Scott Brown says no to Newcastle

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Celtic captain Scott Brown wants to remain in Scotland.
Not interested.
Celtic’s Scott Brown denies any interest in a transfer to Newcastle United.

A few days ago, in a post about The Celtic Raid, I reported our alleged interest in Celtic captain Scott Brown and left-back Emilio Izaguirre.

I did wonder at the time what sort of role Pardew had in mind for Scott Brown in our already crowded – and speculatively growing – midfield. If even just one or two of the players speculated about do end up being transferred to Newcastle we’ll have a heavily stocked midfield.

The post seemed to inadvertently start something of an Anglo-Scottish debate but it seems Scott Brown isn’t interested in a move to Tyneside anyway. Brown said:

I’ve heard all the stuff about Newcastle but I haven’t paid the slightest attention to it.

I’m captain of Celtic Football Club, why would I even think about going anywhere else?

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of lifting my first piece of silverware since being given the armband 18 months ago.

As the gaffer said himself ‘this is not the end, it’s only the beginning’.

I have a hunger to win more trophies as Celtic captain so that I can look back at my time at the club and consider myself to have been a success.

The club know how I feel and as long as the manager wants me here, then I don’t see a problem getting a new deal worked out.

So I think we can pretty much knock that one on the head.

I get the impression that Emilio Izaguirre was of more interest to Pardew anyway, particularly if there’s a risk that Jose Enrique will leave St James’ Park, although I can find no updates about any progress in relation to Izaguirre.

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115 Responses

  1. we should still have a go at izaguirre.we need cover in the full back positions.all we have is the woeful james perch.

  2. To be fair to Brown, he’s with one of the biggest clubs in the world when you consider fan base, regardless of how we feel about the league. Izzaguirre is a great left back, but I think if Celtic are willing to sell him, one of the top 5 clubs will take a punt on him.

  3. I’m shocked and astounded that the Captain of Celtic doesn’t want to go Newcastle………

    As for Izaguirre, if he leaves to go to the EPL it won’t be to a relegation threatened team like Newcastle.

    The only left back in Britain better than our Emilio is Ashley Cole.

  4. Brian Celtic have a big fanbase but they play week in week out in a 2 horse race that could only be described in one of the dullest places in the solar system.

    Players that would choose Celtic over the Toon strike me as lacking ambition more than anything.

  5. Let’s get realistic sirjastoon, What is ambitious about playing for Newcastle, you’s only just won promotion back into the prem, you have Pardew as manager, hardly a massive pull.

    Just because the prem is a competitive & better league doesn’t mean players should rush to sign for Newcastle.

    You will get the players who want to line their pockets but for those players who want medals & european football instead then avoid Newcastle.

  6. maybe hes going for 2 defensive midfielders to break up play and give it the more attacking players
    simo – saylor – collo – enrique
    —– tiote —- blaise ——

    looks a good team even thou jose maybe offski

  7. ————krul—————
    simo – saylor – collo – enrique
    —– tiote —- blaise ——

  8. Dont give either of the bigot brothers any money.

    Only reason they have got big support is full of glory hunters n bigots from all over.

    Get Lee Wallace from Hearts if we want cover for left back.

  9. Talksport just now taking calls regarding the Newcastle situation. Joey Barton just talking to the show there sounds a decent guy.

  10. sirjasontool – Players who choose Celtic over the likes of Newcastle show the ability to see the difference between playing for a worldwide institution over a backwater provincial little town team. Other than the money that is available to clubs/players in the EWPL(English Welsh Premier League)what chance has someone outwith the top 5 clubs got of lifting silverware. Don’t give me Birmingham or Portsmouth in recent seasons (pure chance – most trophies have been picked up by three clubs in last 5 seasons). When they sit with their Grandchildren in years to come and the child says ‘ Grandad, show me your medals’ what will they say then?

    And as for dullest places in the Solar System – have you been down the Big Market on the weekend. Newcastle – so dull and rough even the devil dogs hunt in packs!!!

  11. He’s had his moments asim, good player thou IMO. Him & Scott Brown similar players\position\aggression etc.

  12. sirjasontoon the league you play in you have absolutley zero chance of winning. You also cannot and will not be offering european footbal for some time to come. you are a selling club so any player wanting to win something aint gonna go near newcastle

    you manager is more used to relegation battles than anything else and he has lost most of those.

    I love newcastle as a place and like the people but football wise you are at best english prem mid table and more likely relegation battlers season in season out. That why brown would be good for you, a battler , but izzy has far too much about him and at this early stage in his career the toon would not be a good place for him to develop

  13. Come on Jock the SPL is a Joke end of.
    I even get annoyed when the bbc puts scottish football in it’s ceefax gossip column – drivel.

    Seriously the SPL is irrelevant and any player that would play in the SPL rather than the premiership is lacking in ambition.

  14. sirjasontoo

    well you certainly not showing ANY brains calling me jock when the name shown is IRISHEDD get it im IRISH.

    umm let me study your rather silly post
    players who would rather play in the SPL then the EPL lack ambition

    Henrik Larrson

    and to assist you here are his honours sadly not including a UEFA trophy when we were scammed in the final by a cheating porto side.. when will the toon even get close to a UEFA match never mind a final……..

    the only time you go to europe is on your holidays

    Honours[edit] ClubFeyenoord
    KNVB Cup (2): 1993–94, 1994–95
    Scottish Premier League (4): 1997–98, 2000–01, 2001–02, 2003–04
    Scottish Cup (2): 2000–01, 2003–04
    Scottish League Cup (2): 1997–98, 2000–01
    La Liga (2): 2004–05, 2005–06
    Supercopa de España (1): 2005
    UEFA Champions League (1): 2005–06
    Svenska Cupen (1): 2006
    Manchester United
    Premier League (1): 2006–07 (special dispensation)
    [edit] IndividualGuldbollen: 1998, 2004
    European Golden Boot: 2001
    SFWA Footballer of the Year: 1999, 2001
    SPFA Players’ Player of the Year: 1999, 2001
    Scottish Premier League Player of the Month: September 2000
    SPL Top Scorer: 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
    UEFA Cup Top Scorer: 2002–03
    UEFA Euro 2004 Team of the Tournament
    Scottish Football Hall of Fame
    Tidernas Guldboll (All-time best Swedish football player): 2005[46]
    All-time UEFA Cup/Europa league goalscorer: 40 goals
    Orders and special awards
    UEFA Jubilee Awards – Greatest Swedish Footballer of the last 50 Years: 2003
    Honorary Doctor of the University from the University of Strathclyde: 2005[47]
    Member of the Order of the British Empire: 2006[48]
    H. M. The King’s Medal: 2007

  15. roonyeanupye:

    June 16th, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Be fair to the Toon, they produced Chezza. Top Bird. Its not all doom & gloom.

    Then again you got Gazza, but he’s gone fishing, chicken legs ‘n’ stella packed.

