Toon sign Sylvain Marveaux (+ video)

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Newcastle United sign Sylvain Marveaux
Sylvain Marveaux - midfielder
Newcastle United have signed 25 year-old midfielder Sylvain Marveaux on a 5 year contract.

The club has confirmed that it has signed Sylvain Marveaux, who can play anywhere in midfield but is known mainly as a left-sided attacking midfielder.

His entire senior career has been spent at Rennes where he has scored 20 goals and made 16 assists in 118 appearances. He has also scored 4 goals in 11 appearances for the French under 21 side.

So it seems our plan to buy all the world’s midfielders and everyone in France is still on course.

Apparently he has signed a 5-year deal although I can’t find any details of fees paid or suchlike, although allegedly West Ham offered £3m for him last June.

Alan Pardew said:

It’s a great coup to have signed Sylvain, who has received interest from a number of other clubs. He may not be well known to many of our fans but he is a real talent and a player we have been keeping an eye on for some time. It’s been a good couple of days for us on the transfer front.

I must admit I don’t know anything about the player but I did find this video of Marveaux in action:

Welcome to Newcastle United Sylvain!

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28 Responses

  1. Demba Ba, Hatem Ben Arfa, Dan Gosling and now Sylvain Marveaux! Anybody else see a pattern forming? Seems the fat man is living up to his own legend and gambling on a load of sick notes. You never know though, they might all actually muster 15 games between them in the upcoming season.

  2. Reports emerged on Friday that Marveaux had failed his medical at Anfield, but he confirmed this was not the case.

    “I do not want to go into details, but if I did not sign in Liverpool, because there was a contractual disagreement between the parties Thursday night,” he confirmed to L’Equipe….

    he failed medical at Liverpool is a rumour the scousers started because he came here…

  3. Guys,He is quite creative,and i have seen him played in Rennes before. A great coup by the club

  4. MrT76,clearly the Toon could sign Messi and you’d find a way to complain about Ashley!

    All great signings, who aren’t sicknotes or Marcelino for that matter (although a few have had 1 significant injury in their career).

    Great signings which haven’t bust the bank.

    The futures bright the futures french! (oh and scouse)

  5. @SeggyNZ

    Ok then! You tell me which one of those players I’ve listed is not a massive gamble? Honestly, I would not be in the least bit surprised if we re-signed Woody.

  6. perhaps this is the Arsenal model we’ve been promised. loads of flighty french players full of energy. he’s got to be better than R.Taylor!

    Seems like a good signing for the toon and we still havent spent much money…

    now to get a decent forward & keep barton!

  7. @10

    You’re right! Prior to the leg break, Ben Arfa had a clean bill of health but we only had him on loan then. We signed him while he was still on the treatment table. Depending on which stories you believe, the lad could’ve lost his leg as a result, and may never return to the form he had prior to the break. Is that not a massive gamble by the club?

    Please don’t misunderstand my comments, I am not in the anti-Ashley camp. I’m firmly perched on the fence.

  8. speaking or arsenal mould… i see they have started talks with jose over his move down there. looks like we will have an entire new look team next season… i hope we are not making too many wholesale changes and that thye gel… all these guys going out and in… one thing is for sure.. this is well and truly AP’s team now!

  9. Marveaux hasn’t kicked a ball since November 2010 after suffering a groin tear and was recently reported to have failed a medical at Liverpool.

  10. Craig Chisholm @ 12

    Yes, that is always the worry about bringing in a lot of new faces. It may (often it always does) take awhile for them to gel by which time the team is struggling and they start to lose their confidence being new boys in a new and strange environment.

    At least we are getting them in early (for once) which will make their integration with their team mates, club and surroundings easier. It also helps that they all speak French, which should also help Ben Arfa.

  11. Well said SeggyNZ, great signing!!!

    Great start to the day, and well done newcastle for keeping it stum, love a nice surprise!

  12. Pretty chuffed about this. Massive talent. If he stays injury free, this could well be the deal of the widow for us. Apparently there are two more coming in over the weekend as well.

  13. We’ve known for some time that:
    – we need a bigger squad
    – we need more pace and creativity
    – we need some more strikers

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s so far so good on the signings front.

    We are also doing business early in the transfer window which has two benefits – the new players will take part in all of the pre-season work and it means we’re not scrambling around at the last minute making panic buys.

  14. Very nice suprise to wake upto although I know little about the player other than the fact there were good teams interested in signing him.

    Hopefully we are still in for Barnetta and / or N’zogbia too and then we will have some real depth on the wings and attacking midfield positions even if Barton does go before the end of next season.

    Hopefully the worst of his injuries are behind him.

  15. Oh and taken from the skysports website story:

    Reports emerged on Friday that Marveaux had failed his medical at Anfield, but he confirmed this was not the case.

    “I do not want to go into details, but I did not sign for Liverpool because there was a contractual disagreement between the parties Thursday night,” he confirmed to L’Equipe.

  16. what in god’s name???hugh really isn’t kidding about buying all the world’s midfielder’s and players in the french league.left sided attacking player?could this mean jonas might be on his way out too?

  17. Argh!i just read on that this guy failed his medical at liverpool over a potential GROIN problem!the player got annoyed at the press reports and came to us as a free agent.we got another freebie who has the potential to get crocked.let’s just hope he’s not too much of a casanova now is he.

  18. Not heard much about Marveaux…. (wasn’t he one of the DC Snipers?)
    The video seems a bit underwhelming to be honest. Seems he can take a corner and maybe pick a pass. Another free signing to fill out the squad isn’t bad, especially a winger.

    It seems our squad is becoming francophone. It may just be a coincidence or it may be a move towards building around Ben Arfa. We should keep an eye on the home grown quotas though.

  19. look at the changes man city made and they still finished in the top 5 just because they havent played here before doesnt mean they are gonna struggle if they are good players that will shine through. they are international footballers and if they can handle that they can handle anything

  20. @24 every player has the potential to get crocked. and he didnt fail a medical that was scouse rubbish cos he didnt sign for them they couldnt agree terms