Pardew re Barton: “There was a lot of history between Joey and the board”

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Joey Barton had histrory with the Newcastle United board.
History with Ashley or Owl Heed?
Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew intimates that Joey Barton’s ‘history’ with Ashley and co might be why he has not been offered a new contract.

Alan Pardew has been talking to the press (again!) and apparently he knew Joey Barton’s contract was always going to be a problem and hints at why that might be. Pardew said:

I spoke to Joey on the last day [of the season] and I think we were both resigned that this contract was going to be a problem.

Both of us are thinking next year we will be together and we will go on from there.

Unless it changes over the summer and there’s a bid in that the board, myself and Joey feel works for Joey, I think he will be here for the start of the season. The thing about contracts is, times change.

I’m not upset about it. I was more upset when we thought we had agreed and there was a change of heart. I knew it would be a problem to come back from that.

There was a lot of history between Joey and the board before I arrived. I just wanted to be honest with Joey and match him with clarity. That’s what I have done.

Reading between the lines it could be that the “there was a lot of history between Joey and the board before I arrived” statement points to some sort of falling out between Barton and Ashley (and/or Llambias). It could of course just be one of the red fishy things, so make your own mind up what you read into it.

Pardew continues:

I’ve been open and up front with him – I made him the captain [in Kevin Nolan’s absence].

We decided the best way was probably to wait for the season to end. Joey pulled all the way through and he will pull next year, even if he’s in his last year; I know he will.

I’m not sure whether this means Barton was offered no contract at all or whether some attempt was made to sign him up for 2 years. It’s often hard to separate fact from fiction when reading press reports and we can only draw conclusions from what is directly quoted by players, managers, agents and owners.

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40 Responses

  1. Its good to see ashley is willing to let the best players in the team go, and bring in player who are not premiership proven as replacement, the club will struggle if we dont keep are storng players

  2. could just prepare to roll over and die with the current happenings with newcastle(if i havent done so on many of a occasion)with all the news of top players leaving gets to a point of being just plain observe,but as ever will stick through thick and thin with them at some point the fat man has to leave!

  3. What happened to pardew wanting joey to stay????

    Surely the manager tells the board and the chairmen who we wants to keep????

    Pardew; i was willing to give you a chance; i hoped for more from you; but your a f*****g puppet!!!! Theres a good boy now; runa long and do what sugar daddy tells you….

    Sorry for the strong language but i’m so upset at this news. What was all that crap about keeping ahold of our better players. Joey and jose to leave? F*****g rubbish… great way to start the summer :-(

  4. What happened to pardew wanting joey to stay????

    Surely the manager tells the board and the chairmen who we wants to keep????

    Pardew; i was willing to give you a chance; i hoped for more from you; but your a f@#king puppet!!!! Theres a good boy now; runa long and do what sugar daddy tells you….

    Sorry for the strong language but i’m so upset at this news. What was all that crap about keeping ahold of our better players. Joey and jose to leave? F@#king rubbish… great way to start the summer

  5. Apologies for my previous thread including the full details of my language. I’m just so sick of getting my hopes up for the “regime” to kick me in the teeth again. Just sell up and leave….the sooner the better

  6. What a joke our manager is proper yes man saying he knew theres was going to be prob with joeys contract. Is that why hes been saying for months he wanted jose and barton given new contracts or how about the saying andy carrol is going nowere.Hes that desparete to keep his job just takes all the crap and carrys on when a proper manager would give cashley his ball back and tell the fat boy to waddle on home.

  7. “at some point the fat man has to leave!”

    Yes but only after he’s finacially raped the club for his alleged £110m (and counting) loan.

    Then, and only then, will he sell up as he cant stand the idea of the Geordies getting one over on him.

    Prepare for a very long haul people :(

  8. Has he took any of the money (£110m loan) back yet then andy?
    How much do we owe him now?

    Weren’t you already prepared for a ‘long haul’ like?

  9. The swear filter picks up expletives and holds the post on pending. If I notice them I often asterisk out a letter or two and resubmit them.

    Mr Jedi did that to his own post in this case and resubmitted it, so I didn’t need to.

  10. The debt, as it stood at the end of the last audited financial year, was £110m. Arguably the profit the club made in the first half of this latest financial year (ending January 2011) was enough to trigger a repayment of some of the debt ?

    Which still leaves Fatman with some £40m BPL prize money to suck into the coffers and end the full financial year end (July 2011) with another massive profit.

    £35m + £40m would go a long way towards that debt repayment but then we’d have no money for players :)

  11. “£35m + £40m would go a long way towards that debt repayment but then we’d have no money for players :)”

    Unless of course we sold some others :)

  12. Andy,
    so if the money is owed & the situation is correct to trigger payments, then that’s normal & allowed & right, cos that money has to be paid back…Then he can sell & go? Surely that’s what most want, isn’t it?

    So, that’s good then (if he’s getting his loan back)?

  13. “So, that’s good then (if he’s getting his loan back)?”

    100% agreed however the bit I disagreed with initially was when Fatman found the financial black hole (having been mugged by SJH) he turned that into a loan to the club when most other benfactors/new owners would have wiped the slate clean. After all this is a bloke who blew £120m on gambling on Hbos shares or £200k on a legal bill with a game of chance.

    The difference between this club operating with a £110m loan around its neck or being debt free is a massive one. Which is why we now operate on a shoestring and the development of the club is stifled.