    #OneFlewOverTheCuckoosNestStyleFishing. 80)

    Jctoon- Lee Wallace is a player I like, But the injuries he pick’s up on a regular basis to much of a gamble, plus Hearts would be asking around £3-4 million for him. He just returning from a serious knee injury also. (Cruciate Damage). #HighRisk

  16. Irishedd I wasn’t responding to you directly.
    Apologies for the confusion :lol:

  17. SirJasonToon.

    I will not disagree the Spl is pants, there is no argument there. But Yes players want to play in the Prem, but they don’t want to risk going to clubs who could be in the Championship & Newcastle to high a risk for that scenario. Look at Barrera who choose the Hammers over Celtic, he is a Mexican international now stuck in the championship who will struggle to get a move to the Epl because being in that West Ham team last season he looked as bad as the rest of the Hammers. (Scott Parker not included).

  18. When you look average in a poor Portsmouth side and poor in an averarge spurs side no wonder he wants to stay in Scotland where he looks a world beater, I was working in Dundee and went to a dundee Motherwell game n felt like tearing my eyes out, worse game I’ve ever seen

  19. Isn’t this a non-story? Absolutely no evidence other than some rags that the Toon want him, no confirmation of any bids from Celtic and all the player is saying is that he’d heard the bits about Newcastle interest and isn’t planning to leave Celtic.
    I am finding it hard to contain my apathy.

  20. How many ‘horses’ are there in the EPL?
    Even if you were to say more than two, Whocastle wouldn’t be near the top SIX!
    As far as Partstewed’s comments are concerned, he’s certainly an authority on poor leagues, he’s dragged enough teams down into them!
    And what has he done at Whocastle so far?
    Won 6 from his 22 league games in charge and got thumped 3-1 by Stevenage in the FA Cup, hot stuff!!
    He got dumped by West Ham after the worst run of results in SEVENTY YEARS, was unable to save Charlton from relegation and eventually got dumped from there a year and a half later leaving them third last in the Championship, before getting dumped from the heady heights of League one Southampton!
    Defo got the Midas touch that every decent player would want to work with eh?!!
    Ambition?? Ha ha ha!
    Whocastle have already shown the world how it repays ambition and loyalty by their disgraceful treatment of Chris Hughton!
    Enjoy your time in the EPL ‘lads’, it will be short lived, before you’re back where you belong.
    A mediocre Championship side!
    Ambition at Whocastle United, now that is the joke of the week!! Ha ha ha ha!

  21. Max we would make an awesome championship side…I think we already proved that a while ago.

    I think most real fans would admit things are far from perfect on Tyneside and most would love a board that has vision and ambition as well as a manager that had a decent track record but sadly we don’t at the moment.

    All that aside if I had the option of the Toon playing in the SPL or the Championship I would pick the championship anyday of the week….much more entertaining than the SPL which in all honesty is a steaming bag of rotten dog turds on a good day.

  22. So pleased this horrendous donkey of a player won’t be in black and white next season!

    I’m fed up of all this babble about Celtic being such a massive club. They’re not even the biggest club in their own city! And as I understand from a glaswegian I was at uni with, Celtics fans outside of Glasgow are only fans cos they’re catholic and its like the default team for some reason. Maybe that’s why they’re so big in Ireland as well. If true then that’s not for footballing reasons anyway!

    Also, someone criticised the English league in this post by saying that in England, nobody outside of the top 5 can win anything. That might be true, but its a bit of a stupid point to make when Scottish football is the biggest 2 horse race in history!

    And let’s look at the quality of the Scottish league while were here. Middlesbrough brought in the top scorer in the spl (who I’m sure I don’t need to point out was a blue, not a Celtic player) and bearing in mind this was the TOP scorer in Scotland, and what happened? Couldn’t hack it in the 2nd tier so he was farmed out on loan! Celtic and rangers constantly bang on about how they’d be great in the premiership, but the top scorer in the whole league wasn’t good enough for the championship!

  23. Good points Scott….I forgot to mention as well that it is more than likely neanderthal bigotry that attracts the fans of rangers and celtic from far and wide.
    SPL is just one big crock of plop…..not even going to mention it anymore.

  24. Every erudite, informative and educated response sirjasontoon, just what one would expect from a Whocastle United supporter!
    Celtic have been in the last 16 of THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE….. that’s C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. L.E.A.G.U.E, you might not have heard of it in Whocastle, TWICE in the last 5 years and in a Uefa Cup final, that’s U.E.F.A. C.U.P F.I.N.A.L, you might not have heard of those in Whocastle, (it’s a EUROPEAN competition) not long before that with O’Neill.
    We’ve beaten Man U, that would be one of your two EPL horses, in THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualifying ahead of them in our group with a game in hand, beat AC Milan (they’re a EUROPEAN team btw)in the Champions League.
    In recent years dumped five time winners of THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Liverpool out of EUROPE.
    Other EUROPEAN results in recent years have been thumping Blackburn Rovers home and away in EUROPE, Beating Barcelona, Moscow Dynamo, International Lyon, Juventus…………..I could go on but I don’t want to rub it in, ha ha ha ha!

    Whocastle United, AMBITION!!! ha ha ha ha!!
    Still can’t get over that one ha ha ha!

  25. Why do you do this ?
    It only brings out the defensive nature of the the “oul firm” sides.
    Two proud clubs who were once on par with the top sides in europe, who’s decline to a footballing backwater for lack of Tv revenue is somewhat sad.
    Leave them with their delusion of being what they once were, please!

  26. And who exactly was it Whocastle once were?
    You are very aptly named ‘the Magpies’, the only way you’ll be seeing any silverwear is if you steal it ha ha ha ha!

    AMBITION ho ho ho!

    Very good!

  27. I hear Partstewed’s got ambition though.
    I hear he wants to me a real football manager at some point, something he’s failed miserably at so far!

  28. OK Bigoted Trolls time to play SPL manager on the old PS1 ahhhhhh happy days :lol:

  29. Loving the celtic fan desperate to justify how good his team are by mentioning that they might’ve once beaten teams who have actually WON the competition! You knocked Liverpool out once did you? Pat yourselves on the back, they’ve won it 5 times. You topped a group with man u in it once did you? excellent work, what hapenened next? We beat arsenal this season, does that mean we’re better than them? surprise results happen lads, but don’t go getting ahead of yourselves. English teams have won that trophy 11 times, scotland once, so your list of triumphs falls a bit short.

    How’s Celtics away record in europe these days? Not too great for such an all-conquering colossus of world football is it? Next time you’re tempted to post a list of past victories, remember Aalborg in 2008 eh? Not so hot in your group then, not even the UEFA cup…

    And if Scottish football is soooo hot, then why do your league winners (not celtic btw) have to qualify for the champs league? Face it chaps, scotland is a footballing backwater, whoelese has to have their league winner qualify? The likes of the swedish, norwegian and czech leagues? That’s not great company to be in, especially not when you’re trying to justify the standard of your league…

  30. The Magpies stealing silver 80) I love it, lol.

    Its interesting to see the perception of those outside of Scotland regarding the sectarian bigot stuff & only Catholics support Celtic, what one lot of BS.
    Total lack of experience & education on their part so I suppose to get upset it about it would be a bit immature as they clearly speaking out in ignorance

    In your heads it might all make sense to you’s. But when we listen to you’s spew this garbage it just highlights how out of touch you’s really are with the situation.

