Wolves at the door… Can they be kept at bay?

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Hungry like the Wolves?
Hungry like the Wolves?
Wolves will make the journey north to Tyneside on Saturday, and we’ll be all hoping they get a nose bleed in every sense.

We need to bloody their metaphorical nose on the pitch with a decent win, preferably with a few goals, to claw back the goal differencial that we recently relinquished at Stoke.

Then there’s an actual bloody nose that they deserve, along with the ridiculously one-sided referee of our last meeting down in the Midlands, for the crime against football that they were allowed to perpetrate, particularly on Joey Barton.

Of course Barton brought it all on himself by being an ex-offender and maybe should’ve been jailed for not fighting back, or worse? Protection from that kind of open thuggery is the least we can expect at SJP, isn’t it?

Obviously that can’t happen again, can it?

Aside from the fact that Wolves have languished below Newcastle in the Premier League all season and for them to travel this far north could induce the proverbial nasal ailment. This is going to be a full blooded affair. They are on a bit of a surge at the moment, well they were before the season was so rudely interrupted yet again, by pointless sponsorship commitments disguised as football.

So it will be a case of ‘have they lost their impetus? Or can they maintain their push for Premiership survival at our expense?

Conversely, which Newcastle team will show up? The one that can make stirring comebacks v teams established in the upper echelons of the league? The one that can put in top class away performances, against all expectations, odds and form books?

Or the one that can’t seem to keep it simple and ‘put a game to bed’ at home, trying too hard to please and shooting it’s self in the foot on so many occasions this term? Something that is particularly galling after last seasons excellent unbeaten at home record, albeit in the Championship.

The last couple of weeks rest should have focused a few minds down at Gallowgate. Mostly concentrating on making amends for the Stoke City capitulation. Whilst allowing for some of the first team to regain fitness and swell the ranks of the squad, creating better formational options. Most notably, players like Leon Best, who’s become our ‘go to’ guy up front. We’ll be needing Jose Enrique fit too, as our left side was consistently exposed and exploited last time out.

The big question will be the midfield. With the prospect of Jonas coming back in to out-fox wolves, to the ‘will he or won’t he’ of Stephen Ireland’s long awaited debut.

Then there’s the ‘who will play in the DM role’ now that Tiote’s suspended? Will Guthrie get a game if Ireland doesn’t make the starting line-up?

Questions, questions!

The main thing however, will be how the team reacts to the last dismal loss and the pressure of this massive game.

No doubt it’ll be exactly the same for Wolves, although they’ll have less to lose and more to gain by coming to SJP for an away game, seemingly as bookie’s underdogs.

They could come looking for a draw, with an eye on stealing a win and upsetting the applecart, dragging us down to their struggle at the bottom end of the league, with only 7 to play. The fans will play their part too and will be required to help suck the ball into the net and leave worries and fear outside the ground.

Wolves will smell blood, a mauling doesn’t bear thinking about, rounding them up will be a giant stride towards Premier League safety.

Howay the Lads!

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30 Responses

  1. Off topic: But why can’t I do my Predictions? (and I could of swore I did week2 Predictions :s)

  2. NUFCMonk says:
    April 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    “Off topic: But why can’t I do my Predictions?”

    I’ve sent a note on to Hugh about it, NUFCMonk. Sorry about that.

  3. Bugger!
    Have i missed my chance to fill in the prediction league this week?

    I thought it was up ’til Saturday morning?

    & yea, i have no week 2 points, did i get it that wrong?


  4. i think we will win tomorrow , it wont be easy but i think we will get the 3 points . This newcastle united always seem to pull out a result when our backs are against the wall , with the likes of Nolan , Barton and collo in the side we will not be bullied out of the game and being at home i think the crowd will make the difference .

  5. I see ya’s have got the knives sharpened for Alan. (Who has practically 1 team to pick from until the summer)

    Really classy like. ;)

  6. ‘After a decent start to his managerial contract at Newcastle, Alan Pardew’s team have slumped some what in recent games.

    Obviously, recent injuries and suspensions haven’t helped the cause. But questions have also been asked about Alan’s tactics’

    What I want to know is, where was the forthright critisism on here for every time C.H messed up the tactics, (which was pretty much every game and every time he played Guthrie out wide, every time he played a negative team where we could have gone for it) there was never critism of Hughton thats why this site is a joke and totally bias IMO. By the way worky does C.H sponsor this site or something.

