Toon after £9m-rated Crouch? Pull the other one!

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Newcastle United allegedly interested in Peter Crouch
Crouch interest? Madness (geddit?)
Newcastle United were allegedly interested in Peter Crouch, although that interest is said to have diminished following the £9m price tag placed on the player by Spurs.

Newcastle have allegedly ‘approached’ Spurs about the prospect of signing Crouch but I’d very much like to see some sort of quote to back that up, otherwise I simply don’t believe it.

All that Pardew has said from the States is:

We are waiting on two decisions and that will determined where we go next and what we do.

We are waiting for those to come in. We are still pursuing one or two players.

Sorry, but Crouch is 30, on a decent wage and Spurs are asking £9m for him. It’s just not the profile for the sort of player Ashley seems to like to recruit, even if we knocked a couple of million off Spurs’ estimate of the player’s value.

For the last seven seasons on the trot, Crouch has been good for 10-15 goals a season but Harry Redknapp is hunting a new striker himself and it is thought that Crouch’s chances for first-team action at Spurs will diminish.

Stoke and QPR are also said to be interested in the player but unless I see some sort of solid confirmation by way of a genuine, verifiable quote, I won’t believe he’s ever been of interest to us this summer.

I suspect that one of the ‘two decisions’ Pardew mentioned he’s waiting on is probably Mevlüt Erdinç and the other might be Shane Long, although I’m just speculating there. It’s always possible that we’ve been pursuing some players on the quiet.

With such a dismissive title as I put on this article I could easily end up with egg on my face if it turns out we are actually after Crouch, but I’ll take the risk.

Speaking of egg, I seem to have missed breakfast, so I’m off to rectify that now.

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32 Responses

  1. I am afraid i am going to rant at SPURS.

    They are a poor london team with a shit manager who needs money to work and then runs the club into the ground. portsmouth, westham etc… southampton.

    They ask exorbitant amount for players who are Useless. I cannot believe that clubs fall for their dirty trics.

    9 million for crouch, seriously, the guy could not hit a Barn door with a handful of wheat. they pay 8 mill for Van der vaart and want 9 million for crouch.

    Joke of a football club, ill tell you if that club was not based in london it would be a championship club.

  2. No chance.

    -We shop at the ‘bargain bin’ store.

    Ashley will keep taking cash out of NUFC , year after year, and try to run the club on peanuts, until someone comes in and buys it.
    He is not a football fan, he is a businessman.
    Can’t wait for the day he packs up, and ships out.

  3. We should all be aware of the Ashley policies by now, no one over 27yrs.and certainly no one over £5 to £7m.
    Hate to sound like a broken record but in Joey speak, they are looking for younger, better and certainly cheaper players.
    Thats why i knew there was no way we would sign N’Zogbia and doubt we ever put in any bid for him as rumored during the previous window.
    Same goes for Long, dont want to spend the money, though i believe Erdinc is on his way, probably still nickel and dimeing over personal terms.
    As for Bridge, fugeddaboutit! he’s not gonna play for £25k or £30k a week, probably get someone from the second tier.
    Actually we have the opportunity to get a decent replacement in Izaguirre, with the possibility of a part exchange with Forster and face it we have the new Dutch goalie in Krul, competing with Harper, so why not.

  4. thank god we have Ashley in charge,

    if freddie n hall was still here, u can bet yr ass we will be signing this useless bean pole who’s already on around 70k a week and we will end up giving him a pay rise to 90K to come here lol

    get lost crouch, yr a turd!

  5. Crouch, not worth respon!!!!

    Left back,

    Emilio Izaguirre cetic

    =Forester in return

  6. I’m a 32 year old Spurs fan who has lived through eight trophy wins and constant top flight status.
    My 36 year old Newcastle supporting friend is 36 years old and has seen NO trophy wins and a league status record over that time that looks pretty yo-yo.
    I don’t get this London theory either. What because we don’t have a WHOLE city supporting the club and we have to compete with giants we are somehow advantaged?
    If Newcastle were from London they would be Charlton in comparison to Spurs when not in a one club city. Spurs have whatever status they do on merit. The chairman is shrewd and is very sensible for the most part. I mean he wouldn’t have given Kieran Dyer 80k a week wages back in about 2003 just after it became clear he was a sicknote.
    Spurs are doing all they can to keep their best players right now, whereas recently Newcastle happily sold their best player, what does that tell you?
    Finally Crouch might not be good enough but as for him being unable to hit a barn door he did manage the net at the San Siro not very long ago in the Champions League.
    Take your head out the goldfish bowl.

