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Pardew pooh-poohs Gutierrez’s talk of lazy training sessions

Posted on August 5th, 2013 | 39 Comments |

Alan Pardew shrugging.
Pardew: Sticking with his old excuses.
After Jonas Gutierrez publically criticised Newcastle United’s lack of intensity in their training sessions last season, Alan Pardew went away for a while, had a think, and has decided that both his staff and himself “need to be honest about it” and admit that mistakes were made.

He then goes on to suggest that Gutierrez saying training sessions are “a bit too easy” was a little misleading at least by once again pointing the finger of blame at the stresses of playing in the Europa League, injuries and a lack of quality players.

“You’ve got to be open and honest about it as a staff,” the Silver Supremo began, continuing:

“My staff – my immediate staff and myself as manager – need to be honest about it, mistakes were made. You need to be honest enough to admit them and look at when and why they were made.”

Pardew then went on to discount Gutierrez’s critique, falling back on his old chestnuts:

“We didn’t purchase enough players in the summer to carry us through two programmes. We took injuries on board when those two competitions were running parallel and that impacted on us massively when we were moving towards Christmas and then we got ourselves into a bad situation.

“I also think that the Thursday-Sunday scenario took away from a lot of the good work we were doing on the training ground because we didn’t have enough time to recover.

“I think you see Jonas Gutierrez’s point about training last year was probably a bit too easy – well a lot of that was down to recovery. It was difficult to get in the amount of work we were doing the year before.”

“If we had a bigger group last year maybe we would have had a bit more intensity in the group that were training – maybe 10 (training) rather than four.

“Whenever we get back to Europe again that is something we need to make sure happens but as it stands we don’t have that problem. I think we’ve got a good team – I like to think we will bring someone in – but nevertheless we have a lot of very good players.”

However he omitted to mention that teams such has Fulham, Stoke and even Birmingham City didn’t really have the same problems when they competed in the Europa League. Even most of the very biggest teams who thrive in European competition actually have smaller groups than Newcastle United, preferring to work with a first team squad of around 24 players. Here’s what two other managers who have had extensive experience of European competition had to say on the subject, Jose Mourinho and Michael Laudrup:

“I know one year that Barcelona played with 19 first-team players, as well as a few younger players, and they played every three days. It is possible.”Swansea manager Michael Laudrup, winner of 15 major trophies as a player and 5 as a manager on Swansea’s entry into European competition next season.

“We have a short squad, but it is my decision that the squad is short because I want a squad of 20 players, no more, with the risks a short squad has, but also with the good things a short squad has. The good things are that the side is competitive, everybody feels part of it. So I hope I don’t read again “Mourinho wants more players,” because I don’t want more players. I’m happy with the short squad I have, with the good things and the bad things.” – Jose Mourinho, winner of 20 major trophies as a manager and whose Real Madrid team played 58 games last season.


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39 Responses

  1. You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the Army, it’s never ignore a poo-poo.
    I knew a major, got poo-pooed… made the mistake of ignoring the poo-poo.
    He poo-pooed it!
    Fatal error! …because it turned out all along that the soldier who’d poo-pooed him had been poo-pooing a lot of other officers… who poo-pooed their poo-poos.
    In the end, we had to disband the regiment, morale totally destroyed… by poo-poo!

  2. So, let’s see. On one hand, we have a player who wants to train hard and is saying “we didn’t train hard enough”. On the other hand, we have the person who reportedly let things go through easily, and who’s well known for those rose tinted glasses he viewed the problems through. Who to believe?

  3. BTW – It’s good to see that you failed to live up to your promise to ease off the blogs worky. :)

  4. Well at least he is consistent, Is wor Alan.
    His interviews are basically the same, He starts off by holding his hands up, Saying him and his staff have made mistakes.
    Then with each passing sentence, He proceeds to extricate himself from any wrong doing, Until eventually everyone gets the blame, Apart from his good self.

  5. Count says:
    August 5, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    “What then? Am I on probation or something like?”

    No, it was just one of those things, Count. I’ll see if I can find out what caused it when I get some time later.

  6. Quite. I have a feeling this season will be much better than last, so I can’t see him leaving. Hey-ho.

    I must compliment you on this blog, It is head and shoulders above the rest.

  7. Hey-maybe somebody can point out to this dbag that our performances in the league after Thursdays in Europe were actually better than average for last season. What a douche.