  7. DJG,
    i was only picking up on what people on here & other sites were saying.
    Not necessarily putting my own thoughts forward.
    Also, as plenty have been telling me: we’ve won 1 in 10 recently, is that not a bit of a slump?
    I didn’t write any pieces when CH was the boss either, if i did, or if anyone else gets the boss’s seat while i do, they’ll get exactly the same crack of the whip.
    You could have, & others no doubt will, take issue with or pick me up for the stuff i wrote about AP coming across as honest, affable & admitting his own failings, whilst seeming relaxed & confident & loving his job as boss of our club.
    Did you read all of it?

  8. All that happened was, if you critisized him instead of Pardew, you got called a racist. :lol:

    It’s like on bo selecta or Ali G or something where he go’s. ‘Is it coz I is black’. Thats about the level of workys intelligence.

  9. Aye,
    after reading it again,
    try the last paragraph mate.
    To say it’s a biased against write up is stretching it like.
    It’s at least neutral & probably leans more towards for AP.

    Which is how i feel about the bloke.
    He’s our manager & he’ll get my support until he isn’t, then just like all of our ex managers, i won’t waste much time thinking about him.

  10. What reasured mw was the way he came out and went on the radio to answer fans calls. He actually said I admit sometimes we get it wrong and players get it wrong and I GOT IT WRONG. I never saw C.H come out and say that in 2 years.

  11. I wrote that piece, not worky.

    It’s phucking tenuous that mate.

    I couldn’t give one, let alone two proverbials whether some third parties poor little feelings are hurt or whatever.

    Ball arl t’dee wi’me like.


  12. Come to think of it C.H didn’t say much to the media, apart from standing there with a silly look on his face, like ‘im too intelegent to answer your questions, Im gonna stand here and be rude and dodge your questions with a silly smirk on my face’. I bet worky was watching all this overjoyed at his sarcasm.

  13. DJG,
    that’s exactly what i wrote in that piece, i liked that too, so wrote it.

    He’ll have my full support while he’s here, unless he does something silly like jump in the crowd at SJP & stab a bunch of bairns or something.


  14. Gotta admit i did like that about CH.

    AP does tend to keep fans more ‘in the loop’, just a different style of managing the press, nowt wrong in that.

    I personally hate the press & would happily push the big red button on them, any day of the week, so i’d ignore them & put stuff out in fanzines, official program, fansites etc. But that’s just me, i’m a recalcitrant qunt!


  15. CLiNT FuKE

    unless you hadn’t realised I was more having a go at Workydust than you m8 ;)

  16. Anyway HWTL’s for the match tomorow, I’ll be casting my judgement from the east stand. and goodluck for this site, by the looks of things you need it.

  17. I did know that mate, but i did write the piece.
    I know it’s worky’s site & some have taken issue with him, for whatever reason, either rightly or wrongly, justifiably or just cos they wanna move on & feel the need to justify that. But i don’t have any truck with whomever.
    If i have a issue with someone, i just tell ’em, if someone takes us wrongly, i explain. If we don’t see eye to eye, i phucking ignore the qunt.

    Simple kinda guy me.

    Me & you have always got along real well, i thought, as i have with most on here, so until someone rattles my cage all will be welcome, even if they do rattle me cage, if it can be sorted i’d sort it, end of really.

    Life’s waayyy too short!


  18. Enjoy the game mate & divn’t worry about us mate, each to their own.
    When all’s said & done we all support the Toon, that’s the constant.

    Toon Toon.

  19. ‘I know it’s worky’s site & some have taken issue with him, for whatever reason, either rightly or wrongly, justifiably or just cos they wanna move on & feel the need to justify that.’

    Belive it or not, as a fairly non-confrontational easy going kind of guy I belive the reason people have taken issue with workyticket is neither wrong nor unjustified. Make of that what you will, I fully support the coalition of opinion and he knows exactly where he went wrong he just doesn’t have any intention of atmitting it. What a shame because I think in terms of this site things could have turned out better for him. An old expression comes to mind, you reap what you sow.

  20. All we want is 3 points. No matter how we play, we have to show them we are good enough to avoid relegation this season. Prove it tonight !

  21. ginkoh , sorry ladsbut i think the team who wants it more will win , and to me thats wolves we will be lucky to draw, or we will lose , thats the way it is , …

  22. DJG says:
    April 1, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    “CLiNT FuKE

    unless you hadn’t realised I was more having a go at Workydust than you m8”

    So it was just another pointless, irrelevant “ad hominem” attack on myself which had nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘blog in other words.