite of what Pardew’s suggesting. I thought we were all about finding 19 year olds with potential rather than paying for ‘established’ players with 150 games under their belt.

I’m not complaining either way – I’ve always thought it should be a balance between the two – but this does seem a bit like a policy shift from Ashley. Still, you never can tell with the man – it wouldn’t surprise me of Jose Enrique was on eBay by the end of the summer.

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24 Responses

  1. Daniel sturridge is one looking out for but here is to hoping ey gah not seeing newcastle play on the weekend leaving me a little bit well,bare

  2. Daniel Sturridge is looking every bit of the player he was believed to be when Chelsea nabbed him.
    I would love us to buy him, fast, great left foot, can play off the last defender and also collect the ball short.
    People forget the lad is over 6ft tall so is not a small striker.

    Front 3:

    Gervinho————- Ben Arfa

    I would take that!

  3. Off topic, never heard anything in the press for a while from Louise Taylor in the Guardian, looks like shes crawled back into the woodwork with the rest of them.

  4. BBB, nah she’s still around and has reported on some of our recent home encounters. The noteable thing about her reports is that they’ve seemed more impartial.

    I wonder if she’s realised (or been reminded) that the Grauniad’s meant to provide fair commentry on games?

    Judging by the tosh the People’s been pushing out of late, it appears that Anal Oliver’s still mischief making though.

    Can someone reminde me why was he banned from SJP?

  5. when is the next part of the transcript up? i enjoyed reading the first part, good job on it btw :)

  6. lesh says:

    “Can someone remind me why (Oliver) was banned from SJP?”

    Because he’s a first class, 100%, certifiable nob

  7. I have just seen that Bassong is considering his future at spurs.
    Maybe a cheeky bid of £3-4mil for him?

    Would you want to have him back with us?

  8. might happen and might be a ahead of myself but if jose leaves i could really see guti and collo leaving the bond which they have is second to none so yeah could make a cheeky bid for bassong.

  9. The club should nip down to Chelsea and buy Sturridge, Van Aanholt and Josh McEachran. As has already been mentioned Sturridge is natural goalscorer. We know all about Van Aanholt who was a successful loanee at SJP. Josh McEachran is a very skillfull young English player nearly on a par with Jack Wilshere of Arsenal and probably better than any of our midfielders except Tiote.

    No need to go to Europe for players, hoping they will settle and cope with the premiership. There are players in the UK that are ready to go.

  10. probably tosh,in the last few years,when have we signed anyone who’s been touted in the paper?apart from the much protacted ben arfa story,not many.we normally end up getting players that no one expects,plus dont believe much of the stuff in newspapers anyway,90% of it is bull.
    the only use for a newspaper,will be when there is a toilet paper shortage.i only hope when i go for a doug de whit,i’ve got a nice picture of david cameron,to wipe my a**e on.

  11. If the club have a £50m kitty from the sale of Carroll and Enrique, I think they could do a lot worse than tapping up;
    1. Darren Bent. Great goal scorer and the bad smell should have left him by now, plus it would be great to see him score for the toon against the unwashed!

    2. Dematar Berbatov, Just a top player who would link the team superbly, and a Toon fan!

    I really couldn’t give a shit how much the fat man has to pay them, just want to see some decent football next season.

  12. Nice to see spuds wasting a few quid to us for bassong like.
    The grass isn’t always greener, hey?


  13. tummy says:
    April 18, 2011 at 10:05 am

    “when is the next part of the transcript up? i enjoyed reading the first part, good job on it btw”

    I’m gannin’ to do it today, tummy, come what may!

  14. Doug says:
    April 18, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    “If the club have a £50m kitty from the sale of Carroll and Enrique”

    Doug, Much of Carroll’s £35 million has been will be going on the very long contract extensions that have been signed by existing players such as Tiote. The club said that the money would be “reinvested”, not used as a ‘transfer kitty’ and this will include the money paid to players over the whole length of their contracts.

    There won’t be anything remotely like the amounts needed to sign players of the calibre of Berbatov and Bent left over, even if Enrique is also sold for a relatively high fee.

  15. Not overtly fond on Spearing if I’m honest. I’m sure he’s a good player but we don’t need more midfielders! Barton, Nolan, Guthrie, Gosling and Ben Arfa all play in the centre and can put a shift in elsewhere. Unless the name is “Lionel Messi” or “Cristiano Ronaldo”, I’m not bothered.

    If we’re going to do a part ex deal with L’pool for Enrique, make sure it’s Insua coming the other way.

  16. tummy says:
    April 18, 2011 at 10:45 am

    “when is the next part of the transcript of hughton, andy grey and richard keys up????”

    It’s up now, Dan. :-)