Charlton protest to FA over Pardew’s big mouth. Did he deceive fans?

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Alan Pardew - Big mouth again.
Alan Pardew - Big mouth again.
After rejecting a £100,000 offer for 25 year old goalkeeper, Rob Elliot, Charlton Athletic are now putting in a formal protest over Alan Pardew’s indiscreet behaviour during the attempted swoop.

The South Londoners, who immediately rejected Newcastle United’s formal bid on Wednesday, are protesting as they claim that officials at Newcastle United had promised that no details of the offer would be made public. Then however, the usually reticent and discreet Pardew allegedly reneged on that agreement in a rare interview with BBC Radio Newcastle, telling the station’s listeners:

“Once a loan deal Fraser [Forster] was completed, we started looking for another goalie.

“We have enquired about Rob Elliot, and we’ve put a bid in there.”

Charlton’s Chief Executive, Stephen Kavanagh, spoke of the club’s anger at Pardew’s indiscretion, commenting:

“In advance of our match against Scunthorpe, it is very disappointing that Alan Pardew has decided to make public an offer for Robbie Elliot despite assurances to the contrary that wouldn’t happen from his club officials,”

“Newcastle made a written offer of £100,000 for Robbie on Wednesday, and made it clear that it was their final and best offer.

“The offer was rejected within minutes, and Newcastle then confirmed they no longer had an interest in the player.

“We have contacted the Premier League today to register our concern at public statements being made by Newcastle after they withdrew their interest.”

If this is true, it would also  tend to imply that Alan Pardew made the comments despite Newcastle United having already withdrawn their interest.

Pardew was previously a manager at Charlton Athletic from 2006 to 2008, when he succesfully guided them from the Premiership to the foot of the Championship.

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76 Responses

  1. Unusual for Pardew to be so vocal. ;)

    “Pardew was previously a manager at Charlton Athletic from 2006 to 2008, when he succesfully guided them from the Premiership to League One.”

    Love it. :lol:

  2. this is typical alan “parnocchio” pardew in action,well it looks like he’s starting to feel the heat.
    i’ve seen him like this,at previous clubs,when he is about to have one of his meltdowns.
    if it doesn’t go for us tomorrow,none of the blame will be his,it will be the referees haircut or something equally as daft.
    the bloke is a total non entity as a manager,end of story.

  3. So the bid was almost immediately rejected.

    Another failed cheapskate bid.

    More lies and promises broken.

    There’s a definite pattern emerging from our transfer dealings and the way promises are made and broken.

    Once again I’m ashamed that they represent Newcastle United Football Club.

  4. Micky Toon says:
    August 19, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    “Pardew was previously a manager at Charlton Athletic from 2006 to 2008, when he succesfully guided them from the Premiership to League One.”

    Aye well, to be fair, they were only at the foot of the Championship and not quite relegated when thay sacked him. I think I’ll change that Micky.

  5. @2 Trojan 69
    That excuse won’t work tomorrow. Howard Webb is the referee and he has no hair. Maybe blame his own barnet?

  6. This is the way that the muppets are conducting our transfer business. Non the wonder that we can`t get a LB and striker in. They are a disgrace and I am embarrassed that they are associated with my club. If anyone had any doubts about these muppets then surely the summer dealings or should i say lack of them must have sunk in.

  7. Mind having listened to Arsene Wenger on SSN I`m convinced that he has lost the plot. He would fit in very nicely with the muppets because he just does`nt seem to want to spend money!

  8. “Newcastle made a written offer of £100,000 for Robbie on Wednesday, and made it clear that it was their final and best offer.

    It is just pitiful chasing 100K players and that’s a final offer…..clubs must fookin’ laugh when the penny pinchers ring up, I bet agents don’t even bother picking up the phone either.
    Another shambles.