  31. while your point about the top scorer in scotland turning out to be pants in the english second tier might holdsome water if you didnt know he was always just a crappoacher lets say youa re right

    your theory comes unstuck over a certain Mrcharlie adams who CURRENTLY has ahlf the top premiership teams drooling over him and he could barely make the huns team

    larsson as I say champs league winner and epl winner with man u

    rangers prob have a few players who would do very well in the epl jelavic for one celtic certainly ahve a number kayal / izzy / brown / hooper all would be good mid table team players and the first two poss better than that

    thats the problem with people with these all back ad white ( not meaning newcastle colours lOL) attitudes things are almost always not black and white more often shades of grey

    the spl is poor and has declined reccently but this ahd made the league more competitive , hearts and killie doing well this year. celtic and rangers are dropping points away from home

    THE epl is becoming more and more divided with only winners coming from a top 2 man utd and chelsea, arguably 3 possibly next year with city, then the chasers of european football , lpool tottenham etc
    mid table mediocrity …. god even stoke are mid table as well as sunderland
    then the relegation fodder which are the three up each year and about 6 others

    you league is overpaid and overhyped, its value is shown when your perenial top team man utd get embarrased when they face a real football team barca

    celtic and rangers over the last few years would have ended up midtable in your league and thats without the extra £40 million we would each easily earn.

  32. FAO scott

    scott you know all teams you mentioned who beat us in european games and the ones we beat….. please remind meof your own results in those years

    for example braga beat us this year and went onto the europa league final DO REMIND ME OF YOUR EUROPEAN RESULTS OVER THE LAST 5 NO LETS SAY TEN YEARS

    Tell you what write them all down on the abck of a stamp

  33. Scott.

    Population Scotland. 5 Million

    Population England 51 million

    85% Footballers in Epl Non English

    90% Non English Managers

    95% Non English Owners

    Take that out of the Epl along with the Sky TV revenue then for a country with that sort of population you not much better than the Scottish Football back water.

    On the big stage those English players can’t compete with the big boys of the international world.

    No English manager ever won the Prem.

    Foreign Coach as English Boss.

    You have much to be proud about me old son.

    & Did I mention the total debt of the Epl £3.6 Billion quid. Hmmm?

    Delusional. Yes. Denial. Yes.

    Dunder Nut. Yes.

  34. the value of your league is shown in your team winning the world cup in 2010

    oh sorry hold on

    you didnt and you were pish poor christ you were lucky to get a result off the yanks

    you had a easy group and struggled then when you played a real football team…guess what

    I am sure all thsoe foreign player who come and take the money think the league is great….. as they head home with a huge bank balance and a few years of having fun with all the bimbos and wags

  35. That would be C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. L.E.A.G.U.E LAST 16 IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS!
    I knew it might be a bit complicated for Whocastle supporters to grasp.
    EUROPE, that’s the place were about 40 of you can afford to go on holiday every year.
    Have Whocastle ever been in THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE last 16…..ever?

    So now scott your having to hang onto the coattails of Liverpool and Man U to tell us how good Whocastle are, a team that wasn’t even in the same league last season, ha ha ha!! This just gets better and better!!
    We put Liverpool out of the Uefa Cup muggins, and that was on the way to the final in Seville.
    When was it Whocastle were last in a EUROPEAN competition final?
    London’s got a bigger population than the whole of Scotland, and as far as I can see Whocastles success in EUROPE is about as good as your knowledge of football.
    Practically non-existant!
    Hey but I’m sure things will change under the auspices of EUROPEAN mega manager Partstewed!
    Has Alan ever been in Europe at all?
    Holidays don’t count, ha ha ha ha!

  36. sirjasontoon, you would be better playing Whocastle in EUROPE on your PS1, it as close as your going to get to the real thing, ha ha ha ha!
    I would be surprised if they were a choise to be honest, ha ha!

    ha ha, Whocastle and ambition, ha ha ha!
    Still a belter ha ha ha!

  37. Why on Gods green earth would the lad want to play in front of however-may-thousand toothless, clinically obese, lobotomised, bar code lookalikes at the Sports Direct Arena when he could pay in front of, what even UEFA recognise as, the best fans in the world. Newcastle are a joke club who are synonymous to football fans the world over for their pantomime-like antics. Club together and get a brain cell to pass around at the next home game eh lads.

  38. It’s so sad that you think you can post a link from some no-mark website (it’s on, it must be true!) and claim to have any idea what goes on in Scottish football. We don’t claim to be perfect by any means but it’s the blue half of Glasgow that needs to shape up more urgently.

    What does a geordie use as protection during sex?
    A bus shelter

  39. Dan-We don’t claim to be perfect by any means but it’s the blue half of Glasgow that needs to shape up more urgently.

    Yeah it was them Blue feckers all along eh?

  40. Always trust the Celtic fans for a balanced opinion: A chip on both shoulders.

    I’m hanging on the coat tails of nobody. You losers are shouting about how the standard of your league is so good. I’m pointing out that if its so good, then how do the teams in our league outperform your dross every season? And the occasional, rare victory over an english team doesn’t justify anything, anyone can beat anyone once. Shows how often it happens when you have to bleat on about results that are donkeys years old to make a point, or is that the sound of the sheep taking a pounding again?

    And yeah, the PL has a huge debt, nobody is disputing that, so I’m not sure what it’s got to do with anything, but the scottish teams are hardly bringing in the big names are they? A cos they can’t afford it and B cos no decent player would sully themselves to go there.

    Your only argument seems to be Henrik Larsson. He still had to leave scotland to have a chance to win anything worthwhile again.

    And you can point out as many times as you like that Man U got beaten by Barca, but thats totally irrelevant. I know Barca are better than Man U, they’re the best club team in the world, I never said english teams and league was the best in the world or anything like that, just that its better than scotland, which it obviously is.

    Newcastle beat liverpool and arsenal this year, doesn’t mean we’re a better team than they are, so your years old examples of ancient victories against teams mean nowt really. Difference is, the english league is of a high enough standard to have teams like that in it, so we play them without being in europe. Teams in scotland have to get into europe to play anyone other than pub teams. There are teams in your premier league that would struggle in the english conference.

    You lot used to bang on about Kenny Miller as well! Got him free from Rangers? Nice one! Then he’s so good, he couldn’t hack it in the championship either and is now struggling in Turkey isn’t he? Yet he was the top man for you lot.

    And seriously, the point about how the premiership is so full of foreigners is ridiculous. True, the premiership may be full of foreigners, but I’m looking at trhe celtic squad right now, and there’s more foreigners there than most teams here, and loads more than we have at newcastle! If scottish football is so good, then why is your team full of foreign mercenaries? cant slag the EPL off for having so much foreign talent when your team is full of foreign no-talent.

    And yeah, I agree that the enlish national team is a pile of overhyped and overpaid also-rans, I’ve never said anything else. But what I do know, is that the arguments about our poor showing at the last world cup are a bit flimsy coming from fans who’s team never even made it there in the first place! How exactly did your qualifying runs go? Oh thats right, none existent, did not qualify.

    As for all this about foreign coaches, maybe scotland should try one, as the current lot aren’t exactly doing wonders for the national team are they?

