Toon interested in Barcelona’s Keirrison?

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Barcelona-based Brazilian striker Keirrison.
Any truth to the rumours?
Newcastle United are allegedly pursuing a Brazilian, Barcelona-based striker who has so far not managed to get a game for the Spanish outfit.

Rumours from the Spanish press (mainly) this weekend have us ‘interested’ in Brazilian striker Keirrison de Souza Carneiro – or just ‘Keirrison’ as he’s known to his friends.

Now, danger Will Robinson! There was initially a lot of doubt about this rumour as it was only thought to originate from ‘CaughtOffside’, but I’ve had a good browse of the Spanish press and there seems to be wider support for the rumour. Mercatofutbol writes:

Newcastle have already submitted the proposal to Barcelona and everything points to the club Barca will not oppose the sale, much less given that the young Brazilian signed in 2009 and has not played a single match with those of Guardiola

The 22 year-old player may be on Barcelona’s books but they’ve loaned him out to Benfica, Fiorentina and Santon since 2009 and he appears to have struggled to get a regular starting place.

Keirrison began his senior career at Brazil’s Coritiba and between 2006 and 2009 he knocked in 33 in 63 games for them. He then scored 5 goals in 7 games during a short spell at Palmeiras, but since moving to Barcelona in 2009 he’s only managed 28 games and 6 goals. None of those games have actually been for Barcelona but have been for the clubs he’s been loaned out to.

Speculation suggests he’d cost around €4m (£3.5m) which would seem to be the sort of fee I could imagine Ashley paying, so maybe he fits the profile of a typical Toon recruit these days (although he’s not French).

I’m still very cautious about this rumour just now, but here’s a video of the guy in action just in case:

Could this be our new striker?

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18 Responses

  1. looks like he has some good skill, strikes the ball well and can certainly take a pen! worth a punt at 3 mil but we still need a proven striker!

  2. If we signed him, but sold Ranger or Best then we may be no further forward than we are now but if we get him AND keep all the strikers we currently have, why not?!

    As we all know – but sometimes forget – it’s not necessarily the big buys that turn out to be the best.

  3. Went to Barca for 16M Euro few yrs back. Not really done alot out on loan but has obvious ability. Id be surprised we get him for £3-4m. Like Obertan worth a gamble. We desperately need a striker that will run the channels, while i dont like him as a person Bellamy would do a job for a few yrs and will only cost around £4m, and would also be willing to lower his wages as he did at Cardiff. Sturridge is a good player but likes to come deep, adn we dont need that we need an off the shoulder striker that will run all day into space to help us advance. Carlos Vela is more the type.

  4. There is still a slight chance we may get Erdinc who is the type of player that will provide us with the direct attacking options and compliment a big target man. Perhaps Sturridge may be an option now that I hear that Lukaku is joining Chelski, those two he scored yesterday against Rangers will bump up his asking price, nearer to the 20mil that the press is suggesting.

  5. Bearing in mind (as were always being told) our game in Uk is based more about directness and pace to beat the opposition rather than the technical type of game that this guy has been either playing in or transfered to, he may well turn out to have something tasty.
    He’s got pace, is nippy around the box, likes to run at players and is pretty usefull from the spot as has been said. Who knows unless he’s given a shot at it. He won’t cost a fortune so may well fit the master plan.

  6. Trojan, some rubbishing was done on the basis that it was thought the rumour started with CaughtOffside (as I said in the article).

    It seems, however, to be a wider rumour than that. Although that’s just my assessment based on a perusal of the Spanish media.

    Either way, it’s still just a rumour as far as I can tell though.

  7. This could be a starter, cause by now we all aught to understand, that the price is right?
    Our astute owner is obviously more interested in the price than the quality of the player.
    As Pardew admitted recently, there will be no more competing for the likes of Sheerah! with Man. U.
    Actully even Man. U. are no longer big time, becoming as are Arsenal a selling club to the likes of Barca (heavily streached economically) Madrid , Citeh and Chelsea, even a now Gulf State owned PSG.
    We on the other hand are like QPR, each owned by cheap assed billionaires, who want to make money from as well as having a plaything as part of their financial empire.
    Of course there are those on these blogs who find that perfectly ok, quoting financial responsibility etc. etc.,and think protecting Mike Ashleys fortune is a worthwhile thing.
    And in agreeing with Ashleys austure policies, have condemmed themselves to lower level mediocrity in the pl, that is if relegation can be avoided.
    Come back Freddy all is forgiven, anybody but this as**le.

  8. Just a thought we may be owned by a cheap assed billionaire but Freddie walked away with about 7 mill from the club and Sir John about 55 mill with out putting a penny in.They sold to Ashley with aprox 100 mill debt and players wages of aprox 90% of turnover to me not the greatest legacy.
    Yes Ashley stated he is not going to put any more of his money into the club, no one is interseted in buying as it is so I say bite the bullet – it could be worse look at Leeds or for that matter Notts Forest just because the previous owners put us is debt to nearly win something we are still at least in the PL.

  9. chuck says:
    August 7, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    “Actully even Man. U. are no longer big time, becoming as are Arsenal a selling club to the likes of Barca”

    Surely you can’t be serious? They sold Ronaldo to Madrid for a crazy amount about 2 year ago, and a few past its the wrong side of 30 and that’s it. A selling club? Just this summer they’ve bought Jones for about £17m, Young for about the same, and De Gea for about £19m! What’s that, about £53 million?

    Now as far as I can see, that is a LOT more than Chelsea have spent this summer, and more or less the same as Man City, but only cos of 1 massive signing by them. If they are a selling club to the likes of Barca, City, Madrid and Chelsea, barring as I mentioned, Ronaldo a couple of years back. (who actually is living proof that the fee you pay doesn’t necessarily have a bearing on a players qulaity) who exactly is it they’ve sold to those teams?

    And as for not being “big time”, they’re as big time as they come! I’d take a league win and a champions league final for the toon if that’s ok!

    I wish we could be a “selling club” like Man U!!

  10. Do goalies in south America not do their homework on penalties….duve to your left if kerrison takes a pen!!!

  11. Well I lived in Sao Paulo for five years until recently and followed Palmeiras every week. This guy is great, the sad case of another young footballer leaving Brasil too early, especially to a club like Barcelona where you dont get games. He was then shipped around Europe and of course did not perform as well as he had in Brasil. A star in the making, a taller version of Pato from Milan. For 3-5 million, take him.

  12. Are you all forgettin that it’s Graham Carr who is pointing these players out to Ashley & co yeah… Ashley wouldn’t have known anything about this or any other player unless Carr had seen them playing & if we can get him for €4m & he turns out to be the next Tevez or Maradona, you won’t be whinging about his price tag then will yers… get some feckin common sense will yer, what is the point in spending masses of money on some one like Ketsbia for them to turn out shyte, I’d rather take a punt on this guy & not waste big money or wages on someone who may not also be able to cope with the PL game…

  13. “Mercafutbol” (a light Spanish version of Caughtoffside) refers to “Caughtoffside” as their source, so don’t know how you would think this means ‘wider support’. Obviously a total fake.

  14. Jan, I didn’t say Mercatofutbol was a ‘wider source’ – I merely quoted from them.

    Having said that, you’re probably right. I do hold serious doubts about the rumour.

  15. Ranger and Best seemed more pre-occupied with heading to the casino on Friday than footballing matters (I have photographic proof of the pair parked on double-yellows for anyone who fancies it) – never a ticket-warden around when you need one!