  9. I see a meltdown coming…..lies upon lies always catch up…the heat is on Mr Partridge and your number is almost up.

  10. £45 million or more off transfers and we are chasing 100k keepers and that’s a final offer
    Makes you wonder what strikers and LB’s we are chasing and offering…….Hello Mancini it’s Partridge we would like to offer 10M in instalments and a £5 gift voucher for sports direct for Carlos Tevez final offer……zzzzzz

  11. this is the reason no players are being signed by the club we want every body on the cheap dont get me wrong i dont want to pay over the odds like in the past but we have to show other clubs some respect or they will be reluctant to do business with us in the future any how why did the cockney puppet not sign the players we need a leftback and centre forward as promised before saturdays match?

  12. If NUFC keep saying to clubs that they will keep things confidential, only for Pardew to blurt it out on the radio that they are bidding for the players, even after the bid is dead.

    If Pardew is claiming to be hotly pursuing players to a deadline, giving their clubs’bad names by sugeesting they are causing “difficulties” even when NUFC haven’t even put a bid in etc etc, what kind of clubs are going to trust us and want to deal with us in the future?

    It’s as if the club is trying to burn all of it’s bridges and destroy all trust with anybody. That isn’t good for the future. Whatever fans think of Ashley, every day he seems to be making a bigger pariah of himself with ever bigger sections of the footballing world, which will put us at an ever bigger disadvantage in time.

  13. why o why where we even in for this lad… this is getting ridiculous trying to sign a bloody keeper for pennies im at my wits end with this shower…. go out and SIGN a STRIKER and a LEFTBACK you tight miserably lying fat f**king pig of a man.. stay out of mac donalds and spend it on the team or f**k off and sell the club and take your puppets with you

  14. Worky@15…trying to hoist a goalie for 100K from Charlton…now that’s really embarassing…

  15. Munich Mag says:
    August 19, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    “Worky@15…trying to hoist a goalie for 100K from Charlton…now that’s really embarassing…”

    Munich, if what Charlton are saying is true, I feel that the damage to Newcastle’s reputation, all over a third or fourth choice goalkeeper is the most embarrassing, and so foolhardy it’s staggering.

  16. worky…tell me about it….
    In years gone by the big clubs tried to help the little clubs with transfers…not our lot apparently. Look after the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves is the old addage…

    Can you imagine how the player involved feels ?

  17. Munich, when Mike Ashley bought a bankrupt shop some years ago, a shopfitter called John Foster found a price tag for £5.95.

    Ashley asked him why the shop had gone bust, and he said that they should have charged £5.99 instead of £5.95

    Ashley said: “Exactly! They were missing out on 4p.”





  19. I expect an interesting post match press conference if things go bad like – he could be the new Joe “f**king” Kinnear!

  20. Summerof69 says

    “We have agreed a fee………….”

    Yet that paragraph merely says “Aly Cissokho, 23, left side of Lyon, is the new priority of Newcastle for the position defensively. An offer from the club in the north of England is expected soon to arrive on the desktop …”

    We all know what “soon” means. After we’ve got the player to throw a wobbler and demand a move to the EPL etc etc.

    I’m pretty sure Lyon would want more than €8m as they paid €15m for him in 2009.

  21. Naahh…you’re all wrong….we have agreed a FREE with Lyon for Aly Cissokho….that’s more like it !!

  22. I’m assuming Mr Ashley is opening a Sports Direct mega store in Lyon and the French contingent have accepted some 30% off vouchers.

    Sorry, meant 20% off. What am I thinking…

  23. Andy mac

    sorry i got carried away but still something to get excited about “Newcastle are set to bid €8m according to Le Parisien, a sum which been requested by the Rhone club”.

    also they may just let him go for that price because he has had a bad season and Lyon are close to signing Santon apparently.