  41. Haha to summarise a very long story….Celtic are now making real strides in eradicating, almost totally, the bigoted and sectarian elements of our club. While in the meantime Rangers are, if anything, making backwards steps. It may be the case that the recent events regarding Neil Lennon have showed many who were previously of that mindset that it’s not the way to go and has actually unified the majority against the sectarian element. The problem at Rangers is so deep-rooted that it may never be solved….either that or they’ll go into administration first…. hopeful the latter.

  42. As for newcastle being full of clinically obese people? Thats rich coming from a celtic fan, when scotland are top of the EU obesity AND heart disease tables…

    And if you have to wait for UEFA to tell you your fans are good, then that doesn’t say much does it? I’m sure they have better things to do than sit and make up silly league tables of fans…

  43. @scott – at the end of the day, it’s very easy and cosy to sit there in the reasonably secure knowledge that neither Celtic nor Rangers will ever compete regularly against English competition in an English/British league and spout theoretical nonsense. The overriding bugbear of the majority of Celtic fans is that we have the undeniable potential to win major trophies on a regular basis if we could break away from the shackles of the SPL.
    The reason we seem to always go on about past victories against big clubs is simply because we very rarely get the chance to come up against decent opposition. I’m sure you can sympathise with that kind of frustration….imagine someone telling you that you were no good but not giving you the chance to prove otherwise.

  44. @scott Sky Sports seem to think that the official Newcastle mascot is the gentleman of whale-like proportions who insists on removing his shirt (regardless of weather conditions) and exposing his gargantuan, black and white, gut.

    ps I live in Newcastle so I see the plethora of walking Big Macs on a daily basis.

  45. lads and ladies

    firstly lets stop the insults about obese people bigotry etc

    why getinto the gutter arguments… we dont need to

    Newcastle is a great city love the people so is glasgow

    football is all about opinions .
    I understand and admire the newcastle fans dedication to their club, well done it is a proper football club


    we all agree the splis crap… but id say not as crap as some think well celtic and rangers

    surely we can agree that the epl is well over promoted and no way is it the best league in the worldwith the best teams as either of the top two in spain would wipe the floor with either of the top two in elgland and its these four team who almost always win their respective league

    no point getting into what if celtic were in the epl, just a waste of time speculating

    so ill say this to you scott ad sirjasontoon
    lets just simply compare clubs
    ill pay for you two to come up to glasgow for a european night

    and you can pay for me to come to newcastle for your next competitive european fixture

    do you know what im in such a generous mood i will even let you take me to st james first……

    let me know when its going to be please as im a busy chap

  46. @dan @52, I see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, its hard to say a team is being restricted by the league its in when it hasn’t been able to win that league for 3 years. If Celtic were untouchable in the SPL, I’d be more inclined to agree, but when you can’t top the table, there’s still something to aim for within that league, regardless of how far ahead of 3rd you might be.

    Also I’m sure sky sports shows that guy cos he’s mental and cos its all in good fun, not because the rest of the city is like that, or else that’d mean that everyone in Portsmouth looks like that mad bugger with the tattoos and the blue dreadlocks!

    And also, I have no idea who or what Anne Collins is, so I’ll use the good ol’relaible beeb:

  47. @scott @irishedd points taken, maybe it’s the frustration getting the better of me. As a Celtic fan living in England I’m sure you can imagine the kind of narrow minded views I’ve had to put up with. Would be a dream come true to be able to test ourselves in the EPL (or a version of) but I fear it may never happen for various reasons so we’ll just have to settle for our one big European game every season.

    If your struggling to imagine or empathise with what it’s like to support Celtic, or even Rangers for that matter, try and imagine Newcastle playing sunderland 7 times in one season and every time you come up against any other team they are slogging their guts out to beat you as it’s their equivalent of a cup final every time they play you.

    Hope that goes some way to explaining the frustration.

  48. I think you’ll find the Celtic support has the best support in Europe from Uefa and the best support IN THE WORLD from Fifa.

    Just compare Celtics Uefa cup final in Seville, were the Mayor of Seville taking out a full page of the Glasgow Evening Times to congratulate our support and to invite us our friends and families back to the city any time in the future.
    And Manchester, were the Chief of police said he was ‘lucky not to be investigating a murder’ after the attempted murder of two police officers and the stabbing of a Russian inside OT.
    I think we all saw the live coverage on the TV!

    In Villareal they started a CSA within their own support, rangers threw a brick through their team bus window.
    Barcelona have recognised a link between our two clubs and the sporting attitude of our fans, their press called rangers supporters ‘lowlife drunkards’.

    In Lisbon they squealed in delight at throwing a homeless man into a fountain, we wewnt their and won the European Cup and ‘won the hearts of Europe’.

    You really don’t have a clue, do you!!

  49. @Max

    I believe after Rangers UEFA Cup Final in Manchester on English journalist described Rangers as “a club built on the foundations of evil”.

    Glad someone else on here knows the score.

  50. @max @dan

    ilive in amnchester so understand all the frustrations

    especially that we are up against a proven corrupt league and refs

    they would love to treat celtic like belfast celtic and get us to close

  51. @irishedd

    We are now stronger and more unified than ever as a club and we’re starting to stand up for ourselves against the corrupt SFA.

    As Neil Lennon said “This is only the begging”.

  52. @dan

    im so looking forward to next season
    bit worried we will lose kayal but i trust lenny thommo and all the management team and after what they threw at the club last year we are through the worst of that i hope

    just keep on building a footballing team and pulling the club and supporters closer together

    big hopes forthe league and a run in the europa league

    for all you geordies that means european football…lol

    I think the team we are building wont do too bad in europe as they can keep possessiona nd use it well
    sadly it will be a learning curve in europe for many as its mostly a new team from last year and whatever we get in this year

  53. Yeah, Celtic, best fans in the world, never any bother, I’ve got no idea at all. Just cos Rangers appear to be worse, and probably are, doesn’t mean you’re the best.

    This is from November

    Not exactly a shining light to fans everywhere eh? Or what about all the IRA chanting? Now I’m not saying that its ALL celtic fans, far from it, but you can’t argue against the fact that this thing DOES go on at celtic matches and its a part of their support.

    These things don’t even have anything to do with football! Its a political agenda and those responsible would do well to learn the difference between political/religious belief and sport. Apparently they don’t know the difference and hence why it crops up at celtic matches

  54. @irishedd

    I’m the most confident I’ve been in a long while re the SPL next season…given a fare shake by officials I think we’ll wipe the floor with Bankrupt FC and the rest of them.

    As far as Europe is concerned I can see a decent run in Europa League…might even scalp a few English teams on the way so we can go on about that for the next few years :-)

    Main priority is to get the league back from Castle Greyskull though!

    Hail Hail!

  55. @scott

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you ACTUALLY posted an article from The Daily Ranger!!!

    The most bias newspaper in Scotland.

    Well done mate….your ignorance knows no bounds.

  56. Yeah, look at the picture mate, regardless of what the article says, the picture says it all. The club wanted lifetime bans for them, again, irrelevant to whatever paper its in, or is the picture made up and the clubs statement all false? Are you saying this didn’t happen, just cos you don’t like the paper that its in?