  8. pete_toon says:
    August 5, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    “BTW – It’s good to see that you failed to live up to your promise to ease off the blogs worky.”

    That’s the Metro, Pete. They can’t seem to get it together at the moment to get the major aggregators like “Newsnow” to pick up any of their Premier League bloggers (like myself) since they moved the blogger’s part of the site.

    I could sort it out in five minutes if it was this blog and I’m nobody special. On the other hand, they are part of one of the biggest media organisations in the country (the Daily Mail group), and should have the likes of Newsnow bending over backwards for them. It’s crazy.

  9. Disagree with Pards all you want (not difficult considering last season’s performances) but your misquoting in this blog is ridiculous. Pardew is using the term “too easy” to describe the lack of intensity alleged by Jonas, not to discount the criticism of training as too easy of a target. I know it’s semantics, but the whole point of your article is how Pardew ‘pooh poohs’ Jonas, which is unsupported by Pardews quote:

    “I think you see Jonas Gutierrez’s point about training last year was probably a bit too easy – well a lot of that was down to recovery. It was difficult to get in the amount of work we were doing the year before.”

    He clearly explains that the training WAS too easy, and that was down to the recovery time necessary following two games a week. If you are including time for post-game recovery, your training sessions will simply not be as intense.

    Keep up your criticism of the local papers and their lazy journalism though!

  10. so what the training was to light,with the number of games, to the size of the team we had any1, with half a brain should be able to figure out why, so wont knock him for it

  11. “He clearly explains that the training WAS too easy, and that was down to the recovery time necessary following two games a week. If you are including time for post-game recovery, your training sessions will simply not be as intense.”

    You have a point, it is a bit misleading and I’ve changed it.

    As I’ve already pointed in in this piece several month ago though, recovery or anthing else for that matter didn’t affect Fulham, Stoke, or even Birmingham City that much, even when the last of those clubs was having it’s squad ripped apart after relegation and the owner being up on money laundering charges. Hughton refused to use it as an excuse for Birmingham narrowly missing out on promotion because he isn’t a coward and has balls.

  12. imagine if the training was hard, and we picked up a few more injures though it, when the injure list was allready queueing round the block,so can understand why it was light training

  13. @ 19: Wow. That’s some pedantry.

    The point is the same. Gutierrez says part of the problem is that training lacked intensity; AP has an excuse for that. As with everything.

  14. No clue, but they are both pacy and can score so I am happy. Nothing about being able to buy him outright after the loan though.

  15. Count, what makes Worky’s blog the best blog is that you can poo-poo all you want – and several of us do poo-poo – but it is interspersed with humor, distraction, intelligence and cutting-edge insight. Some blogs relish being the first post, but rarely do they claim that spot and include such excellent content as you have managed to do at the same time. Bravo!

  16. Remy in on loan. Well, I won’t be getting his shirt but here’s hoping he does the business. Not buying lines about being honored to play here, blah-di-blah…yeah, yeah, yeah-get on the field and get some goals.

  17. WOW.

    Gary Lineker once said something like “Football is a game where twenty two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.”

    It could be though that the West Germans were as drugged up to the eyeballs as their East German counterparts. Allegedly it was in many sports, was systematic and even sponsored by the government. There are also reports that three members of the 1966 world cup team tested positive for ephedrine like Maradona.

    It could possibly grow into worst sports scandal ever.

  18. ———————-KRUL———————-



  19. Phisix says:
    August 5, 2013 at 10:57 pm

    “Were being linked with Downing….:( Kinnear wants a winger too…”

    Aren’t we preparing a “daring swoop” for Thomas Ince any more then, Phisix? And wouldn’t Downing’s wages be a bit too steep for greedy Mike?

  20. Nice one tunyc,that is what I was trying to get across yeah we got remi,but he is a pirate im not having that”I am proud to play for nufc and I was very happy in January when they were interested in me”lark he is a clown but he better score goals the little t@&t and free scoring smudge attacking worky on this
    Blog?silly boy sit down and finish your jelly.

  21. Nice to see that he values the opinion of his players so highly. And, once again, he trots out the cobblers about the Europa League campaign being to blame for last season’s implosion in the Premiership.

    I suppose our less-than-ambitious efforts in the transfer market are nothing less than a cunning plan to ensure that we don’t have to go through one of those dreadful European competitions any time soon.