Toon target Maiga to be punished by Sochaux

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Newcastle United target Maiga to face punishment from Sochaux.
Maiga in hot water at Sochaux
Newcastle United striker target Modibo Maiga faces punishment from Sochaux.

As reported yesterday, Sochaux’s want-away Malian striker Modibo Maiga has been trying to force a move to Newcastle by refusing to play for his current club. It seems he didn’t turn up to the training session that took place after that either.

This has got his Sochaux bosses hopping mad and it seems they’re preparing to dish out some sort of punishment to the player. An official statement from the club reads as follows:

FC Sochaux-Montbéliard recorded in amazement the boycott by one of its players of the game against Ligue 1 side Stade Malherbe Caen and absence without leave of the same player from the training session scheduled on Sunday 14 August 2011. The club condemns this unacceptable behaviour from a player which is contractually bound after signing in the summer of 2010 for a period of four years (until June 2014). FCSM consider that this behaviour is totally disrespectful to the club, his teammates and his fans. It will not be without consequence or punishment.

Sochaux are feeling doubly concerned at the moment because they also fear that midfielder Marvin Martin wants a move to Arsenal. Having already lost Ideye Brown to Dynamo Kiev, the loss of Martin and Maiga would leave their squad seriously depleted, particularly given that they are competing for the Europa League this season too.

Sochaux have apparently offered Maiga a new contract with better terms, but Maiga said:

They did not propose anything to me before the offer from Newcastle covering five years. I have a family counting on me.

I do not want to quarrel with Sochaux. I will respect my contract. I’m ready to play and I will be 100% but it is necessary that the President discusses my transfer.

Can’t say I’m keen on players simply refusing to play in order to get their own way and I think Sochaux are right to fine him. But it’s clear he wants out and you’d have to wonder what his motivation levels will be like if the club refuse his move.

If he is going to join us, it will certainly be off the back of a gloomy departure from Sochaux.

Thanks to nzedtoonman for the heads-up on this story.

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20 Responses

  1. To be honest. It’s a pleasant change for US. How many times has a Newcastle player stomped him feet to leave. We have been on the recieving end for decades. And was it not Newcastle who started it in the first place. Refusing to sell a player back in the 60s lead to legal action and opened up player power. We were the first club but I fought we will be the last. To be honest its good to be on the other end for a change and I for one would love a team full of players that would do anything to play for US. It makes a nice change of affairs. Long may it continue. Long live Newcastle united, hail the magpie.

  2. #2 so because its been done to us its fine for a player to do it to COME to us?

    I *PERSONALLY* think this shows a player who is only thinking of themselves, points out that his mindset is wrong. who’s to say that a few years down the line, if/when a bigger club come in for him he wont just do the same again?

    are contracts worth the paper they are written on anymore? also why have Sochaux offered him a new contract – they could let him rot and fine the arse off him, in any other job you would be sacked – it appears you cannot sack the sackless…

  3. You have got to remember Ben Arfa was a similar situation, he had to force a move to be able to sign for us.
    If this lad does join I just hope he has more luck than Ben Arfa with regards to injuries.

    I really can’t wait to see Ben Arfa back and getting a run of games. He looks so impressive when he plays..

  4. Stephen C>

    I agree m8. Not so much with how these players are trying to get a move to NUFC but definitely that we deserve to have players stomping their feet to come here rather than leave.

    Admire the passion as well lad!

  5. #6

    “he had to force a move to be able to sign for us”

    he didnt HAVE to do anything, he WANTED to come to us so ignored the simple facts of employment law

    whatever happened to the old saying “no-one is bigger than the club” ?

  6. I don’t know anything about this guy, other than an afternoon spent searching for his goals on youtube. The only conclusion I’ve drawn is that he looks totally left footed, and that the quality of the league he’s playing in has to be questioned. That said, i’d never heard of Tiote either, so I guess we should trust Graham Carr’s judgement as he seems to know his stuff.
    Not convinced he’s any better than Shola, or that he’s got any pace which is vital if we are to cause prem league defences any problems this season.
    I don’t rate Erdinç either. Sturridge isn’t going anywhere, and Long is at WBA. Persoanlly i’m stunned that we didn’t snap up Park, especially given the commercial possibilities it could open up for Greedy Mike.
    I’d be going for Pavyluchenko if there’s even a sniff of him being available. He’s got the right temperament to be a big player for us as he works hard and can finish with both feet and is good in the air. He always looks good despite limited chances for bent ‘Arry.

    Lastly, I’m sure im not alone in thinking that our club now bears a striking resemblance to Ashley’s shops. A mish-mash of goods you’ve never heard of, all for sale at knock-down prices with a permanent ‘everything must go’ sign above the door. Hate the bloke for doing this to us.

  7. Blacknwhitey @ 10

    You could have said Sports Direct doesn’t resemble Newcastle United because unlike Newcastle United it is a very successful and highly profitable organisation now the biggest sports retailer in the UK with many well known brands like Slazenger, Dunlop, Lonsdale, Kangol, Umbro, Lee Cooper, Adidas, Nike.

  8. # 5 on the real world if you want to leave your job you hand in two weeks written notice for everyone year you work there. Why should football to be any different? Imagine football in the real world? Players who wanted to work for US actually applying for a job. End to transfers end to contracts. Bring on the real world. It would free up a lot of cash for smaller clubs could pay bigger wages instead of transfers. Contracts are only good for one side. The agents.

    # 7 I didst say I agreed with the process either but its about time we got our fair share of inward footstompers and Ben arfa hasn’t showed one ounce of attitude towards anyone at nufc. So it just goes to show its merely a tactic rather than a personality issue. I can’t recall any player actually stomping a foot to join the toon other than Nikki Butt wanting to join US from man u a few year back when Ferguson wanted to keep him. Apart from Ben arfa like.

  9. out of those listed, only Umbro, Adidas and Nike arent owned by Fat Mike – so he is bound to sell them…

  10. I don’t think it’s about wanting to play for us, it’s about wanting to get in the Premier League on a world stage. Then, if a team who are in Euro competition come in for them, the sulking may start all over again if Ashley wants to hold out for a higher price.

  11. Somewhat off topic but somebody asked last week what had happened to Kadar as he was no longer on the “Injury list”.

    Same subject but different person , Marveaux ? Didnt make the bench on Saturday and isnt being considered for the Mackem game ?

  12. AndyMac says:
    August 16, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    “Same subject but different person , Marveaux ? Didnt make the bench on Saturday and isnt being considered for the Mackem game ?”

    Aye Andy, I was wondering about that when I first saw the teamsheets, but they keep buying midfielders and Pardew put alot of strikers on the bench.

  13. #15 I agree with you there but even so that’s least worth 3 years stick on a 5 year contract and theb you get cash back. Thinking about a strop in a few years doesn’t do US any favours now. Worry about the strop later. Players who want to play in Europe or players who want to you US as a way in to old trafford or anfield will work harder for US in three years as they will be trying To impress by playing. It doesn’t make a difference who they play for, US, shop window or their personal ambition as long as what we get in the pitch is 190% . How a player achieves that is up to them. And the shop window seems to be good for three years at least. Which is better than nothing. Not ideal but if Carroll left that’s what we have to face. And don’t expect anything less. Unfortunately.