    How about this:

    Or is the telegraph the 2nd most biased paper? Is that anti-celtic propaganda made up to tarnish celtic’s pristine reputation? Maybe Lennon never said it’s not acceptible? Oh wait, he did, cos it happened, no matter what you think of the paper reporting it.

    Best fans in the world? Sure you are… Cos this is what happens with the best fans in the world. Just cos you behaved in Seville doesn’t make you anything special. Most fans do that as a matter of course, its not like Celtic fans set a new precedent, they just did what 95% of all other teams fans do anyway, without it being something so special they feel the need to brag about it.

    Then there’s this:

    And this:

    And this:

    Yeah, definitely best fans in the world. I mean, if FIFA says it, it MUST be right! :S

  57. We’re told that there’s no place in football for politics then are forced to wear the Poppy on our shirts.
    And I mean forced, so much for democracy!
    I for one didn’t agree with the protest, but as they say, I denfend the right of those that did.
    In case you were unaware the British army has some history with Ireland, and Celtic are a club created to feed poor Irish imigrants who wrere refused work and proper housing when they came to Scotland to escape the famine.
    Many Celtic supporters resented the fact that we were being forced to have it on our strips, when there were many EPL teams who didn’t have it on theirs.
    I would think they had a point.
    The Irish Republican army song you’re refering to, the main one being, ‘The boys of the old bigrade’, a song I would prefer was left outside CP btw, is in reference to the men who went on to form the government of the Irish free state Catholics and Protestants alike.
    By your ignorant criteria the American government and armed forces are terrorists, as would be the governments of any country that was in the past part of any imperial rule.
    Would you consider the line about ‘crushing rebelious Scots’ in ‘God save the Queen’ to be offensive, or ‘Flower of Scotland’s line about ‘King Edwards army’ the same?
    I think you’ll agree such a notion is ludicrous, I would go further and call it racist.
    You really shouldn’t talk about things you quite obviously know nothing about.
    We leave the racist sectarian chanting to rangers supporters, with ‘no Pope of Rome’, the illegal and racist ‘Famine song’, being up to their knees in Fenian blood’ and the like, all criminal offences, but as Dan pointed out, you wont read about this in the daily ranger!
    Even although they have just received two fines from Uefa for it, and as far as I know, have received 6 or 7 warnings and fines from Uefa in the past.

    Rangers were getting banned from Europe when Millwall were a boys club!

    What this all has to do with Whocastles European record and poor domestic quality for years is anyones guess.

    Unless of course it’s coming from a racist sectarian bigot.

  58. Ps, this site has my IP address, so I can be traced, if you can show me where Neil Lennon mentioned ‘IRA songs’ I’ll donate a months salary to charity.
    If you’re stupid enough to believe everything you read in the papers, it only underlines just how gullible you are and the profound depths of your ignorance!

  59. Scott. Our Ultras Boycotted the ‘Political Red Poppy ‘ from being put on our Jerseys instead we wanted the ‘White Poppy Of Peace’ to remember the men & woman who sacrificed their lives in the War. Hardly a crime to be asking for Peace is it not ?

    Many people campaign for the use of the White Poppy, if they where that offensive then why where they introduced ?

    The red poppy is a political PR stunt used in Sporting events such as Football to sex up the image of Wars that Illegal.

    They tell us keep your politics out of football Celtic supporters but hey stick this political red poppy on your jerseys. Hypocrisy pal

    What about the English national anthem, isn’t that political or Flower of Scotland ? Do here much condemnation of those two when introduced in football stadias.

    The Queen recently bowed her head in rememberance to the men & woman who died in the Irish War of Independence but when Celtic supporters sign about these same folk who sacrificed their lives we get condemned for it can you see more hypocrisy pal ?

    What about the recent World Cup, what was the theme of the tournament ? Mandella & apartheid ? So why was no issue made about those politics being introduced into football, the MOTD gave us some interesting lessons on the subject all through the tournament so why didn’t they receive criticism ?

    The Dutch National anthem is political, if you fully understood the song you would understand its about the War with Spain, Who where the finalists, Holland & Spain. Politics in the World Cup final with no condemnation. ?

    You keep bring this subject up about religion & Celtic, we are an all inclusive club who welcome all but hey you keep trusting the Scottish media who will fill the likes of yourself’s head with nonsense.

    Sure your not the guy Bob I had wee Chat with on here the other day. #Currant Bun

  60. The point of it, is due to celtic fans on this thread talking about how celtic have the best fans in the world, when the articles linked clearly show different, whether it be sectarian chanting or violence. I fail to see how these things make celtic fans the best in the world…

    Also, your point is basically all about songs. What about all of those articles on crowd trouble and violence? Maybe all of those articles are by people in papers with an anti-celtic agenda to push? I doubt it though.

    If all these celtic sectarian songs are so innocent, then why does the celtic board and manager condemn them so strongly? You list the origins of these songs, and while as you point out, they might not have been written in bad intension, that is clearly what they are used for now, to cause offense and get a reaction or else why would you prefer they were left outside the ground?

    Yes there is a line in the english national anthem about crushing rebelious scots, but when was the last time you actually heard that part sung by anyone? Its a very old song and parts of it are irrelevant now, but at the same time, they’re also not sung in football grounds either, unlike these sectarian songs sung by celtic fans even now.

    Also, you keep mentioning the word racist. There seems to be a lot of overuse of that word. None of this has anything to do with racism. Irish, Scottish, English, protestant or catholic, none of that has anything to do with race, those things nationality and religion. Races are caucasian, oriental, afro-caribbean etc, not english, scottish, welsh, irish.

    If you’re gonna throw these words around, might as well know what they actually mean and make the effort of using the right one.

  61. Your references seem to be on the level of some anonimous blogger and the news of the world.

    Detective superintendant Geoff Wessel of the Greater Manchester Police force;

    ‘The level of vicious abuse and vicious attacks on the officers (plural) must have been horendous.
    In the case of PC Goodwin, I’m relieved I’m not investigating a murder, the attack on him was that viscious!
    (Pc Goodwin was admited to hospital with swelling to the brain)
    ‘If you look at the CCTV footage, I would describe it as bees round a honey pot,
    He is being VISCIOUSLY attacked!
    They were trying to get his helmet off – they were trying to kick his head in!
    he said if they’d got his helmet off he would have died!’

    These are the words of the chief of Greater Manchester police, I think you’ll agree they carry a bit more weight than a NotW journalist or some sh!t stirring blogger, but if you want to defend these people, fill yer boots!
    I think everyone else will agree it says more about you and your racist sectarian bigotry than it does about Celtic FC and its support.

  62. Max I had similar convo with this clown the other day, he went by the name Bob then pretending to be a Newcastle fan when its obvious he a currant.

    There is no debating with him, he skips by the points he has been proved wrong in then through another accusation at you to deflect from the issues he been proved wrong in.

    all in all a total steamer of a currant.