  7. Spurs are a poor man’s Newcastle.

    Levy is stupid and redknapp is stupider or More stupid.

    Crouch is not worth 9 million. if i were a chairman i would pay 2.5 -3 million for crouch @ 25K a week.

    Seriously a hatrick against jamaica or besiktas does not make a striker.

  8. Cant believe some of the posts concerning Enrique, they fine the guy £100k, how is that possible ?
    What sort of contract would allow such a thing to happen, are we still in an age where there’s no freedom of speech for EPL players, where they can be arbitrarily fined by club owners without recourse.
    And of course Walkie talkie, states he made a mistake and knows it, but i still want to keep him at the club.
    What planet is this guy from ? the biggest mistake made by NUFC was to ever hire this fu**ing idiot.
    And to read some of the posts from idiots who mention his disrespect, if you want to talk disrespect then how about our three caballeros Ashley, Llambias and Pardew who have shown nothing but disrespect to the loyal fans of this club who have supported it through good times and bad times, constantly lying to us and refusing to communicate.
    Thats disrespect !
    The only time we hear aboiut whats going on is through a tweet like Joey’s or Enrique’s and i see where Pardew has changed regarding Enriques contract, it.s now changed from a fantastic to simply a good offer.
    Fact is we are really not privy to what goes on behind the scenes at this club and can only believe what we judge to be true, one thing is i know from experience we have been consitently missinformed by the troika, but i doubt if Enrique has had reason to missinform us.
    Hey! your choice ?

  9. Levy is arguably the shrewdest businessman at the helm of any top-flight club. To call him stupid smacks of complete jealousy, whether you agree with his tactics or not! Unfortunately, football is a business and he does what he thinks is in the business interests of Spurs Plc. Sorry your fatboy is not quite so astute,

  10. Could this be the “Big signing” that Pardew was on about after all he couldn’t have meant one that would make NUFC supporters happy.

  11. 11. Quite. He’s always been a Spurs fan. Now go away back to your own chatroom. Ta ta !!

  12. @ Indian Magpie

    Spurs have a rich history, massive fan-base and a billionaire owner.

    Redknapp took us from bottom to Champions league and will probably be the next England manager.

    How can you say we’re a joke of a club and we would be a Championship side if we wasn’t based in London, when you’ve only just come out of the Championship and have PARDEW AND ASHLEY in charge??

    I don’t even know why I’m responding to such an idiot?

    By the way, I bet you’re gutted that England beat your lot in the cricket, you smelly half-wit.

  13. To Indian Magpie – if Spurs is a joke of a club, what is Newcastle eh? Have you won the double and how many European trophies have you won.

    Since the 60s Spurs have been relegated once – how many times have you been yo-yoing between these divisions.

    If Harry is a shit manager how come he was a success at West Ham, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and currently at Spurs. Where is the gem of a manager your club has hired to guide you to a bounty of trophies? Even your best player in recent times Mr.Shearer could do precious little. And who did you need to take you out of the 2nd division muck – Chris Hughton a Spurs man! And what have you done? Replaced him with a run of the mill manager who has won nothing. One of many who fill in roles when the need arises. How’s that for a joke. I won’t even mention your chairman and his “brilliance”.

    Put the names of Spurs and Newcastle before top players in Europe, who do you think they will choose – Spurs. Berbatov, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Sandro etc. Yes when they leave they go to the MUs and Chelseas – they don’t head to Newcastle. You are in the running for the Crouches and other cast offs the club is trying to get rid off, but your best lot have headed to Spurs many times – Gazza, Anderton, L Ferdinand, Ginola etc. I agree 9 mil for Crouch is rubbish – by all means rave and rant about that, but calling Spurs a joke is pathetic.

    Finally, i’s true that Tottenham’s successful years were way back in the 60s and 70s, but Newcastle’s successes were even further back in the 50s. So, if Tottenham is a joke what are Newcastle?

  14. To every one in this chat ROOM who is a Spud and a cricket Fan.

    Yeah India lost but 3 tests are still left and your team is full of southafricans so Calling England (South africans)would be appropriate. In addition you lot can only play test cricket.