  14. if only we could have a manager who didnt feel the need to speak to the press every 2 seconds, maybe with a sniff of dignity about himself?

    oh wait, we sacked him because he was over achieving and wasnt a casino buddy of Ashley’s……

  15. Good to see spirits are up concerning the toon today :-)

    Ahh well, I see pardew has given a striker a weeks deadline to decide on a move here…..

  16. i would happily take fat man selling the entire squad if it meant he would then sell up

  17. What an incredible job Ashley has done at United. It really takes some skill to get a massive club with 50,000+ crowds relegated, then turn it into a feeder club for Liverpool and Spurs…..what a man. And the fans must love him – cos they keep giving him their money.

  18. darren pratley to sign on a free from swansea city,apparently a done deal,even if swansea are promoted.
    is the kid any good?haven’t seen much of him.

  19. well he’s an international for wait for it……………………….jamaica,he must be one of the players pratdew,reckons will have us off our seats.what a puppet and a yesman he is,the illustrious pratdew.

  20. Pratley – last season 12 goals, 10 of those in the league. 7 yellows and 1 red card (the worst offender at the club).

    June 2006, he was sold by Fulham to Swansea City for a fee of £100,000. In August, he replaced the injured Garry Monk as team captain.

    On November 7, 2009 Pratley became a Swansea legend when he scored a brace against their arch rivals Cardiff City. Not only did Pratley score two but his performance as a whole was influential in Swansea’s derby day win. Pratley had not scored for 26 games since the previous season’s corresponding fixture at the Liberty Stadium but he proved Swansea’s hero on the hour to seal the win.

    There was a lot of interest from clubs like Nottingham Forest during the summer transfer window but Pratley decided to stay.He started off the 2010-2011 season of well, however a string of poor performances saw him dropped by manager Brendan Rodgers.

    Pratley came back into the team performing well and getting vital goals against Reading, Crystal Palace and a double against Bristol City.

    [edit] International careerOn January 16, 2009, Pratley was called up to the Jamaican squad by coach John Barnes to face Nigeria on February 11, 2009. Pratley qualifies for Jamaica through his grandparents but is yet to represent the Reggae Boyz after pulling out of the squad for the Nigeria friendly through injury after he broke his shoulder in a 4-1 win over Preston North End, although he did return earlier than expected from his injury.

  21. …also, he’s 6 ft 1 and 26 yrs old. Sounds a bit like a Leon Best…cant see the real sense in this deal yet…

  22. Whoa! Not good noises at the moment – but until players actually leave I’m not going to worry myself to a frazzle. Of course, if they do all leave – then I’ll PANIC!

  23. So the Ronnie Gill reporting that Jose Enrique is to be offered a “fantastic deal” to keep him at the club.

    Sounds like damage limitation by the club before Jose leaves. Another publicity stunt, to deflect the blame onto the player and away from Cashley and co :evil:

  24. I bet the fantastic deal includes a free oneway helicopter ride aswell.

  25. Pards yesterday…“There’s no point keeping a player who has set his sights on a club he has perceived is bigger.

    “You can’t keep a player that’s unmotivated.”

    Today…“We are going to make Jose a very, very good offer and we are hoping he is going to accept it.”

    I really dont get this at all

  26. Is being a gobshite who brings out dirty linen in public at the drop of a hat, letting the media and other teams know exactly what’s going on behind closed doors really a good way to keep players and dispel the previous image of Newcastle United as some kind of tragi-comic soap opera?

  27. Bboots………hey you sound just like me these days!! this is great. you are 100% illuminated mate.. they will offer jose a deal knowing fine well its not good enough and will then have the chopper ready to fly him to liverpool or the private jet off to lyon, which ever he fancies. We have all seen Ashleys attempts at keeping his best players. He sells for the sake of it just cos he eyes a quick buck. He has no care or vision for us other than making money. Thats all. end of. Pardews interview with Sky is a joke. Its nothing more than a smoke screen and is also designed at alerting other clubs to some of our other top guys. Can you belive that he said that if Jose goes it might unsettle colo and jonas!!? ffs man…. do you think we are thick… all he is doing is putting everyone on alert that our players are all for sale… come and get them, best price wins!

  28. dont trust anything coming out of ne1 these days,if lying won you the prem,we would be world beaters.
    beardsleys boots,that’s what it comes to,we are left with being cynical,where ashley is involved.

  29. Yeah its sad I kna, but it looks like I’ve been converted to the Dark side.
    I hope I’m wrong, but it all looks ominous to me at the mo.
    Cant see any BIG name players coming here, so best Pardwho starts looking at the freebies, sooner than later.
    I mean ffs he’s been gobbing off about giving some poor striker a deadline to sign for us. Yeah thats gonna work.NOT :evil:
    The fuggin blokes a 1st class clown, make no mistake.

  30. It is clear that when you are a rags to mega-riches fat man like Mike Ashley you don’t need anyone else’s advice. You may feign politeness by pretending to listen, giving them hope, but they will almost always soon dash that hope. Derek Llambas has learned that where there’s muck there’s brass and is doing all right because he covers Mike Ashley’s back. Alan Pardew, I believe, intends well, but knows that Mike and Derek have him by the short and curlys. His hands are literally tied. Perhaps Mike Ashley wants some kind of sadistic revenge out of NUFC for having been financially screwed (his least favourite experience), but he sure as hell isn’t going to listen or cut any slack to anyone who has either given him some lip or else lapped up some of his cream – and this would appear to include one Joey Barton.