    What’s that old saying Don’t cast your pearl to the swine …

    Why can’t he just not admit he a currant, why pretend to be a Geordie, #Muppet\Scott

  63. I’m chuffed to bits that you’ve gone to such lengths to trawl the archives of the Internet and bring to the fore dated links containing content a lot of which is media hype and speculation. The poppy ordeal was shameful and that’s why I was very careful to constantly state that we are by no means blameless. My whole point is that, while we still have issues to contend with, we are light years ahead of our rivals. Have you ever been to a game at Celtic Park? I would sincerely hope you have as some of the points you are making seem to be those of someone who is very familiar with the inner workings of Celtic Football Club.

    It seems, however, that (as is common with English football fans commenting on Scottish football) you already have your mind made up and no amount of Internet links or quotes will change your mind. All I can hope for is that some day we are able to play in England on a regular basis and at that point you’ll realise the difference between us and them.

  64. ‘God save the Queen’ is the English national anthem now is it?
    Next you’ll be telling us the Union Flag is the English flag too!!
    Your mind set is patently obvious.
    What a bitter twisted ignorant wee man you are!

  65. In case you haven’t noticed Mark Jason67, the red poppy you seem so against, is in rememberance of BRITISH men killed in both world wars, scotsmen alike. If you think the red poppy was brought in as a political movement in sport then you need to have a read up on it. Its there as rememberance to htose who died and raises money for the RBL which helps soldiers. It has a long history outside of sport. It is in rememberance of those who died in service of the country, and has nothing to do with political motivation. Those who see it as a political symbol are simply misguided or misinformed.

    As for the world cup, the theme of the tournament was not apartheid. There was talk of it at the time as it was used as a tool to show how far the country had come since the days of apartheid, but you didn’t see anybody singing pro apartheid songs in the stands did you? Course you didn’t.

    Also, I don’t keep bringing up the topic of religion and celtic. If you actually read my posts, what I said was that they are hardy the best fans in the world when sectarian singing is STILL a feature at celtic matches. That was one aspect I mentioned, I also mentioned more articles about crowd violence as that has marred celtic fixtures in recent years too.

    And Max @68 if you look here:

    Or if that’s too anti celtic for you, how about your own fansite?,-Celtic-boss-Neil-Lennon-tells-fans/19357

    Now who’s your favourite charity?

  66. ‘incitement to racial and/or religious hatred’ is how the law puts it, how would you interpret that?
    It’s a criminal offence and new laws are stating that more attention will be payed to this on the internet, with sentences of up to five years imprisonment.
    I think this is something you should be considering very seriously as should sites like this who publish your racist sectarian bigoted dangerously incitive views!

  67. Neil Lennon mentioned ‘offensive songs’, at no time did he ever mention sectarianism or the IRA.
    You really are a nasty little weasel.

  68. Yeah Mark, I’m actually backing up what I say with evidence, only thing you jocks know about evidence is when its shown to you in court.

    Of course you can just be ignorant, and say that every piece of evidence, every article, every news programme is a lie, its propaganda by the media, its all promoting some agenda against your club blah blah. Yet all the articles I’ve linked prove my point, that point being that celtic fans have been involved in sectarian incidents and crowd violence. We all know that that’s the truth, as I’ve said several times I know its not ALL fans, but it IS present in your club, as the articles show. To say its not when your manager, club and all the media show it just makes you look a bit stupid and blind.

    And you’re on about all the things I’ve been proved wrong on? What exactly is it you’ve proved? Sod all

  69. Please scott, if you would actually like to read these article, which are the opinion of the author, please quote to everyone where Neil Lennon mentions the IRA or sectarianism, I for one would be very interested to read them, as I’m sure Neil would himself.
    Or did you actually read past to sensationalist headlines?

  70. @scott: the poppy isn’t necessarily about British men – it’s about everybody who has stood at arms for their country and countrymen. It’s simply a mark for all we, as a species, fought against.

  71. There’s nothing sectarian or bigoted about my views mate. I’m an agnostic, so I’d have a hard time being sectarian… I have done nothing but linked articles that show that violence and sectarian chanting has marred celtic matches in recent years, that doesn’t make me a racist, a bigot or anything else. It means I can read.

    And again with the racism. I’d like an example of any racist comments in the thread that I might’ve made. As I’ve said before, people need to learn the difference between race and nationality…


    What is it you think he’s talking about? What is the headline? What is the subject of the article? If you choose to say that he isn’t talking about IRA songs, just because he doesn’t actually use the word IRA, then you’re either an idiot or you’re in the huff at being proved wrong so you’re trying to split hairs. Either way it’s all a bit desperate.

    Matter of time Thump, only ever a matter of time…

  72. Dan – The poppy protest, what did you find shameful about it ?

    The GB wanted the white poppy on the jersey to remember the men & woman who fought & died in the World War. It symbolises peace.

    The red poppy was brought into football to sex up the wars they fighting in to raise the profile & image of the army who lost the confidence of a lot of people with Illegal wars & the banner they used wasn’t that the truth. Ireland, Iraq & afghanistan Wars whom many disagreed with ?

    The men & woman who fought & died in the WW did it for freedom, freedom of speech. But its not Ok for the GB to exercise those rights ?

    & Scott\Bob what ever yir name is I’ll not be responding to you, it took me bit to work out you where that same currant I had debate with other day,I find it strange you changing names & denying you a currant. Your a clown pal. END !!

  73. If you look through the other blogs on this site, I’m in a few of em. And in none of em have I ever called myself Bob or any other name.

    I’ve shown you facts in the articles I’ve linked. I can’t make you see them, but just saying that every source is a lie or is biased anti celtic is pathetic. Makes you look stupid.

    And you’ve got the cheak to call me a clown? I think you should go and stand in a quiet corner on your own and have a word with yourself…

  74. Also, since I haven’t got a clue what you’re banging on about with this “currant” crap, I haven’t denied it OR confirmed it.

    But your post says I’ve denied it, so more proof that you don’t actually read what I’ve said, just type away regardless. next time you headbutt the keyboard to post, aim for the keys that spell something that makes some sense

  75. Are you suggesting if your agnostic or atheist for that matter, you can’t be racist sectarian or even anti-semitic?
    Are you stupid enough to suggest that the Irish Republican Army were a sectarian organisation?

  76. Ok Max, once more, for the slow brained and generally dim:


    “In recent times, unfortunately there has been a re-emergence, from a small minority, of some of the singing and chanting which is simply not acceptable around our club.

    “This has no place at Celtic Park or at any of our matches and it must be tackled.

    “All this does is tarnish the great name of Celtic and embarrasses the club.

    “As we move towards next season it is vitally important that we ensure we do so positively.

    “However small the minority of people involved, this behaviour has no place at Celtic and I am sure as we move towards a new season and new beginning, everyone associated with the club will recognise this.”

    This is an article ABOUT IRA chanting from celtic fans at Tynecastle in May of this year. He was speaking about the match where this went on. What else do you think he was talking about? Someone complaining their pie was cold? As I’ve said before, just because Lennon does not use the ACTUAL word IRA, that does not mean he wasn’t talking about it. He is talking about unacceptible chanting from a match where IRA chants came from celtic fans that were all over the news. If you can’t seem to fathom a connection in your head, then I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on you.