    If harry is next england Manager then SBR would be quaking in his boots. Coz that is the only way england can get worse.

    to everyone Mouthing off at me, see how your spudding empire falls when your manager leaves. spurs finished 4th 1n 2010 and 5th in 2011. they will finish noway near top 5 this season.

    pardew may nt be greatest manager but he is better than that hairy redknapp. who after a squad bigger than a MNC wants more PPL

  15. Indian magpie worry about your own shitty team and your wank stain of a manager before slating my club! I don’t have no gripes with Newcastle fans and usually wish them well until knobs like you comment! Are you an arse or chelski fan in disguise?

  16. Face it, we should be so lucky as to have an Arry Rednapp instead of this jerk we have, but on intervewing for the job here, he sussed out Ashley and could’nt get outta town fast enough.
    My prediction is this club will never be successful under Pardew, which is nothing new as the man has no history of succes.
    I would also trade Levy for Llambias any day of the week.

  17. Chuck

    I respect your views but do not agree with all of it. may be no pardew or lame A** but No thanks to hairy and that bald freak 2

  18. All seems a bit hostile towards Crouch – and a tad unfair I would proffer.
    OK – maybe not worth 9 million but has a phenomenal first touch, streets ahead of both Ameobi and Carroll, excellent distribution, and even gets on the end of the odd header.

    A couple of years ago I compiled stats comparing Ameobi and Crouch and the only category where Shola came out in front was falling over.

    To give you an idea, completed passes from Crouch was 80 odd percent while Shola was less than 20.

    Crouch is quality – problem is he cant get into the Spurs starting line-up. And before anyone starts using that as justification for calling him crap, I dont remember anyone calling Steve Harper crap when he played number 2 to Given.

    So who would you rather have? Crouch, Ameobi, Ranger, Lovenkrantz or Kuqi.

    Crouch for 4 million would be a deal.

  19. pardew reckons we are ahead of the game in the transfer market,another day and more useless information,spouted by “salacious crump”.the whole thing now,is like an episode of “only fools and horses”,
    stick an agent sweetener in me pocket,
    i’ll take a xisco,from the back,
    cause if you want the worst,and dont ask questions,then wisey,he’s yer man.
    where they all come from,it’s a mystery,
    it’s like the changin’ of the seasons,and tranfer window profits for me,
    but here’s the one that’s driving me berzerk,
    why are ashley and llambias,a couple of f**kin’ berks?,
    na na na na na,na na na na na.

  20. @ Archie Brand kuqi is gone :)
    looking at the targets what happened to the under 25 policy left back targets bridge,warnock and shorey oh the day when ashley is gone will be a glorious day for Newcastle united fans!!!

  21. Keep cool all spurs fans….no need to spoil the good crack which normally exists between the clubs fans…whoa….

    Wouldn’t have Crouch at the toon by the way, not value for money I’m afraid. Now nicking Van Der Vaart for 8 million, that was a master stroke by Spurs….(especially when you get wee Sylvie in the same deal…!)…

  22. Cushty Trojan!

    I always used to slag off “Rodney” Crouch, however, I reckon he’s still got plenty of goals in him. He’s far better with his feet than Shola. Funny thing is he is crap at headers, which is odd, considering that he’s 12ft 17 1/4.
    Not really sure if it’s all that relevant though – his age, price, wage and nationality doesn’t fit with Ash-hole’s transfer policy anyhoo.

    A big hello to the yid army… fakeen wenkaz!

  23. Pardew is “confident” of bringing in another striker – maybe instead of TALKING about it, you could just focus on DOING it….

    seems to be a very common theme at the club.

    we WANT to give Jose/Joey/whoever a new contract, but instead we are going to TALK about it and slag the player off – so they will get annoyed and ask to go (least that way the club dont look like the bad guys eh Mike/Alan)

  24. No please!

    £2-3m absolute max.
    Then we could use him as a moving goal post.
    Phew, at least this shouldn’t happen at that divvy price.

  25. chuck,
    pack it in mate.

    The club can fine a payer for whatever they deem is bringing the club into disrepute, i think you’ll find. Same at ALL clubs.
    Except, you’ll find that most players at other clubs keep their trap shut, unless that is they want a transfer.
    You might like Jose as a player mate, me too. But h’s making a dick of himself as a man & his position untenable.

  26. Clint, ye tornin into a radgepacket man! I’m sending some Scousers ower to Kentish Toon to say “Caaaaalm down soft lad!” :-)

  27. worky,
    i’m just having a laugh mate, it seems loads of others are, so i was just joining in like.