No interest in Sturridge and Erdinç may be slipping from our grasp

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Newcastle not interested in Sturridge apparently.
Too expensive maybe?
Allegedly Daniel Sturridge is not on Pardew’s shopping list of players he’d like to bring to St James’ Park and Mevlüt Erdinç may be on his way to Lille.

Speculation and a hell of a lot of wishful thinking from fans has had us linked with the possible transfer of Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge for a while now.

But whilst Alan Pardew sees it as a priority to recruit another striker, it seems that Sturridge won’t be that man. Lee Ryder (ahem) in The Chronicle reports that a Newcastle ‘source’ has said:

The manager is looking into other players, so it is unlikely Sturridge will be coming to Newcastle.

As per usual, said ‘source’ could be anybody. Or indeed nobody.

The 21 year-old striker has 23 goals for 85 appearances in his career and an impressive 8 in 12 whilst he was on loan to Bolton Wanderers last season.

I have no idea how much he would cost as I’ve seen quotes ranging from £6m to £20m, but if it turns out to be towards the higher end of that range I can see why Newcastle won’t be signing him – I seriously doubt Ashley would fork out £20m for a player (and probably not even £15m, which is one of the recent price tags placed on Sturridge).

To be honest, having seen the way our incoming transfers have been going, I’m surprised we bothered to get even slightly hopeful about signing Sturridge.

Now of course The Chronicle could just be speculating themselves – their so-called ‘source’ is questionable after all – but even without their contribution to the rumours, I just can’t see us bidding the sort of money Chelsea are demanding. That’s even assuming Chelsea would want to let go of the English striker in the first place.

The bad rumours seem to be compounding a bit today because it seems that Mevlüt Erdinç might be slipping from our grasp too as it is speculated that Paris Saint-Germain are offering €31.5m for Lille’s Eden Hazard and are prepared to throw Erdinç in as part of the transaction.

It never rains but it pours, as they say.

Maybe we’ll have to look elsewhere for a new striker.

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26 Responses

  1. Back to the Hammers then it looks like Carlton Cole. You ride the rollacoaster then reality sets in.

  2. My guess is the Chronicle are just speculating as well as the fans are. Soon as they realised he ain’t going anywhere for under 10m they’ve put 2 and 2 together and ruled us out.

    Too pricey for fat Mike.

  3. well looks like connor whickham,is official at sunderland,would anyone have wanted him here?seems to fit the fat greedy barstewards profile.

  4. conner mackem £5m max, not a good G/G ratio.
    A prospect, but not for £8.1m rising to £13m.
    Desperate or what?

  5. Either an expensive flop or if he’s half decent the scoucers will have him next summer!

  6. Aye,
    if he’s any use he’ll be outta mackemsville in a second.
    Good point Andy.

  7. Allegedly, there have been reports of a £20m. price tag placed on Sturridge by his club Chelsea, which would dissuade most clubs from putting in a bid.
    Hmm ! is this fact or rumor ?

    One fact is most clubs in the PL would like to have this kid on their books, lets see what happens ?

    Another fact is the manager doon the coast is spending like a drunk sailor, with Whickham, Gardiner and probably Gibson, not to mention a possible O’Shea plus Brown, all three from the Man. U. clearout.

    Which means we are not the only ones having a fire sale.
    Whickham is probably a gamble , doubt if he will show much for a year or two, the others, close to a sell by dates, except Gardiner who may prove to be an astute buy.

    Meanwhile back at PSG Owl Heed is nickle and dimeing over Erdinc and we will probably blow the deal.
    That being the case bring in a better but more expensive guy “Sow” who if we had any ambition we would have gone for in the first place.

    O’k, then i would like to see us get a cut rate deal for Ireland (still think he’s a good young player)who IMO could be a big bargain.

    Having got these two our front line and midfield are sorted, now for the back line.

    Appears Enrique’s determined to look for greener pastures, so we need a replacement.

    M’bengue can be had for a few more bucks, fact !
    Izaguirre can be induced to come , by offering both, Forster and Best , both coveted by Celtic, either dealwould be ok, as i would like to keep Best.

    Would like to see Bassong return, he’s not happy sitting on Spurs bench and with all of his fellow Frenchmen here, could be an inducement.

    Plus Arry is about to wheel and deal with the Spurs side again and needs all the dosh he can get his hands on.
    Would’nt expect to pay the same as he went for, plus the guy can play across the back four (believe it)

    Who we gonna get to back up or give Simpson some competition ?
    Are we ready to introduce any of the youngsters on defense ?
    No not Ferguson only in an emergency, he should play on the wing.

    One more thing, would like to see N’Zogbia back and i really dont want to hear about him being awkward or hard to deal with, he can certainly play football and thats what counts.
    Got all that Ashley, ok get it done !

  8. chuck says:
    June 29, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    “Allegedly, there have been reports of a £20m. price tag placed on Sturridge by his club Chelsea, which would dissuade most clubs from putting in a bid.
    Hmm ! is this fact or rumor ?”

    I really don’t think that Chelsea would want to sell him at all Chuck.

  9. Chuck – Well said but too much information !

    Sturridge or anybody will be too expensive if they cost more than two gob stoppers and a packet of sherbet (showing my age there).

    Fatman isnt going to spunk millions because he’s seen how the previous regime fecked things up buying Michael Owen, Luque, Shearer (joking) etc He has this irrational fear that anybody costing more than £5m will be a drain on his resources and will cost him dearly in the long run. He sanctioned Smudgers deal (at £60k a week) and Colo’s (at £90k). One of them worked and one of them ….. well you be the judge.

    Sturridge can be “borrowed” for a season for the same wages that Smudger “earns”. Bottom line is the club needs quality footballers not cheap, bargain buy, players and the sooner he realises that the better !

  10. i see we’re offering to pay half of smudgers wages if Leeds will take him next season…we pay 30k, they pay 15k – so he takes a pay cut (of 15k) but gets regular footy.

    Given he has a year left, but is being offered now as a “free-agent”, there clearly seems no future. But we’d pay 1.5m in wages (rather than 3m, and therefore save 1.5m) to see him go?

    my question is this, If Barton and/or Gutherie got sold – wouldn’t it be useful to keep Smith?

  11. Milner says:
    June 29, 2011 at 10:27 pm

    “my question is this, If Barton and/or Gutherie got sold – wouldn’t it be useful to keep Smith?”



  12. Bit worried at how fast Nassong jumped ship last time round when he could see things were going bad.

    I’d be cautious about signing him again.

    There’s other centre halves out there worth a look, like Scott Dann or Roger Johnson from recently relegated Brum. Both really good players in my opinion and I don’t think they’d cost too much with where the blues find themselves now.

  13. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Birm Owner – if he gets the suggested 15 years, then surely he’d have to sell the club? Or liquidate?

    If he sold, maybe a buyer would come in with cash and keep players…..

    Didnt Stoke just bid 15m for Scott Dann and Jerome combined? (despite the latter going 25 consect games wiv no goals last season?

    Of them, Dann missed half the seeason injured, so I’d take Roger Johnson everytime – 7/8m??

  14. The point is that Bassong is quality and as for him leaving, get over it, it was a deal similar to Carrolls
    Where we were in Chaos and £9m. or whatever looked mighty good for a guy we got for nowt, so doubt if he had much say in the matter.
    Most Spurs fans feel he got a raw deal at the club and rate him highly as a player, he is versatile enough to play (and has)anywhere across the back 4,
    I would have him back in a heartbeat!

  15. If he gets the fifteen years, yeah right !
    When did you ever see a Chinees Mogul go to jail, especially in Hong Kong ?