  24. “also they may just let him go for that price because he has had a bad season”

    Well thats encouraging then :)

  25. Newcastle United (4-2-3-1): Tim Krul; Danny Simpson, Steven Taylor, Fabricio Coloccini, Ryan Taylor; Cheik Tiote, Yohan Cabaye; Joey Barton, Gabriel Obertan, Jonas Gutierrez; Shola Ameobi
    Subs: Steve Harper, Mike Williamson, Dan Gosling, Sylvain Marveaux, Peter Lovenkrands, Leon Best, Demba Ba

    Thats one hell of a team, and a strong bench!

    Time to smash!

  26. Seems we are going for pace and creativity to start, and then will put on Ba and Marveaux to keep us fresh once we need them to put some more steam in our playing.

  27. man oh man….the day of the makkem derby and the whingers just don’t cease ….you should be ashamed of yourselves, call yourselves toon fans…

  28. man oh man Munich, be more specific.

    Also, could you explain to me the reason you come on this blog mate.

    I’m not having a dig at you, but it seems you only ever come on here to slam people for having an opinion? This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve noticed your name on this blog, offering nothing to the conversation, only saying things such as “you should be ashamed”.

  29. In answer to your question JB, monkeysan’s suggestion to use eplsite seems favourite. The livefooty link needs Sopcast !

  30. Jimbob…look back a bit, you’ll find that I have posted quite a lot and not always negative, not like several people on here.

    My opinion is that on the day of the big match against the makkems and people are whingeing. Do you have a problem with that…it’s my opinion.

    By the way, could you please clarify why I should explain to you the reason why I come on this blog ?

  31. I’ve got a good link but at the moment it’s that bald headed annoying C*** on setanta. Is this the right link? They’re just chatting shite.

  32. Jimbob…it would be good if you could turn the commentators off and just listen to the crowd…the majority of expert commentators talk shoit….

  33. Munich, so it’s not like you have come on here before and posted things such as “muppets”? Also you come on here to whine at people whining?

    Also, I have no problem with you coming on here, we are all here for the same thing. I understand what you’re saying, but I think a lot of it is just a bit of fun.

    Anyway, match has started.

  34. Jimbob…aye I’m the man of the “muppet” response…but only as a result of a personal attack by persons on here for offering my opinion.

    I think a lot of the whingeing on here isn’t a bit of fun…that’s where we differ…but of course we’re all allowed our opinion…!

  35. Munich, I think I’ve miss understood, as I’ve said. I got no probs with you mate. I just have noticed some comments before and I guess I just wanted to ask you what it was that was annoying you.

    Like I said, lets hope for a win!

  36. Jimbob…no probs big man….!! Howay the lads…give my link above @50 a skeg…it’s excellent….

  37. Ta Munich, I’ve got a decent link through sopcast…I’m a bit scared I’ll lose it if I click on another one!

  38. Another case of everyone in the stadium saw it apart from the ref! blantent hand ball, penelty and sending off, what a disgrace!

  39. Hi Jimbob

    Could you stick up the link for sopcast please, can’t get onto myp2p for some reason…

  40. Not liking that first half, they were bossing us. Cabaye was lucky to stay on the pitch and we should have had a penalty. Hopefully Pardew can work his magic like he did with that famous 4-4 when we were trailing 4-0 down.

  41. Munich, it did with me to. It’s changed stream though now? Same link you posted still. It’s working OK for me at the moment.

  42. Phisix, we just don’t pass the ball. It’s always long ball and hoping Ameobi can out pace the defenders. Yeah we should have had a penalty, but Sunderland pass it round us with ease. Cattermole is playing a blinder, Tiote needs to wake up.

    Right, I’m off to get some fags to help with the nerves. :-)

  43. If we get the first goal it would help the confidence enormously cos I’m getting the impression its not high right now ?

    As for changes, I’d take Obertan off and swap with Marveaux and maybe Ba for Shirley later on in the game ? Keep Cabaye on Sessegnon as he seems to be their most obvious threat.

  44. Phisix, I’ve managed to quit, but when it’s derby day and the weekend, it doesn’t count right? :-)

    Buy Buy Bardsley.