Toon ready to swoopidy swoop for Mevlüt Erdinç? (+ video)

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Newcastle United allegedly bid £6.5m for Mevlüt Erdinç.
Alleged £6.5m bid
Newcastle United allegedly bid £6.5m for Mevlüt Erdinç after having a £5m bid turned down.

Erdinç is one player we know for certain Newcastle have an interest in because Alan Pardew has admitted it. The Star, based on what they’ve gathered from ‘French sources’, has now come out and said that we are ‘closing in’ on the Paris Saint-Germain striker with a £6.5m bid.

I had a bit of a mooch around the French press – as I do most days – but I couldn’t find anything from this weekend about Newcastle’s interest in Erdinç.

Nevertheless, I do think we are most likely pursuing Erdinç and have a decent chance of getting his signature. PSG have previously said they want £8m for Erdinç, which is what they paid for him, and the recent investment of Qatari money into the club means they probably could hang onto him despite having brought in Kevin Gameiro (who, presumably, will be higher up the pecking order).

But when all said and done I doubt they will. They’ll probably let him go and if we’re the highest bidder there’s a good chance he’ll come to us. Bear in mind though that anything beyond Pardew’s stated interest in the player is, as far as can see, merely speculation.

If we do get Erdinç then allegedly there is still another striker to come in on top of that (according to Pardew, apparently) which, along with Demba Ba, could nicely address what was an obvious area of weakness for us last season after we lost Carroll.

Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge is one who many fans would like to see us bring in, although personally I think one of the Banguras is more likely.

For anyone interested in checking out Erdinç according to the ‘Dennis Wise Manual Of Football Recruitment’, here’s 7 minutes of him in action:

The 24 year-old looks decent enough to me, despite having a relatively poor season in terms of goals last season.

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16 Responses

  1. not sure erdinc would be a good signing looking at his goals/games ratio doesnt look to flash like to to be proven wrong if he does sign and bang in the goals but other options i think

  2. Read alot of people questioning his goals to game ratio but its better than gyans in the french league and.hes.done pretty well.

    Erdinc seems pacey tricky and has.abit of strength. Always a risk who you buy from abroad though

  3. Noticed from the YouTube clip that Erdinc was wearing the number 9 shirt and looked good scoring with both feet. Is he going to fill out vacant number 9 shirt instead of trying for the more expensive Sturridge. The way this window had gone it’s more than likely.
    Can anyone say what Number shirt Erdinc was wearing last season as a matter of interest.

  4. Hmmmm now let me think. Sell star striker for £35m and buy a replacement for £6.5m ? That’s the Ashley way and I’m guessing that’s all we’ll spend on strikers unless you include loan signing salaries :(

  5. well seriously lets put this into perspective ,mmmmm ,erdinc …. or shola mmmm well i think erdinc looks good and for that money well if we can land him it will be one hell of bit of buisness ,and he doesnt look bad to me infact he looks mint dont think we will get him for that price mind

  6. AndyMac @ 4

    ‘…….Sell star striker for £35m and buy a replacement for £6.5m ?…’

    Surely you are not suggesting that just because Liverpool got fleeced by us into paying £35m for a player who hadn’t played a full season in the premiership, was injured and had off-field issues that we should do exactly the same?

    One of the players Sir Alex bought following the sale of Renaldo was Hernandez for less than £8m. In the eyes of many ManU fans he is far superior to Berbatov who cost more and scored more but appears to have more baggage.

    Transfer fees between English premiership clubs are grossly overpriced. It isn’t always the case that the higher the transfer price the better the player or/and the more effective he is in the team.

    It’s not the amount of money that is spent that is important, it is the quality that is bought.

  7. If you ask me we need to go all out for Sturridge. Chelsea going in for Sanchez, they clearly have no intention of starting him next season. Go in with a 10mil bid and pay anywhere up to 20 if you ask me – sounds steep, but 15 less than we got for Carroll and the lad is just as, if not more proven. That would take total spent to 24mil. Keep Jose (no small feat granted) and we’re laughing, then Ashley has 11mil from the Carroll sale to take care of wages.

  8. erdinc looks like a class act, he may not have scored many last season but he looks strong quick and can finish, Agreed sturridge would be nice and he does look good but i think erdinc is a lesser risk. I would be very supprised if chelsea let sturridge go for less than 15 million. There is no way he likes of tottenham will sit back and watch him leave chelsea for the reported six million stoke have bid. no way!!

  9. Erding will be a good buy for NUFC and i’ve seen him play when i was in France last season and will be at the end of all the passes from Ben Arfa, Cabaye and Barton(if he stays) as he has got great positional sense and will run the likes of Vidic, Terry, Sktel and their likes ragged as he can run and is physical and can finish from scrammbling one on one situations as well as a good header of the ball. I SAY BRING IN THE LAD – can just become our very own VAN NISTELROY and take up from BIG AL

  10. i dont know if its just me but i do not think he is a great player :/ id rather we pay 10 million of sturrage or tete baurage or what ever he is called he goals are tap ins really

  11. Witters says:

    “AndyMac….blah blah blah boring dull yawn moan whinge whine”

    How appropriate is your user name ? Cos “witter” is all you seem to do on this site :) If you had a counter argument then maybe you’d be worth listening to !!!

    As Kamar has and I agree with him entirely that we dont want to spunk £35m on a striker but I would like to see us buy like for like.

    Say what you will about AC but he was terrorising defences in his first season back in the BPL particularly Villa, Mackems and Red Bin Dippers. So I’d suggest we bring in someone capable of getting 20 goals this season rather than a hopeful punt on a player who doesn’t seem to want to come here and has been replaced by a player we wanted initially.

    How’s that for ambition ?

  12. If ba stays fit he and erdinc would get you 30+ goals a season. We enquired about Erdinc in january before talk of kevin gameiro even emerged. For all we know there may have been a deal in place between Newcastle and Psg reagrding both Erdinc and Gameiro