  77. The fact of the matter is, that Pardew is a dud, who’s dragged down every club hes been at to the extent he couldn’t hold down a job in League One, and Whocastle are, quite evidently since you’ve just come up from the Championship, the worse team in the EPL, with virtually no European history worth talking about.
    That and the fact that Broonie not only knocked you back, but openly mocked you for thinking for a second that he would leave Celtic to be part of your backstabbing set-up in Whocastle!

  78. What I’m saying Max, is that if a person is agnostic, how likely are they to be involved in religious sectarianism? Just which side would I be on? Catholic? Protestant? Not likely.

    If you have no religious belief to peak of, how exactly would you fit into religious sectarianism? What would I do, sit with the rangers fans and shout “I’m not convinced by the concept of a god and I’d need to see proof which I don’t believe exists!”

  79. You stated quite openly that Lennon and Celtic FC had called for an end to ‘sectarian songs’, again for the ignorant and hard of thinking, please QUOTE where Lennon says this.
    It’s straightforward enough!

  80. As I said, are you hinestly saying that an agnostic or athiest can’t be either racist, sectarian or anti-Semitic?
    If you don’t believe in God you can’t hate Jewish people or Muslims, Catholics or Protestants, Black or White, Chinese or Asians.
    I would think that anyone with a real understanding of Gods word, no matter what god that may be, would be more accepting of the peoples beliefs around them.
    You’re the perfect example, as proven again and again by your comments today.
    You made sectarian comments about Catholic celtic supporters and racist comments about Irish history.
    Your agenda is clear.

  81. Ok then, since you’e obviously simple and can’t read what’s put in front of you, what do YOU think he is talking about in the article and the quote I have already provided several times?

    I know its straight forward, I’ve DONE it. You don’t seem to be able to read it for some reason though. As I’ve said too many times now, he does not actually SAY the WORD sectarian, yet that is the subject of his statement, the subject of the article it is in and the reason for his statement in the first place, after the chanting at Tynecastle.

    Also, the word “Hun” in itself is a sectarian term. Hun was a derogatory term for protestants long before it was for Rangers fans.

    Also, sectarianism comes in two forms. Religious and political, so you could actually say that the IRA is a sectarian group, albeit political rather than religious. That said, the IRA have acted with religious motive in the past before, so you could say that they are religious sectarianists as well to a lesser extent.

    Either way, I can’t be arsed to keep talking about any of this. Celtic has a sectarian section and a violent section to their fanbase, that’s been proven with their chanting and their fighting with opposing fans, its been seen on TV, its been in the papers and on the news.

    So my original point, before all this debacle stands. Celtic clearly don’t have the best fans in the whole world.

  82. Max your ignorance blows my mind. The Irish are not a race, they are a nationality. You really need to learn the difference between the two terms.

    I also NEVER said an agnostic couldn’t be racist, that’s ridiculous, and I said nothing whatsoever about atheists.

    Also, I don’t know how you’ve managed to bring anti-semitism into this, but that is a form of racism.

    I’m prefectly accepting of the beliefs of all religions, and I don’t know what I’ve said thats so unaccepting of anybody elses religion, but I do stand by what I said about how it would be pretty hard for an agnostic to be involved in religious sectarianism.

    Which sect would an agnostic be biased for/against exactly when the argument between rangers and celtic is protestant and catholic?

    I suspect that maybe you’re confusing sectarianism with racism here, which we’ve already established you have race confused with nationality, so I’ve got no idea what you’re actually talking about…

    And I’ve said bugger all derogatory about Irish history, and certainly nothing racist, mostly because IRELAND IS NOT A RACE, IT IS A NATION.

    As I said earlier, too many people flinging around the “R” word without actually knwoing what it means

  83. @ max and @ dan

    lads their is no point in having this conversationwith the ill informed @ scott

    he ahsnt a fecking clue

    basically he ahs diverted you both because he was hammered on the spl being shite as are celtic against the mighty…dont snigger newcastle

    he lost hat argument and has diverted you

    1. anyone who states that hun is sectariana s its a derogatory term for protestants hasnt a clue as
    many many years ago it was used as a derogatroy term for guess what…catholics

    he is so far from having a clue he is actually 100% wrong

    2. he stupidly associates celtic with being catholic and doesnt even understand the whole point that celtic have always been an open and non discriminating club unlike our foes rangers

    3.he calls the celtic fans sectarian….. enough said the man is just dumb and ill informed , just send himan oldrangers shirt and let him fester

  84. I think it’s quite clear when people refer to ‘sectarianism’ in football the’re refering to religious divides, only a twisting sh!tstirring bitter little person would suggest otherwise.

    Who mentioned the word ‘Hun’, and I’d be totally amazed as to who called Protestant Huns before rangers fans.

    The IRA, if you have any real idea of who they were, were fighting against Imperialism and oppression, it’s leaders including Wolfe Tone, who was a Protestant and James Connely who was a Scottish socialist and, coincidentaly, an Athiest, so by your definition couldn’t possibly be described as sectarian in any way.
    Since Wolfe Tone was a Protestant, and far from the only Protestant in the IRA, who was it he and the other ‘brave Protestant men’ were ‘religious sectarianist’ against?

    Our supports record is there for all to see, testaments from the most respected names in football, Fifa and Uefa.
    Rangers record also stands for all to see, including their latest punishments for racist sectarian behaviour right back to being the first British club to be banned from Europe in 1972, right up to the reflection of that behaviour in the country they say they are so proud of BRITIAN, ENGLAND, MANCHESTER.

    End of!

  85. oh and i forgot

    4. the ignorant @scott says the irish arent a race

    just to start his learning journey

    The Irish race of today is popularly known as the Milesian Race, because the genuine Irish (Celtic) people were supposed to be descended from Milesius of Spain, whose sons, say the legendary accounts, invaded and possessed themselves of Ireland a thousand years before Christ.

    The races that occupied the land when the so-called Milesians came, chiefly the Firbolg and the Tuatha De Danann, were certainly not exterminated by the conquering Milesians. Those two peoples formed the basis of the future population, which was dominated and guided, and had its characteristics moulded, by the far less numerous but more powerful Milesian aristocracy and soldiery. All three of these races, however, were different tribes of the great Celtic family, who, long ages before, had separated from the main stem, and in course of later centuries blended again into one tribe of Gaels – three derivatives of one stream, which, after winding their several ways across Europe from the East, in Ireland turbulently met, and after eddying, and surging tumultuously, finally blended in amity, and flowed onward in one great Gaelic stream.

    The possession of the country was wrested from the Firbolgs, and they were forced into partial serfdom by the Tuatha De Danann (people of the goddess Dana), who arrived later. Totally unlike the uncultured Firbolgs, the Tuatha De Dannann were a capable and cultured, highly civilised people, so skilled in the crafts, if not the arts, that the Firbolgs named them necromancers, and in course of time both the Firbolgs and the later coming Milesians created a mythology around these.

    In a famed battle at Southern Moytura (on the Mayo-Galway border) it was that the Tuatha De Danann met and overthrew the Firbolgs. The Firbolgs noted King, Eochaid was slain in this great battle, but the De Danan King, Nuada, had his hand cut off by a great warrior of the Firbolgs named Sreng. The battle raged for four days. So bravely had the Firbolgs fought, and so sorely exhausted the De Dannann, that the latter, to end the battle, gladly left to the Firbolgs, that quarter of the Island wherein they fought, the province now called Connaught. And the bloody contest was over.

