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Newcastle United vs Wolves match highlights.

Posted on February 25th, 2012 | 25 Comments |

Highlights of the game at St James’ Park. I shall endeavour to update them with better ones and post match interviews when they become available.

NUFC Blog match report.

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25 Responses

  1. Well well well. The derby is anyones guess, whoever gets the first goal is my bet. I had an awful feeling about today and now I know why. Total lack of invention and class to be able to kill a team off. (relegation team) TBH we have been bigged up by certain quarters but the simple fact is, this is still a team that is finding it’s feet and we should aspire for a good top 10 finish this season. Today proved we are not good enough for top 6.

  2. DJG says:
    February 25, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    “Well well well. The derby is anyones guess”

    They had a very bad day at the office though DJG, a 4-0 hiding off Woy Hodgson. Could be right though.

  3. workyticket says:
    February 25, 2012 at 6:22 pm

    They had a very bad day at the office though DJG, a 4-0 hiding off Woy Hodgson.’

    Tbh worky I would rather they won 1-0. Beware the wounded animal as they say.

  4. How often have we seen games like this from NUFC?

    It is definately one “tradition” I’d like to see the back of !

  5. Well done the Wolves…good to see your manager giving credit where it’s due…we should have had 3 points from you earlier in the season if it wasn’t for the worst reffing decisions since Captain Blackadder was ruled offside back in 1914

  6. Classic & textbook example of ‘2-0 up, foot off the gas-itis’.

    They dominated the midfield after we went 2 up, as they had nothing to lose & we totally lost our way. The bit of luck with the deflection got ’em right back in it.
    Then another free kick that shouldn’t have been & we’re all square, worst fears confirmed.
    We actually played some our best football after they drew level & raised our game but wolves threw everything in front of the ball & held on & took home a well deserved point.

    Glad Cisse got a ‘full debut’ goal & Jonas’ goal was excellent, it’s just a pity we had to wait for them to level before we played anything decent, then it was too little, too late.

    2 precious points dropped after being well in front,
    but well done to wolves, they fought hard for their new manager & got what they deserved.


  7. Supermac but they probably won’t though and we all know it, we were a soft touch today, should have killed them off! Far too easy for them to get a point, you aint kidding me with any Euro talk.

  8. Just like I said aboot ten days ago , oor quality is not established in this league at all . We lose 5-1 to Fulham , and 5-0 to spurs , now we cannot keep a 2-0 lead against a bottom 5 club , speaks volumes !

    So sorry but be surprised if we finish top 10 now ! we are sprirallling !!

  9. Howay – steady the lads! It was a poor performance, but worry ye not, our competitors are as bad if not worse!

    We remain 6th – but despite dropping to 8th on form we are still above chelski, arsenal & liverpool
    – check it out -

    We still have plenty to play for! I fact we have a phychological edge on those 3 cos to us 6th-8th means a good season but to them it would be dire failure!

    If we keep our nerve then one or two of them could very easily loose their’s through fear (if not panic) – it is the way of football!

    If anyone starts “sprirallling” it could well be chelski where half the and the manager face the chop.
    And if liverpool win the cup & qualify for euro they could well loose their edge.

    It is still all to play for !

  10. Supermac says:
    February 26, 2012 at 12:29 am

    “Norsk Wolf – yeh, fair enough”

    He sounds like the kind of gadgie you’d dig up and write a report on Supermac.

  11. nzedtoonman says:
    February 26, 2012 at 7:28 am

    “So sorry but be surprised if we finish top 10 now ! we are sprirallling !!”

    I wouldn’t call it “spiralling” nzed. Just as I wrote a while back, if you take that 11 game run from the beginning of the season out of the equation, our form with it’s ups and downs has been more or less exactly the same as last season, ie 46 points and around 11th-13th.

  12. worky says “our form with it’s ups and downs has been more or less exactly the same as last season” – and we should have finished 8th then – we should finish 7th now!

  13. maze202 says:
    February 26, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    “Cisse played well though. Theres always the potential for us to score when he’s around I’d say.”

    Don’t get me wrong maze, I think that Cisse is an excellent aquisition for the club. I watched all the Freiburg games I could to see him and wrote stories where I was gagging for the club to sign him, even at a higher sum than the club eventually paid. However in some respects Ba is still a more “complete” centre forward, like Shearer used to be. Besides finishing, he will hold up more, dig out chances for himself and generally muck in when required. Cisse is more of a pure sharpshooter, a hitman, an assassin, a poacher, a “Johnny on the spot” who will require a bit more service.

  14. Soh ! reality check no 2#.
    Having taken a bad loss to Spurs, (who incidentally got hammered by Arsenal to-day)to then end up tying a less than brilliant Wolves side and at home yet.
    So who to blame then? obviously not our teflon silver supremo,he’s quick to blame it on the side.
    With Ryan Taylor on the right wing and HBA sitting, not to mention the fact we have no one to fill in for Saylor (Williamson is a disaster)
    Seems to me it’s all about lineups.
    With young Ferguson available, we could replace Jonas and have him play the right wing, or just use HBA, what the f**ck are we doing with Raylor on the RW, when we have HBA, Jonas, and Obertan avaiable?
    Even Santon playing CD with Colo in the middle and Perch as RB
    What was the reason for spending ten big ones on Cisse, when the immediate need was for a CD and help across the back four.
    As for tactics ?
    Two strikers hanging about up the pitch awaiting the ball, which never comes (unless it’s booted up by a defender or the goalie) everyone else defending, Jaysus!
    Looking at the situation, we will be lucky to remain in the top ten and have a long way to go before we can feel confident about winning a European spot.
    Theres a lotta deadwood to unload and we need at least a half dozen quality players brought in, if we have any intention of being a top six side.
    And if we retain the same guy who plays Raylor and Williamson, the guy who refused to give Santon a shot,
    who refuses to start HBA (cause he only uses defensive wingers)when he’s the type of player who our forwards need to feed them.
    With this manager (who is obviously tactically challenged)and has shown no improvement from day one, actually since he sat the two Argentino’s during his dismall spell at W/Ham.
    With this guy we will go no-where regardless of who we buy, that should be apparent to all by now.

  15. Anyone figure out why we keep either losing leads or the game in fact, by being for the most part outplayed in the second half.
    Even the rookie first game manager of Wolves figured out, what to do tactically to beat a side that never changes it’s tactics.
    We need someone who understands the modern game to lead us, Pardew is just bullsh***ing his way through.
    I would take any of the recent managers we have had over the last ten years ahead of this jerk.

  16. chuck says:
    February 26, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    ” So who to blame then? obviously not our teflon silver supremo,he’s quick to blame it on the side.”

    “Teflon Don” can be another one for my Pardew lexicon. Cheers Chuck!

  17. Pardew still has his eyes on Europe next season. A week in Mallorca for a bit of frollicking about.