    The famous life and death struggle of two races is commemorated by a multitude of cairns and pillars which strew the great battle plain in Sligo – a plain which bears the name (in Irish) of “The plain of the Towers of the Fomorians”. The Danann were now the undisputed masters of the land. So goes the honoured legend.

    ‘scott you can click the linkand read the rest yourself

  86. i’m protestant due to the fact my grandfather,set about a priest who claimed my protestant grandmother should convert to catholisism,and they were not married in the eyes of the church.i think we’ve all heard about the bible growing up,have a look,it doesn’t say anywhere “thou shalt be catholic or protestant”,one sect is made up by the romans,and the other is made up by a fat greedy barsteward,who wanted loads of it wasn’t mike ashley lol.the whole thing is absurd,but i understand it gets political from then on.
    as a human being,and in the name of humanity,and all things decent,there should be an ireland for irish people,no doubt.we british have been some of the biggest b*****ds throughout history,some of the things we did in the name of empire were downright evil.

  87. 5:28
    ‘There’s nothing bigoted about my views mate. I’M AGNOSTIC, so I’d have a hard time being sectarian……’


    ‘If a person is AGNOSTIC how likely are they to be involved in religious sectarianism………not likely’

    You really are a wee fanny!!

  88. And Pardew’s still a dud, and Broonie still laughed that he would leave Celtic to join Whocastle ;O)

  89. Who mentioned the word “hun”? I think you’ll see it in IrishEdds post way back @37.

    As for hun not being used before rangers, you must be joking! It came about about 1500 years ago when Atilla the Hun tried to sack Rome and he Pope turned him back! The original huns were not protestant, but pagans.

    Since then the word hun has been synonymous with barbarians and those hated by the catholic church.

    A bit longer than the Rangers/Celtic rivalry I suspect… Another example of people using words where they clearly don’t know what they mean.

    You also seem determined to prove yourself right on Celtics fans’ record by saying Rangers is worse: I’m not disputing that at all. You say English fans are worse. Some are, I’m not arguing that either. But the fact that you’re not the worst, does not make you the best! What I said originally is what I still stnad by. No club that irrefutably DOES have crowd trouble and DOES have sectarian chanting (as acknowledged by the club) can be the best supporters in the world! I never said you had the worst, that’s not the point. SO you can list rangers or whoever you like that you behave better than, but not being worst oes not make you best.

    Irishedd, I have read it mate. Did you notice the part that says they’re different tribes of Celt? An individual tribe is not a race, regardless of what your dubious website actually says. They can have as many battles as they want, and be as insular as they want, they are not separate races, just warring tribes. The title and wording of your article is simply wrong. The white irish are members of the caucasian RACE, just like white brits, white americans etc etc

    Look at the ancient Greeks, every city was its own country with its own government and leaders as there was no unified Greece then as we know it now, just as Ireland wasn’t unified as 1 country and neither was England. Doesn’t mean that each country is its own race though. If that was the case, soeone in northumberland would be a different race from someone in sussex, who would be a different race from someone in Kent, who’d be a different race from someone in Lancashire. Its just not the case.

    That said, supposing you were right irishedd, how does that make me racist exactly?

    Max, I’m surprised you can fathom how to turn your computer on to type if that’s the standard of your comment. Do us all a favour and bugger off. Maybe try contributing to a Celtic blog instead of trolling a newcastle one. Why are you here anyway? That last post shows you’ve got no point to make, you refuse to see facts, certainly nothing inteligent to add, so spare us your whiskey addled dross eh?

  90. some of the most evil regimes and men were athiest,look at how many stalin killed,what were the numbers,about 20 million.
    did anyone see that truly inhuman documentary on channel 4,the other night.that was some of the worst stuff i’ve ever seen,it puts a lot of what we humans fight about,into perspective.
    i think it was called “the killing fields of sri lanka”,it was a shocking look at how people are dehumanized through be fair though it only showed the suffering of the tamils,and neglected the atrocities committed by the tigers.that being said it was beyond words to watch that,although i think these things should be shown,if only to highlight the horror of war.hopefully it might make people think twice.

  91. Max- I’d understand the sectarian accusation if the Old Ira where a religious organisation, if anything it could be considered as offensive to some but definitely not sectarian, its the way certain folk twist things for their own wee agendas, that is why I choose to ignore the clown aka scott\bob.
    The songs song at the Hearts game, Boys of the old brigade, the fields of athenry, the irish National anthem, just can’t get enough, aidan Mcanespie, Oh Gary Hooper , Oh ah Samaras, There’s only one Neil Lennon & YNWa, I’ll provide a years wages to charity if someone can find what is sectarian in any of those songs ??

    Red Poppy used in sporting events–an-alternative-view&catid=45:season-2010-2011&Itemid=80

    ————- ————- ———-
    White Poppy Of Peace

    —— ——- —— google Jon Snow ‘Poppy facism ‘

    Or Harry Patch WW2. His opinions interesting.

  92. Bottom line all toon army followers.

    Is that the bigot brothers . – Celtic,gers are the reason why West of Scotland is in the 19th century.
    Football aint reason why they have got ‘big support’

    But all TOON followers will have worked that out by the previous comments

  93. Nice little (big) 5 year deal for Kev on £5k or so more a week, cool if you can get it like.

  94. People that say playing for Celtic is better than Newcastle because you win the league are deluded

    Its like saying a gold at the paralympics is better than a Silver at the real Olympics

  95. I see these boring jocks are back on boring everyone to death with their boring stories. Seriously dudes! Do you jocks lead such dull and miserable lives that all you do is remember loads of pointless sh!te in the hope that one day you can have an online argument with the English over which is the greatest football team/religion/city???!!!???

    Wake up! Yes Newcastle is a provincial backwater, isolated economically and logistically from the rest of England, it’s part of what makes us unique and leaves us with no great love for the rest of the country, but I’ve got a newsflash for you – Glasgow is, and I don’t know how to put this without offending people, an utter sh!thole. Scotland as a whole is a financially crippled mess, populated by and large with obese, alcoholic workshy morons who love to bang on about the battle of bannock burn. Well whoop de Fu(£ing doo! One word – Culloden!

    See how easy it is to spout mindless bile? You monotonous cretins!

  96. Yep but we got the oil.

    You got the clowns.

    We got two teams.

    You got black and white.

  97. You’ve got the oil??? Seriously? You believe that do you? You really think that, in the highly unlikely event that Scotland gained independence, that you would get “the oil”? Ha ha ha. That has cheered me up this morning. And they have the temerity to call Geordies deluded.

    One more comment. Regarding the favoured argument from the jocks that the EPL would be nothing without the money from sky. How do you explain the mass exodus of all the top Scottish players to the English league during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Could it be that the Scottish league has always been massively inferior to the English league? Even when it was sh!te and banned from European football, it was still a bigger draw than the Jock league.


  98. I commend Scott Brown for being loyal to his team. Particularly as captain. Nothing wrong with that. We are pretty well stocked in midfield also, so the link seemed strange to me.

    I look at the possible teams ppl have up, and i am still a bit worried about our defense.